The Revival Of South Sudan Independence Movement/Army (SSIM/A)

 Quot: “When the boat capsizes, those who cannot swim go down under with it and those that who can swim jump off it into the waters to swim until they can reach to the shore.”

“United we stand; Divided we fall.”

By Professor David de Chand,

1Lt.- General Gordon Kong Chol,

1Lt. –General Hassan Laat Tap;

and Major-General Mounta Abdullah

Professor/Ambassador David de Chan

Professor/Ambassador David de Chan


June 07, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The South Sudan Independence Movement/Army (SSIM/SSIA) was neither dead nor buried. It was unilaterally suspended by Dr. Riek Machar when he departed it and left his followers “headless” to go seek new opportunities, positions without a concrete objective. Presently, the SPLA-In-Opposition (SPL-I-Op) does not have an established concrete objective. Rather, the attainment of positions when it reunites with other components of SPLA-Juba led by Salva Kiir, the SPLA Group Ten (G-10) that operates under the illusion that they have been the right heirs of the SPLM/A leadership in the aftermath of the death of the late John Garang de Mabior (May his soul rest in peace) comprises of the former detainees led by the former dismissed and disgraced the former SPLM Secretary-General Pagan Amoum, and the SPLA for Democratic Change (SPLA-DC) led by Dr. Lam Akol, including Republic of Sudan components comprised of JEM led by Ibrahim Khalil, SSRF led by Abdul-Aziz El-Helio and the SPLM/A-N led by Malik Aggar compared to the SSIM/A well-structured objective-that is, the liberation and the total secession of the Greater Upper Nile region as determined by the united front of the majority of the people of the region in question and the demands for the specific reasons for the gross systematic genocide that targeted the Nuer ethnicity, the traditional Kingdom of the Shilluk (Chollo) and the Murle ethnicities in particular, targeted for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part.

Realistically, the SPLM dreams of reuniting as a party to continue ruling South Sudan would become imperatively impractical, if not impossible, to attain at this juncture. The question that is to be probed would be like this: Is this possible after horrendous SPLM internal split in mid-December 2013 that led to more and more bloodshed in South Sudan? Even if Salva Kirr were to succeed in giving a card blanc, coup de grace and granting general amnesty, the likelihood of the SPLM to reunite as a single united party would become imperatively impractical, if not impossible, to attain at this juncture. Reckoning, the past events it would not become easy for the camel to pass through the eye of a needle. It would be recalled that too much bloodshed has been shaded and genocide… as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity has been committed. This time around though, the overwhelmingly majority of South Sudan non-SPLM followers would not further tolerate any reunification of this deadly animal called the SPLM led by bunch of thugs, hooligans, thieves and the most corrupt human beings on the planet-Earth. We would not spare time to call for South Sudan Spring or South Sudan Streets throughout the country. The process of reunification and of granting general amnesty is in the making and Salva Kiir could soon formally announce that “Everything has been forgiven, that everyone one should return to his/her positions and let us continue ruling the country.” What about millions genocide and what about hundreds of thousands internally displaced and property worth millions destroyed or stolen by the Dinka thieves? Who would become responsible and accountable for massive human rights abuses in Africa’s youngest failed state in South Sudan? Succinctly, reunification of the SPLM would become imperatively impractical, if not impossible, to attain at this time instantly.

South Sudan has been already disunited and disintegrated and the best possible tenable reasonable alternative solution would be to divide it into three (3) states similar to the Island nation of Cyprus that has been divided into two, namely, the Greco-Cypriots on the Westside of the Island nation of Cyprus and the Turkish-Cypriots on the Eastside of the Island nation of Cyprus. This is the most perfect reasonable conflict resolution because South Sudan would not become same again forever because of mistrust, lack of confidence building measures and all the pretty obscene things done by the Twic Dinka Militias, which they ought not to have done under the command of Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan against the Nuer nation and its resilient people and other nationalities. This has been the specific raison d’être that the Greater Upper Nile region shall and will opt to separate from South and no person or power on the planet could hinder or obstruct this process by any necessary. The victims of the 2013 Juba Genocide would urge and appeal to the UN and other international tribunal to investigate and to indict those that responsible for committing the crime of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in the past 19 months or so in the intense treacherous tribal warfare or as if a civil war in South Sudan.

The SSIM/A objective has been about the future and the present of creating a new generation free from Salva Kiir’s imperialism, colonialism, domination, oppression, exploitation and genocide because of their group membership compared to the above-mentioned SPLA components whose main objective has been to gain lucrative positions, to reunite and to continue ruling South Sudan according to their own whims and the search for positions for that. The SPLM components desire would be to give amnesty to all components, including that of Dr. Machar’s armed faction to return and to let everyone of them to assume their old hierarchal positions in the party and government and could not give any responsibility and accountability to millions killed, massacres, genocide, and targeted the unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part.

Many hundreds of thousands of people have become internally refugees who do not qualify for the status of refugees under the 1953 Geneva Convention, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and the UN Charter status in their own country an ugly scene aggravating situation created by their own leaders in Africa’s youngest failed state. Let’s hypothetically assume that all the SPLA components were to be given amnesty to become reunited with the main purpose of continuing governing Africa’s youngest failed state in South Sudan, what would become of the millions dead and hundreds of thousands made to become “internal refugees” otherwise known as internally displaced persons (IDPs) not recognized by the 1953 Geneva Convention under the auspices of the UN Charter? What would be done about them? Who would compensate them or pay them reparation payments and by whom? Would they just be forgotten about as cadavers, wiped out and become statistics human beings without social justice qua social justice and the basic fundamental human rights principles? These questions should be answered by Salva Kiir and henchmen, cronies and sycophants.

The SPLA-I-Op led by Machar must and ought to realize that if it ever dreams of reuniting with Juba, this time around though, it would not be like in the past when Dr. Machar, per se, departed the SSIM/A and its people’s remained “headless,” confused and disorganized that created a “dark spot” in the traditional and modern Nuer leadership concepts. Rest assuredly, no Nuer persons would agree with any unilateral decision-making that would be undertaken by Dr. Machar and his closest knitted family, associates and protégés encircles in this process. The people of Greater Upper Nile region and the Nuer people and its resilient people in particular, have been targeted for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. It was a Holocaust and we shall and will reject any unilateral decision on the return to the SPLM that has killed and genocide many Nuer people because of their being Nuer folk’s membership as a group.

The Nuer cannot any longer co-habit less one roof with the Dinka or continuing killings, massacres, lynching, genocide would continued indefinitely. This is the bottom line. The best tenable reasonable alternation solution would be to absolutely and categorically revived SSIM/A with orchestrated objective in this ongoing treacherous and dangerous tribal warfare or as if a civil war perpetrated by the SPLA-Juba and SPLA-I-Op would be to liberate or emancipate the Greater Upper Nile region to cede and to undergo the exercise of the right to self-determination as the ultimate wish and desire of the people that “All peoples have the right to self-determination; by virtue of this right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic and cultural development as stipulated in the UN Charter and the Decolonization Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries[1] well being and the right to development as declared in the Copenhagen Agreement.

When our beloved people were being exterminated-mainly-the unarmed and helpless Nuer people and the small traditional Kingdom of the Shilluk in the historic town of Fashoda (Kodok), and the Murle people in Pibor, the whole sixty-three (63) tribes of South Sudan were dancing with our tormentors, winning and dinning and enjoyed the exterminations of their fellows countrymen. We could hypothetically assume or presuppose that they were either afraid of catastrophic retributions from the Dinka Militias Malawal Anyuor or they were in complete collision to deal collaboration and agreement with their Dinka counterparts that let them deal first with the Nuer folks to finish the stronger, courageous and the most fear ethnicities of the Greater Upper Nile region. We have now discovered that their interests have to inherit the wealth of the Greater Upper Nile region for their own interests if all the Nuer people were to be wiped out and to become statistics like the Red Indians or the First Nation in North-South Americas and the Aborigines or the First Nation in both Australia and New Zealand. The Nuer has survived the genocide, where would the Dinka go to now?

Because they have been hired for money foreigners fighting for the Dinka, the Nuer people have no respect for any Dinka males because of what they have done, which they ought not to have done. Most importantly, the Dinka have hired with the Nuer Petro-dollars UPDF, JEM, SSRF and the SPLA-N fighting for them in South Sudan. The hiring of foreigners fighting for them has been a living proof, absolute and resolute contradiction on the proclamations that they (Dinka) are warriors because if they were so, they could not have hired for money foreigners fighting for them. This is by no means in itself indicative, illustrate or show that the Dinka are no men with balls, red badge of courage and the cowards of the cowards. From ongoing tribal warfare or as if a civil war onwards, they could proclaim that they are men, but not all men are men. The Dinka tribesmen have not seen nothing yet, but bunch of jack asses, lazy extraordinaire and idiots who could not fight and lack the courage to do so. We have known now that the Nuer people have no any foreign power fighting for them compared to the Jieng or Kuany (slaves) in the Nuer language with us. We will defeat as our forefathers have done in the past.

Before we could begin giving our multifaceted reasons for reviving South Sudan Independence Movement/Army (SSIM/A) established at the 1994 infamous Akobo Convention in which its prosperous democratic institutions and structures were later on unilaterally dissolved by Dr. Riek Machar similar to what the Dinka dictator Salva Kiir Mayardit unilaterally dissolved the SPLM structures and institutions in the late 2013. The internal split within the SPLM as the ruling party in South Sudan led to a full scale tribal warfare or as if a civil war in Africa’s youngest failed state in South Sudan. We termed the current “crisis” in South Sudan as a tribal warfare because it involves South Sudan two largest ethnicities or nationalities- the Dinka of Greater Bahr-el Ghazel being economically the poorer and the Nuer of Greater Upper Nile that is the most potentially the richest region endowed with oil fields and gas fields nnatural resources, minerals and the most fertile agricultural lands for the future and the present that could become the hub of the “Green Revolution” producing in abundant food production for self-reliance, self-sufficiency and food security in South Sudan.

Cognizant of the continuous political unrest or instability, destruction vs. construction, the roadmap to peace, political stability and the dream of producing massive food production may not be realized in both short and long terms. This is a fact that the politico-sociological reality of the situation presents that even the stubborn fools or godfathers and the feeble minded individuals could not argue or deny it. We should micro-macroscopically, methodically, politically, sociologically, philosophically and epistemologically cater to realistic, authentic attention, analysis, thesis, antithesis and synthesis to the above quotation with particular emphasis on the current failing, corrupt, autocratic, oligarchic, patronized, undemocratic, authoritarian dictatorial of Dr. Riek Machar’s leadership in the so-called SPLA-in-Opposition (SPL-I-OP).

Because of the above-mentioned, the SSIM/A (SDF) Original Opposition have decided to full out from alliance with Dr. Machar to stand on its own because of lack or the absence thereof of comprehensive exclusion, marginalization and non-recognition of our forces, including the White Army contributions towards the war efforts. In the peace process in Addis-Ababa, we have been excluded under the grand pretext that we are not SPLA and in all meetings such as the one held in Pagak and Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia. Certainly, we have no problem with that because we have already known that if the splinted SPLA were to reunite, we would opt out and continue with war against the reunited SPLA and would be prepared and have the capacity to negotiate a peace agreement in our own agenda and terms of preference. If we do opt to remain out of any peace agreement, the IGAD, the UN, the EU and the TROIKA would be compelled to negotiate a new peace agreement based on different agenda and new terms thereunto. The SSIA Officers, NCOs and the Enlisted from the Old Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) prior to the split in 2011 have not been respected by the SPLA officers and negatively called them sarcastically as “Khartoum Militias” who do not have the equivalent or the same military training and combat experience and technical know-how. We cannot tolerate any further such negative sophisticated arrogance. Because Dr. Machar and Taban Deng Gai have failed to correct the situation, we had no choice, but to opt for disassociation with the SPLA-I-OP. to become independent politico-military entity.

