South Sudanese need a government that treat its citizens on equal terms

By David Bang Teny

South Sudanese singing during the independent of the country in 2011(Photo: file)

South Sudanese singing during the independent of the country in 2011(Photo: file)

May 31, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Dear all: I am here appealing once again to all concerned citizens of South Sudan to massively join democratic forces of the SPLM/A in Opposition in order to save our country from the bloody hands of Salva Kiir Mayardit. The more some of us are pretending that Mayardit is inroad with rhetoric such as ‘one people, one nation’ bla bla! or that he was legimately elected, the more we shall contue witnessing unharmed civilians lying dead on the streets of Juba, Malakal, Mundri, Rumbek, Yambio, Torit, Bentui, Kuacjok, or Mapel as we all have heard or saw what transpired in Juba on December 15-19, 2013 either in person or on the screens. We must put a stop to this Mayardit’s man-made criss by working hand in hand in pursuit of peace and justice for all.

All the indicators of a failing state are marked and were placed close to our doors by people like Michael Makuei Lueth, Matur Chut Dhol, Simon Kun Puoch and so forth only waiting for presidential decree for posting. It is our collective duty to rise against Mayardit mismanagement of state affairs now or else we risk loosing our sovereignty to United Nations as was the case with other failed nations in the past. We in SPLM/A-IO are the only gateway to steering the ship to its rightful destination after all these atrocities that Mayardit and his circles have committed against humanity on our soul. We therefore, asked you to practice your democratic right to join peoples’ Movement before it is too late.

South Sudan cannot sustained ill-intentioned military life-support that Uganda is providing for long. No. Shame on you Mayardit for insulting South Sudanese intelligence as far as nation building is concerned. Our citizens deserve a government that would treat them on equal terms irregardles of their ethnic identies. Fortunately, ONLY SPLM/A-IO stands this chance of rebuilding our lives, unity and nationhood.

Everything from cattle camps, to universities chancellor positions, from relieving junior military officer to buying tractors, and who knows what is next is done through presidential decrees. Yuck! What is left that they can still called government when there is no money for budget, no money for parliematary activities, no electricity in the national capital, no money for foot soldiers but there is millions of Dollars for mercenaries and back bench sell-outs? Whoa! You people should wake up and join us now!

Another wonder that people are numbed about is to what it is that Mayardit found unique about the likes of James Hoth Mai, Paul Malong Awan, Philip Aguer, Barnaba Marial Benjamin who are actually working against Juba? Take for instant the shooting spree of Malakal on Friday last week by tribally charged soldiers of SPLA Juba. Aguer, out of blue shamelessly said it was a “lie” that SPLA shoot at civilians at the Protection Site of the United Nations. Someone who really worked for that system would call it ‘an isolated incident’ or would use a term that would not add salt to an injury at least to save the image of the state from more damages. Pedhaps Aguer didn’t know that everything was documented technology wise and copied to the United Nation Headquarters in New York, U.S.A but sadly enough, Aguer maintained his tasteless ground that it was just another lie of the world. Were you serious Mr. Aguer?

My brothers and sisters with South Sudan at heart, our country image is badly hurt and that it requires you and me to work hand in hand to restore peaceful co-existence of our diverse societies. In one of my commentaries, I observed that ‘there are people whose understanding of South Sudan as a country extremely complicated unity in diversity’ and for us to turn this dark chapter into a brighter one, you should join democratic forces of the peoples’ Movement for we are fighting to install a government for the people and by the people. Pease contact our Field Operational Commanders in your state and then you will be made an agent of change that you want to see happening in South Sudan. Mayardit must not only be dismantled but also made to account for his actions at the court of law. South Sudanese need a government that treat its citizens on equal terms now!

Struggle continues,

David Bang Teny

Mass Media Executive Coordinator for Diaspora

You can reach me @ or by my cell at (587) 644-1287

  11 comments for “South Sudanese need a government that treat its citizens on equal terms

  1. GatNor
    May 31, 2015 at 8:13 pm

    The current ruling thugs have failed the country and its people by not observing and respecting the rights of citizens equally under the law of the land and this is what will bring them down eventually.


