Re-instating SPLA/SPLM in Juba is Psychotic. The G10 Was Fake, Lairs and Dysfunctional


Pagan Amum Okiech being welcomed by Akol Paul in Juba for reinstatement(Photo: supplied)

Pagan Amum Okiech being welcomed by Akol Paul in Juba for reinstatement(Photo: supplied)

June 25, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Why would we follow a psychotic people” it hasn’t got a meaning and path to walk in, they are blinded by evil spirit”

Nueri, be-careful this time. Never follow a scapegoat ( Pagan Amum or G10). They are doing what they don’t know because their minds were preoccupied with this words “SPLA”. That is psychotic and the reality is ” SPLA hasn’t got a vision, mission or objective since it’s started in 1983.  They were leaded like blinds. We all knew this even though we deny the fact. When Samuel Gai Tut corrected that vision, they all rejected him and ended up his life, they killed him and throw him to the dogs and birds of the air.

Those scapegoats were following a fearful man a ghost- (the soul of a dead person, a disembodied spirit) Dr. John Garang whom no body would correct because they feared their lives. His system of governing was “one man dictatorship, one man rule” he hasn’t got chairs for meetings. Only one chair for him to sit on and decide the movement agenda which only him would gives assignments that will be accomplished by scapegoats, and what he decided to do is to be doing. No one to question his authority or you will go to hell, got your head copped up. It was that system which Dr. Machar corrected in 1991 which fallen into separation and after all lead to a clear vision of South Sudan. The vision of New Sudan killed half of South Sudan population has diminished and came a CPA in 1995 and referendum in 2011.

Salvatore Kiir followed the same path” one man rule or dictatorship rule” where SPLA/SPLM hasn’t got agenda or national affairs to discuss in parliament. Only him and his cockroaches to decide what to do and corrupted the nation. It was Dr. Machar again to correct him that ended up for Salva Kiir killing innocent Nuer civilian and put blame on other people.

“Lying there was a coupe” which even the children in South Sudan that where born that day killing started in Juba will tell you that there was no coupe”.

SPLA leadership has failed. It was this Dr. Machar whom you people tried to assassinated brought your independent by that vision, objective and mission which foundation was laid by late Samuel Gai Tut.

Let me ask you Nueri, When did SPLA/SPLM who is our party and government start killing you as Nueri? Was it not 1983, and again in Gajaak Massacre in 1985 which also repeated in 2013.  They beat you in Itang with “kɔ̱y” and made you carrying dead body for three days and buried them. Where they not treating you like slaves, sharing your women and killing your cattles? Where they not using you to carrying dhärmili from bɛ̈thɛ̈ to CIA, thɔwkɔ̱at, tharpa̱a̱m in Itang? Where they not treated you bad in Juba. Saying “kɔ̱c kɛ Nuër ɛ ci dööŋ bay”? Where they not the one who recruited Tiger battalion and “kɔ̱c kɛ bäny” for the purpose of killing Nueri..?? Where they not who tried to bribe Gatdeet Yaka and Koang Chol and other generals so that Nueri will be finished? Where they not the one who killing little children, rape little girls, old women and copping older people alive..? Where they not the one who burned your villages, killing your pastors and leaders? Is it not the same government SPLA/SPLM? Where was Pagan Amum when that private army was trained, deployed and killing initiated? Was he not the same secretary general for the SPLA/SPLM, the same position they putting him on? Where they not the one calling all Nuer even those with them Nyagaat? Sorry “ci kɛ kɔ̱n gaat ti yäm, tin lëny lɔmac kɛ”

Do you think they will stop killing you? Nevertheless, one of the SPLA/SPLM hidden, agenda is formulated to eliminate Nuer elites by Jiang and control South Sudan leadership. No one will follow this psychotic or even if Machar agreed, I believe there will be some Nueri who will not go.

If it happened, their word will be proven which said ” You can punish your dog and when time come it will come back to you” are we dogs or kɛ kɔ̱n guɔ̱p thabunyä min ca lar? Your unity will be nothing and you will never have a program as Nueri Or are we gonna be Oromo like, people in Ethiopia?

What ever they are trying to reinstate is just a lair and dysfunction, theoretical it’s wrong and can’t be accepted. The history will keep repeating itself. As I said, It’s dysfunction and can’t be trusted.

I personally do not want what ever called SPLA/SPLM but SPLA with IO (SPLA/SPLM/IO) is better

Thanks for you time taken to read this article, it’s much appreciated

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