There is a Great Need For Change in The System of Salva Kirr Regime!

By Daniel Kai Tudel,

Salva Kiir Mayardit, the incumbent president of South Sudan(Photo: file)

Salva Kiir Mayardit, the incumbent president of South Sudan(Photo: file)

June 8, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The people of South Sudan should understand that the government in Juba is not the future government for South Sudan and therefore must be changed and replaces with new future government which is capable to create the national unity among the people of South Sudan. We belief will be able to build and develop South Sudan. We belief also we can create together a better South Sudan for all, and in order to do that we must first topple the dictator regime in Juba. In this article, I try my best to discuss some critical points which belief to be most compelling reasons that can change the government.

First and foremost, the regime in Juba is against any political reform and change that can only be crucial for the country’s future economic development. Second, it hasn’t established the rule of law based on the fundamental democratic principles or values. Third, the government prohibits the freedom of Speech and the freedom of Press in the media in the country. In addition, South Sudan is not an open society where the real politicians can hold the debate in public to discuss the problem facing the population. One cannot criticize the government in the media for its poor performance otherwise that person will be detained or put to jail. The citizens are not also allowed to express their opinions or ideas openly in the public media such as SSTV unless they do not criticize the government.

On the other hand, the government officials seem to have aggressive attitude toward both the citizens and the political leaders including the Journalists who are not advocating President Kiir’s politic. And the violation of citizen rights and international human right law is also inevitable in government institutions. For instance, one of the prominent Political leaders Dr. Lam Akol was in house arrest for several days by the national security forces in Juba without justification or explanation as why his house was surrounded. The national security forces stayed around his house and he never goes to office for couple of days, but after all he was released and the government did not gave explanation or political motivation about that happened. Another example of this kind of media censure is what happened to Toby Lanzer, the former UN aid Coordinator who was expelled last week by the government of Kiir Mayardit because he twits about the economic situation facing the entire population in South Sudan. Just to mention few examples of this kind of violation of citizens’ rights by the government officials in Juba.

Third, the government is not capable to provide the protection and security for the citizens or individual in the country due to the fact that there are so many crimes prevails in South Sudan. Most of these crimes and killing were committed by the national security forces and the cattle raiders. Apart from the genocides committed in 15 Dec 2013 in Juba, almost everyday someone got killed in Juba City or elsewhere in South Sudan because the security is bad. And the so call government did not set the clear rules and regulations which can be apply to prevent and minimize the rate of crimes in South Sudan. For instance, cattle raiding become almost traditional way of life for many in Lake States yet the government is reluctant to do something about this type of crime. This type of cattle raiding occurred frequently in Lake States and claimed many lives but the government doesn’t take it serious as a threat of the nation’s security. Thus, the national court and the government are not able to fight the crimes in general. First of all, the national court system in South Sudan is ineffective and weak. Second, it is not well organizes and there is also a lacks of cooperation between the government and the national court when it comes to combat the crimes. In order to combat crimes, you need to tighten laws and apply the punishments against the criminal people who disturb the peace and the others in the community. Second, the Police which supposed to be the main institution to fight the crimes in the country have no enough resources to use in order to execute their work in the best way possible.

For police to carry out their duty effectively, they need more resources and good training to fight crimes. Ok, once we have observed and identified that the government of Salva kirr doesn’t apply the rule of law; because the country is full of corruption, tribalism, nepotism, discrimination, conflict violence, crimes and injustice since it became independent from Sudan in 2011. We have also learned that the system of government of Salva Kiir doesn’t work the way it should work! Are we not asking ourselves with these simple questions? What can we do to abolish the tribalism? Why does the government of Salva Kirr targeting the Nuer community in South Sudan? And why do there are so many injustices, crimes and violence conflicts are engulfed South Sudan? What is the responsibility of the government when it comes to security issue? Why there is rebellion since the independent of South Sudan until now? And what can we do to change this corrupt system? How can we avoid the rebellion to repeat it and the mass killing of civilians which occurred frequently in our country? One must think critically about these questions. We move on to Sections, four, five, sixth, and seventh.

Fourth, the government in Juba has no real political agenda or program to move this country forward; from the stage it is now to a new stage where it can see permanent peace and stability.

Five, the SPLA-faction in Juba has diverged from its original ideology and vision in which we all fought for with Sudan for 22-years and that claimed 2 million people lives. Today, one can watch on TV-news worldwide or read in the newspapers about the mass displacement and killing of civilians in Unity state, Jonglei and Malakal by government forces along with their allies: these are indications showing that the regime in Juba doesn’t take care about its citizens.

