How South Sudanese Indecision Helps Prolong Salva Kiir’s Regime Life.

By Hon. Duop Nyidar Lap,

Former MP National Assembly, Juba

Member SPLM/SPLA Movement,

President Salva Kiir receiving his former detainee, Deng Alor, who has lived in exile in Kenya for more than one year(Photo: file)

President Salva Kiir receiving his former detainee, Deng Alor, who has lived in exile in Kenya for more than one year(Photo: file)

June 04, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Since 2005 when Kiir became the Sudan’s First Vice President and President of South Sudan, everyone in the SPLM/A knew that Salva Kiir was not the right man to succeed the brilliant and charismatic leader Dr. John Garang. As was later confirmed by the former American President George Bush Jr., Salva Kiir has no capacity to govern South Sudan whether the Dinka Elders Committee likes it or not. While three quarters of all South Sudanese agree that Salva Kiir is corrupt, tribalistic, dictator, murderous and incapable of ruling the Country, they do not agree on a common action. Let me start by stating the views of those who have publicly made their positions known.

Equatorians in Government think the current conflict is a Nuer/Dinka conflict and have nothing to do with other ethnic groups in the South. They also think mistakenly, that the two tribes are responsible for all the problems confronting the new nation. This may be partly true, but it never occurs to them that Nuer always fight and are now fighting for democracy and justice denied by Salva Kiir and some greedy and malicious Dinka to all South Sudanese.

This group while some times sympathetic to SPLM/A – IO positions, are not boldly open for reasons only they know. If this group cannot be stirred to action by national issues like tribalism, corruption and impunity (lack of rule of law) committed by Kiir regime what about serious acts of aggression against their people namely; rapping of Equatoria girls by Kiir and his Mathiang Anyoor, land grabbing, the sale of rich parts of Equatoria lands by Kiir to Museveni and Kenyatta cannot spur them to action? The supposedly official Equatoria leadership led by the dull and clownish James Wani Igga is not expected to deliver any wise and strategic leadership.

Recently some Equatorian revolutionaries have realized that the struggle to topple Salva Kiir’s regime is the duty of every South Sudanese and cannot be left to those of Upper Nile alone. These revolutionaries have started their military operations against Kiir corrupt regime and are fast establishing their presence in East, Central and Western Equatoria in collaboration and cooperation with SPLM/A – IO.

The “Nuer Wew” represents human traits of betrayal, greed and exploitation. Some relatives of the Nuer Wew were murdered in front of their families by Kiir militias but yet decided to remain behind to serve Kiir! What does this teach us about human behavior?

Civil organizations that have traditionally been known for being advocates of citizens’ rights have been seriously compromised by Kiir’s regime. Only very few from these organizations have stood their ground so far under the tremendous Kiir’s regime intimidation and threats and are working with the opposition.

The so-called Former Detainees (FD) is the most controversial group in the current conflict. They are trying hard to hit and exploit many stakeholders in the conflict, including Kenyatta and Museveni, with one stone. While they were in the heart of the problem when it started, they have now and after being released, chosen an opportunistic and selfish middle ground with the hope of earning them the support of regional and international actors. Although all of them have fat accounts in foreign lands which they squandered during their long service as ministers in Kiir’s corrupt regime, they continue to live lavishly in Nairobi using Kenyan taxpayers’ money.

This group, according to their leader Pagan Amum said they do not want to stain their hands with the blood of South Sudanese! See how opportunists can be so smart to re-invent themselves? These people have been in the top leadership of the SPLM/A. Can you believe how many innocent lives they took away without trials while commanding the SPLM/A? They say you can deceive people twice but not in the third round.

By self-appointing themselves to mediate between the SPLM/A – IO and SPLM/A Juba, the so-called FDs have consciously distanced themselves from being parties to the conflict. They are now “shuhud hakuma”, (translated as witnesses or accused persons who have agreed to testify in favour of the government on condition that they are given soft sentences. I wonder who in the SPLM/A – IO leadership Council will fall prey to such opportunistic and deceptive political designs and maneuvers by the FDs!

The Dinka Community Elders has now replaced the Council of Ministers which is supposed to be the one making government policies and programs. By subordinating the Council to the Community, Salva has effectively implemented what everybody suspected – “Dinkanization” of the government. Since December 2013 Kiir’s government has been planning and implementing Dinka agenda. The Dinka Community agenda is for the continuation of hostilities. They fear that when Salva falls out of power this will be their end and together with Kiir some of them will be booked at the ICC.