    • Ca Nuer goth
      May 31, 2015 at 8:39 pm

      You stupid Nuer, why are shy to mention Bor in the list of the where unarmed civilians’ bodies are lying on the streets? You will die for you jealous on others.


      • GatNor
        June 1, 2015 at 10:24 pm


        READ THE TITTLE you ignorant fool.
        “South Sudanese need a government that treat its citizens on equal terms”.

        If the Bor are not included in the tittle as South Sudanese than who else is South Sudanese to you if not Bor inclusively.

        Unless ofcourse you want the tittle to read like this:
        “South Sudanese need a government that treat [BOR] on equal terms”.
        That would be pathetic itself


  2. May 31, 2015 at 9:51 pm

    David Bang you want to one thing where is your country? the majority of Nuers like you and your uncle Riek Machar Ebola, who are not royal to the country of south sudan are not citizens of this country of ours. first of all to be a citizen of country you need to be royal to the country not to rebellions to the country and her citizens every time. the majority of Nuers people are rebel against south sudanes people for seventeen times plus genocide they committed in 1800 against Jieng Lou or Danish in yirol please I’m begging you not to call my country your country thanks you.


    • June 1, 2015 at 10:52 am


      You are just being overshadowed by ignorance. The Nuers belong to South Sudan just like you whether you like it or not. You have no more rights to belong to South Sudan than a Nuer should be. What rights do you inherit that a Nuer does not have?

      The fact that your father Slava Killer does not like a Nuer to rule South Sudan does not mean that the Nuers do not belong to South Sudan. Do not be blind fooled by your father Slava Killer. Many people say that Slava Kiir is a great general but he has no vision for South Sudan like Dr. John Garang had. South Sudanese need a leader who is a nationalist. South Sudan needs a leader who units the people of South Sudan. A leader must be a visionary. She or he must lead his or her people to promise land but not hell as Slava Kiiler has been doing.

      It is not necessary that a leader has to be a Dinka or Nuer. Forget about that low reasoning. Any South Sudanese is capable can lead the country so long as he or she does not send his or her citizens to hell as Slava Kiir has send innocent people to hell in December 2013.


      • June 1, 2015 at 5:34 pm

        loberito you right they are south sudanes citizens like another tribes, we share the same rights, but the reason I said don’t call my country, your country is that loberito, the majority of Nuer never hauled south sudan as their own country and story showed, if you go back as far as story of Nuer of rebellion against the people south sudan especially they Danish or jiengs it began in 1800 when the Danish or jiengs chief refused to pay taxes to the British government in Khartoum, they were joined British soldiers and attacked Thuong Anei cattle camp killing a large number of people and took more than eight thousand head of cattle, women and children of this children’s a world know in Lou Nuer society as the father of Lou people who came from benitiu his name was latjor Dingayen in jiengs or Danish language. latjor are two words Lat mean insulted and Jor mean the lake which is sample mean insulted lake this is the first rebellion. from that time they Nuers continue rebel against the people of south sudan till now 18 time rebellion how such people be a right owners of this country. thanks for understanding the story in south sudan by if you want to confirm buy a book called the book of Ngudeng the prophet of Nuer.


  3. May 31, 2015 at 11:49 pm

    Adut Mangoth, pls don’t be child, peace is best option for mature persons and in S.Sudan every tribe has her own land but 2gether yielded government, so no body has right to exclude other, ok?
    And now, government is for all 64 tribes, not only for Dinkas nor Nuers, but for all, Geba?
    So now, we all want new legitimate government which is federalism for all citizens, not that dirty hand and shamefull Juba government, that never quench with bloods of her own citizens and put all S.Sudanese in shame, by selling our nation soveriegnty to poor Uganda, bastard you got it?
    And to you Stupid Ca Nuer G, pls your jealousy to Naath/Nuer will never get seat in this holy land of 64 tribes of Jinubii,suck it?
    Well you may have right of mislisted of Bor killing, bcouse of your narrow mind, I would just like to remind you that, evry thing that going on now in our country were made by that poor Government either you die at fronts, in Juba, in bor, in malakal, in Equatoria, or any corners of our nation was made by that traders government, you shirt on it?
    My remark to you all Jinubii pls let we hurry to kick off that fake Juba government bcouse we have no time to wait for more destruction.
    May God be our eye witness.
    Thank you all.