In the past eighteen (18) months or so, Dr. Machar and Governor Taban Deng Gai have ignored, deceived, manipulated, maneuvered marginalized, discriminated against, neglected and blocked out the anti-SPLM/A fighters and politicians for more than seven (7) years a priori to the internal split that occurred within the ruling party in mid-December 2013. Dr. Machar’s failed to recognize this political and military group or outfit that control over 80% of the fighting forces excluding the massive ferocious Nuer White Army that has been part and parcel of the anti-SPLM/A opposition. We would like the world to know that the White Army has been in opposition for more than seven years and Dr. Machar’s and Taban Deng Gai hate or dislike the White Army. Frankly speaking, without the White Army Dr. Machar’s life would have been endangered and he could not still be breathing alive nowadays. If they were to be wise, they owe the White Army an apology and everything for having been their protected in Jonglei State when he escaped from Juba.


The original opposition under the banner of South Sudan Revolutionary Forces (SSRF) comprised of different components, including the White Army shall and will become parcel and an integral part of the would-be proposed two-Armies in any future peace agreement. The original opposition has been the real opposition for more than seven (7) years against or opposed the SPLM Kiir-Mchar blood led leadership in Juba. They both called the SSRF in opposition as “Khartoum Militias” and they still do up to this time.

When both Kiir-Machar alliances fell apart or drifted away, it was the same so-called Khartoum Militias and the White Army that offered Dr. Riek Machar’s protection and vigorously fighting Kiir’s forces and the UPDF fighting for SPLA-Juba. As soon as he (Dr. Machar) got situated in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia, where he ( Dr.Machar) and his closed knitted family live comfortably, they do not care about the war wounded, that he failed to provide the rations, medicine and Ammos of different kinds for the soldiers in the battlefront and training; the internally displaced persons (IDPs) and the sickbeds have been grossly neglected and forgotten endangered species; that the privileged few have bought villas in Nairobi, Kenya, Kampala, Uganda, Khartoum, Sudan, and that they have opened Gold Shops as well as having big bank accounts in foreign banks. This is not a revolution in the true sense of the term, but rather war trading, warlordism, money Laundry, terrorism and counterterrorism of the thirds kind.

In our opinion, therefore, these are all corrupt practices if such stories were to be true inherited from the old corrupt culture of the SPLM/A for decades retrospect to its inception on 16 May 1983 up to its assumption of power in the post-Naivasha bilateral Peace Agreement of 2005 otherwise technically known as the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) of 2005. Furthermore, we have also documented that Dr. Machar’s recently showered his newly appointees the so-called Governors and military field commanders from Bahr-el-Ghazel with big cash payments. Hitherto, the questions that we would be obliged to probe would be where did he (Machar) get all that cash to go around to buy villas, gold shops and rewarding those that did nothing in the armed struggle for emancipation or liberation, opportunists, vultures and hyenas, collaborators that would neither go to the frontline nor fire shots at the expense of the Nuer people who have been targeted for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part.

The Nuer people who have being doing the dying for the past 18 months and more than 100,000 unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity have deliberately and willfully targeted for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. The Nuer folks have been doing the dying for the cause of democratic change daily and the rejection of Salva Kiir’s colonialism, domination, exploitation, oppression, xenophobia and Apartheid. We would like to know the sources of such wasted resources for the needy within and amongst the war wounded and sickbed children, lactating mothers and the IDPS, the UN Charter and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) or internal refugees without any recognition from the 1953 Geneva Convention on Refugees. When Dr. Macher’s has been given telephone calls and written enormous emails in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia, requesting or drawing his attention to such issues to address about the needs of the most aggrieved, the war wounded and the sickbeds and the needy, he becomes muted, irritated and angry by probing these realistic concerns as being unfriendly, provocative and challenging issues that he often shunned off and considered provocative intimidating to him personally those that reported to him these concerns he personally labeled such persons as being stubborn and crazy guys as such.

Well, nothing is personal at all, it’s just the way that leadership operates, works and the leader must and ought to be challenged by those that he leads or the governed that all powers emanated from for that. They have the right to ask Dr. Machar’s to give power back to the people in order to search for his replacement. For instance, even though we defended Dr. Machar’s from the day he narrowly escaped Salva Kiir’s on slaughter in Juba, God Almighty knows that we were the first and amongst equals that denied that there was no an instigated coup d’état attempt against Salva Kiir’s by the former VP on 17 December 2013 Juba Genocide. We were, per se, doing the cause of social justice qua social justice and the protection of the basic fundamental human rights that we do really believe in our guts, gusto and minds as experts in the field of international relations and international law, international humanitarian affairs, federalism and human resources management in accordance with natural Nuer culture that has been traditionally democratic in promoting such trustworthy causes and values. We could say that 18 of the 30 Articles of Universal Human Rights Declaration under the UNGA resolution 260 A (III) of 9 December 1948, Paris, France, belongs to the Nuer culture and many more. The Nuer traditional society was amongst the first civilizations that did practice in any historical epoch up to present death penalty (ngab Naadth or Nath) compared to Europe and some states in the United States that abolished it recent times. The Nuer people should also say with pride that they have lured Europe and other Western industrialized countries wherefore death penalty was the order of the day or common place, including more than eighteen (18) states in the USA recently conjoined by the State of Nebraska in the Heartland of the US to abolish death penalty.

As humanists and an experts in human rights and conflict resolution apart from my other expertise, we would like to urge and appeal to the world community, the international justice system and the lawmakers in the United States of America to join Europe and civilized societies to totally abolish death penalty Now rather than later. The Nuer has been the premier nation-state in the world that never ever practiced death penalty in its customary laws and in its legal Criminal Procedures. We should refer lawyers to teach and research the Nuer Customary Law (Oxford University Press) in Law Schools to comprehend and understand comparative laws and the conflict of laws amongst the Nuer and its neighbors and other different political cultures worldwide and in Africa in particular. The SPLA-I-Op has become hopeless and without any concrete objective on the war, but it turn out to become a family affair or has become Dr. Machar’s personal plantation that he often carried in his suitcase wherever he goes and manages it according to his own whims. In essence, if the SPLA-I-O has a real political agenda, it has been nonetheless fighting as a liberation movement. Rather, it has been a war trading outfit that would have to undergo systemic radical internal democratic changes to accommodate all in its management schemes, its decision-makings, all its frame of reference (worldview) in strategizing in unionism the future and the present and how to solidly united the Nuer community and all the people of the Greater Upper Nile region to aggressively fight in unionism to defeat Salva Kiir’s colonialism, imperialism, domination, exploitation, xenophobia and Apartheid.

It should be known herein that the fighting Nuers have been neither fighting for the cause of Dr. Machar’s removal from the VP post nor for Governor Taban Deng Gai (alas Mohamed Hassan) dismissal, but they have been committed fighting for the main reasons that Salva Kiir’s regime unleashed and unprecedented ominous policy that targeted the Nuer ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. Unless Salva Kiir, his henchmen, sycophants or the Dialectic Materialists and his protégés could give a real appropriate and adequate explanation as to why he could not quench the events on 15, 16, 17 and 18 December 2013 that he (Kiir) committed genocide…as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity on the “unarmed and helpless” Nuer ethnicity or nationality in the 2013 Juba Genocide, the war would not stop no matter happens and no matter what IGAD does now and in the future, there could be no end to the Nuer Dinka tribal warfare, hostilities and unless they have to be separated compared to the Greco-Cypriots on the Westside of the Island nation of Cyprus and the Turkish-Cypriots on the Eastside of the Island nation of Cyprus and in the de facto state of Somaliland (Punt land-(Hargeisa) or unless that the Nuer and Dinka people put this war to an end or this war puts an end to the Dinka-Nuer people or they would have unanimously agreed to put this war to end. It was the US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy that said him that “Mankind puts an end to war or the war puts an end to mankind.” This is the real dichotomy in Africa’s youngest failed state in South Sudan.

The ferocious and gallant Nuer fighters being agile, courageous, determined, committed and motivated compared to their Dinka counterparts though now seem to be exhausted and tired of the war that they started, they wish now that they did not start killings of the unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity because the race called the Nuer once it has been aggressed it, would respond vigorously twice, thrice or four times as much painfully aggressed the aggressor against it. The Dinka fighters have now smell the art of war in the Greater Upper region that they assumed they would defeat and annihilated its population in no time. As the war now intensifies some of the Dinka fighters have running like cats and dogs and left large numbers of cars, transporters, tanks and the Egyptian Wahid Tanks to the Nuer fighter and ran away for their lives. Many of them ass many as 400 have boarded the UN plane en route from Malakal to Juba through gun points and force the pilot to takeoff . We shall investigate this incident and report it to the UN because the pilot allowed armed men in a UN plane that against international law and the UN Charter. We would also assume that the pilot was a collaborator like six (6) European caught in Old Fangak or Fom El-Zeraf in the steamer from Juba to Malakal carrying large quantities of weapons, ammunitions, artillery pieces and others whilst disguising the steamer under the UN carrying flag. Our forces did not do anything nasty this time, nevertheless, should such incidents be repeated by the UN and humanitarian personnel and workers that should remain “neutral” as much as possible in this war, they could possibly be faced with ugly actions with unprecedented severe catastrophic consequences.

We shall let it go this time because of our respect for the UN system, it mission and its humanitarian relief assistance for our needy people in the war affected areas. We shall keep all corridors of humanitarian relief assistance to remain open and free for all international humanitarian workers for those in real dare need of such human sustainable assistance. We shall and will respect abide by international law, protocols and the UN Charter to fully cooperate with all international humanitarian agencies to freely do their work without any hindrance or disruption. Nevertheless, we shall and will not tolerate interference in the domestic affairs of South Sudan and the ongoing Dink-Nuer war or as if a civil war in particular. At times, we would be forced to inspect all humanitarian shipments to the war zone for precautionary measures and mindful of the past incidents. However, as long as the international workers are honest and respectful of our rights, we shall let them do freely as long as they wish to do so. We will give them free licenses on humanitarian corridors to operate and to undertake their humanitarian duties without any disruption. The only people who would understand perfectly well the Nuers, would be the British colonial government during the Anglo-Nuer War (1900-1930) or the Nuer Revolution often downgraded by the ultra-Euro-centric scholars as the Nuer Rebellion in which the Nuer nationality was the only nationality that resisted the British colonial rule and was not colonized by the British in Anglophone Africa and throughout the world. It was also the only nationality that was not horded as slaves by the Turko-Egyptian slave raiders and the Arabized Muslim North that participated in this lucrative, but shameful human trafficking as intermediaries. We would guess or hypothetically assume that Salva Kiir was misled to start the war against the Nuer nation and its resilient people because of his personal struggle for power, money and control between him and Dr. Riek Machar for that. It would be too late now to stop it, but it has been already too late to handle.