With the inability of IGAD to put their eggs in one basket but fragmented by national/personal interests of each IGAD states leaders, IGAD Mediation has stalled. Museveni has now taken over as the operation officer in Greater Upper Nile war front. The supposed IGAD neutrality has been violated and has in turn failed any attempt to broker peace in South Sudan.

As the situation stand and with the arrogance and impunity displayed by KIIR, there is no hope for a negotiated peace in the near future.

The situation is not hopeless as I suggested above for in this universe everything has a beginning and an end including life itself. God has designed the world in such a way that everything in it contradicts and complements each other. This scientific reality may not be good news for dictator Kiir and his friend in crime Museveni.

  7 comments for “How South Sudanese Indecision Helps Prolong Salva Kiir’s Regime Life.

  1. GatNor
    June 4, 2015 at 8:22 pm

    Nuers are fighting tooth and nails on both sides impeccably prolong the war.


  2. Jamal Yor
    June 4, 2015 at 10:56 pm

    what does Duop want? Just endless war? Riek Machar and his foolish soldiers could destroy South Sudan if they are allowed some space. This is what all in the region and the world agree on.


  3. nikalongo sanduksanduk
    June 5, 2015 at 1:44 am

    Thinking of Equatorians as cowards because they cannot rise against Kiir or join Riak because of this or that reason is hopeless. Kiir is as useless as Riak. Your war and disagreements are rooted in centuries of tribal savagery and superstitions. Equatoria is not going to get involved. The one fact to be remembered by both Nuer and Dinka leaders is that those who committed crimes will one day face justice. Today u can deceive yourselves because u (Dinka and Nuer) feel invincible. But if this country falls apart because of ur careless policies, all (Dinka and Ner) will be deported from Equatoria including those in their graves.

    Duop, what have your people gained from this senseless war of destruction and savagery? Sue for peace instead of bubbling nonsense or looking for alliances to further the project of death. Leave Wani Igga alone. He was elected by the people of Lobonok and only them can throw him out. He is not responsible for actions of Kiir. If Kiir and Riak thought like Wani Igga, there would peace.


  4. June 5, 2015 at 4:31 am

    Duop calling yourself to be a former MP, you were mistakenly elected how can a law maker bubbles nonsense issues to the public.
    Let me bring your attention in this way, you are a true tribalistic confused brain former MP even in your speech can tell that you are preaching a tribal conflict.
    I don’t know when some Nuer will stop milking a dead cow , what i know is that your grant children who will be born in absent of Riek will do something reasonable to this country otherwise you would have learn from 1991 where Riek took arms for no reason apart from slaughtering the masses.
    Don’t you know that Riek is the president of dead people if not he would have waited for elections other than setting up an abattoir of people.

    Riek if become a president of this country would be the most murderer,corrupt,tribalistic and incompetent leader on this planet. This can be shown in his administration structure where all top jobs are headed by Nuer, concentrate 90% of all is predicted unconstitutional 21 states to Uppernile region only that means even national capital city of this country if Riek become president can be transfered to Bentiu.
    I can only blame a useless night where Riek’s mother conceive a walking corp leader and those who are carrying the digging grave tools(Riek’s supporters).


  5. June 5, 2015 at 5:30 am

    Duop I don’t understand why majority of Nuers blame Kiir for their rebellion,you duop yourself you was rebel three times before kiir be came persistent, now your fourth rebellion you are blaming on kiir, this Nuers rebellion is in your blood nothing anybody can do about it not Kiir himself and government of south sudan nor Omer el Bashir and his government, because the Nuers are rebellion and corruptetionist people in nature .do you know many times Nuers rebellion 17 Times between the SPLM \SPLA movement and the government of Sudan far more than any tribe in south sudan.


  6. akech Ngueny
    June 5, 2015 at 12:00 pm

    nuers are the most stupid,corrupt, and useless people in South Sudan,what are you fighting now?.freedom or separation?. which tribe is being developed by kiir leaving out other tribes?..nonsense ,fight and u will get it harder.


  7. June 5, 2015 at 12:28 pm

    Doup, you need to adjust your attitude if love and care about the life of your innocents civilians. You Just an opportunities hunter, please stop inciting hatred between Dinka and Nuer, this two tribes will live side by side soon Kiir and Riek departed!


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