Gen. Malaak Ayuen Discriminating Wildlife in Jonglie State!

 By Elbow Chuol,

Tiang, Bokor reedbuck and white-eared kob near the main road, Jonglei state. Date created: 20 Jun 2007.

Tiang, Bokor reedbuck and white-eared kob near the main road, Jonglei state. Date created: 20 Jun 2007(Photo: UNEP)

June 08, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Just like in the Animals Farm, pigs once brainwashed every animals in the farm that the two legs animals were “bad” and their four legged counterparts were good, only to later realize that the pigs themselves were sleeping in beds with no sheets than their two legged counterparts. After such discovery, the two legs theory immediately collapsed and all the four legged animals were free to choose what to believe. The Old Brigadier General would have been disgusted by the practice if he lived by then. The story of the pigs in the animals farm has no difference with the current fates of Gen. Malaak Ayuen, the general who has been outshining his peers for preaching hatred and tribalism on the regime’s ill television, the SSTV.

It was no longer than while ago that news started trending in that the old brigadier general, who no longer rules the fates of the vulnerable Nuer people through his TV channel, has now started the ill-practice on the animals in the bushes of Jonglei State.

As news are breaking, Malaak has started classifying and categorizing both wild and domestic animals on tribal bases. The News which might be broadcasted on SSTV, if his successor also want to follow suit, say that Malaak has started naming animals in Jonglei state after individuals, community and their loyalty to people.

When I logged into my social media accounts this morning, a certain kind of this message appeared right away.  From the context, not many South Sudanese would think that Gen. Malaak Ayuen would carry the tribal strings to animals’ in the wild of Jonglei State.

Gen. Malaak Ayuen is now having hard time in his new Ministry of Wild lives to identify those lions, elephants, Buffalos, Giraffes and antelopes migrating from Bieh and Greater Pibor State to Bor forests, struggling to recognize them as Nuers’ or Murles’. But the fact that he was dispatched to animals’ job is pretty good for him. The easy way to catch a thief is using a another thief. Malaak has been an animal.

The first trick Gen. Malaak tried to differentiate between Nuer animals, Murle animals, and Dinka Bor animals, although unfortunate he was denied a chance to broadcast how the Bor animals fought hard against the animals of Arabs while the idled Nuer animals and those of Murle are now coming to share something Malaak believes they didn’t sweat for. The man found himself saying, how will I handle the “Nuer cattle now”? And began ordering that the Nuer animals should all be killed.

In the Principle of Animalism as the Old Major put it, “What is evil is that we must not come to resemble man in any web”, while referring to Nuer Nuer wew. The Nuer-Wew are Molly who do excessive work only to be denied to visit their puppies. The Equatoria-Wew are Bockser who always believed Napoleon is right. They agreed with anything without questioning the existence of evil practice. As the story goes,

Gen. Malaak Ayuen felt that preaching against those he deeply hated through Salva Service Television (SSTV) wasn’t enough practice until enough is enough. Malaak Ayuen as many would describe him being a new frontier to stir the SPLA-Juba into the next historic level failed short in glory.

I was chatting with a friend about the things concerning humanitarian’s disaster among the refugees in western Ethiopia when a friend hit my inbox with this kind of news that every journalist would briefly broadcast as a Breaking News.

“Gen. Malaak is being sacked from his job right now Elbow” he paused. “Would you send it to Nyamilepedia as a breaking news?” He inquired my interest if I can pass on the information he describe as a “down breaking to the earth”.

I told him he should put comic stories aside such a thing as dismissing Gen. Malaak is a complete big joke and demand suspicious. But my friend swore by Ngundeng names and instantly I gave up. I thought he was joking but it was real.

“Where would be his next station”? My network was slowing down, so I gave him a chance to loads my inbox with good news. As I uncomfortably waited, I knew things were not going well with Malaak indeed.

Gen. Malaak Ayuen painfully misled himself thinking that preaching hatred against the Nuer would light up his creditability and chances to be endorsed as a Major General or a governor of a Dinka State, unfortunately he ended up being embarrassingly dismissed through the same telecast he used to transmit his fake historical records about the SPLA emancipation.

An ungrateful man who never thinks about the past to shape his future though the weak kingdom is being established to last, as Salva Ku Atem Mayaridit want the nation to believe. Malaak forgotten that alcoholism has it own powerful ways of forcing out the very issues hidden inside a weak man like Salva Kiir.

Despite numerous counseling from friends, asking him to lower down his deep hatred against the Nuer during his broadcasts, Gen. Malaak Ayuen proved that he is too deformed and misinformed to be informed, too rigid to be reformed for possible transformation, but now here we go. If you find Malaak as we speak, the Military Journalist is looking after snakes, calves and wild animals in the thick forests of Jonglei state.