    • June 1, 2015 at 4:33 pm

      first of all you need to write your really name that is where the people know that you telling the truth on social media. how could I know that you telling us the truth, while you lied about your own name. Liel Jaangne is not your really name is insulted to the Jieng or Danish people in general. to come back to the point ,you right south sudan had 64 tribes and all this tribes be long to south sudan anyone from one tribe her or he can live where ever her or he chose to live, but I didn’t supported that idea of federalism proposed by Dr Riek Machar Ebola as government systems in south sudan it can divided south sudan in three independent state according to the region, the people who are supporting this idea are tribalist who don’t want south sudan live United as one country. another point is if south sudan had 64 tribes it doesn’t mean the should not be divided according to the tribal line it is wrong idea .the federalism should not be supported by the people of south sudan


  4. GatNor
    June 1, 2015 at 2:36 am

    The tribal fault lines existed for centuries before the tribal SPLM/A came into being. SPLA/M’s tribal leader has dominated all discourses including settling some tribal disputes since South Sudanese taken a stand to fight for the rights of the people of South Sudan. The questions you should be asking is how did protecting the rights of South Sudanese from old colonial oppressors turned into South Sudanese against South Sudanese oppression on tribal lines. The cowards can avoid the truth if they don’t solve it from the root and more often will be reminded to start solving the problem that has continue to surfaced disrupting along tribal lines. I must also remind some cowards tribal groups and individuals that the rights of one tribe are not must not be put above as more worthy of respecting than the others tribe and so to start recalibrating your perception in the whole and not because South Sudan will not be South Sudan with just one tribe or SECTION. Remember the kingdom is on fire because of some violation stemming from tribal minded & visionless leaders.


  5. Dantut
    June 1, 2015 at 6:30 am

    You got it right Mr. David Bang, we the people of South S need a good leader- a man who love, care about the people and the country. A peace loving, God-fearing man who value and respect the life of human being puting the interest of the nation in the fitst place. I am so concern why we lack good leaders who care about the citizens in whole Africa? I feel bad all the time when hearing that civilians are displaced, killed in Juba, Bentiu, Malakal, Bor, Rumbek and Western Equatoria by their own government. This kind of honourkilling from the government side against individual in society would not happen in the countries like Sweden and Danmark for example. In these countries the lives of human being are being value more than money and power and people are really proud about the performance of their leaders. But in South Sudan or in Africa in general it is opposite because the leaders are the cause of human suffering in many areas due to the fact that they neglect their responsibilities of taking care about the people there. Many of African leaders are fearing change and democracies because they know that when the change come people will have their vocies heard and therefore they will automatically lost power to people. This is exactely what happen in South Sudan right now with President Kirr that he rejects the federalism and political reforms initiates by Dr. Machar and his comrades. How can we be able to build a better society in South S while the leader is against change and reforms?


  6. June 1, 2015 at 11:46 pm

    Well, Mr/mrs. Adut Magoes I’m not under compulsary you to accept this well known, international leader who was bestowed by world for his outstanding for people of S.Sudan ,and peace ambassoder leader, Dr. Riek Machar Zurghon, who can be able 2think about 2moro generations with his sharp visions.
    but be convienced by questions yourself:
    -Who brought and declared independent S.Sudan you are enjoying in Juba to day? History told that it was Dr. Riek Machar and Dr. Lam Akol who made it.
    -Will Dr. Riek Machar be able to cook democracy for all like he breeded independent S.sudan a gain? Yes ofcourse it’s already coming.
    -Why all S.sudanese voices up for federalism, is it bcouse Riek says ? it’s Big no-but bcouse we need to apperciate each other talents, we want next generations to benefit from this holy nation and they will thank us since we will be their forth fathers and letting the world that we are a nation.
    And plse ,don’t just look only at you feet but extend your head and think about your own future since, your today breads and your hatret to freedom fighters will not help all Jinubii at any single step. that is all may God be our eye witness.


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