This is exactly the action of Salva Kiir’s predecessor the late John Garang de Mabior and now has been exhibited by Salva Kiir when he assumed power, money and control. Precisely, the trio-guys are the same birds of the same feathers and color flying together with no exceptionalism. Realistically, the SPLA through its Soviet tactics and deception has divided itself into four (4), viz., the SPLA-I-O led by Dr. Riek Machar; SPLA-Juba led by Salva Kiir, the Group-10 led by Pagan Amoum and the SPLA for democratic Change (SPLA-DC) led by Dr. Lam Akol Ajawein. They have killed or murdered so many people to reunite themselves to continue governing the country according to their own whim. This is too late for the SPLM/A to conquer South Sudan. It would not rise again, but it’s closer for the nails to be nailed on its cabin.

Who would say that Dr. Machar has not corrupt, not cleansed, not killed people, not abused human rights of the third kind? Based on our firsthand knowledge of the SPLM/A since its in the 1983 up to the time that it hijacked the then Southern Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SSPLM/A) or otherwise known as the Anya-Anya-II (A-2) led by Major-General Gordon Kong (now 1Lt-General), the late Colonel Samuel Gai Tut and Kout Atem Biar swiftly murdered by the late John Garang abated by the former Marxist-Leninist Dirge regime in Ethiopia (1974-1991), it exhibited destructionist vs. constructionist characteristics. Because of arbitrary killings, disappearances, gross systematic human rights abuses, the once invincible Marxist-Leninist SPLM/A suffered internal combustions, international contradictions, killings and disappearances of prominent persons in the movement and others had to escape to hiding and completely left the liberation movement to seek better life for themselves in the Diaspora up to this time.

We have to forewarn the readers seriously and adequately that unless Dr. Machar’s and his closed knitted family otherwise known as “Cieng Nyakuor” that they would soon discover that everyone would leave them and would find themselves in real political quandary or political limbo. No people would further tolerate the same corrupt practices pursued and undertaken by the late John Garang, Salva Kiir and now by the former VP and turned rebel leader in South Sudan. We would like South Sudanese and international readers, leaders and the clergy to understand in the true sense of the word that no one is against Dr. Riek Machar, but that Dr. Machar’s is against himself because of corruption, sectarianism, tribalism, favoritism, patronage, autocracy, oligarchy and the Soviet style leadership. We the people stand up for democratic, transparent and accountable leadership and anti-corruption.

We wouldn’t accept again or to cover up wrongs deeds done by the late John Garang and Salva Kiir to be repeated by Dr. Riek Machar’s and his associates. We would demand the Commission of Inquiry on Corruption to investigate both Dr. Machar, Madam Machar, ex-Governor Taban Deng Gai and all Dr. Riek Machar’s appointed representatives on corruption and if such allegations on corruption were to be true, we would have no choice, but to push for the entire Dr. Machar’s resignation or exit from power, we would call for for an immediate unprecedented democratic transformation, comprehensive inclusion, transparency and accountability in the leadership otherwise the SPLA-I-Op could disintegrate similar to its mother’s flagship the SPLM/A that splinted and disintegrated on 28 August 1991, it remained in disarrayed and never recovered from that event up to this time and never ever to happen as long as bad practices, corruption remained predominant in the leadership. Both Machar and Salva Kiir should underscore that the struggle is not about power, money and exploitation, but it’s all about the extermination of unarmed and helpless Nuer civilians’ population in Juba and elsewhere throughout the country, decolonization and the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples Adopted by the UN General Assembly (UNGA) resolution 1514 (XV) of 14 December 1960.

The summary points of the proceeded UNGA resolution are as follows that:-

(1) the peoples of the world in the Charter of the UN to reaffirm faith in international human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small and to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom;

(2) the creation of conditions of stability and well-being and peaceful and friendly relations based on respect for the principles of equal rights and self-determination of all peoples, and of universal respect for, and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion;

(3) Recognizing the passionate yearning for freedom in all dependent peoples and the decisive role of such peoples in the attainment of their independence;

(4) A ware of the increasing conflicts resulting from the denial of or impediments in the way of the freedom of such peoples, which constitute an serious threat to world peace;

(5) The important role of the UN in assisting the movement for independent in Trust and Non-Self-Governing Territories;

(6) The people of the ardently desire the end of colonialism in all its manifestations;

(7) The continued existence of colonialism prevent the development of international economic co-operation, impedes the social, cultural and economic of dependent peoples and militates against the UN ideal of universal peace;

(8) Affirming that the peoples may, for their own ends, free dispose of their natural wealth and resources without prejudice to any obligations arising out of international economic, based upon the principle of mutual benefit, and international law;

(9) The process of liberation is irresistible and irreversible and that, in order to avoid serious crises, and end must be put to colonialism and al practices of segregation and discrimination associated therewith;

(10) The emergence of in recent years of a large number of dependent territories into freedom and independence, recognizing the increasingly powerful trends towards freedom in such territories which have not yet attained independence;

(11) All peoples have an inalienable right to complete freedom, the exercise of their sovereignty and the integrity of their national territory;

(12) There is the necessity of bringing to speedy and unconditional end colonialism in all its forms and manifestations.

And to this end declares that:

1) The subjection of peoples to alien subjugation, domination and exploitation constitutes a denial of fundamental human rights, is contrary to the Charter of the United Nations and is an impediment to the promotion of world peace and co-operation.

2) All peoples have the right to self-determination; by virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development as well as the right to development.

3) Inadequacy of political, economic or educational preparedness should never serve as a pretext for delaying independence.

4) All armed actions or repressive measures of all kinds directed against dependent peoples shall cease in order to enable them to exercise peacefully and freely their right to complete independence and the integrity of their national territory shall be respected.

5) Immediate steps shall be taken, in Trust and Non-Self-Governing Territories or all other territories which have not yet attained independence, to transfer all powers to the people of those territories, without any conditions or reservations, in accordance with their freely expressed will and desire, without any distinction as to race, creed or color, in order to enable them to enjoy complete independence and freedom.

6) Any attempt aimed at the partial or total disruption of the national unity and the territorial integrity of a country is incompatible with the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations.

7) All states shall observes faithfully and strictly the provisions of the Charter of the UN, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the present Declaration on the basis of equality, non-interference in the internal affairs of all states and respect for the sovereign rights of all people and their territorial integrity.

The White Army would be further organized, ranked, trained and equipped and to become educated to read and to write in Nuer language, English and Arabic in order to follow commands and instructions if they were to be ordered for deployment to go on to any situations under the banner of the African Union (AU) and the United Nations peacekeeping or to join duties or the men/women in blue helmets in the future and the present. The White Army has not been “war traders,” but they have been best hell fighters compared to Japanese Kamikazes’ against the USA Naval Forces and warships in the Pacific Ocean, the South Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan during the Second World War (WWII) (1939-1945). Ever since the beginning of the tribal warfare in South Sudan, the White Army fought a par excellence fight against the intruding UPDF and mercenaries affiliated with it throughout the Greater Upper Nile region. It crippled, annihilated or disseminated or destroyed the SPLA and its Twic Militias, UPDF, JEM, SSRF, SPLA-N fighting for Salva Kiir’s in Greater Upper Nile region. Why should Dr. Machar’s hates or dislikes the White Army the first guerrilla forces to capture the tanks with an Ak-47 and the old spears that has existed in the Nuer culture for generation after generations?

Given, all things considered, only fools with horse’s brain would reject and disdain such ferocious fighting forces. If they could have defeated a conventionally trained military with heavy arms, logistics and equipment, what could they have not accomplished if they had the same training, logistics and equipment? Without the present of UPDF, the White Army could have overrun Juba and occupy it within a matter of days and this war could have been concluded a long time ago. Nevertheless, it does not matter now whether UPDF still remains in Juba or not, the White Army would enter Juba by any means necessary. Therefore, we forewarn all the in Juba town to be prepared for the worst compared to or above and beyond what the Twic Militias targeted the unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity or nationality for extermination as “final solution” in whole or in part. In fact, the vision that the Nuer has envisaged about Salva Kiir’s government and its members in which others tribal groups did not foresee, have now come realization of the said preceded vision by the Nuer as a targeted group for extermination as final solution in whole or in part.

Presently, all the tribal groupings, including the Dinka tribesmen have rebelled against Juba because they have realized and recognized that the Nuer ethnicity had the correct vision about Salva Kiir’s bad leadership and spillover bad governance. The first constitutional breakdown was the rise of rampant corruption, embezzlements, the dismissal of elected Governors of Lakes, Northern Bahr- el-Ghazel and Unity State and the then followed by the disproportionate mass killings and massacres of unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity mostly women, children, students, professionals and intellectuals, unfortunately. The perpetrated hatred against Salva Kiir was intended to collide the Dinka of Bahr-el-Ghazel with the Nuer was pursued by Bor South officials in the government, namely, Koul Manyang Juuk, Maskuei Lueth, Malak Ayuien and in Bahr-el-Ghazel itself, we have Bona Malwal, the self-proclaimed bogus lawyer James Tellar Deng, notorious General Paul Malong Awan and the newly formed the so-called Jieng Council (JC) were the institutions and individuals that misinformed Salva Kiir to turn the muzzles of the AK-47 for no apparent reasons up to this day. The proclaimed coup d’état allegedly was staged by the former Vice President Dr. Riek Machar. Anyway, there was no coup d’état and the idea that has been universally accepted by the international community and the former VP has been exonerated from such proclamation.


The concurrent Dr. Machar’s leadership has been flaws, no different from that of Salva Kiir and that of the late John Garang. In fact, they have been the same like same birds with the same feathers flying together. Succinctly, they have been asphyxiated by the SPLM/A communist system, brutal culture and Stalinist or a Soviet ideology that has consumed the minds, souls and spirits of everyone that belongs to the SPLM/A outfit. Whatsoever they do, it has been communist, a Soviet destructionist vs. constructionist state that has been the trajectory of Dr. Riek Machar’s leadership ever since he opted to separate from the Marxist-Leninist SPLM/A on 28 August 1991 under the pretext of bringing about democratic transformation and political change. He (Dr. Machar) drastically failed ever totally and completely in his all undertakings since he unilaterally dismantled the SSIM/A institutions and its structures in the same fashion and mannerism that the Dinka dictator Salva Kiir did on the SPLM in mid-2013, which produced to the ongoing treacherous full scale tribal warfare or as if a civil war.

In addition, the biggest and one of the unforgiveable sin that Dr. Riek Machar has done the Nuer nation and its resilient people was he departed SSIM/A under the terms of the so-called Nairobi Declaration on 7 January 2002 and abandoned the entire SSIM/A outfit and left it “headless” and moved on with the head without the body or without a skeleton mentored replacement to seek his personal interests with the late John Garang de Mabior. Surely, had prematurely left his intellectual creation for another person creativity and how dumb and stupid that he has created at the expense of his people. We would assume hypothetically that Dr. Machar’s forgotten the golden rule that every man/woman is a master of his/her destiny. Following others often produced extreme failures and dismays. As we see it, these inconsistencies have been major setbacks and significant weakness of Dr. Machar’s leadership failures because no man could leave his inventions to seek something better from the inventions of another man. This is foolish and stupid indeed and indicative of lack or the absence thereof of lack of self-esteem, self-confident and lack of cohesion. Having worked with Dr. Machar for so long in the Movement retrospect to 1989-2000, I have psychoanalyzed and noticed that he (Dr. Machar and Taban Deng Gai) can start something with great vigor, enthusiasm and gradually it becomes an impressionist and gradually slide down to ground zero. It looks both guys got the back curse (biet ke ciok jok). What is wrong with the guy called Dr. Riek Machar? Is he weak? Is he cursing (cien), feeble mindedness or unstrategic planner?

