A wild Dog Eats Its Vomits: A case Study of Pagan Amum Returning to Juba!

By David Lony Majak:

South Sudan's National Liberation Council has voted to reinstate Pagan Amum. The ruling party's ex-secretary general is shown (above) outside a court where he appeared earlier on treason charges.(Photo: supplied)

South Sudan’s National Liberation Council has voted to reinstate Pagan Amum. The ruling party’s ex-secretary general is shown (above) outside a court where he appeared earlier on treason charges.(Photo: supplied)

June 23, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — It is a very unfortunate political decision at this tireless struggle in SPLM/A (s) that someone like the newly reinstated SPLM secretary general returned back to Juba with bear hands to South Sudanese people whom he initially betrayed in the past because of power hunger. What a shame to those who claimed neutrality and called themselves the G10 plus with no future deals.

How neutral is PAGAN in these crisis that we have at hand, does it means that Mr. president Kiir is right somewhere if those of G10 thinks closure to their noises with no mature political analysis on how to handle national affairs rather than looking into individuals’ interests. When in trouble, only the insane have strength enough to prosper. Only those who prosper may truly judge what is sane, but the trouble with political jokes is that they get elected in a democratically process and free environment.

The neutrality of G10 and at the same time, the former ministers has been a clear political case study in south Sudan since the war broke out in 2013. There is a proverb which says that, it is only a dog which can re-eats its vomited wastes and now being done by the top leader amongst the G10 members that they are indirectly returning back to their uncle General Salva Kiir with bear hands without sure deal, this indicate that they are after positions not what they termed as SPLM failed administratively to resolve internal issues.

This is not something actually unique to the people of South Sudan, 70% of South Sudanese politicians are simply frustrated by power greediest and no question about it, the current political misunderstanding is in its genesis caused by lack of not satisfying individuals’ interests and they have had turned the country into a total disaster again. I know in culture where one of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors but the simplest Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did, why did Pagan confused the nation.

My own worries is that who will respect and recognizes Pagan Amum as someone with political creditability in south Sudan, he participated in all the messes in SPLM party because he was by then, the official SPLM General Secretary which is the only powerful person in the system. I know some of the failed politicians have taken a greater advantage trying to disadvantageous the two leaders (Dr. Riak Machar & Mr. President Kiir) blaming them for what they involved in its destructions. The G10 members, those elites with Kiir in his system and others with Dr. Machar in the bush are the virus which caused the sickness to the patient undergoing medical treatment in Addis Ababa for almost a year and 6 months. The question to all is that; when will we learn to accepts our internal mistakes and acknowledge them to the public?,

I believed most of these politicians disturbing us were politically brought-up by the three leaders, the two living and the late Dr. John Garang but they cannot not recall it back yet working against the nation. They always blame the consequences of our problems without analyzing the root causes which caused the differences amongst them and their rivals. The recent political moves in South Sudan could be called PAGAN’s dark horse and bad days in politics, he politically poisoned himself thinking that he had blind-pulled others but in the corner of death at anytime as long as the National Security bill passed last year 2014 is still valid.

The parliament of Magok Rundial and his members of the house is a parliament of yes sir we are politically behind you and we will always support your legitimate government to the death, Your Excellency we truly promise you sir. So what do you personally aspect out of such a leaders in your own understanding regardless of this political crisis and even before Kiir & Machar’s political turmoil in mid December 2013?. Are South Sudanese casted by Arabs like they said in the past; South Sudanese shall never manage themselves even if given their own country, a quotation quoted in 2010 general elections as we were approaching referendum period. South Sudan’s Projection analyzes still confused majority who judge things according to their outlook, others are celebrating the reunification of SPLM, G10 to return to juba and war to continue, what do we really need in south Sudan?.

In conclusion; a wild Dog has eaten its vomits, a case study of Pagan Amum returning back to Juba with nothing but empty hands. Where are the rest of G10 members and this is a truly dark horse of Pagan. Pagan and his colleagues in the group are now looking at the opportunity cost to forgone other stressful pertaining challenges rendering their group’s success but how will they succeed when the living King Gen Malong Awan Anei and Engineer Minister of Defense Kuol Manyang Juuk are still the right hand men of Mr. President Kiir. They should first ask themselves before making the final decision of going back to juba. May God Rest Pagan His Soul in Peace Politically.

The author can be reached at delonymajak@gmail.com

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