By: Gatgong Koang Thany,

SPLM-Uhuru posting for a picture with Uhuru

SPLM-Uhuru posting for a picture with Uhuru

June 07, 2015(Nyamilepedia)—The Group of (G10), Former Political Detainees (FPD) or the SPLM-Uhuru, is a group of ten South Sudanese Politicians who were briefly detained following the shot-out between elements of Tiger-Battalion, the Presidential guards which sparks this explosive mayhem in our Country. Initially the group was associated with the SPLM-IO under the leadership of former vice President Dr. Riak Machar Teny Dhurgon, in fact the Rebel first condition for peace talk with the Government was freeing of the detainees (the G10) from jail, a demand which the Government eventually accepted following pressure from Regional and International actors who wanted a quick-start to peace Processes that was impossible without first meeting the demand of the Rebel.

However following their release, the group except for one out of the eleven (11) detainees Dr. Lol Gatkuoth, Deputy head of external relation wings of the rebel moment (SPLM-IO), shocked friends and foes alike when they opted to stand on the fence, describing the military resistant, a dire necessity to counter Salva Kiir’s Merciless onslaught against innocent people as unnecessary , Pagan Amum said in one of his interview  after his release that the killing of Innocent Civilians in Juba is not enough reason to fight the Juba regime for, making everyone to wonder as to what else on earth would it take then to pick-up arms if not to defend one’s own life and Nation?  Left without direction, the G10 therefore were confined to Nairobi since their release with few fruitless trips outside Kenya.

as most South Sudanese are aware, almost the entire G10 membership is drawn from the so called Yaal-El-Asaad, or Dr.John Garang’s good-boys, following the tragic demise of the former, the later were rendered orphans Politically and had to wrestle for political survival as they stumbled through the diluted-Political-waters of the newly emerging South Sudan, as a result they were constantly at longer-head with the new Political landscape revolving around Salva Kiir and his new-found allies notably the former Vice President and Khartuomers whom the SPLM-Torit and the Yaal Assaad in Particular saw as traitors and opportunist, as such members of this infamous group had always been angry Men with dangerous mission and a lot of scores to settle.

As far as South Sudanese Politic was concern individuals making up the G10 and their associates represent the angle of Political bullies in SPLM and the Country Political scene at large, they were therefore view with utmost contempt by most players in the Politico-Arena, furthermore Salva Kiir’s Political Circles has always been very suspicious of them, no wonder whenever rumors of coups ring-up in the air, fingers suddenly pointed not very far from the very group and their associates. consequently their sudden, militias Political allegiance-shift from the President’s camp to that of the former Vice President prior to the eruption of the crisis did not only heightened the tension between the two camps but also aggravated and escalated suspicions, mistrust and eventually lead to dangerous confrontations between the two SPLM-Camp which further fueled the already volatile and fragile inter-ethnics tensions

However following the former detainees’ move to walk the middle ground and play innocent as the Country went-up in heart-breaking inferno, foreign commentators hints the G10 as possible alternatives for national leadership, some went as far as suggesting names for instant Pagam Amum was rumored as best-possible candidate to lead a transitional Government of National Unity (TGONU) which would result from a political negotiation between the warring parties plus multi-stakes-holders , the dream however died before seeing the light , unfortunately such ignoramus assertions by foreign actors/ commentators which are devoid of facts and delinked from the practical Political setup with in the Country falsely embolden the group’s opportunistic ambition to land the Country’s leadership like some manna from Heaven

Since then, the group has been opportunistically stalking and scratching-the-walls behind the scene for a possible path to resuscitate their seemingly dead political fortunes, mostly casting their hopes on foreign intervention for fair-deals. At times the two warring parties kicked them out of the Negotiation table since their selfish interest rhymed not with either side hence serves only as jeopardy element to the peace process, but they never learnt, they would run around and return.

Lately sensing possible lost of Political relevance and facing eminent permanent Political-careers drowning in the Country, G10 devised a new strategy which they call ‘restoring the Nation, Sandwiched in to the Arusha deal which merely call for reunification of the cursed SPLM-Party, restoration of its sacked Leaders in to their initial position within the party and pardoning the OYEES group from their heinous crimes, including killings of innocent , destruction and looting of civilians’ Properties and  of the Nation , corruption to name but just a few, which is other words taking the Country back to square one .

5th June 2015, after more than one and half year in exile, Five (5) out of the Ten (10) former detainees namely; Deng Alor  Kuol,John Luk Jock, Kosti Manibe, Cirino Iteng and Bior Ajang finally swallowed their pride and landed in Juba airport, dressed in black suits, visibly ashamed and scared, accompanied by South Africa ANC Party’s Deputy Leader Cyril Ramphosa, they were greeted at the airstrip with low reception and less attention , this was possibly done intentionally to avoid according to  the group unnecessary significance ,they were hosted at New-York Hotel along the Nile, a less prestigious Location in itself ,the Government spoke person who have repeatedly disputed any significance to their visit was correct for the first time .