Sixth, the government doesn’t regard the education as one of the main institutions for development in the country. Because it is not it first priority as you might observe there is lack of many universities in ten States of South Sudan. And this is a fact of life and no one should deny it. To begin with, education is very important in many areas of life, nevertheless it is not priority of the government in Juba. Instead the government of South Sudan is prioritizing weapons and other unnecessary things which will never benefit the people. Thus, the education system is very weak; many children never attend the primary schools especially those who live in villages have no opportunity to go to school. I myself, I have been in many places in South Sudan, the place I have been to, I saw no sign of development. What I saw were many kids have no access to schools building and are learning under the trees as if we have no national parliament in Juba that can make important decision regarding the education. In my opinion, it is actually the government that can program and make sure that the children go to schools. It must build several school buildings in the whole country using oil revenues so that children can have access to classroom and not learning under trees.

Seventh, the government has not introduced the social well fare program that can benefit the entire population of South Sudan for long term. For example, today in South Sudan, one can go to pension without getting payment or social benefits from the government of South Sudan. For instance, my mother and your mother can retire anytime but the government will never support them economically; because there is no such social networks protection system existing in South Sudan. But it is extremely important to have functioning social security system or social insurance in the country because it will help to secure the future for those who are vulnerable unable to work in the society. Another, important area is the health care. Having a functional health care is one of the vital things in life. A better health care service is actually prerequisite for good health and better living conditions.

Unfortunately, we have no functioning health care system for all in South Sudan. And this is one of the bigger problems facing those who live in the countryside compare to those who live in the city such as Juba and Bor there people have access to hospitals. Imagine that someone becomes sick in Lang Rial in Gawaar area, but there was no clinic available there, the only thing people can do is to carry him/her all the way to Ayod where he/she is going to received medical treatment to save the life. Carrying a patient from Lang Rial to Ayod with acute life threatening diseases may be difficult task since there is no Ambulance to carry that person. But if there is an available clinic in Lang Rial village or nearby, the people wouldn’t go to Ayod instead they will take that person to Lang Rial clinic for treatment and save the life.

The above, illustration is simple a reminder to every one of us how important it would be to have health services variables in our villages all over South Sudan. So, in this case it crystal clear that we need to install the federal system of government which will transform our society and build clinics even in Lang Rial village. We belief, that federalism is the best system of government for a country like South Sudan which is inhabited by 64 tribes. We are advocating the federalism because it is a best system to achieve good development and also to enhance a better economic development in the country. For example, many Europeans countries were adapted the federalism as the system of governments and it functioning well without problem. Today, the Europeans countries are the major donators which are helping the people in the developing countries. So, nothing is wrong with this system.

Others social problem facing the entire population in South Sudan are bad economic and poverty. The economic stagnation has led to inflation, devaluation of the South Sudanese pound, massive unemployment among young people and the unusual rising high prices of commodities throughout the country. The poverty and the war are continuing threaten the lives of millions South Sudanese people. According to the UN about 4.6 million people in South Sudan are suffered of hunger. However, millions of dollars are being waste by the government spending on buying heavy weapons from China and Russia to defend it selfish interest while the South Sudanese people who are supposed to benefit from this money are starving. Hundreds of thousands of children go to bed hungry in South Sudan. Many families are sustaining their lives by eating leaves, wild fruits and water lilies as the main food while in Juba government officials stay in expensive hotels spending huge amount of money without thinking about their fellow country men and women who suffered out there as a result of war.

These so call government officials deceive themselves as they are not taking part of the war, but they are actually the ones fueling the war. They are actually the ones perpetuate the killing of the innocence civilians recently in Bentiu, Malakal, Jonglei, Rumbek, and in Mundri town in Western Equatoria states. Because they are not in favor to bring the peace back to South Sudan to stop the war, for fear that when the peace come, some of them will likely lost their current positions to others. What a lacks of humanity and solidarity the so call government officials have in Juba! This is a hopeless situation. We belief without the presents of the UN and others aid organization in South Sudan, it would be very difficult for many children including their families to survive. Thanks to! Good God for using his Angels inform of People to help the civilians in south Sudan who suffered very much in the hand of tyranny!

Apart from poverty and war, lack of clean water and infrastructure are also challenges facing the people in the young nation. Having clean drinking water is essential for life and good health. But, dirty water causes dangerous health problem to people. For example, water being fetch from the shallow sources in many lakes in South Sudan is not necessary for drinking because it is dirty and full of bacteria and gems that cause diseases to people. Those who live in the countryside or rural areas have no access to clean water compare to those who live in the cities like Malakal, Wau, Unity and Rumbek.

