SPLA-IO Battles Sudanese Rebels and Government Forces in Raga County!

SPLA-Juba government troops planning new military offensives in Malakal to push back the Opposition forces in the area(Photo: file)

SPLA-Juba government troops during a new offensive in the war-torn South Sudan.(Photo: file)

June 16, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Latest reports from South Sudan’s Western Bhar el Ghazal state confirm multiple battles within the last two days in Boro Medina in Raga County, an administrative area jointly occupied by the Sudanese rebels and the two SPLA rival forces.

According to the residents of Raga, the South Sudanese rebels initiated the offensives against the government forces and Sudanese rebels in the area forcing them to retreat to Raga headquarters.

Responding to the reports, the deputy spokesman of SPLM/SPLA leadership, Mr. Nyarji Jermlili Roman, confirmed that their forces attacked the Sudanese rebels and government forces in the area yesterday and defeated the allied troops.

The government forces were totally crashed and scattered in the area. The attack took place yesterday on 15 june, 2015 in Boro madina that lies 38 KM south of Raga town which is bordering Sudan. ” Nyarji said.

According to the military sources of SPLA in Opposition on the ground, the offensives were commanded by Col. Moses Ahmed Dakomy, under the overall command of Maj. Gen. Thomas Bazylio and the military governor of Wau State, Mr. Tingo Peter Lingmbo.

The source reiterates that the South Sudanese rebels inflicted heavy casualties on the allied troops and captured many military equipments in the areas.

This morning, however, the residents confirmed that the government troops, backed by the Sudan’s Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) rebels, launched major counter attacks in the area and dislodged the South Sudanese rebels.

SPLM/SPLA [IO] military sources confirmed that their forces have withdrawn from the border town to undisclosed location.

This morning, the government militias supported by JEM fighters and some UPDF elements have launched counter attack on the defensive of SPLA-IO in Boro madina that led to partial tactical withdrawal to few kilio meters within the town.” Mr. Nyarji Jermlili Roman confirmed.

Boro Medina, the scene of the latest clashes in Western Bhar el Ghazal, is about 40 kilometers away from Raga’s administrative centers.

The town is situated between Kreish and Sa’id Bundas, near Jabal Gusa, within South Sudan’s Raga County of Western Bhar el Ghazal state.

Raga County has been bombed multiple times within the last two years by the Sudanese air force in pursuit of Darfur’s JEM rebels.

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