Speaking at the dinner hosted by SPLM-KIIR-FACTION for the five former jail-birds, unless I misunderstood Mr. John Luke Jock’s statement, the repeated declaration of the group’s allegiance and support to the ‘Chairman’ Mr. Kiir faction could not be misspoken, and if that is the case then the so called ‘restoring the Nation’ might be but just a surrendering maneuver for the group, like Lul Ruai Koang (Former Rebel Military Spoke person),the group’s talk does not match their walk, one couldn’t blame them though life in exile requires ultimate sacrifice, commitment and importantly a mission, the hardship renders the weak to surrender, otherwise Signs and symptoms had in the recent past indicates that the group, under influence of Luk and Deng might be on their way back to Juba, after all, the two are committed friends of the President, once restored to the Secretariat and acquitted from his corruption charges, Mr. Pagan will surely not waste a second to jump in, but for the sake of the doubting ‘Thomases’ let’s accord them the benefit of doubts.

Finally, true our nation desperately needs a good peace and all our leaders from the various Political divides must shoulder the entire-responsibility for restoring the Country back to normalcy, therefore this belated initiative by the Group of Ten (G10) if is genuine and sincere should be lauded and backed. however given the obvious ill-intentions behind it all, South Sudanese are bond to view it with utmost caution and suspicion.  Once bitten twice shy, records still portray the group’s betrayal path, hence wherever they go loathness and suspicions reign, its therefore highly likely that ‘Restoring the Nation Crusade’ could be just one of the group’s tricks to get their ugly paws on to something, and like many, I already doubts it success having considered all factors.

with the Country’s population both at home and Diaspora divided solidly behind the two main warring parties, with whom will the group build their fallacious rhetoric and imaginary ship-upon?, moreover, implicitly or explicitly South Sudanese from both divides view the group as either conspirators or direct perpetrators of this bloody conflict, thus squarely place the responsibility for this destruction wholly or partly upon them.  With my back upon the trees, I chose to wait and watch from a distant as these tricks unfold.



  1. Riek Koang
    June 7, 2015 at 5:05 am

    The former detainees are of course the better boys not having bleek history of killings, they have all the rights to come back and restore peace from within for they are brave enough, only coward people like Fool Riek and his disgruntle group of thives chose to run to the bush to kill their own people in the name of getting ride of Salva Kiir, you are killing the poor and innocent people and not even Kiir’s relative as you hate him. Shame on Riek Machar for the killing and destruction of South Sudan. You don’t differentiate between Riek and Rebellion, when you see Riek think of rebellion, its some thing inborn for him, South Sudan will be free of rebellion after timely death of Fool Riek.

    Riek is rebellion in South Sudan and Rebellion is Riek himself.


    • June 7, 2015 at 8:32 am

      thanks you Mr Riek koang, that why always I said some of majority Nuers they know how deadly of Riek to the Nuers people is. Riek ,Angelina and Teny Riek are not suffering with poor south sudanes been diet day and night.


    • Abuchook
      June 7, 2015 at 10:19 am

      Based on my experienced with Riek practical way reacting and actions,

      Riek Machar Ebola Rebellion is suffering from intellectual disabilities because their understanding of politics is based on tribal emotions; which is exactly what happened in 2013, when 25,000 Lou, Jikany and Gawaar Youths are Misleaded by tribal mind-sets Ideology and Influence and marched to Juba and Bortown to killed and for loot and destroy of properties. Most of these Primitive thinkers young men of Nuer did not returned home alive:

      My prediction is that The ISIS REBELS OF SOUTH SUDAN Poisoned by Riek Ebola viruses will breakup into factions as it happened in 1990s and each Nuer clan faction will end up signing a peace deal with the Government in Juba separately; like what happened with Dr Garang. history repeated itself.

      I speak my words out and May God be with the people of South Sudan.
      Thank you very much.


      • June 7, 2015 at 2:33 pm

        You got it wrong Mr Abuchook. Dr. Riek has the right to defend his people just like Salva Kiir defends his people. What is the different? You think Nuer would have been sleeping until Salva Kiir finished them?

        If Nuer were not to defend themselves how many do you think would have been killed? Nuer are Nuer not like Equatoria where Salva Kiir killed them but nothing happen. Good for Nuer to fight for all the rights of the voiceless Sudanese people.

        Thanks Nuer for their bravery to challenge the Dinka Kingdom.


    • June 7, 2015 at 2:25 pm

      Riek Koang,

      foolish comment! Dr. Riek Machar stood tall to fight John Garang who refused and afterwards accepted self-determination. Please give Dr. Riek Machar credits because he was not shy away to tell the world that South Sudanese people deserve self-determination which you and your crook father Salva Killer enjoy today shame on you!