We belief if we have government who really cares about the people in South Sudan, it must launch a program to make the clean drinking water available for all and not only for those who live in Juba. Absence of good roads is also a major problem facing the entire population because it makes difficult for transportation. But, I am not going to talk much about it because you already know this problem. Another thing I observed during my visit to Juba one year ago, there is a big gap between the government and the civil society. The civil society is being isolated by the government in Juba. The government officials in Juba just sit and not even pay a visit to their constituencies to communicate with people about the future and the development in the country. Most of them are actually not aware about what is going on in the rural areas or villages whether there is development or not.

As mentioned in the previous section, it is true that the corruptions and nepotism are quite common in many government institutions and this is the fact of life. It is obvious to everyone that Kirr administration is totally failed to establish the rule of law and the order in the country and therefore should be change and replaced with the good governance which is capable to maintain the rule of law and order. And that is government which has also capacity to unite the diversity of South Sudan and treats everyone equally with respect regardless of social backgrounds and status. A government that actually will make a big different when it comes to make a change in the life of individuals. We belief, it will abolish all sorts of inequality, social injustices, hatred and discrimination against the minority people in South Sudan compare to government of Kirr which is dictator and oppressor. As you can observes, there is currently 118 000 IDPS sheltering under the protection of the UNMISS across South Sudan and majority of them are from ethnic Nuer and shilluk. For us there is no justice in that action, we consider it as a criminal action because you can’t force the people to live as the refugee in their homeland. You have no right to threat the lives of civilians when they oppose you. In this world, every person has a right whether to believe or to support anyone he/she wants no matter what the others think.

I have never heard that someone becomes refugee in his motherland, but, it happens now for the first time in South Sudan history under the leadership of Kiir Mayardit. We belief, we are South Sudanese people and there is no different between Nuer and Dinka. We are all brothers and sisters and no one will think he/she is better than other. No one is supposes to harm each other instead we can live in peace and harmony as one family and One Nation. We are also supposed to show solidarity toward, promote brotherhood and to take good care of one another in our society. We can even show love and forgive ourselves as the Lord Jesus teaches us in the Bible. Unfortunately, the government of Salva kiir had broken the social band between South Sudanese and created hatred, deep division and polarization in the country. It creates what so call “We and Them” or “Vi och Dom” and there is total disintegration even within Dinka community alone. As the matter of fact, the situation becomes deteriorated, it is beyond control and right now people of South Sudan are killing themselves because of the confusion that President Kirr had created when he claims that Dr. Riek Machar made a coup attempt against him, but his claims about coup attempt was later dismissed by the IGAD and the International community because the investigation found that there was no such coup attempt in 15 December 2013 in Juba.

This was just allegation based on fallacious. However, there was a misunderstanding between bodyguards so they fought without clear reason. It was Mayardit himself who panic; perhaps his impulses were nervous and sent the wrong signal to the brain as there was coup attempt against him. But in reality, there was no coup at all. Although, many people thought that the current civil war in South Sudan is a war between Nuer and Dinka; however, this is not true. As we all know the current war in South Sudan was imposed purposely on the people of South Sudan by Salva kirr and his cohorts. It hits us all, and every citizen of South Sudan is feeling the pain of this war, the population is groaning altogether. Many people lost their hope and they do not trust the government in Juba anymore. For this reason, it is a common problem and not only the problem between Nuer and the Dinka communities alone. Let me assure you, those who think that it is not their problem are actually wrong and must avoid such a fake misleading reasoning because the current civil war is a national crisis which is hitting almost every family in South Sudan.

Finally, the current administration in Juba failed to create the national unity among the people of South Sudan instead it divides our community of tribal line. We belief, the national unity is very important for South Sudan because it can help to create peaceful atmosphere for coexistence of 64 different ethnic groups of people in South Sudan. We belief also the national unity of government is the only solution that can bridge the gap and end the alienation of minority people in our society. In this case, we really need peace, reconciliation and national healing between South Sudanese people so that people should be able to forgive one another. And we can come together again as one nation and continue living in peace in our country without damages ourselves. As a conclusion, we truly need a great change in the government system in South Sudan as the title of this article suggests. And this change is necessary for South Sudan’s future development. We all must take active role of this change now to save our country of being becoming fail State in East African region. We will never allow what happen in Somalia to happen in South Sudan.

