Dear Family of Prof. Dr. Wani Tombe, and South Sudanese!

Dr. Wani Tombe Lako lecturing to South Sudanese community on South Sudan conflict in Melbourne, Australia(Photo: extracted/Nyamilepedia)

Dr. Wani Tombe Lako lecturing to South Sudanese community on South Sudan conflict in Melbourne, Australia(Photo: extracted/Nyamilepedia)

June 4, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — For and on the behalf of the Bari Community of Canada (BCC), we feel deeply grieved by the sad news about the unexpected deceased of the Greater Equatoria Council of Rights (GRECOR) founder, true champion and advocate of peace, the sincerely esteemed Prof. Dr. Wani Tombe Lako.

As we are still at the state of shock by the announcement of the tragic passing of Prof. Dr. Wani Tombe Lako, our language fails to express how deeply and profoundly we feel pain in our heart, we express our heartfelt condolence to the family, particularly to elder brother Mr. Lawrence Modi Tombe, Mr. Steven Tombe Lako, the brother of Dr. Wani Tombe Lako, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and the former chairman of the Bari Community of Canada, the family in Juba, and to the entire nation of South Sudan in diaspora, and in South Sudan.

The immense suffering and hardship that Prof. Dr. Wani Tombe Lako endured for the sake of establishing a peaceful South Sudan will surely be recognized by the people of South Sudan down through the ages.

For this, we owe him a debt of gratitude, his magnificent work and vision are the things we must now all seek to realize, we are sure that his ideas and his teaching will long live in the hearts of the people all over the world, and his name will remain a symbol of kindness and tolerance. Prof. Dr. Wani Tombe Lako left behind him many followers all over the world who will do their best to justify his lofty hopes.

Prof. Dr. Wani Tombe Lako had accomplished great work in incredibly various fields such as in politic, academic, and peace, and maybe much more, please be consoled by the realization that his life has touched so many in many positive and uplifting ways, he was an incredible man who left a deep and lasting legacy behind.

May the love and mercy of our Lord be bestowed upon the family during this unfortunate time.


Patrice Wani,

On behalf of the Bari Community of Canada,
For condolences Mr. Steven Tombe can be reached at
220- 7038 16th Ave South East
Calgary, AB T2A 7Z6
Telephone: (403)510-8068 (Cellphone)
(403)280-8162 (Home)

  4 comments for “Dear Family of Prof. Dr. Wani Tombe, and South Sudanese!

  1. June 4, 2015 at 8:29 pm

    Dr. Steven Wani Tombe Lako got sick after joining SPLA-IO , can others Equatorians be worry about sickness?.

    There are stories from those defectors Eduatorian and maybe the people of that regions need to study careful. The first sad story was general Gelary Modi who defected away from the late Chairman Dr. John Garang and join Dr. Riek Machar Teny during the Nasir movement suddenly, general Gelary Modi got sick immediately and died later in Uganda. His family were blaming the death of general on lacking money and find no good treatment to cure his sickness.

    The second story is the death of Dr. Steven Wani Tombe Lako who joined rebels of former vice president after the failed of coup attempted in the last 18 Months ago. The late Dr. Steven Wani Tombe Lako was doing well in his exiled but after joining rebellion of the SPLA-IO then, he felt sick in Addis Ababa recently and he was been taking to Hospital for treatment as it seem to have been recovery and discharge to assume his duty under rebels leader but later he pass away in Ethiopia and now the family in South Sudan and outsider countries are rushing quickly to blamed on SPLA IO specifically, they are accusing another Equatorian who is Deputy Chairman of the movement instead, they should have learn from general Gelary Modi who defected to Nasir movement and got sick immediately and it is very easy to make some suggestion that, the conjure of Equatorians people did not want them to takes guns against Equatoria regions or South Sudan as a whole. I think the Equatorians in the SPLA-IO need to study these two stories careful because the regions of Equatoria have so many gods in all three States and the majority of Equatorians in the communities are still practices very well.

    Finally, do not prove me wrong in this suggestion if you are from Equatoria regions, there was a conjure man in Juba during the struggle time special, in 1992. After when the Division 109 of general Garang Mabil enter Juba on June/1992 and the late Chairman did not gave order to make attacked on Juba city therefore, the late Chairman orders Division 109, forces of general James Hoth Moi and commandos of general Oyai Deng Ajak and many more others who recuse Division109 were all orders to returned out side. As you all know Juba was capture by the SPLA for three days only but after when the SPLA forces returned out immediately, the conjure man from within Equatoria regions in Juba city was asked by Arab Army leaders to see if the SPLA will come back and make attacked again and how the next war would look like?. The conjure man try his best he can to see uncertainty event base on his powerful Magic of gods therefore, the conjure man told Sudanese Army leaders that, the whole South Sudan including Juba city have been giving to those SPLA/SPLM of Southern Sudanese rebels and that message did not go very well and he was told to tried once again and the result did not change but sadly, he was shoot dead, because these Arabs Sudanese did not want that secret to spread out in Juba city. In 2005, the CPA was finally signed and the SPLA/SPLM of Southern Sudanese rebels entering Juba peaceful and I think we can agrees that, the conjure man of Equatoria was absolutely right even though he got killed for telling the truth still workable, and I think the people who supporting war within Southern Sudanese themselves should learn from these stories but failure to to understand this true stories then, you will realizing when it is too late .


    • June 5, 2015 at 12:45 am

      Your warning to yourself. no one fearing the death. Although killer(kirr) is using religions leaders to caring out this terror act,It now will make people more & more angrylly to jointning the fight. believed or not.All those garbages stories you told your audiences aren’t accurate,

      It pretty bad for brave people to use such a method against south sudanese it unacceptable completelly.


  2. Toria
    June 5, 2015 at 9:48 pm

    Mawien Magol
    You are not making any sense, death is immanent no one will escape death including you. You could evenbe dead tomorrow or twenty years from now, so don’t mock death or even God will punish you. There is no connection between the deaths you mentioned above here. Tens of thousands of Equatorians and other south Sudanese gave their lives in defense and freedom of South Sudan, so your assertion is bogus and insane. Prof Wani Tombe is a hero and a martyr, and our condolences to his family. Wani’s death is only the galvanizing factor that even in his grave his voice will continue to call for justice. RIP Professor.


  3. June 6, 2015 at 7:10 am

    Professor who had failed to save some money for his retirement and future of his family.His Family are going to live in SHANTY area.It is not the first time in the History of South Sudanese officials.They work for long time without retirement until they died and leave nothing to his children.


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