It does not matter, which ever term anyone applies to describe or to term the war either as civil war or tribal warfare in South Sudan because they all mean the same epic with no exceptionalism. Dr. Machar’s leadership is full of flaws, rising red flags, inherent rampant corruption, patronage, sectarianism and many tiny holes like dotted piece of paper to watch the sun-eclipse or the 3-D glasses. In summation, Dr. Machar’s leadership is corrupt and controlled by his closely knitted family, wife and his in-laws that became known as Cieng Nyakor (Nyakor) family) that have become neither to redress the darkest spot inflicted on the Nuer contemporary political history by the cowardice, savages, uncultured Dinka power elite supported by Western powers, lobbyists in the US Congress and the White House to targeting the Nuer for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part.

Realistically, what has occurred in South Sudan against the Nuer nation and its resilient people has been genocide that is generally considered one of the worst moral crimes a government-meaning any ruling authority, including that of guerrilla group, a quasi state, a Soviet, a terrorist organization, or an occupation authority- can commit against its citizens or those it controls. This is the political reality of what happened and still goes on in Africa’s youngest failed state in South Sudan for that. We believe since both leaderships have failed, we could conclude that neither Dr. Riek Machar nor Salva Kiir could govern South Sudan. Therefore, they both should step down and to be apprehended indicted, issued with Arrests Warrants to be trialed for the genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity they have committed in south Sudan with sole purpose of maintaining power, money and control.

The targeting of the Nuer nationality for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part was a Holocaust, the systematic attempt of German authorities during the Second World War (WWII) (1939-1945) with prime knowledge of the European powers to kill all and every Jew no matter where found-to destroy Jews as a group. As a result, 5 to 6 million Jews were exterminated in the Nazi gas chambers and crematoria became the paradigm test case of genocide that underlies the word’s origin. This has been the focus of the GOSS authority in Juba and its Twic Militias supported by Yuri Museveni’s as an international terrorist and an international war criminal that receives support and cover up or shield by the US and its European allies as their errand boy doing the dirty work for them in Africa.

Genocide… defined as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity in despite of repetitively pledges that never again ever since the end of WWII in 1945 followed by the inception of the United Nations organization in the City of San Francisco, California, USA, on 25 October 1945. The UN given the responsibility to maintaining international peace and security and to prevent the future and the present generation from scourged of war. It is the worst moral crimes that a government can commit against its citizens has been committed in many parts of the world that the UN and its specialized agencies have failed to undertake the necessary measures as stipulated in the UN Charter.

In order to enlighten the readers about what really constitutes, we would be obliged to illustrate only a few test cases to support our argument on perpetrated genocide against the Nuer ethnicity or nationality in South Sudan in the process hereinafter. Because the Nuer people are courageous, brave and fearless people, they would overcome the genocide perpetrated against by the SPLA and Twic Militias, including the UPDF fighting for the wicked and weak Dinka tribesmen who have often bragged to the world that they are warriors. Let us assume hypothetically that what they have claimed is true, what on the planet- Earth they have to bring solicit foreigners to come fight for them for that?

The Dinka have been historically defeated by the ferocious fighting Nuers and they do not stand a chance that they would ever defeat the Nuers. This ongoing tribal warfare that they have perpetrated has proven this political reality. They assumed that they defeat the Nuer by importing UPDF and the Egyptian Walid Tanks, Chinese and Israelis made weapons that have been captured in large quantities or left intact by the fleeing SPLA soldiers in the ballet front. They had the impression that they would defeat the Nuer and that was the specific raison d’être that started the process by killing unarmed and helpless ethnicity in violations of international humanitarian and international rights laws The perpetrators have not realized that this war consequences would become pretty catastrophic in the future and the present. There would be no forgiveness for anyone that calls him as Malwal Anyor because the White Army would assume that any Dinka male of fighting age is considered as Malawal Anyor and would not be spire no matter what happens until they have acknowledge in principle the things that they have done, which they ought to have done.

The Nuer people and nation shall and will overcome this cruelty and the consequences would become much more severe for the perpetrators. We [the Nuer] have not started this tribal warfare, but have been superimposed on us; hence, we shall fight with courage, red badge of courage, determination and motivation. We ready to pay the ultimate sacrifices and we shall and will win at the end of the day. This is the bottom line. We have nothing to fear except fear itself. This war would either put the Nuer and the Dinka to end or the Nuer and the Dinka put this war to end. There would be no other option, but the defeat of the Dinka whether they like it or not, it would happen and so be it written. There shall be no return to Juba for Greater Upper as the pillar of the bridge of unity and the one of the most potentially the richest regions, shall separate itself from South Sudan to become a non-dependent and sovereign de jure state through the right of exercise of the right to self-determination as a right guaranteed to all peoples in international and the UN Charter.


Historically, Kaiser’s Germany committed it first genocide in Southwest Africa against the Ovambo (the Bushmen) and the Nama people in the German Southwest Africa (Namibia) resistance against the German colonial rule in 1904-1908. In this test case studies more than 700,000 (80%) of the Bushmen and 600,000 (60%) of the Nama population were exterminated by the notorious German Lt-General Lothan van Trotha, which became the first recorded genocide in Africa in the 20th century. The shocking thing, but not surprising was that Europe and Germany in particular, put the whole affair in the backburner or put it under the rug and covered it up as if nothing really happened at all, in the former German Southwest Africa that the UK as the Administering Authority under the terms of the defunct League of Nations unilaterally annexed the Territory as a Trusteeship and None-Self-Governing Territory to the then Apartheid South Africa and the people of Namibia had to wage decades of bitter armed struggle to achieve their political independence from the then Apartheid Republic of South Africa in the 1970s.

In 1915-20 the Young Turks committed the Armenian Genocide that up to this day Turkey has failed to acknowledge as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity as stipulated in the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPGC), Joseph Stalin of the former Soviet Union murdered more than 10 million Russians as explicated in the “Gulag of Archipelago” by the late Soviet writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

The British gassed the Nuer during the Anglo-Nuer War (1900-1930) with mustard gas and hundreds of Anglo-Indian soldiers from 1915-20 revealed by the Guardian that military scientists tested mustard gas as part of Proton’s huge programs on hundreds of soldiers used in the experiment as guinea pigs and illness caused by the carcinogen not racked. The experiments took place over more than 10 years before and during World War II in a military installation at Rawalpindi, now in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. They were conducted by scientists from the Porton Down chemical warfare establishment in Wiltshire who had been posted to the Sub-Continent to develop poison gases to use against the Japanese. The Guardian revealed that more than 20,000 British soldiers were subjected to chemical warfare trials involving poison gases, such as nerve gas and mustard gas, at Porton between 1916 and 1989.


In the case of the mustard gas used against Nuer of Southern Sudan in 1915-1920, it was not even mentioned at all, but the Royal Air Force (RAF) bombarded the ferocious fighting Nuers during the Anglo-Nuer War otherwise known in modern Sudan history as the Nuer Revolution (Al-Sura’a Al- Nuer) or in Thok Naadth or Nath (Nuer) language “khor niey tin Naadth ke Nath ke Longlithini.” In Iraq the late dictator Saddam Hussein gassed hundreds of thousands of Kurds people, the Buddhist fundamentalist, radical and extremist Monks targeted the Rhoingiyka ethnic Muslim minority in Myanmar (Burma) the home of the Noble Peace prize Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi and the late former UN Secretary-General U Thant became the most discriminated ethnic group; the 1994 Rwanda Genocide and the ongoing genocide in South Sudan and many others not illustrated herein in this case because of time constrains and space.

The CPPCG adopted by the UNGA Resolution 260 (III) A of the United Nations General Assembly on 9 December 1948 and came to effect on 12 January 1951. Article I states that “The Contracting parties confirm that genocide, whether committed in time of peace or in time of war, is a crime under international law which they undertake to prevent and to punish.” Article I should be applied to the case or situation in South Sudan against Salva Kiir and Dr, Riek Machar, their cronies, henchmen and sycophants should be apprehended, indicted, trialed and sentenced for the crimes that they have committed against humanity in South Sudan under the pretext of coup d’état attempt against by the former VP and turned the muzzles of the AK-47 against unarmed and helpless innocent Nuer ethnicity or nationality in Juba and its environ in what shall known herein as the 2013 Juba Genocide. Article II stipulates that in the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

  • (a) Killing members of the group;
  • (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
  • (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
  • (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
  • (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Specifically, Article II in its entire entirety has been violated in Bentiu by both Dinka and the Bull Nuer Militias under the command of General Pul Jang as a renegade ally of Salva Kiir’s regime. Article III stipulates that following acts shall be punishable:

  • (a) Genocide;
  • (b) Conspiracy to commit genocide;
  • (c ) Direct and public incitement to commit genocide
  • (d) Attempt to commit genocide;
  • (e) Complicity in genocide.

Article IV of the convention stipulates that “Persons committing genocide or any of the other acts enumerated in Article III shall be punished, whether they are constitutionally public officials or private individuals. For the purpose of this work, we shall stop herein, but we do recommend to the victims of the crimes of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, and the rights abuses to read the entire document consisting of 19 Articles on the CPPCG[2]. We recommend or suggest that Salva Kiir and his henchmen should be thoroughly investigated on genocide against the unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity or nationality if the desire of the international community would be to achieve lasting peace in South Sudan. Based on our observation, it would appear that neither Machar’s nor his protégés have any desire to liberate the Nuer genocide or murdered for no apparent reasons nor the alleged coup d’état attempt against Salva Kiir instigated by the former VP Dr. Riek Machar and now turned rebel leader in South Sudan. We, in the SSIM/A categorically and unprecedentedly termed the alleged or acclaimed coup d’état attempt was an extortion, a hoax and a myth to be demythologized that did not happen because there has been no strong, credible, concrete material evident to support, corroborate or to substantiate the premature lie told to the world and the people of South Sudan in particular, by the Dinka dictator that there was a coup d’état attempt against him. The former VP and turned rebel leader should be exonerated completely from the alleged coup d’état attempt against his former boss because of lack sufficient material evident to substantiate or to corroborate the said story of the coup d’état.

We, in the SSIM/A leadership could not compared and contrast Dr. Machar’s leadership with a boat that has a hole below it that those who cannot swim capsize with the sinking or capsizing boat to go down under and those who know how to swim can jump off the capsizing boat to swim to the shore because of corruption, extreme marginalization and benign neglect since the inception of the SPL-I-OP up to the present of the best and the brightest in the leadership because Machar’s suffers from anti-intellectual-phobia similar to many Westerner have developed Islamo-phopbia, Shia-phobia, Sunni-phobia, DASH-ISI-phobia, Houthie-phobia; Iranophobia in the nuclear talks with the Western power otherwise known G5+1 or G3+1(Germany), including Russia, China and the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI). Historically, the Dinka tribesmen have developed Nuero-Phobia like Germanophobia in Europe. So Machar’s leadership has been an atypical dictatorship, autocratic, oligarchic, patronage similar to Salva Kiir and the late John Garang de Mabior Kiir. They have been all the same birds flying together for the sake of power, money and control. We would neither be shocked nor surprised to state that whilst Dr. Machar’s claims to have no money, he has been spending big money on his newly Dinka appointees awarding everyone of them with a minimum of $10-20-30K and many of his closed associates and representatives that have recently purchased bungalows’ and mansions in Nairobi, Kenya, Uganda, Kampala, and Khartoum, Sudan. Where does this money come from? Why there could be no money and medicine for war wounded guys and sufficient weapons and ammunitions to fight the war? Many of the wounded folks do go without medicines and feeding.

