Warrap State, Mama Nyadeng’s Government!

By Gabriel Garang Deng

The governor of Warrap State, Nyandeng Malek, speaking in Kuacjok of Warrap State(Photo: file)

The governor of Warrap State, Nyandeng Malek, speaking in Kuacjok of Warrap State(Photo: file)

June 21, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — We are sorry and we are regretted of our votes as we votes a corrupt governor nyandeng.we have seen you nyandeng as corrupt benytiik ,you with our money Splm will be answerable in corruption in state .It was been become surprise to all citizens of warrap state that governor mama nyandeng is virtually and mysteriosophy circumstance corruption huge and maladroit administration into her office with fraudulent and treachery with her notorious cabinets especial finance minister Mr Aguer Ariik as rabies dog inconceivability and acquiescence in the state government to propagating into divert growing funds from household taxes that had collected from vulnerable people enmity looting the public funds into weak government present problem is illegitimated under repressive regime had their deeds as crazy or capricious it is crystal clear that they have fail to achieves her goals which she was promise during election campaign that when she is elected as governor of warrap state . after she was elected as governor of warrap state ,margin she is even fail to build a toilet or latrine for herself include with her cabinets as food hostages , uneducated group most of her ministers are primaries school dropout and secondrians too mama nyadeng government is busy looting ,( muoc rootdun).while youth are vulnerable in a state for doing nothing ,Nyandeng as moony.

Mama Nyandeng Malek Delic have affiliation herself relationship to those five ministers through friendship, kinship and materialism that amazing those boys to influence under progressives intensification of belief and faith to her leading corruption into government funds ,mama government may be regret of the more decisive into weakness of her own group ,which is remain stuck on the political margin and are also overwhelmingly by male politicians in government as cabinet ministers.we shall not never forget a woman nyandeng historically had been acts in political violence for ordering arrest of our two (MPS) ,Hon Ariech Mayar Ariech and Hon Amiet Kuol Amiet. Governor Nyandeng shall be dousing by her boys into water when she is ignoring advices from outsiders unanimously because she is belief ideologically and indoctrination from her boys obviously minister Aguer Ariik

Mama government was indeed in huge corruption and fraudulent (Governor) she had become mentally upset due to her huge corruption into state government is under her leadership and insensitivity and indifferent view from the citizens in the state that were neglected within their own resources in the state .for instance hunger was looming which is threat to the citizens she was still busy travelling aboard using resources while people were suffering in the state. mama Nyandeng was taking care for her own children while forgotten people that governance them it is clear now nyandeng didn’t know how governance people she know how to looting funds ( kueel ,kueel weeu or cuar )her fail government become headache to the citizens in warrap , there is not any single government proper institution building ,the budget for state goes into individuals packets to buying cows for their marriages while Nyandeng kitchen cabinets as anarchy for claiming that they are best cookers in nyandeng government we citizens of warrap state we are not blaming nyandeng we shall blame SPLM star and symbol for deceiving us as votes for corrupt governor in state not matter we shall tides our hearts in this suffering that we meet in warrap best citizens had vote in wrong governor and corrupt woman that she was go to delivery baby while baby was planting as aboy by professional medical doctors in Germany for spending six month there in Germany using public funds and cost looses .

The facts remain that our governor Nyandeng Malek is misleading they people of warrap with not giving them details about corruption in a state as it had become in public panic or nyandeng shall resign rather instead to be voting out by assembly suppose to giving birth here in warrap because she is governor in state therefore alleged corruption is going undermining development in warrap those bulk money that the used to travelling aboard (Germany) .it is lack of specification into accountability nyandeng shall be held accountable for corruption because she fail to delivery services to a concerns citizens in the state therefore they money had goes into individuals pocket and for that matter fail government it was indeed currently accepted it maladministration authority in alienation unfamiliar laws and regulation include ( muony nyandie) mean my daughter in-law if you fail to say that my mother-in law otherwise you may not survive nyandeng immediately given you 24 hours to leaving warrap state ,you want to survive you follow nyandeng boys ,especial Aguer Ariik .therefore the life shall become simple because you attach yourself with her deeply heart boy Aguer and his mother nyandeng they chase away col Atem Atem for asking the procedures that why bulk amounts of money were used   without my acknowledge as I was  minister of education ,when lioness nyandeng heard that than she was roar like rabies lioness and looking down after turning up her head .firing minister (tiik aci waath).indeed into neoconservative ideologues inside and outside the nyandeng administration recognized immediately corruption when she was receiving LCS 3,0000.000 three millions USD dollars that giant into her government with the deceiving her political ethics that might think that she was been re-elected again second term in to office because doesn’t know her failure enmity.

