Imminent Attack Planned on Greater Mundri and Maridi Counties.

Whoever digs a pit will fall into it; if someone rolls a stone, it will roll back on them. Proverb 26:27.

By Kumu Katu,

The Mundari Ethnic group celebrating the independent of a new country, South Sudan, with their instruments in 2011(Photo: South Sudan 2011)

The Mundari Ethnic group celebrating the independent of a new country, South Sudan, with their instruments in 2011(Photo: South Sudan 2011)

June 25, 2015(Nyamilepedia)It has become apparent that Jieng Council of Elders will not rest until, they have finished off would be their enemies in greater Equatoria. Also, they have no intention to respect the Presidential order No 17/2015 issued on April 8th 2015 by their own leader Salva Kiir which, pertains to evacuation of all cattle camps in greater Equatoria.

According to our reliable sources, these self appointed Jieng Council of Elders met several times, for the past few weeks, to concoct a bold plan to wipe out the people of greater Mundri and Maridi Counties respectively.

According to our sources, who partly attended their last meeting, the plan is finished and the Jieng youth who are serving in the military have been mobilized and were only waiting for departure order.The source went on to say that because he did not approve the move, that is why he is conveying this piece of information to us.

As such, on Monday June 22nd 2015, the plan was put in motion, three vehicles carrying the first batch of thugs armed to the teeth and all in plain clothe, with weapons bought with tax payers sweat, left Juba at around 9:00 PM on their way to Mundri. However, because the plan was so evil and wicked, one of the vehicles overturned at Luri River, killing at least six of the thugs and wounding several others, and the plan had to be aborted.  Had they succeed to cross Luri River, their plan was to be stationed at Tapari bridge before proceeding to Jambo where they will start their operations.

This is not a joke, for earlier on Saturday, June the 13th 2015, their leader Salva Kiir, instructed his deputy minister of Foreign Affairs Bashier Gbandi to go to Maridi to investigate the cause of the recent clashes there. He the President, before leaving for South Africa ordered the half cast maltose called David Deng Athorbei his minister of finance who squandered millions of dollars before independence and now is back to finish the job, was ordered to hire a plane and give some expenditure for the delegation to go to Maridi. Athorbei categorically rejected the order saying why should the government talk to the rebels?

To him the people of Maridi who defended themselves against the marauding SPLA Dinka soldiers are rebels and the government should not talk or even investigate the matter. The following day, Sunday June 14th, 2015, the delegation comprising of Peter B. Gbendi, Isaac M. Mamur, Kuol M. Juk, Paul M. Awan Marial Nur and others were supposed to leave Juba at 8:30 AM for Maridi.

Surprisingly, the half cast minister could not hire a plane neither give pocket money for the delegation, even he refused to receive repeated phone calls. So, the delegation left Juba for Maridi at around 12:30 PM by a plane hired by the SPLA GHQ. This scenario shows us that, the so called Jieng Council have decided to wage war not only against the people of greater Mundri and Maridi counties but, the whole of Equatoria. At this juncture, we would like to assure the half cast minister and his council that we are prepared and ready to defend ourselves with whatever means possible.

The people of Equatoria did not go to occupy your land in Yirol, Rumbek or Bor; on the other hand, you are always the aggressors, oppressors and occupiers of non Dinkas lands. This unruly, uncivilized, uncultured and childish behavior must cease immediately, otherwise, there will be severe consequences for such bullying and intimidating tactics. Our people are well mobilized for any eventuality should you try to make any fatal and stupid move, then be assured that this time our gallant NYARANGO and ARROW boys will teach you a lesson that you will live to remember and regret for the rest of useless and valueless life. Also, we are aware of your daily threats to our people that, the people of greater Mundri and Maridi Counties want to ruin their areas like those of Bentiu and Malakal, believe me, it is not us but you who are trying to destroy and ruin the whole South Sudan.

However, we believe that still there are few good Jiengs out there, who have some sense and guts to tell their tribesmen that what they are doing is not in their interest. Do not think that you are going to rule this country for a long time, your days are numbered; remember you cannot fight against the rest of the 62 or nearly so tribes of South Sudan.

This country belongs to all of us and not only one tribe, enough is enough, and it is time we swim together or we sink together. You have a choice to make, either peace or an all out war. Keep in mind that, these days numbers don’t count but quality matters, in the past there were nations whose number were in millions, today where are they? Once the governor of Western Equatoria said, you will see turtle’s penis only when it’s dead, do not underestimate us. In conclusion, we call upon our people wherever they are to be vigilant and prepare themselves for the worse in case things fall apart.

L.K. Vurusi.
Information and Mobilization Secretary, 
For The Concerned Equatorian Community.


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