They do sleep on the ground without beddings, blankets and Mosquito nets and let alone any hardly rations or meals to eat. Some of them stayed without medicines and as a result, some of them have lost their legs and limbs because of gangrene, lack of treatable gunshot wounds and bullets that needed surgical operations. Furthermore, for the past 18 months or so Dr. Machar has failed to recruit and to train more battalions. Almost all of the recruits and the fighting rebels and the White Army (WA) were armed by Professor David de Chand, 1Lt.-General Gordon Koang Chol, Lt.-General James Gai Yoach and others that Dr. Machar’s grossly neglected and uncouthly ignored in the peace process in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia. It was the original opposition that was termed by the SPLA-I-Op prior to the split as government militias and the down trodden under Dr. Machar’s that gave orders to the Lou Nuer and Garwaar Nuer, including the White Army to give protection to our beloved leader and elder Dr. Machar in the capacity as the former VP of South Sudan.

Our intelligence could verify these remarks with greatest accuracy. We do know that Dr. Machar’s does not care at all because he kept himself in Addis-Ababa for so long and when his representatives come down, they do not meet with the people to brief and to be debriefed on what goers on the ground. This is why we give such quotation above-mentioned. It’s logical and realistic statement. Actually, all the above-mentioned test case have been the prima face reasons rather than epos facto for us to undertake this opportunity to revive the SSIM/A because the SPLA whether under the wing of Dr. Machar or Salva Kiir or Pagan Amoum, it’s dead animal and could not be revived. Perhaps, it would be better off for them now to write the requiem of the SPLM/A. Salva Kiir would be the last leader of this badly wounded or battered horse with a poisoned arrow retrospect to 28 August 1991 up to present. Most importantly, the SPLM/A has been full of blood on its hands and the Dinka community in particular, would be for it most in the future and the present. For years to come, most Dinka would emigrate to East Africa, Sudan or elsewhere in the world because of the bad deeds that they have done, which they ought not to have done.

The Nuer ethnicity or nationality, would not ever forgive the Dinka, but it would fight back until a total victory is achieved. In the future, no Dinka would ever step his foot into the Nuerland to seek work in the oilfields because that would be a total fatal mistake that only the doer would be held accountable. We believe that there would be no absolutely reconciliation with the Dinka and the Dinka and the Nuer people could not be forced to co-exist or to co-habit less than one roof or state nor superimpose peace on them. They would have to be separated as the most viable and the most vibrant tenable reasonable alternative (TRA) solution. The war could take years and generations ahead of us. Therefore, the international community should not kid itself of keeping South Sudan as one heterogeneous state because such a formula would be imperatively impractical, if not impossible and would become unattainable. Separation of the antagonist and protagonists like what happened on the Island nation of Cyprus that was divided into two states with the Greco-Cypriots on the Westside of the Island nation of Cyprus and the Turkish Cypriots on the Eastside of the Island nation of Cyprus, the test case of Kurdistan-Iraq, Somaliland that has existed as de facto state for the past 20 years or so that remains stable and many Western countries have established Consulates in Somaliland (punt land) in Hargesisa.


In the world if any peoples feel that they have been marginalized, discriminated against, benignly neglected, they would have every right to demonstrate in the street to express their social problems and ways and means of redressing such discriminatory practices.. We wanted to revive SSIM/A as a protest to Dr. Machar’s marginalization of the leadership of the SSRF as the original opposition in the peace process, arrested its officers and attempted to demote its officers ranks and files. We the original opposition do hereby declare that we shall have our own organization separates from that of Dr. Machar’s SPLA-I-OP that has been one of the four components of the SPLM/A as follows:- SPLA-I-OP of Dr. Riek Machar, the Group of !0 of Pagan Amoum and SPLA- DC of Lam Akol, and SPLM- Juba of Salva Kiir. These are all Communists tactics to confuse the world and as a means to maintaining comprehensively and exclusively power in South Sudan. The so-called G-10 has the Garang’s Boys outfit that operated under the illusion that the late John Garang left them government, but it was hijacked from them by Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar. They have infiltrated both Salva Kiir and Dr. Machar factions to derail them from power. The main players for the G-10 in Machar’s faction have been Taban Deng Gai, Lul Gatkouth, including lesser sophisticated and ineffective characters and many other weak and wicked insiders that have succeeded in isolating the best and the brightest or la crème de la crème to become closer to Dr. Machar at all. This how they have strategized structured and planned to betray and to overthrow Dr. Machar’s leadership. Taban Deng has even infiltrated the military structures by paying off some officers and put his followers in sensitive keys strategic positions and deliberately and willfully delays anything that Dr. Machar tries to do in order to succeed against Salva Kiir that could become the end of the so-called G-10 that has been the root causes of the confusion, dissension, internal split within the SPLM as the ruling party in mid-December 2013, followed by the alleged coup d’état attempt against Salva Kiir staged by the former VP Dr. Machar, the 2013 Juba Genocide against the unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity and the full disruption of treacherous and dangerous tribal warfare or as if a civil war that disunited and disintegrated South Sudan. Verily, I say unto you all, South Sudan would never be the same because it has been already disintegrated and disunited, unfortunately.

There are many multifaceted raison d’être that compelled us to revive South Sudan Independence Movement/South Sudan Independent Army (SSIM/SSIA or (SSIM/A) established in 1994 after the grandeur Akobo Convention. Many people would be wondering why we seek to revive SSIM/A established in 1994 through Akobo Convention and its structures and institutions were unilaterally dismantled by Dr. Riek Machar similar to the dissolution of the SPLM structures and institutions, including the Politburo and the National Liberation Council by Salva Kiir, which led to the split, developed into genocide that targeted the Nuer nationality and ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part and produced one of the ugliest and bloodiest tribal warfare in contemporary Africa compared to the Chaka Zulu wars in Southern Africa in the 19th century. The revival of the SSIM/A would be to give or provide sociopolitical awareness, the right to self-determination as a universal right guaranteed to all peoples under international law, the UN Charter, determination and motivation to give our people a real sense of belonging and patriotism and the true self-identification rather than the “identity crisis” of self-identification and “inferiority complex” vs. the “superiority complex” within Africa’s youngest failed state. Because they do not feel comfortable and self-righteous by supporting the SPLA and its destructive structures and institutions that have produce Holocaust, genocide, human rights abuses, genocide as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity, introduced them to cannibalism or eating human flesh a practiced for generations amongst the Dinka and still remains alive and exists amongst the Dinka culture, but not in the Nuer society. We have evident and material witnesses to attest to cannibalism, killings or massacres of pregnant women and slighting out from their dead mother wombs and their fetuses, rapped of young girls and homosexuality practiced by Dinka men against other men a prohibited culture in African societies as well as other immortal crimes and heinous crimes committed against humanity.

Specifically, all of the above mentioned crimes committed against the Nuer would not go un-avenged and the Dinka would pay a pretty hefty prices sooner rather than later. Succinctly, we have been compelled to revived the SSIM/A to counteract the wicked and poor quality Dr. Riek Machar’s lack of political ideology, leadership style and management or the lack of good leadership, comprehensive inclusion or exceptional exclusionism, the lack or the absence thereof of transparency and accountability in the leadership of Dr. Machar’s and his sycophants, his protégés, henchmen and his in-law asphyxiated with the love of money and comfortable life style in the name of the revolution under the banner of the SPLM-in-Opposition (SPLA-I-Op). With all due respect and honor, we, South Sudan Independence Movement/Army (SSIM/A) established in 1994 in Akobo Convention in the infamous historic convention in aftermath of the split in the once invincible Marxist-Leninist SPLM/A on 29 August 1991 and brought peace through the defunct 1997 Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA). We do hereby humbly requesting your benevolence leadership to urgently support to us with the preceded request and to consider the goals and objectives listed hereunder as follows:-

(1) We, South Sudan in Independence Movement/Army (SSIM/SSIA), South Liberation Army(SSLA), South Sudan National Revolutionary Army (SSNRA) and the victorious White Army (WA) have all solemnly united our ranks and files under leadership and command to be known hereintofore as South Sudan Independence Movement/ Army (SSIM/A).

(2) We have solemnly agreed to fight and to crush the terrorists, mercenaries and renegades known as the Justice for Equality Movement (JEM) led by Jubril Khalil in Darfur, Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) led by Abdulaziz Al-Heliou in Southern Kordufan in the Nuba Mountains and the SPLA-N led by Malik Aggar in Southern Blue Nile (Ingessena). As you would recall, the above-mentioned rebels forces without a cause have been trained, equipped by foreign powers to destabilize Sudan and they have been fighting for Salva Kiir’s genocidal regime committed genocide, human rights violations against the Nuer nation and its resilient people along Sudan-South Sudan border for the past eighteen (18) months. We have decided to create special units to deal effectively with these renegades along the border Al-Tahamaz or transitional zones. We would not permit them to even build a hut or a tukul along Sudan-South Sudan border. We would request urgent concentration on this matter that concerns our mutual interests in the areas above-mentioned.

(3) We have also agreed, determined and motivated to liberate the entire Greater Upper Nile region from Salva Kiir’s military forces. Our main objective would be to separate the Greater Upper Nile from South Sudan to become an independent state or an autonomous region similar to Kurdistan-Iraq, Somaliland (Hargesisa) that has existed as a de facto state for the past 20 years plus in the Horn of Africa, the test case of the Island nation of Cyprus that was divided into two, vis-à-vis, the Greco-Cypriots on the Westside of Cyprus and Turkish Cyprus on the Eastside of the Island nation of Cyprus, Abkhazia and South Ostia that separated from Republic of Georgia and recognized by the Russian Federation and the Christian Enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh in Anemia and many other examples not cited in this work. The Greater Upper Nile region is the pillar of the unity of the bridge or disunity of the bridge. We believe that successful separation of Greater Upper Nile from South Sudan, there could be no South without the Greater Upper Nile, which is the oil hub of South Sudan. We would immediately allow oil to re-follows.

(4) We, SSIM/A leadership has been committed, determined and motivated to the reunification, reconstruction, reconciliation and reintegration of the country in would-be shared federal system. Separating the Greater Upper Nile region one of the potentially richest territory, could create a cultural shock and could serve as the primary key factor of attaining preconception of national reunification and reintegration in South Sudan. The people of South Sudan have not enjoyed any peace dividends since the split in 2011 up to this time. It was a great foreign conspiracy that was aimed at disintegrating Sudan’s cultural diversity, heterogeneity and unity in diversity as well as its multiculturalism and its greatness as Africa’s largest country endowed with so many minerals and the natural resources. We do have the capacity and the might to achieve this goal and objective of reuniting the country by any means necessary through attainment of all required necessary military equipment, logistics, military vehicles, weapons and rations for our fighters.

