Column: Hit The Nail On It Head, How to Identify Bad Friends’ Behaviors!

By Ajang Malueth Ajang Nhial,

Good Friends relationship/ Nyamilepedia

Good Friends relationship/ Nyamilepedia

June 15, 2015 (Nyamilepedia)—Sometimes a friendship may confuse you when you are not sure about just how loyal, supportive and genuine that a friend is being towards you. If you have a gut reaction telling you that your friendship isn’t all it’s cracked up to, it may be time to identify what this person is really up to and whether this is a friendship worth keeping.

Watch out for the opportunist ‘’food lovers’’ friend likes to use you because you have assets.

They may be using you to get what they want, but when you confront they become angry and disrespect you and your family after using whole of you. You may notice borrowing becomes an issue.

They borrow you money, property and never give them back or return the damaged. Be wary of the self contentedness friends who lives by mantra ‘’ it is all about them’’ they played their politics. They won’t care about your interest.

They talk on to kill you or what talk to remain with your things they have. You may notice that they brag a lot for their betterment .they pretend to be always having opinions about everything which base on other person ideas.

Their ideas base on assessment, judgment or evaluation of overwhelming others in your present. These people have no theory of mind, can judged and they put themselves in every successful person’s shoes. They are unable to separate their own believe ‘’during day light’’ and thought from others.

Steer clear of the victim, who exudes “poor you”. Such people always come to you when having problems and discusses about politic you are interesting at to gain something. They highlight the hardship they undergone and air their grievances.

Detach yourself from the clingy friend. They share you with other people but if they see you with other people, they failed jealous because they don’t want you to know more about them from others. Sidestep the fake. They smiles in your face, but when around other people, make you feel small
by continuously putting you down verbally.

They also do things such as drug and deny you. They always keep you waiting unfortunately, they failed. Avoid snob because they will never acknowledge your good deeds and your family background though they know. They consider you somebody useless in their time discussion and insulted your heritage using derogatory slang words around you; they don’t accept that they know you.

Get rid of the spy, such friends come close to your network and acquaintances while they are not really interesting in you and try to dump in your life poisonous. They always need to everything in your life and exposed it to other group. They often lie about their name, age and their
Well, okay, that can be nothing; don’t be paranoid, they often really trying to overhear your conversations and pretending to be busy with friends they know. They may soon blackmail or bully you.

Beware the interloper. They take your ideas ‘’ intellectual assets’’ and intervenes in your contacts and career professionalism and try to unfriendly you with others and clamming to go with you where you are going, such are so called friend seek and pretend look good.

Some don’t except and dominate talking when conversing with them. They normally say, you don’t have different opinion to their. They accept you when you think like them. The worst is they turned every friend against you over the course of a day just wreck and destroyed you to
People Conclusion, eating expired food will make you.

Struggling to maintain expired friendship will make you sicker. The best friend should be in good term with you in any situation you are. Judge people who come to your life and boundaries create. See how feel they reflect and figure out whether they are good friends.

Find out how your friend act and when you have minor interest fight and when if they are angry and they still want remain unchanged than they love you. Contrast, if they are willing to end your friendship because it seems that you don’t give them what they completely want, they are not your friends. Don’t feel underdog in a relationship with friends.

I left with no wonders, really realized and found out that the true enemies are age mate friends, School friends, and even people who comes also from the same local area you come from.

My findings in Kampala, friends am with are debatable, no conclusive that they had honest friendship. Be aware of such people in wherever you are. Such friends are not happy with what you do, just because of their inability, incompetence, and narrow knowledge to tour the world is the main problem. It is not because you had done anything bad to them.

Half backed university students will be problem later; they feel jealousy quickly when one among them had skills to do what they cannot do.

Ajang Malueth Ajang Nhial is a South Sudanese pursuing concurrent degrees at different Universities in Kampala, bachelor of International Relations and Diplomatic Studies at Cavendish University and bachelor of Accounting and finance at Saint Lawrence University. Uganda He can be reached at , +25679995330/+256786364488.

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