In warrap state government it was centre of couurrption that practice by nyandeng with her boys cabinet ministers for turning public funds to be theirs own wealthy and leaving warrap citizens dies .this was clear of fraudulent lapse and looting that public funds in misappropriations of a individuals hands. without delivering services in state and looting state ,properties these are called thieves (cueers ) warrap citizens are like slavery in fact they issue was about development in the state not building up fakes wealthy recently people are dies because of starvation or hunger and we heard that national government gave( LCS) 3 millions USD for the reason to buy a foods to the state citizens .nyandeng she send two people to Uganda to buys a food only sold 76`0000 USD minus 76-000 USD from ,3 millions USD .

I personal I met them in Uganda (Aru park) I try to ask them they were telling   me that they were given directives by a governor as business partners after we discussing and reaching administration of mama Government they were telling me that don’t go to warrap governor she using resources to arrest people who are oppose her and questioning her why government fail to delivery service to a community. ,indeed I witness when governor nyandeng ordering arrest elected MPS Hon Ariech mayar Ariech and Hon Amiet Kuol Amiet without lifting immunity .this Government mad, adroit government in huge corruption stipulated in maladministration because a community there need services to be done to them by government for instance in a state one gallon of sorghum is raising up to 40ssp margin a vulnerable person may not afford that of getting food is difficulties in order to feeds themselves instead of proitrizting jobs.in warrap state government ,nyandeng her government is become as government of( nasifs ) mother in-laws, brother in law , father in law and sister in law, its was not if you are not son or daughter of governor may not got ,those whom were survives in warrap are nyandeng ,closers( inner) indeed corruptions in state was a big problem for instance alleged in state that government was control by five members in cabinets , infact development is undermine by nyandeng her boys that were threaten people and intimidated them to arrest them if they are not supported nyandeng so that warrap state it is become horrify by nyandeng malek her government. Governor she gave contract to her son without follow procurement law or abide to closed cueers.

Gabriel Garang Deng is student of Kampala international university he doing master degree in public international law.The author can be reached at dmareng2012@gmail.com

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  4 comments for “Warrap State, Mama Nyadeng’s Government!

  1. June 22, 2015 at 2:40 am

    there is nothing wrong with Nyandeng being to be reinstated as a governor let us wait another election of 2018 so you will vote her out in the post


  2. June 22, 2015 at 3:41 am

    Nyandeng most corrupted woman than a man,we stil call upon the politician of Warrap state under Chairman state party Mr.Tor Deng Mawien to send the delegation to investigated this kind of behavior used by Governor by abused power,arrested the law makers


    • Ring Deng Ajing
      June 22, 2015 at 10:08 pm

      What is corruption ?
      In south sudan there have been comparative political system on governance..through state administrative are perioritized by the national level as the relicts at capacity national building.
      Nyadeng personaly according to me did not corrupt how ever much she was trying to deliver food security healthy facilities and infrastructure state members of parliment loot them selve and the accepted governancy reinforce by failure leadership and citizens are here to blame Governor nyadeng

      Therefore corruption is beginning with your mps till the vote for her tenure office let be realistic my sincere heart fell to writers please donot exculde your mps because the are the watch dog of your path and directive in any circuminstances.


  3. De ~ MB
    June 23, 2015 at 7:53 am

    I strongly condemn the extension of governor because our people are dying every day, poor infrastructure, Education, health care and many more.


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