Therefore, we argue all the good forces, the faith groups, the Civil Society organizations, the South Sudanese National army, South Sudanese diaspora and South Sudanese back home to be united and support the people‘s Movement under the Chairmanship of Dr. Riek Machar Teny to install the federal system in South Sudan. So that we can together create a better society where, everyone will be free from oppressive of tyranny regime of Kiir Mayardit. We are also calling the US, UK, EU including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, Finland, China and the International community as a whole to give their full support to SPLA-IO under the leadership of Chairman Dr. Riek Teny, because Dr. Machar and his comrades are fighting for change and the democracy based on federal system of government, rule of law and justice.

May the Almighty God bless the people of South Sudan!

Daniel Kai Tudel, A concern South Sudanese living in Sweden and can be reach with this email:

  12 comments for “There is a Great Need For Change in The System of Salva Kirr Regime!

  1. GatNor
    June 8, 2015 at 7:44 am

    “We belief without the presents of the UN and others aid organization in South Sudan, it would be very difficult for many children including their families to survive. Thanks to! Good God for using his Angels inform of People to help the civilians in south Sudan who suffered very much in the hand of tyranny!” Ameeen to that brother


    • Ram Cha
      June 8, 2015 at 6:10 pm

      UN is nothing short of Khartoum’s poppet to say the least. If you looked to what they are doing to Darfur’s people, and you think to be a wise person, then you would certainly know after Khartoum destroyed Southerners as they are intending to, along with their Riek as a pawn, then they will ultimately turn on you as they did with Darfurese, who once assisted Khartoum Government carry out numerous ethnic cleansings. History repeats itself because of people like yourself encouraging violence etc… I’ve read most of your comments, some thought I wasted times, but I thought, if evil bunches like spla-io, have put the gears to full time on the plan to destroy peace, then why not give it a try? Trust me, I’ve got enough time to burn, just to make sure crooks like you don’t monkey around wantonly.


      • Dantut
        June 9, 2015 at 2:04 am

        Ram Cha, if you think that you can destroy everyone but there is someone Greater than you are and that person who created those you wish to burn wantonly will not allows you to destroy the innonce people instead He will destroy you!


        • Ram Cha
          June 9, 2015 at 11:15 am

          You see! This is the problem Dantut. Some people in SSudan, don’t take times to carefully dissect what other persons are saying; they just jump to conclusion. I meant by “time to burn” spare time to engage and challenge to inform some ignorants around media circle, preying on poorly informed surfers.
          Please don’t put words I’d carefully worded out of context, by suggesting that a God fearing man like me would even dear to think of something that only Riek and his dogs would act on.


    • Deng II
      June 8, 2015 at 6:45 pm

      ‘We are also calling the US, UK, EU including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, Finland, China and the International community as a whole to give their full support to SPLA-IO under the leadership of Chairman Dr. Riek Teny”

      Mighty Nuer Warriors!! Dr.Ebola (Riek Mchar) and Taban Deng are not The alternatives.


  2. Abuchook
    June 8, 2015 at 9:37 am

    Mr. DANIEL:

    Really? This article is Very bias and hatred towards the loyalists and Nationalist citizens of the Lion King. Therefore, there is no change with violent and you must not bring change while you are too far away from your hiding in Sweden. Good luck with your welfare of Sweden. It Is easy fir you to talk Kiir change in outside of South Sudan than Inside.

    To Any reader and Writer on this Social Website:

    Warning Be well Informed that Nothing is all new about Talking change and coup and Rebellion; whether organized or unorganized it will be will considered as back stabbers. In 2010 to 2013, The SPLA MAINSTREAM JUBA ARMY was so sicked and full with All Riek Machar Ebola viruses.

    Now Real Nationalist citizens and Patriotic citizens of the Lion King are on the Driver seat of the SPLA MAINSTREAM JUBA ARMY: but not of those Gadet, Olony and Riek.
    Since 1990, Every color of Riek Machar Ebola viruses is well know to the SPLA MAINSTREAM JUBA ARMY Nationalist citizens.

    If impose on Nationalist, No change because now all Riek Machar Ebola viruses are eliminated and run for their own life and Sheraton Hotel in Addis Ababa is the Headquarters of Riek Machar Ebola viruses.

    No change will come because Your Hotel Commander Riek Machar Ebola Rented Home in Bole suburb city area In Addis Ababa is the home place at night Riek Machar discussed his Ebola viruses mission and his ways of how to spread and Infected his Ebola viruses in people.

    No Change will come because This Rebellion of Riek Ebola has no real and clear objectives and goals: it is just a Rebellion formed based on tribal mind-sets Ideology and Influence… period and full stop.