(5) We shall begin our operation within Pariang County, Unity State as soon as possible (ASAP). We have already assembled a significant force ready to commence operation if we were to be assisted. If Uganda could openly supply JEM, SSRF and SPLM/A-N, we think also that it about time for any countries interested to help to just do it without any hindrance, fear or prejudice. We have reckoned that all eyes have been zeroing in on Sudan, therefore, we request and appeal that all work should be in top secrecy and confidential or under the table. We could also have more recruits to our movement that has more than 80% of the fighting units with Dr. Machar’s SPLA-IO could switch to out outfit or side. There would be no reason for a Nuer to fight a fellow Nuer or to shed blood against a fellow Nuer. We [Nuer] should be Solidly United in this time of crisis management and gross systematic perpetrated targeting killings, massacres and genocide placed upon us by our archenemy or the Dinka tribe. We should fight this tribal warfare until we defeated Salva Kiir and his Twic Militias. The killings, massacres and rapped against women, girls and young girls would not go un-avenge. This should be our main goal and objective. We unite to become each other brother’s keeper because we have been targeted as an endangered species in South Sudan. We would promote and encourage Nuer Unity and leadership to be in unionism until we completely and totally defeated Salva Kiir and his Twic Militias. We shall fight them where and whenever we locate them. At the end of the day, we could not sit down to share power with Dinka in Juba, but let there be no mistake that our goal and objective would be to create a united front against Salva Kiir to ride on the front seat of car, not to hold the cow by the horns outside of the fence of the fence and then have someone milking it within the fence. We shall not repeat this mistake. It was Dr. Riek Machar’s leadership that brought us this shame. Because we are a great and courageous people, we shall strive to overcome this shame inflicted on us and we shall and will defeat our archenemies.

(6) Many commanders have been disenchanted with Machar’s wicked poor quality leadership, rampant corruption, embezzlement, oligarchy, autocracy, patronage and gross systematic marginalization and comprehensive exclusionism of the best and the brightest or la crème de la crème from the pinnacle of the upper hierarchy of the top leadership. He (Dr. Machar and ex-Governor Taban Deng (alas Mohamed Hassan) of the oil rich Unity State have already smelled and reckoned that they have been greatly disliked in Unity State similar to the defunct Nairobi Declaration epic in 2002 when they all ran to reunite with the late John Garang under the tutelage of the defunct 7 January 2002 the so-called Nairobi Declaration in which Dr. Machar’s. the head of the SSIM/A, Commander-in Chief (CI-C) and the President of Southern Sudan Co-coordinating under the 1997 KPA, appointed as the Assistant President of the Republic departed such positions of power, duties and responsibilities and left the SSIM/A without any appropriated explications that made everyone in the outfit confused, demoralized and prematurely the departure left the entire organization “headless”, created mistrust and tough political crisis management. On top and beyond that Dr. Machar’s unilaterally dissolved the SSIM/A structures and institutions without prior to informing and consultations with leadership and the founding fathers and dismantled all its organs, structures and institutions, including the Political Bureau (PB) and the National Liberation Council (NLC) without any prior consultations with the political leadership and the field commanders I could recall how Dr. Machar’s unilaterally declared that the SSIM/A was declared dead and should rejoin the SPLM/A in Omaha, Nebraska, in the Mid-West or the Heartland of the United States of America. It was a shocked, but surprising to so many followers. Many opted to look elsewhere instead of returning to the SPLM/A that killed or murdered the Nuer people, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, cousins, wives and committed other heinous crimes and atrocities against humanity in the traditionally advanced democratic and egalitarian the Nuer nation and its resilient people, the traditional Shilluk Kingdom, the Murle, Anuak and amongst assimilated Dinka-Nuer or otherwise known as Nuer-Bll in the adjacent areas of Atar, Abwong, Baylit, Gil A shill, Dukiean (Duk Padit and Duk Deng), Pariang and Abiemnom in Unity State. Succinctly, the future of these assimilated and acculturated Dinka by the Nuer people is not with the Dinka community because their culture, laws and way of life has not become Dinka, but totally Nuer culture. This was the time that I declined to rejoin the Marxist-Leninist SPLM/A that I have not been and would never ever be, and had already constructively undertook criticism on its uncouth brutal destructive vs. constructive culture and its en massive killings and murdering and created irreparable cultural divides amongst South Sudan people and localities.’ Now, the ongoing secret agreements between the SPLA under the wing of Dr. Machar’s and SPLA under the wing of Salva Kiiir in Juba would become dangerous for the future and present of South Sudan because such an agreement would be solely Dr. Machar’s and General Taban Deng Gai one of the personalities that destroyed the SSIM/A and the 1997 KPA, burnt down Hegglich Oil facilities and his closed associates because no Nuer people would ever want to returning to Salva Kiiir and to live in peace and harmony with any Dinka leadership reckoning the things they done, which they ought not to have in the 2013 Juba Genocide and beyond. In a nutshell, any future agreement between Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar followed by a general Amnesty to all SPLM/A people, No Nuer people and we repeat, No Nuer people would forever lasting wanted to live or to cohabit and to co-exist with a Dinka people in peace and harmony because given the things that the Dinka savages, uncivilized, and godless and animal-like have done have completely and totally disintegrated South Sudan beyond repair. Frankly speaking, there would be reconciliation, forgiveness, but not forget the past amongst the Nuer and the Dinka People. Professor George Lukas writes that “Those who forget the past are bound to repeat it.” Pastor John Hagee, in his famous book entitled JERUSALEM COUNTDOWN: A PERLUDE TO WAR…” has given us a pretty strong warning that “The those who fail to remember the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them in the future. History reveals humanity’s triumphs and failures, giving us a compass for the future.” The Great Nuer Prophets from Nyundeng to Dwal Dieu, Nyaruac Kulang west of the Nile in Leich to modern contemporary Nuer Prophets, have foretold all the events that are taking place in South Sudan and at the end, the Nuer would become on top over the Dinka amongst all the 64 tribes in South Sudan and further foretold that Sudan (Balad al-Sudan) would divide into two and would reunite into one once more. This is going to happen in our life time capsule or in a generation or so. But, we are fully convinced that the Dinka leadership would end on the wrong side of history with blood flowing on the palms of the Dinka power elites and at the end they would become prosperous to become real street beggars and they would be scattered all over East Africa, Sudan and beyond and would not dream of returning to South Sudan again until death depart. This is a message for any Dinka persons wishing to live under such would-be hard and treacherous circumstances already foretold by the Great Holiness pas and the present by the Great Nuer Prophets and the contemporary rising Great Nuer Prophets as well. The defeat of Salva Kiir’s forces in northern Upper would the end of the defeat of the Dinka legacy in South Sudan. They (Dinka) have now wakened up and really starting to regret all the bad things that they have done, which they ought to have done to their cousins the Nuer folks. Verily, we say to the Dinka people who have self-proclaimed that they [Dinka] are born to rule and not to be ruled” and that “They [Dinka] are the Chosen People” by whom and for what, remains a myth to be de-mythologized. We hope they would become cognizant of the historical facts that Salva Kiir would become the last Dinka leader for the future and the present and generations ahead.

(7)Without the shadow of a doubt, this tribal warfare or as if a civil war, does not have an end. It would continue and the Dinka would suffer it most gravely compared to their counterparts who thought all along that they were cousins and could not imagine the things that they have done, which they ought not to have done in this ongoing tribal warfare or as if a civil war.

(8) We would not give Dr. Machar’s the slightest chance to repeat the same mistake that nowadays has forgotten and brought disrespect and shamed to the Nuer leadership and its great and resilient people.

(9) We have already learned that both Dr. Machar’s and Taban Deng have secretly agreed on a pack or a deal with Salva Kiir to return to Juba to reunite the SPLM for it to continue as the ruling party and to grant a general Amnesty to all SPLM/A members. It has been secretly agreed with due knowledge and blessings of some IGAD states that everyone in the SPLM party would return to his/her place or position within the SPLM structures, institutions and its establishment. It has been also agreed by all parties concerned that all non-SPLM would be excluded and left hanging in real quandary and political limbo with an ultimatum and options to join the SPLM as the ruling party or either to shape it in or to shape it out, fortunately, for that. In other words, what happened in the past 18 months or so in as far as the SPLM’s top notch echelon leadership concerned was like a fire crackers game show or temporary divorce between wife and husband or girl friend and boy friend affair or innuendo. However, the Nuer of today have become so mentally conscious, above averaged educated, exposed to the out world in the Diaspora would surely question Dr. Machar’s wisdom of ever dreaming to return to Salva Kiir that targeted the Nuer nationality or ethnicity for extermination as the “final solution” in whole or in part. The SSIM/A leadership would not allow the repeat of the so-called 2002 Nairobi Declaration between the late John Garang and Dr. Riek Machar. The whole affair was done in secrecy and I was kept in the Dark as the external affairs boss of the then SSIM/A under Dr. Machar’s leadership even I knew through my informers on both sides of the camps in the past and the present., I opted to be quiet and to let Dr. Machar’s do what he (Dr. Machar) thought would be jolly good show for the Nuer nation, its great and gallant people. Nevertheless, this time around, we shall become vocal about it and would do whatsoever humanly possible not to permit the repeat of the 2002.

(10) As regard to hundreds of thousands of Nuer civilians’ population genocide, massacred or murdered and killed in cold because of their group membership, even if political or economic. Fundamentally, genocide is a product of the type or government a country has. There is a high correlation between the degree of democratic freedom a people enjoy and the likelihood that the government will commit. Modern democratic governments committed virtually no domestic genocide. Those governments that have commit genocide have been Soviet, Stalinists, Marxist-Leninist, autocratic, authoritarian, rag-tag democratic military government, while those committed lesser genocide have been partially or whole authoritarian and dictatorial regimes. The present regime in South Sudan is a dictatorship or democratic militarism rather than a freely elected democratic government through the secret ballot box. They could not careless about their fates and regarded them as statistics.

(11) Regardless of the type of government, the likelihood of genocide increases during their involvement in war, or when undergoing internal disruptions, as by revolution, rebellion, or foreign incursion. Such provides the cover and excuse for genocide. Regardless of war or peace, the motive for genocide may to deal with a perceived threat to the government or its policies, to destroy those one hates or envies, to pursue the ideological transformation of society, to purify society, or to achieve political, economic or material gains. In the case of what goes on in South Sudan for the past eighteen months it has been the illusive dream of establishing a Dinkanization or Chastistyanism or Dynasty. It has been a blind ambition to achieve transformation or society, Dinka domination, exploitation, oppression against other nationalities under the pretext that “They [Dinka] are born to rule and not to be ruled” and that “They [Dinka] are the Chosen People” by whom and for what remains a myth to be de-mythologized. In nondemocratic societies like South Sudan, domestic genocide goes through eight stages, which are the classification of peoples into different categories, the symbolization by naming or characterizing them, dehumanization of members, organizing to murder to exterminate members of the group, polarization of the moral distance between the groups, preparation for a campaign of extermination, the actual genocide, and after the fact a denial that such was not carried out. This was what happened in the 1994 Rwanda Genocide by Hutu against the Tutsi. Surely, the Dinka led government in Juba would not also hesitate to deny after the fact that such was not carried out. There are already existing documented facts and material evidences about the 2013 Juba Genocide and beyond in South Sudan.