      • June 8, 2015 at 3:15 am

        The Lives of the south Sudanese people are not like the G10. these are just gamblers but nothing else,the war we have now headed by Dr Riack will never and nothing can again stop it unless he or she will have to agree , Dr Machar stood with the people of south Sudan and the people are strongly behind him because of the following reasons
        – well Educated and has extra ordinary skills in nation building like south sudan. join opposition and secure yourself and your country
        the killing of the nuer and the other tribes have trusted Dr Riak more than any person in fact he


  2. GatNor
    June 7, 2015 at 8:01 am

    One would have to be an utter fool not to see the G10 involved in the conspiracy of what started all these chaotic events leading to the civil war. Now they are back to recollect their rewards but Kiir must be careful and act on his close door promises to the G10 since they have participated in isolating Dr.Machar by pretending they too were victims in jail. Why are they so easily disassociated from claims of coup attempts anthem by Juba while Machar not even though we all know that the staged coup and the rebellion are now two different matters. Yet Machar’s name have neither legally been dropped, cleared nor pardon by the same court of South Sudan from such allegations.

    1 – The G10 was part of the NLC calling for change.
    2 – They are suddenly arrested once Machar escaped for his dear life.
    3 – Juba quickly called for the G10 to face a capital punishment(death) =scare tactics
    4 – Machar and his break away faction raised hell to have the G10 released.
    5 – G10 trun an appointment down from Machar to lead negotiation for reforms
    6 – G10 visited and met somewhere in South Sudan bushes with observers
    7 – All arrested by this gov are usually never heard from for less crimes let alone treason charges.G10 were treated like celebrities where their partner who was also calling for the same reforms as them on the same day of conference stage is on the run for his life.
    8 – G10 declared neutrality in a mind boggling announcement switching camps(why)
    9 – G10 released to Kenya(constitutionally it not possible)
    10 – G10 suddenly wants 10% share of displaying non-neutrality within power struggle in which they claim to be neutral. Juba faction never disagree with this 10% but agree on some reforms(why)
    11 – G10’s released welcome gathering showed that they were the faceless heroes of the staged coup.
    12 – The statements some of the G10(leader) made about the massacre confirmed their role as part of the plot and co-conspirators.
    13 – G10 leader is now being groomed & put out as the right person for the TGONU(reward; maybe)

    The G10 will soon accept re-instatement into their old positions and join the hierarchy in the next government reshuffle. if the transitional government of national unity does not come in time. One would have to ask the intention of the G10 if their earlier calls for reforms was sincere or staged circus show.


    • June 7, 2015 at 2:37 pm

      G10 are hypocrites. Dr. Riek fought for their release and afterwards they forgot to thank Dr. Riek who stood up to fight for them. These are opportunistic hypocrites who are looking for chances. Good luck for them

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  3. June 7, 2015 at 9:15 am

    Mr. Riek Koang, you seem to have misinterpreted events that took place on Dec.15th.2013. The massacre of Nuer as an ethnic group in the capital of South Sudan, was deliberately done under cover of a coup, to justify the cause. If Dr. Riek had not run for his life, he would be counted among the massacred innocent civilians today. So, you cannot justify a victim to be an aggressor at the same thing time. Your ignorance if I may deliberate on briefly, is psychiatric in nature to be blunt.


    • June 7, 2015 at 3:04 pm

      man of the people or Monyjang that is what it mean jiengs language, man of the people in English language, anyway this lie of Nuers been massive massacre in Juba is need to stop. even some people go so for to saying over twenty thousand people killed in Juba,now I’m asking you guys before December 13-2013 how many population of Nuers in Juba city? how many people now living in Unmiss camp? and how many people now also living in their homes inside the city of Juba, and how many people when to Uganda and Kenya? when you added them up they can give you exactly the number of the people were being killed. the what I know so far is that the all Nuers population in Equatoria region are not more than twenty thousand, just forget this liar been said over and over again. if there where Nuers people was killed they were be one hundred to two over Equatoria region, but see in upper Nile region the people were being killed by Riek Machar Ebola forces is more than five hundred thousand jiengs or Danish and Shilluk for this thirty months.


      • June 8, 2015 at 2:36 am

        Thanks Adut, that why this war should continue for three more years. in fact Nuer have killed many people then they could imagine, weak and strong. this war must continue if this will stop them from their constant rebellions against the nation.


      • June 8, 2015 at 11:32 pm

        Adut bitch!
        i don’t want you to practice your rotten English in the social media when you don’t know what you are saying.
        Let the people who know what is happening around the country talk.
        Even if over 1 billion of you (dinkas) were killed, you really deserved it for you can not create a kingdom which was not there for you before.
        Anyway the article is so interesting Mr.Gatgong Koang Thany and let’s watch out for what will happen next.


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