Nuer Community in Kampala, Uganda Should Elect Community Leaders for Effective Decision Making As Soon As Possible

Members Of Nuer Community at 14 February 2015 General Elections in Kampala, Uganda.

Members Of Nuer Community at 14 February 2015 General Elections in Kampala, Uganda.

June 16, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) — Since inception Nuer Community records in Uganda show that it is one of the most organized communities which conducts Leadership Succession in a manner of utmost transparency.

But, lately there is a long overdue delay in transfer of Leadership as term limit expired for Mr. Gai Kuiyinin, a democratically elected Community Chairperson.

Gai Kuiyinin who is now a former Chairperson handed over his executive powers to appointed Electoral Commission headed by Mr. Kang Deng as he peacefully stepped down to leave the vacant for other aspirants early this year [2015]

On Saturday 14, February 2015, a poll was organized by the empowered Electoral Commission and it all seemed a healthy competition between two visionary Candidates who stood out among the many and successfully passed through all the stages of vetting and screening.

Mr. Nyoat Belieus and Mr. Gai Kak were the candidates for Chairpersonship. But at the eleventh hour, after successful open campaigns and manifestations, something fishy cropped up and few cases of irregularities for the first time in Nuer Community historic events happened. And the whole interesting exercise was put in jeopardy against the voters’ will as the polls were postponed till further notice.

Many alleged that South Sudan Government Nuer Agents who are against any peaceful and democratic process were responsible for these manipulations and termed them as the ‘enemies of the people.’
“Few individuals’ names were however cited, but not sufficient evidence at hands to hold them accountable for their malicious intentions.” A senior observer said in a casual statement.

From then, the Electoral Board becomes too reluctant to again conduct more organized transparent process. “There are no better words to describe this lazy team than complete incompetency.” One of the community members reiterated.

According to 2011 referendum findings, Uganda was ranked the second largest in term of South Sudanese Diaspora Population following Kenya which took the first position with estimated eligible voters of 15,000 persons let alone those who did not access the registration centers.

Uganda follows with a staggering 13,000 eligible voters alone, without teen school goers who were not supposed to register. Nuer are alleged to have the biggest number of Uganda’s 13,000 persons as Kenya is predominantly Dinka preferred home. Other 62 South Sudanese tribes were were also found in both Countries but in minimal numbers.

Consequently, as a token of appreciation, the Government of South Sudan then designed “One Time Students’ Support” through Student Leadership and South Sudan Embassy after the overwhelmingly won referendum, a program which gave financial assistance to all higher Institutions’ Students every semester for Uganda and Kenya South Sudanese Students until when it was interrupted by 2012-2013 Austerity measures.

Given, these factual accounts, it is clear that Nuer Community in Uganda plays a major constructive role in South Sudan Politics. However, the Community being near to Juba, South Sudan suffers successively many brainwash from failed Juba based Politicians who always resort to section and divide strategy for their survival.

For Nuer Community in Uganda to remain powerful and pivotal as far as decision making and voicing their concerns and grievances, there is need for electing competent leadership to vehemently define their stand in South Sudan current Crisis.

In recap, I am making a humble personal call to Electoral Board under Mr. Kang Deng to immediately reorganize transparent polls where Nuer can freely exercise their rights because the excuses of South Sudan Crisis for upholding elections is no longer holding waters.

Any more unexplained overdue delay, the respective Nuer four [4] states’ leaders; Phow, Bieh, Liech and Latjor with consultations with community elders shall disband the Electoral board and appoint a new competent one.

Gatwal Augustines
Associate Editor/Nyamilepedia

  4 comments for “Nuer Community in Kampala, Uganda Should Elect Community Leaders for Effective Decision Making As Soon As Possible

  1. David Lony Majak.
    June 16, 2015 at 6:05 am

    Congratulations bravo Gatwal; it is a great move that you have had remained us about the community differences under Nuer community leadership in Uganda. They the leaders of nuer community should real behind their own unity so that they can defeat the worst external enemies Of theirs.


  2. King Noble Rahman
    June 16, 2015 at 8:15 am

    They are corrupted people . There is no trust at all on these individuals who want to destroyed our community. They want to bring in the 2012Gai kuini crisis.


  3. June 16, 2015 at 1:30 pm

    This media website has improved as the best forum for posting national issues. Thanks Nyamilepedia.


  4. June 17, 2015 at 7:44 am

    Work hard my people


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