Buay Malek is the enemy of peace in the country

By Mok Dei Gual,

Amb. Gordon Buay Malek and Bapiny Monytuil

Amb. Gordon Buay Malek and Bapiny Monytuil

June 15, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) — First of all, I want to have this time to response an article of Buay Malek

which he had posted last week on paanluel.He seems to confuse the people of South Sudan with the main cause of the conflict.He has been takings about nonsense on Facebook since the war erupted in the country.

This man needs to know more about what happened in the country.The root cause of the conflict is dispute within SPLM Leaders.

The main cause of the conflict is when the president Kiir refused what they had called ”lack of dialogue spirit within political party”.The president Kiir rejected the transformation of SPLM leadership.

The president rejected all things intentional and his aim was to refuse the transformation of leadership in the country.

His deputy who is Dr Riek Machar explained to him what happened in South Africa ruling party, he went on saying that, the same thing happened to the ruling United Russia party chaired by Vladimir Putin.

The president refused transformation of democracy in the country and he had refused transformation of leadership with in political party.

The president Kiir refused all options he was given to him by his Deputy in political party.His plan is that he wanted to change SPLM basic document including code of conduct.He wanted to formulate his own basic documents.

The aims of the president was to remove  senior  members of SPLM executive organ, the political bureau including the deputy,s chairman Dr Riek Machar Teny.

He wants to replace them with members of NLC.this was his secret in the country, and that is what enrolling the country into civil war.That was what pushing us in the conflict in the country.Misunderstanding within the political party is what term as the main cause of the civil war in the country.

The killing of Nuer tribe by the president.
I want to inform  Buay Malek that Nuer did not decide to go along with Dr Machar.Their cooperation with Dr Machar is when they were killed by the president Kiir.

The president Kiir is the main enemy to Dr Machar as well as Nuer are the main enemy to Kiir meanwhile, he had killed their relatives.As saying goes, ”an enemy of your enemy is your friend.

Nuer are citizens of South Sudan and that is why they had voted for Kiir during the last election which held in the country. These are two cases at the moment.Accountability is what  Nuer seeking at the moment before permanent peace comes to our country.

Does it make sense for Buay Malek to call Nuer as Terrorists?

Gordan Buay is the true son of Nuer who disagreed with Nuer according to his political opinions.

He is always direct enemy to all Nuer. He used to term Nuer as terrorists on his facebook daily.

He does not know that, Nuer are part of him.Similar story happened to American people when the current US president was campaigning for his first term in election.One of the black Pastor call Jeremiah talks bad about American people.

He said that God might not blessed America.He kept saying the same hate speech when asking by the journalist.

His attention is about to remember what had happened to them in the past.When Obama asked by the journalist about what the Pastor said on campaign days.

He replied that, black people are part of me.He went on saying that this is his political opinions.Black people are the citizens of America.He did not denied them ,meanwhile the radical Pastor talks bad about American people.

If Nuer are terrorists as he used to say, then he is also terrorist, but there is no clear evidence which satisfied the whole world that, Nuer are terrorists.Definition of terrorist is when militias are killings civilians for no reasons in the country.His government committed crimes in the country since Dec 2013.

The whole world has good evidence that the president Kiir ‘s forces committed crimes against humanity in the country.And peace be with us sooner than later in our country.

The author is a student who is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Social Work and Community Development at Kampala International University..His email is gualkuiny@hotmail.com..

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  2 comments for “Buay Malek is the enemy of peace in the country

  1. June 15, 2015 at 1:55 pm

    Well said Mok. Great work!

    Thanks, Loberito


    • June 28, 2015 at 6:30 am

      Buay is not the cause of Nuer sufferings. The community is way too much involved in country’s politics! that alone is not healthy. our land is rich, there are no satisfactory reasons why all of you want to work for government.


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