The man skip a stair and put his shoe into a political debates, urging the South Sudanese living in detention in Juba, the loaded pistol of South Sudan, to come out and stone the exiled politicians if they set foot in Juba. Nobody was fit to take his job among those detainees if he thought so because those incarcerated are qualified thieves with proper skills to have lashed South Sudan into civil war and later stood as bystanders, wondering of why the nation was burning when all was done by freedom fighters to free them from the prisons of Salva Kiir and further to enable their chances to lead the nation. Such cowards and betrayers.

Those Judas, who are now claiming to be neutral dead bodies, are aspiring to bring peace, “the South Sudanese’s problem of yesterday, today and forever”. They were not to bring peace to the mass populace but seeking a chance to eat themselves to death during a one day visit to Juba, people with no objectives. Where have they been doing all along?

A feasting dinner that welcome the G5 members of G10 to Juba had this picture snapped....

A feasting dinner that welcome the G5 members of G10 to Juba had this picture snapped….

Did you see their photos on Facebook recently? One man in particular, the person of Dr. Luke Joack and Deng Alor won the curiosity of the homecoming party. The two fair where hilarious on how they were busier folding their hands pushing foods into their mouths broadly wide opened. It was a wild ride for prodigal sons who spent long time feeding among the pigs.

And South Africans believed that if they manipulate Kenya and Tanzanian, that Group 10 (G10) 0r Group nothing (G0) would bring peace to south Sudanese. This is a misconception. The SPLM-Uhuru are not different from Salva Kiir and his confused governors. You cannot bring peace through shortcuts. Ask Salva Kiir, ask Kun Puoch, or ask Nguen Mwonytuil. The fake ideology alone repeats the comedy of this homeless Governor of Upper Nile, H.E Hon. Kun Pouch, who keeps relocating the State capital from one town to another in search of peaceful headquarters.

He moved his headquarters from Malakal to Melut after getting tired of seeking protection in UNMISS camp; then from Melut to Renk, thinking that the Freedom Fighters cannot reach Melut, until recently when they were smoked out from the rats holes in Melut.  After Renk, Kun Puoch will move his headquarters into oil wells in the oil fields of Palouch or Adar, believing that the White Army cannot bomb those wells for fear of condemnations from the International community but that would be his end.

The misguided Governor of Unity State, Nguen Monytuil and his Fool-Jang also tried the experiment of moving cities, moving the capital from Bentiu to small towns. It was from Bentui to Mayom, from Mayom unknow village near Mayom. When his unknow haven are discovered again, the next town will be Tonj or Wau but that would be his end.

The troubled SPLA-Juba forces in Greater Upper Nile are in prophesied danger. This truth must be comprehended with care otherwise when peace comes they will remain as military orphans. The truth is Juba and her mercenaries are defeated in Greater Upper Nile.

Keeping an empty town like the village in Nasir, Wec Yar Adieu, does not qualify Juba to claim that they are in control of Upper Nile while they are fleeing danger from one capital to another. I heard even Juba City was to be relocated to Wau because the White Armies are not too far away . We must all learn to flee pharisaism. Perceiving the truth doesn’t hurt anyone, it rather helps to avoid the forth coming danger. Coming back to my Gen,  Malaak Ayuen:

According to Gen. Malaak Ayuen’s belief, during the fight against the Jallaba of North, the war of liberation was fought solely by Jaang (Dinka). No south Sudanese national joined them and so they are automatically entitle to stealing money and buying up houses in East Africa, storing wealth as far as Mongolia. Even people like Garang Ateny managed to attract fame by singing a mockery song against the Nuer “One Nation One People” while still killing south Sudanese Nuer in UNMISS POC sites in Juba. This is a complete comparison of “All animals are equal” while the pigs engaged in trade with humans contrary to Old Major’s dream and vision.

Once upon a time, Gen. Paul Malong Awan was appointed into wildlife services by the late Dr. John Garang because Dr. John Garang thought that Paul love cattle so much and he have some many wives to feed. The logic behind this force some intellectuals from Aweil to aware the King Paul as many called him. They have learned with great concern that Gen. Malaak is comfortably involved in the country’s politics while still an active SPLA military officer in service. They alert the Chief of Staff who with no chance of thinking twice remembers to correct the past insult. He happily ordered Salva Kiir to take that chance and sent the man directly to the Zoo of Jonglie away from national politics.

I know you didn’t get the message. The message which Gen. Malong and Kiir were trying to send was that Gen. Malaak Ayuen should deal with the animals since he is pretty good at yielding.  How dare he practice politic while he is still an active SPLA military officer in service? A small party was thrown inside Gen. Paul Malong compound proclaiming their lost glory. A politic of predatory rulers which is much obsessed with the people’s blood and curse. I don’t like the notion of foolish majority but time is proving it right and only few survived this claim. However, there is possibility to correct any claims. So Malong was trying to correct the theory of “foolish majority”.