(12) The prima facie object of the SSIM/A leadership would be to declare the Greater Upper Nile region that is the pillar of the bridge of Unity to become a separate autonomous region likes Kurdistan-Iraq, Somaliland (Hargeisa) and the Greco-Cypriots on the Westside of the Island nation of Cyprus and the Turkish- Cypriots on the Eastside of the Island nation of Cyprus, Abkhazia and South Osetia separated from the Republic of Georgia and recognized by the Russian Federation and the Christian Enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh. If these arrangements and changes could be accepted by the international community such political and security arrangements could also be accepted without any questions in South Sudan.

(13) SSIM/A leadership has recognized in principle that Abyei Enclave has been part and an integral part of the Republic of Sudan (ROS). Therefore, the Ngok Dinka of Abyei should accept and recognize in principle the 1905 Blood Agreement between Sultan Babo Nimr of Messiryya and the Ngok Dinka Sultan Deng Majok as a Blood Agreement. There would be no incursion of the Republic of South (ROSS) into Abyei. Most importantly, it should serve a bridge for the landlocked Dinka tribesmen in South Sudan to have access to the outside world compared to Nuer-Ethiopia as the gateway to outside world,

(14) The SSIM/A as the premier movement in opposition has been grossly marginalized by the defected SPLA-I-OP after the fact of internal split in mid-December 2013. We have joined Machar’s group with the sole purpose of Uniting the Nuer nation and its resilient people against the brutal and genocidal regime for over past 18 months, but Machar’s failed to give us the courtesy, respect, recognition, comprehensive inclusions in the peace talks organized and intended by the IGAD to reconcile the SPLA- in Opposition (SPLA-I-Op) under the wing of Dr. Riek Machar and his closed knitted family group. Instead of Dr. Machar to call on us to the table discuss about unity, cooperation as the way forward, he deliberately and willfully marginalized the SSIM/A from undertaking active participation and representation in the peace process.

(15) For the past 18 months or so, Dr. Machar’s has failed to include genocide in which the Nuer ethnicity or national has been targeted for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. The American lobbyists led by John Prendergast, Roger P. Winter, Ted Daine and John Kilpatrick and Professor Eric Reeves have been fully responsible for the ongoing tribal warfare in South Sudan. They encouraged the Dinka to target the Nuer for Genocide to avenge the 1991 Bor incident and the 1984 killings of Dinka cadres en route to Bil Pham in Ethiopia in revenged killings of the murdered of the late Colonel Samuel Gai Tut one of the founding fathers fo the Southern Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SSPLM/A) in a Juba Plenipotentiary Prison where Abel Alier arrested him to await for a Court Martial trial for having smuggled weapons and equipment to stage a coup d’état against the late Sudan’s strongman Field Marshal Jaffer Mohamed El-Nuiemri. Colonel Gai was sickbed in Juba Hospital and was smuggled out by his agents in side Juba town and escaped to Sudan-Ethiopia border to rejoin his troopers and was not tried in the Court Martial on all the charges alleged against by Abel Alier’s regime in Southern Sudan in conjunction with Khartoum regime.

(16) Generally, genocide is considered one of the worst moral crimes a government (meaning any ruling authority, including that of a guerrilla group, a quasi state, a Soviet, a terrorist organization or an occupation authority) it introduced cannibalism that really exist amongst the Dinka by Salva Kiir’s regime for a human to eat the flesh of another human, which has not happened in many wars from the time of immoral, including WWI (1914-1919) and the WWII (1939-1945) up to the ongoing tribal warfare or as if a civil war for the past eighteen months or so in South Sudan. It happened in South Sudan by the notorious Twic Dinka Militias under the under the gun point forced Nuer to east flesh of the dead Nuer. We have material witnesses to support this case and the UNIMISS could attest to this statement because it treated those forced to eat their fellow human being by the godless, savages, uncultured and uncouth Dinka leader.

(17) Dr. Machar.s leadership has failed to provide medicine for the treatment of the war wounded, rations for the internally displaced persons (IDPs) soldiers at the frontlines and training and has failed to recruit any Battalions and has failed to provide arms and equipment to fight the war. It has been reported that Dr. Machar and Taban Deng Gai (alas Mohamed Hassan have said that they should not should provide with more arms and equipment to the Nuer fighters because they would destroy or wipe out the Dinka population to become statistics. Based on this assumption, it could be hypothetically assumed that Dr. Machar has got hidden agenda to destroy the Nuer and preferred to become a Dinka. Both Machar and Taban have done so far the worst crimes against the Nuer people and this time around they would not get away with it.

(18) Dr. Riek Machar’s has committed the one of the most unforgiving mistakes by appointing an unqualified Dinka with no experienced in foreign affairs to become foreign affairs chief. Dhow Mathok has failed to articulate the root causes of the war, genocide, human rights abuses against the Nuer people his ethnic group the Dinka of Warrap and Aweil to the world what really occurred in South Sudan because he has been first and foremost of all a Dinka from Aweil, which is the source of the ongoing crisis in South Sudan for the past 18 months or so. Furthermore, in accordance with our intelligent reports, he has connections with South Sudan Ambassador Mayan Dut in Khartoum, Sudan, also an under qualified and inexperience in foreign affairs. He is currently a Graduate Student in Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) Program at Sudan’s International University in Arkeweit, Khartoum, Sudan. Dr. Machar’s has surrounded himself with under qualified personalities because of his total disliked of highly caliber intellectuals and experienced personalities. He (Dr. Machar) does not want to be challenged and wanted only to shine amongst fools and inexperienced people.

(19) Many highly qualified Nuers have abandoned the Movement because of Machar’s failed leadership style. I worked with Dr. Machar in the Movement retrospect to 28 August 1991 split in the ounce invincible Marxist-Leninist SPLM/A, We founded SSIM/A in 1994 in the aftermath of the Akobo Convention, the defunct 1997 Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA) until he defected to the late Dr. John Garang de Mabior on 7 January 2002 under the so-called Nairobi Declaration. It would be recalled that he (Dr. Machar) left the entire SSIM/A “headless” to seek his own personal interests and new opportunities at the expense of his people by rejoining the late John Garang’s SPLM/A in 2002 under the so-called Nairobi Declaration. Succinctly, we could ted and wanted only to shine amongst fools Dr. Machar’s has been a sinister, but real sure opportunitist, vulture and hyena. We have survived his actions, but this time around, he would have to go it alone because we have highly qualified Nuer intelligentsias that could get anything done with or without Dr. Machar. Many of these qualified and experienced Nuers intellectuals and professionals should automatically join because it (SSIM/A) was as the mother ship flag of the organization that took many of them for resettlement in the Diaspora. We hope that they have not forgotten what SSINM/A did for them and it is now their turn to do something for SSIMA.

(20) Any peace agreement that would be signed by Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar SSIM/A would not become a part of that agreement because it has been neither represented nor participated in the process in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia. Actually, the IGAD deliberately and willfully the SPLM/A/NCP in Naivasha bilateral Agreement of 2005 technically known as the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) of 2005 that only those who have the ability to wage war deserve to have a place on the table. The rounds of peace talks in Addis-Ababa have not been comprehensive and inclusive, transparent and accountable because it was geared towards reconciling the split SPLM to reunite and to continue to be the ruling party in South Sudan. SSIM/A leadership would reject any peace agreement because the Nuer have been killed or murdered by the Twic Dinka Militias otherwise known as Malwal Anyor. Do they want peace? We would reject any peace process until; we enter the Heartland of the Twic Dinka in Warrap and Aweil in Northern Bahr-el-Ghazel. We would avenge the destruction or tit for tat already committed in Greater Upper Nile region. We would avenge the destruction done in Greater Upper by the Twic Dinka Militias on their own turf such that we would become equals in the destructions and in rebuilding. All goods stolen by the Dinka and taken to Bahr-el-Ghazel shall be returned to the Greater Upper Nile by any means necessary.

(21) President Yuri Museveni of Uganda should be charged as an international terrorist and an international criminal for having dropped sorties of internationally banned chemical weapons such as, Cluster bombs, White Phosphorus bombs and depleted Uranium bullets against the innocent ordinary people in Greater Upper Nile region.

(22) In the distribution of power, Dr. Machar gives 5% to the G-10 that does not even have forces on the ground. Whereas, he grossly neglected and marginalized the SSIM/A that makes up over 80% fighting forces, including the White Army that we would retrained as South Sudan Marines (SSM) and South Sudan Special Forces (SSSF) and the Rapid Deployment Forces (RDF).

(23) We would like to inform the White House that the last visit of Salva Kiir to the White House he left a curse (Jenasa) in the White grounds and inside the White House itself. Unless this curse is resolved, the White House could have more problems in the future and the present. We urge and appeal to Present Obama to call on all the religious leaders to come pray for re-cleansing of the White House from the big thing that Salva left in it. In accordance, with the Nuer divine rights, the White would be infected with the virus left on both its grounds and inside the White House. The Nuer Kuar Moon (Chief of the Leopard Skin) should go to the White House grounds to go kill or slaughter a bull or a ram to be crossed over by Present Obama and the VP Bayden for cleansing them. This is our African tradition because if you invited a killer or a murder like Salva Kiir to the White House before the conflict is resolved, it becomes a big curse the White House. If it is left alone, it could more harm. Therefore, we call President Obama to welcome to the White House the Nuer traditional religious to cleanse the White House grounds from the curse let on it by Salva Kiir during his last visit that was really a travesty to the values of American democracy and human rights protection.

(24) Lt.-General Gordon Kong Chol suggests or recommends that both Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar neither of them could govern South Sudan. They have been responsible for the massive death, genocide, human rights abuses, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Without any exceptionalism, both Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar have killed so many people and they should be apprehended, indicted, issued with Arrests Warrants to stand trials similar to the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gaddafi of Libya. To be fair enough, both men should be trialed for they have committed against humanity in South Sudan with emphasis on the Greater Upper Nile region. They should also be required to pay reparations to the people killed due to their failed leadership in South Sudan. If they were to be found guilty of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, they deserved to be hanged as the ultimate prize for their wrong deeds or be imprisoned for life without parole compared to President Charles Taylor of Liberia now in London’s Plenipotentiary Prison. Both Dr. Riek Machar and Salva Kiir have destroyed South Sudan because it would never ever become the same. We have no personal grudges against the two men, but we wanted Justice to be done because of failed leadership that plunged the country into a deadly tribal warfare or as if a bloody civil war.


We shall be obliged to summarize the most important points and the reasons that led to us to undertake the revival of the SSIM/A unilaterally dissolved or dismantled neither dead nor buried by Dr. Riek Machar’s similar to Salva Kiir’s unilateral dissolution of the SPLM as the ruling party in mid-December 2013. The dissolution of the SPLM led to internal split within the ruling party, the alleged coup d’état attempt against Salva Kiir by the former VP, fighting occurred within the Presidential Guards per President Salva Kiir’s orders to disarm the Nuer ethnicity, and followed by genocide against unarmed and helpless Nuer civilians’ population in the 2013 Juba Genocide and elsewhere throughout the country. The followings are the main points of reviving or revisiting the SSIM/A founded in 1994 in the infamous Akobo Convention as follows that:-

1.The SPLA-I-O lacks concrete objective in addressing the genocide and the Holocaust against the unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity in the 2013 that killed more than 100,000 people excluding others that have been killed, murdered and exterminated in areas faraway from Juba such as Bor, Malakal, Bentiu towns..