    Please asked Riek Machar Ebola why he formed this type and kind of Rebellion??

    No change by Violence because Riek villages and areas have felt the SPLA MAINSTREAM JUBA ARMY Offensive. These villages and areas are thinking of peace and surrender history repeated itself.

    I speak my words out and May God be with the people of South Sudan.Thank you very much.


    • GatNor
      June 8, 2015 at 11:11 am

      I would be happy for GOD to hear your words and make a judgment against your claims by tying your tongue and muting you silent for prosecuting the innocents. No more should you have the luxury of accessing a keyboard. Really though, GOD should hear you as it is in heavens and on earth, he should hear you. You f*cking devil.!.


  3. Abuchook
    June 8, 2015 at 9:55 am

    Ooh My God! talking about Federalism system and Change government systems : please take this clear message with yiu:
    Riek Ebola viruses can not and will never bring change alone to South Sudan.

    90 % percent of South Sudan citizens know this statement very well and that’s why now Riek an Hotel Commander in Chief at Sheraton Hotel Addis Ababa became isolated from the Nationalist citizens and Patriotic citizens of South Sudan.

    Riek and his Nuer Primitive thinkers Commanders will never never never bring change alone to South Sudan because of Riek is very tribal mind-sets Ideology and Influence leader than any other South Sudan leaders dead or alive.

    If you asked Youths in Lou, Jikany and Gawaar areas now about what It means for them of Patriotism and Nationalism? 90% percent of them will say Nuer villages and areas. These youths are out of touched with reality event.

    Anyway, for change to come these Youths needed work shop of mind set to put their Country of South Sudan first place than their tribal mind-sets Ideology and Influence.

    I speak my words out and May God be with the people of South Sudan.


    • Dantut
      June 8, 2015 at 1:23 pm

      Abuchook, Change is good to improve the situation. Jesus said”those who are not sick do not need the doctor” but only those who are sick need the doctor” If the government system is fair enough in South Sudan, there will be no need to call for a change and then the president Kirr will continue ruling his people in peace without crying. Hope that you find this article interesting! Thank you for your understanding!


  4. June 8, 2015 at 2:25 pm

    Mr Kai Tudel how do you know that there isn’t freedom of speech, while you’re not in south Sudan. in fact there is freedom of speech,that why we have nyamilepedia headquarter in Juba it mean there is freedom of speecd in country, secondly in case of insecurity it’s cussed by the rebels which is currently continue attacking the government position a around the country. thirdly the lack of development is something to be blamed on the rebels which are refused to signed agreement with government. the little money government has is not enough for development and fighting war posted by rebels. final there isn’t so called discrimination in south sudan because we are all south sudanes people no other foreigners who are colonists to colonizing the others people south sudan this a liar, yes there is insecurity and lack of development and others problems but, you can’t blame government for all this, because it’s not cussed by persistent Kiir or his demonstration it’s cussed by Riek Machar Ebola and his selfish politicians, tribalistic idealism people and corruptetionist white army commanders who don’t have knowledge to feed themselves that why they rebellion against government and the people south Sudan to looting their cows and sorghum to feed their families, this is the reason why we always have rebellion from 1991and continue until know,.God help south sudan from this barbaric people.


  5. Ram Cha
    June 8, 2015 at 5:31 pm

    First of, every controversy has been put to rest by the latest report by: if your website could possibly bypass the truth and facts about the happenings, then I, personally see to it that you but held accountable. It can be done, trust me!
    The bloods of Nuer’s sons were hindered wastefully without any remorse from Riek Machar and that demon Taban Deng and their affiliates. When will these people learn peace, and respect of the laws? How often will Nuer be used to undo every progress the rest of the 63 tribes make? Should all Southerners be held hostages for the few Nuer’s greediness and racism? Whatever is deafening their hearing, and blinding there eyesights from seeing the danger that is building up against them, they will shocked to know they are but pawns to Khartoum’s evil government. Even a Jalaba will never do what these ruthless rebels have done, from December 2013, up to date.


    • June 8, 2015 at 7:09 pm

      Dummy, Dummy comment,your illitrate,killer started the tribalism war against one tribe, as a result he is facing the difficulty now than ever before. Now that all tribes realise what he done to the entire south sudan population , the people couldn’t tolerated the level of destruction.he continue killing because he has a cancer in which no one know but few people with in his circle.This is the hiden to south sudan people since 2011 when he was diano in kenya then he went to south africa for futher consultation by other doctors in south africa. After that he was told he has a liver cancer & kidney diseasel. So south sudan are wasting thier time for dead killer.


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