The truth is already out. While Gen. Malaak is yawning as a director of animals farm, the news of Salva Kiir Mayardit delegating minister of Defense Kuol Manyang Juuk to represents him in northern corridor meeting caught many south Sudanese off guard. Someone put it severely even in a worse description; Salva Kiir was in comma few hours and nobody knows he will live to the next day, and so “the shapeless unpatriotic Dinka Council of Elders” appointed Gen. Kuol Manyang Juuk to appear miraculously in the meeting shocking men of dignity likes Pres. Paul Kagema of Rwanda.

You see in the Animals’ Farm, pigs tells other animals that they are part of the bigger picture while going around eating nice foods and sleeping in good beds while the other animals sleep in rain. Why was James Wani Igga sidelined instead the famous council known of tribal politics appoints the minister of Defense to represent the president with the presence of the country’s Vice president in the country? This is because the discrimination in the Animals Farm by the pigs remains a predominated idle practice that was washed away only by time. Even Gen. Malaak Ayuen discriminating Wildlife in Jonglie State by saying “Nuer Cattle” prove there will be still another rebellion in the farm in spite of Napoleon’s rebellion.

  12 comments for “Gen. Malaak Ayuen Discriminating Wildlife in Jonglie State!

  1. June 9, 2015 at 6:58 am

    Worry about your self Mr: Elbow, Malaak Ayuen will be fine.He is educated,rich and a self-made man with many wives,kids, grown kids and grand children.Just curious, How do you want Malaak to call the cows that belong to Nuer? and for that SStv, it will collapse soon just like our economy without the hard work of Malaak Ayuen.


  2. Wok
    June 9, 2015 at 11:58 am

    I really like to keep looking at these G5 out of 10’s feast. Nice, but still wondering if those dishes were safe when these pill of food were done with. God have mercy on dishes for next food serves!!!


  3. Wok
    June 9, 2015 at 12:19 pm

    Elbow. This G5 guy with those strong jaws, at the front front picture of feast, scares me that he may shovel that mass fast and hopefully not jump his friend who Is fighting the heat in his food next to him


  4. June 9, 2015 at 5:37 pm

    Gen/Malaak Ayuel, discriminationary programe has reached his door and will continue meet him in future. The general is known of tribism and promotion of nepotism .


  5. GatNor
    June 9, 2015 at 7:11 pm

    The “Animal Farm” Revolution. I recommend watching the original version of the movie. not to spoil it for those who have not watched it or read the book, but the hypocrites liberators turn into oppressors and greedy scums much like the South Sudan’s so called spla/m’s factions and other political parties.


  6. June 9, 2015 at 11:03 pm

    This is an article by dumb poster.


  7. White Army
    June 9, 2015 at 11:08 pm

    Malaak could remembered how many times Dr. Machar saved his ass. he never return good for good./


  8. White Army
    June 10, 2015 at 2:34 am

    Thoncamkepeelen? does it hurt you. talks to malaak to think beyond his noise. a tribal man like him indeed fit in the category of the animals farm. A PIG


  9. June 10, 2015 at 9:51 pm

    General Malaak , was right ,,that is why Nuer is defeated now, he is going to rest, why you Nuer hypocrite hate Malaak tribal speeches ,and you are fighting tribal war against Dinka. There is need for peace now as Lou and Bul Nuer are surrendering in big number , we will respect Nuer for awhile, because of them ,not to offense them as good friends . we have no peace with Nuer cattle raiders and our dirty clothes looters ,who is their king is Dr” Machar and their gods is Ngundeng Bong , shame on them ,they never fought liberation war, even Dr;Reik was terrible betrayer . Spoiling burning, raiding, betraying is Nuer business ,,,,Dinka respected them for destruction only , they are not builders but destroyers. now seeking for peace through burning raiding and killing more ,that is only Gatnor or Gatcieth experience.


  10. Ngor Koryom
    June 10, 2015 at 10:08 pm

    Dear All:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::} The topic very interesting and true,
    Well done Cde Elbow Chuol, Malaak Ayuen himself is animal which move with two legs, And Council of Jieng Elders (C.J.E) are animals which leading the others animals to the dry land where there is no water.
    And (G 10) Are dogs who are fighting for an empty bone with out meat.



  11. White Army
    June 10, 2015 at 11:53 pm

    Unless we learn to tell the truth nothing will ever make our nation a better. he is long supposed to be in the animals farm in Jonglie.

    wish him all the best in his new assignment.


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