G-10: The South Sudan’s Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’s Problem

By Chuol C. Puoch,

Five of the former detainees who were sent to exile in Kenya returns to Juba(Photo: file)

Five of the former detainees who were sent to exile in Kenya returns to Juba(Photo: file)

June 02, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — For we all have the records and the Google help of who and how are the G-10 in South Sudan political arena, I wouldn’t mind taking your time reminding you about the G-10.

Because, who among them don’t you know? In fact, I don’t want to remind you of their individual bad deeds, for it bring us, and I mean all of us, bad lucks.

When the news first came out about the South Africa-Tanzania led initiative of ‘escorting the G-10 back home’; though they (Tanzania and South Africa) refers to it as implementation of Arusha SPLM-intra party dialogue resolution (s) and in which G10 themselves refers to it as ‘an initiative of reconciliations between the warring parties’, the reaction from the citizens (Supporters of SPLM-IG and SPLM-IO) was, for an obvious reason,  influenced by the ugly behavior of the group in pursuing their individuals interest in the expense of false neutrality between the fighting-to-death brothers (SPLA-IO and SPLA-IG) and questioned the level of trust the two countries (TZ and SA) have on the group.

The supporters from IO were looking at it as a move of betrayal by the group while the IG’s supporters thought that it was, with no prior analysis, a step toward achieving peace in the Country and together with them, the G-10, we can defeats the rebels. Guffaw!

I was also thinking different thing but before giving you what I was thinking, I feel it’s worthy revealing that the group has realized that there will be no peaceful resolution to the conflict that will negotiate all of them into the to-be formed government of national unity and is now disintegrating. Some of their members, whose names are to be revealed with time, felt that their future in politics is not foreseeable while loitering in East Africa. They must join either side.

Remember, the big man (Kirr) is forming his new cabinet in July and the time to lobby and get into the cabinet is now before it’s too late for those who look forward for exploiting the government, here they are!

The mission is not to reconcile between the two warring parties; the mission is not an implementation of the Arusha dialogues; come to think of it, it’s not even just to get into the cabinet and serve the big man (Kirr), but get there and exploit. Ooops! They missed exploitation for close to two years!

Their demands, among others, for them to get back to the government are: First, the big man must get rid of their haters in the government; Malaak Ayuen is the first victims of that political dispensation.

Gen. Malaak, according to some political commentators, has been removed for he has overdone the big man’s interest. The commentators also observed that people like Makuei Lueth, Kuol Manyang Juuk among others are the next victims

Secondly, an assurance must be given to them (5 of the 10) to make it to the cabinet coming July.

Coming back to my point and what I was thinking about their return to Juba, first of all, the groups were the immediate and the prime cause of this conflict; fortunately they were imprisoned though it was just a detainment, but unfortunately they were again released.

As this could be an opportunity to confuse the big man, it’s what some members of G-10 calls a ‘golden opportunity at the right time’; five of them (who are currently in Juba) are willingly ready and so eager and optimistic that they will work with Salva Kirr should they be appointed in the cabinet coming July. Three of them have already made it clear that they will join the armed opposition. Seriously, I am not propagating here! Two have remains indecisive and will probably be called G-2.

Who that sound minded person is to thinks that G-10 can really mediate between the two warring parties? I am sure Uhuru Kenyatta, in my assumption, has a clue of who those guys are? He should be a reference for Tanzania and South Africa to clarify the 10 men precisely and holistically.

Come on Kikwete! Come on Zuma! G-10 were our problems, they have are now our problems and you want them later to become our problem, again?

You had the guts to escort them back to Kirr’s hand, and you call yourself visionary leaders? They would have thought twice to go to Juba if it wasn’t because of your escort.

G-10 have no interest to end this war and bring the Country back together, they don’t care who the hell are dying in Bentiu, Malakal, Paloch, Leer etc.

For you guys have chosen to facilitate our problem’s increment instead of facilitating it’s solving, please take the willing three G-10 members to Pagaak.

The advantage here will be the disappearance of G-10 who has been a real headache to the Country, but the disadvantage will be the fact that you have fueled the war and thousands of others will again die.

Chuol C. Puoch can be reached via email: chuolchotson@gmail.com

  10 comments for “G-10: The South Sudan’s Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’s Problem

  1. June 2, 2015 at 7:56 pm

    It’s good for them(g-10) returned to juba so that they don’t have to suffer in exile since they didn’t opt to go to kenya. On the other hand, south africa and tanzania made a good effort by persuading these so called (g-5) to go back to south sudan sudan in which give room to other five memebers to have thought carefully which route is better for them.

    The five in nairobi kenya now have chance to tip over the power iether to Pagak or Juba faction. I hope they will wiser to safe thier soul by themself because no more escape if they entered juba again.


    • June 4, 2015 at 9:20 am

      288Weechang, which is the lie name. never in real south sudan naming his son 288.