  1. The SPLA-I-Op as one the seven (7) factions of the SPLM/A, namely, SPLA-Juba led by Salva Kiir, SPLA-I-OP led by Dr. Riek Machar, the SPLA Group of Ten (G-10) led by Pagan Amoum, the SPLA-DC led by Dr. Lam Akol, the SPLM/A-N led by Malik Aggar, the JEM and SRF, has failed to articulate and to address the root causes of the genocide against the Nuer ethnicity. The whole SPLMA splinted into many factions would soon reunite and to grant amnesty to all its members to return to all their former positions, places, ranks and files as if nothing really happened in the past 18 months of deadly tribal warfare or as if a civil war in Africa’s youngest failed state in South Sudan. The dead, the wounded and property destroyed in this madness created by Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar struggle for power, money and control would be forgotten as the thing of the past. SSIM/A shall and will relentlessly pursue the root causes of genocide through the local, regional and international instruments. We shall not end the war until social justice qua social justice has been done to all those victims of the orchestrated genocide perpetrated by Salva Kiir’s regime in South Sudan.
  2. SPLA-I-O objective and agenda has been focused on positions, money and the Pursuit of Happiness instead of liberation or emancipation of the victims of genocide as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity. Based on the things that we have discovered through social science research, methodological, sociological, political, philosophical and epistemological, the SPLA-I-Op is predestined to self-destruction because of so many internal contradictions that exist from within it for that.
  3. The revival of the SSIM/A would fight for the liberation of Greater Upper Nile region to become a self-governing Territory and would forever never to return to Juba jurisdiction. This demand is non-negotiable, a red line, an inalienable right of the people of the Greater Upper Nile region to cede from South Sudan as a new emerging political polity. This political arrangement has happened in the Island nation of Cyprus wherefore the Greeks and Turks on the Island nation of Cyprus could not agree on the system of governance, thus, they undergone fair, democratic, transparent and accountable division of the Cyprus into two states, vis-à-vis, the Greco-Cypriots on the Westside of the Island nation of Cyprus and the Turko-Cypriots on the Eastside of the Island nation of Cyprus and there was no middle of the roaders because either one becomes a Greek to join the Greco-Cypriots or a Turk to join the Turkish-Cypriots; Somaliland (Hargesisa); Abkhazia and South Ostia ceded from the Republic of Georgia and recognized by the Russian Federation; Crimea recently rejoined the Russian Federation through a referendum since it was annexed to Ukraine in 1954 by the former late Soviet premier Nicolai Khrushchev; and the test cases of the Christian Enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh in Armenia; Kurdistan-Iraq and the emerging Islamic State (DASH) in Iraq and Syria and Houthieyyen in Yemen. The proceeded political arrangements have been part and parcel of conflict resolution from the local people involved as the ways out of the bloodshed. In the case of South Sudan, however, because of the saddest events that have occurred in the past 18 months or so, it would not be the same. Its people have been drifted apart through genocide and targeted group for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. The Nuer would forgive, but would not forget the past.
  4. Mindful that the Nuer and the Dinka people could not co-habit under less one roof in South Sudan, the people of the Greater Upper Nile region have agreed and united on their wish and desire to secede from South Sudan to become a new entity that would determine it political destiny, socioeconomic, cultural well-being, the right to self-determination, self-development and the human resources development. We would solemnly, absolutely and categorically reject or denounce any externally superimposed peace agreement and conflict resolution under duress or through the muzzle of the guns that does put into consideration the grievances of the affected people by Salva Kiir’s regime, including the UPDF, JEM, SRF and SPLM/A-N hired for money fighting for Juba in the past 18 months or so. Without any shadow of the doubt, the people of South Sudan should acknowledge and respect the wishes and desires of the people of the Greater Upper Nile to cede and to tell Salva Kiir in the same fashion that Musa of the Jews told the Pharaoh of Egypt “To let my people go out of Egypt.” In the vein, the people of the Greater Upper Nile would directly tell Salva Kiir to let our people go out of this sinister South Sudan.
  5. In 2011, the people of South Sudan told Sudan the mother country through a referendum goodbye to Khartoum. In the same vein the people of Greater Upper Nile shall also tell South Sudan goodbye until we meet again or never. There would be no compromise or any power or human on this planet-Earth to prevent or deny the right of the people of Greater Upper Nile to depart South Sudan because it is their inalienable right to do if they so wish and desire under the auspices of the international law and the UN Charter.
  6. We, the “Revivalists” of the SSIM/A, including all its military components, we would peacefully and solemnly ask the Dinka dictator peacefully “To let our people go out of South Sudan Now rather than later” or we shall achieve by any other means necessary. It would be imperatively impractical, if not impossible, to attain peaceful co-existence and co-habitation less one roof because of acute, irresolvable and irreversible differences that exist amongst the people of South Sudan. Every people should have the right to exercise the right to self-determination. This is what we did from the mother country-Sudan- in 2011 when many of South Sudanese said sarcastically “Goodbye to Sudan” and, then, later on turned around and made about-face and returned to Sudan.
  7. The SPLA-I-Op has failed to become comprehensive and inclusive, marginalized, ignored and alienated members of the original opposition from all its structures, including the peace process. It did this because its agenda has been to reunite with the SPLA-Juba at the expense of the non-SPLA parties. These and many other points of contentions in the text have been the major pursuit and emphasis of the revival of the SSIM/A, including all its military components to become independent establishment or an institution from Machar’s SPLA-I-Op. We would reject any peace agreement or deal brokered between Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar. We would continue with the war in South Sudan until we would bring it to conclusion. We are united on this principle and there would be no turning back or surrender.
  8. There would be no end to this war until Salva Kiir’s meet certain conditions and full and complete explanation of the specific reasons that targeted unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity for genocide under the pretext of coup d’état attempt against Salva Kiir by the former VP Dr. Riek Machar. What have the civilians got to do with the coup d’état? Where there any evident or material witness to indicate that the unarmed and helpless Nuer Civilians were involved in the alleged coup d’état? There was no coup d’état attempt against Salva Kiir that the whole world has accepted did not happen and the former VP Dr. Machar has been completely exonerated because of lack of substantive evident to corroborate the alleged coup d’état. It was a hoax and the biggest lie of the century.
  9. The revival of the SSIM/A should not be perceived by the Nuer detractors as division within the Nuer Community. This perception would not become true because Nuer Unity remains intact and solidly consolidated. We would urge all the Nuer people to remain united and to wage war in united front against Salva Kiir’s in unionism and we should speak with one tongue and one objective that separation of the Greater Upper Nile from South Sudan in the same mannerism that South Sudan separated itself from Sudan on 9 July 2011. The exercise of the right to self-determination has not been an end to South Sudan independence, but it’s a continuous process that has a beginning, but no end. No Nuer should turn the muzzle of the guns against another Nuer. We urge and appeal to “Nuer yiouni” or “Nuer wew” to be mindful of betraying and killings their fellow Nuers for the interests of the enemy. You all must wake up and to stop sleeping in beds until the revolution has been completed.
  10. Both Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar should be indicted, issued Arrests Warrants to appear in international tribunal for trial on the crimes that they have committed against humanity in South Sudan. They do not any longer deserve to lead in South Sudan because many people have died for their names sake. They resign and leave public to create new careers since they both have got so much money and do not know what to do with it.
  11. SPLA-I-Op has totally failed to unite all the people of Greater Upper Nile through notorious policies of Taban Deng Gai with a blind ambition to become the next Nuer leader when he does not the support and the capacity to lead the Nuer. The mess that goes on in Unity State has been attributed to Taban Den Gai’s leadership as the Governor of the state. He absolutely and categorically failed to create balance in the leadership and the distribution of wealth to all the people in Unity State. Actually, Taban Deng Gai (alas Mohamed Hassan) has repeated also doing the same dirty deception, manipulation and maneuvering in the SPLA-I-Op with due knowledge of the leadership. It would seem that in everything he does, he’s like the leader and not Dr. Riek Machar.
  12. The original opposition against the SPLA before the split has decided to maintain its organs and structures, but would continue to fight as a united front against Salva Kiir and his allies until they would be defeated. The decision by the Original Opposing leadership to be independent has been based on marginalization, benign neglect and abused of our soldiers in the top hierarchy and in the peace talks that make up to 80% of the fighting forces, including the White Army (W.A).We urge and appeal that no Nuer should turn the muzzle of the gun against another fellow Nuer. Our real premier enemy has been Salva Kiir and that should remain our main focus until the end. Nuer unity should come first before positions, money, power and control. We have been committed to this end.
  13. We shall and will put all options on the table for Dialogue par cum pari (equal) through peaceful means. However, we shall and will not negotiate any return to the SPLM/A. This is a red line and a non-negotiable item. Our objective has been the separation of the Greater Upper Nile region from South Sudan to become a new entity that would have peaceful co-existence with its neighbors. There would be no compromise on this political ideology sand agenda. We shall and will be determined to achieve this objective. We urge and appeal to all the people of the Greater Upper Nile to Unite their ranks and files to achieve this objective and the rest shall be added; that we must and ought to exercise our inalienable right to self-determination as a basic fundamental God’s given right to “all peoples.”

We wish all the readers of this piece to think critically the possible catastrophic ramifications and reunification of the SPLM/A to continuing as ruling political party in South Sudan. What would become of the future under the SPLM/A destructive vs. constructive intentions? We should all wake up to resist and to kick out the SPLM/A, including its Communist ideology. We are democrats and we have already implanted the tree of democracy and already watered it with our sweat and blood in South Sudan in the Greater Upper region that’s the hub of oilfields and gas fields, the pillar of the bridge of Unity in diversity and cultural diversity and potentially the richest region or the land of Cannon (Dour kom khan) in South Sudan. “United we stand and divided we fall.”

Signed by:

  1. Professor/Ambassador David de Chand   Chairman, SSIM/A;
  2. 1Lt.-General Gordon Kong Chol-            Chief of the General Staff Command, SSIA
  3. 1Lt.General Hassan Laat Tap                     Chief of Security;
  4. Major- General Mounta Abdullah             Deputy Chief for Administration

[1] UN General Assembly (UNGA) Resolution 1514 (XV) of 14 December 1960.

[2] Htt:// Html.

  3 comments for “The Revival Of South Sudan Independence Movement/Army (SSIM/A)

  1. Nikalongo sanduksanduk
    June 10, 2015 at 2:41 am

    How will all this bring peace to the peace hungry Nuer and Dinka nations? What do you say Ramaran Bentuiman? The other time it was Malong supposedly wanting to take over from Kiir and now it is De chand taking on Riak. Greater Upper Nile as nation on its own? What a joke. In a nation of hooligans (Dinka and Nuer), nothing will be left standing. What do you say Ramaran Bentuiman?


  2. Karaba
    June 10, 2015 at 3:58 am

    The nuer people should not entertain such fools at this critical period. The nuer will succeed if only they follow riek machar. Some confused people may wrongly think that he is not feeling the pain of his people. Remember, he is fighting for south sudan people. When south sudan is free, the nuer will be free. Who knows those people are crying for a division of the nuer at this critical period may be bought by petro dollar too. Stand your ground with riek machar otherwise you will perish. I am not nuer but i sympathize with them especially with the visionary riek machar.


  3. June 11, 2015 at 8:37 pm

    Dr. David De chand,you are the most notorious Nuer suffering from an interesting psychological phenomena and you need to see the real doctor to treat your sickness as you lost your senses.there will never be a country call upper nile in the history of South Sudan,because this foolish thinking will not take as any where.


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