Former Unity State’s Education Minister calls for Humanitarian Assistance to Affected Communities in Unity State

Former Commissioner and Minister of Education, Gai Jock Deang, calls for humanitarian assistance in the county(Photo: file)

Former Commissioner and Minister of Education, Gai Jock Deang, calls for humanitarian assistance in the county(Photo: file)

May 28th, 2015- (Nyamilepedia) — In an Interview with the former Commissioner of Payinjiar County, who also served as the Education Minister for the State Government, Peter Gai Jock Deang, calls for humanitarian assistance to the affected communities of Nyal and Taiyar that were attacked by the governments forces of Salva Kiir and Sudanese militias earlier this month.

In an investigative interview, carried out by Nyamilepedia press team, Peter Gai Jock, who was reached on his Hospital bed in Nairobi Kenya, said he has learned with profound shock “an unethical and barbaric attacks” on members of his community in Nyal and Taiyar of Panyijar County by a government he once served.

Mr. Jock said the attacks have directly affected nearly 30,000 (thirty thousands) inhabitants of Nyal and Taiyar, who were peacefully planting their crops while leaving in peace.

The former minister describes such attempt as terrorist act, targeting mostly vulnerable populations; rapping girls while abducting young boys to serve as weapon of war.

The former minister believes that the attacks have indirectly affected one hundred and fifty thousand (150,000) people, the entire population of the county according to 2010 election census that was carried out under Sudanese regime.

Mr. Jock, a respected politician in Payinjiar Community, said the humanitarian situation of the affected population is critical due to the fact that all their livelihood were destroyed by the government militia who burned and destroyed their property.

The troops burned down many homesteads and Taiyar Business Center, which used to convene many business activities between the people of Yirol East county of Lakes State, Bor, Twic and Duk counties of Jonglei State with their counterparts from Payinjiar county and counties within Unity state.

“Taiyar Market was established as a business market to mitigate border conflict. The market was initiated and support by AECOM International with the direct funding from USAID.” The  former Commissioner, Gai Jock, further explains

He believes that the market had indeed proven effective in bringing about livelihood changes among the communities of the three States, namely: the Unity, Lakes and Jonglei States.

Mr. Jock strongly criticizes Salva Kiir government for leading destruction of lives and property that it should have been protecting.

“This leaves the people of Payinjiar County and other liberated areas to question whether or not the government is there to provide services or destroy people’s livelihood”

“Since 2005, Salva Kiir government has never provided even a penny to people of South Sudan but we tried our best at the county and state level to serve our people with the little resources that we could generate but here come Salva Kiir who invest in war but in the people of South Sudan” the former commissioner said.

“This is a doom government that deserves total overhaul. Our people have done their part in fighting off such terrorism in defense of their people.” he reiterates.

Mr. Jock further confirms that  through his consultations with the current Commissioner of Payinjiar County, Captain John Tap Puot Kang, the security situation in the county is getting back to normal, however, members of the community are facing humanitarian hardships which requires immediate intervention.

He concludes by appealing to the International Organizations to urgently return to Panyijar County and resume provision of humanitarian assistance such as essential drugs, shelter items, clean and safe water and distribution of food among other emergency needs.

  4 comments for “Former Unity State’s Education Minister calls for Humanitarian Assistance to Affected Communities in Unity State

  1. May 28, 2015 at 9:54 pm

    Thanks for announcing this government as terrorist Militia, But who will read your article since all Council of Dinka elders are all illiterate?

    Liked by 1 person

    • GatNor
      May 29, 2015 at 9:29 am

      I laughed when I read your comment. One of the elders I heard was a taxi driver once in England, One would assumed that he is navigationally fluent as his experience could help direct his uneducated so called president or the councils of criminal elders and somehow avoid any involvement that would lead to criminal indictment.


  2. May 29, 2015 at 6:32 am

    Mr goweng when they Nuers became more educated than Jieng or Danish a Nuer PHD holder is less thoughtful than Jiang non PhD counterpart, for example Riek Machar Ebola.


    • GatNor
      May 29, 2015 at 2:05 pm

      Adut Magoes,

      Nuers seems more visionaries regardless of their educational background if that is not because they are actually quite thoughtful then the word thoughtful must means something else to you then the common person and we might not find it in the English dictionary of today. Those who had long foreseen South Sudan as eventually becoming a separate entity from the North Sudan long before SPLM/A, amongst which the first are Nuers. Adut, you are thoughtlessly shortsighted with your claimed because a just shredded your claim with clearly thoughtful evidence proving you wrong.


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