      I’m very happy Luk and his Dinkas friend went back to be with their Slaving leader called Salva. Mr. Luke Jock is the one who wrote the law who kills thousands Nuer in Juba on December 15-19 2013. The blood is calling him and his fellow to face the reality. Truth me, this people will never escape again. with help of Dr. Riek and international community, they survive but next time they never received any help because GOD help you once. IF you missed the chance, you will suffer a lots. For those who think, Gadet will kill Riek are the dangerous political move. Gatdet knows exactly what it is to be under Dinka authorities. They want to kill him twice in Jonglie and in juba itself. He never killed his brother because of money. Your Dinkas greeding has been known by everybody in South Sudan.


  2. Karaba
    June 2, 2015 at 8:19 pm

    Respect to Riek Machar & SPLIM IO in general who has always been genuine & real leaders. These are opportunists who don’t know their goal. Today here and tomorrow there. Salva Kiir the war you started is real & is coming to your self. Dont think that u will cheat reality by inviting the G-10 to juba when you fear to negotiate with the real people of south sudan -SPLM IO.


  3. GatNor
    June 3, 2015 at 12:40 am

    The reunification & celebration might look like it has all the bells and whistles now but the fallout will happened very soon since Juba treats everyone with baseless derogatory suspicions. Some of those G10 are politically vocal and will be treated as rebel the minute they forecasts any future political trends. UN’s Lanzer was just booted out of South Sudan by Juba criminals just for similar reasons. The fact that G10 & SPLM’s Juba faction shares a common goal of isolating Machar only is the reason Machar should just go to Juba and bulldozed them out of there as they are also doing to him.


  4. June 3, 2015 at 1:09 am

    Welcome back home, G10. I wonder how you cope up with the movement (SPLM-IO) where its politicians comes out openly to criticize a tribe (Dinka) when they are comprised of all tribes fighting for their rights? Although we are not happy with Kiir administration, we are celebrating your return – that you have come back to your senses, Riek is just a political retard if you can understand his moves but I blamed you all for pushing him (Riek) to the bush and later declined to join him. He was clever enough to call for your release after realizing that the international community wanted the G11 released just to coincide and feel like it was their (SPLM-IO) effort to let you out of detention center. Feel at home and get your positions back. I learned that Juba is also trying to bribe Gatdet aka Junti Iraq, SPLM-IO should keep an eye on him in order not to assassinate the one and only educated Nuer politician (as the Naath say it) aka Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon.


  5. Wal Bichiok
    June 3, 2015 at 1:22 am

    The G5/10 have no ground to stand. Let them join the blood sucker regimes after all they are not helping SPLM IO militarily.


  6. June 3, 2015 at 7:02 am

    well done G10 you welcome back to Juba, everybody deserved the second chance to be forgiven except one person John Luke jok who already had his second chance to be forgiven and rebellion against government again. the government of people in is also willing to all rebels even Riek Machar Ebola he already forgiven like cde John Luke. the rebellions is something in the majority of Nuer blood nothing anyone can do unless we people south sudan forgive them.


  7. GatNor
    June 3, 2015 at 7:31 am

    All the pubs are wagging their tails because the G10 are back. What had them run to exile in the first place. Was it not the opposition that were toiling for their released and how did they returned the favor. What did some of them publically said about the death of South Sudan citizens who were massacred by the same thugs in Juba. Yet they claimed neutrality status. I don’t buy it one bit.


  8. June 3, 2015 at 1:43 pm

    Jesus was betrayed by Judah and in the end he went and hanged himself. The G 10 or 9 or 6 or 3 or 1 and 0,will hang themselves, when their interests are not met in the near future. So, whom will they blame. Of course themselves. Dr Riak put a condition for their immediate release from the LION’S mouth, and was echoed internationally as a condition for negotiations. How can you forget a brother who saved your life from death? Are the G10 principally sound in their minds or are they just political prostitutes.


  9. chuolkhan
    June 4, 2015 at 1:23 am

    Leave G-5 so leave alone as they really,really mean it let them join the government never worried about those of G-10/5 some of them they do not know what will be tomorrow and when the day come to the government in any cases for their returning them back home to Juba , it has no disease fro us or from Spla-iom because the problem will fall of them. As well as DR. Machar was serious about their released them from the prison during that time finally they suppose to be in spla-iom for their self selfishness-leadership that is why they run after the position they fail look at them they go back ,okay when the time come and when the things will get worse in the country as whole with in this season additional when the peace will not yield fruit so from there where those G-5 will go? either to be arrested again by Kiir or to tests the loam soil because it seem to be like delusional act from the government and from them also no trustfulness between themselves how many months have they been in exile ????????? they will see .Loool the killer is dancing in Juba for their coming back to him, he also thanks God for G-5 to join him again you guys listen to them carefully while killers are dancing and this dances will come back to them as sorrow one day one time common false reunification of the opart has no room better to say we get tried from exile we are coming back because we have no vision for that war, simple is better to say if they are really mean it to go back for unification of the part jajajajajajaja they get confused themselves


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