War Emerging to Wau in Western Bhar el ghazal

SPLA- IO in Western Bahr el ghazal military front

SPLA- IO in Western Bahr el ghazal military front

June 29, 2015(Nyamilepedia)—the SPLM/A-IO forces stationed near Wau town under over all command of Maj. Gen. Thomas Bazylio Tandro and under direct twin command of Lt. Col. Vincent Joseph and Lt.Col.Giabi Aumbartu launched an attack on military barracks of government forces in Wau, Western Bhar el Ghazal.

The government soldiers were stationed at Farajalla, an area situated at approximately 36 miles away from Wau town in Western Bahr el ghazal state.

This development came after the raging conflict on the transfer of Wau county headquarters to Bagari.

“Our forces managed to defeat the enemy forces and inflict heavy causalities on them,  As i speak to you.. the government tribal militias were badly scattered from the area and suffered heavy loses in both in personnel and equipment.” said Nyarji Jermlili Roman D/Spokesperson, SPLM Chairman Office- Nairobi

Nyarji Jermlili said their forces had got three soldiers who were slightly wounded including Lt. col. Giabi Aumbartu.

“Farajalla area is completely under control of our forces and our forces seized the following military hardware in good condition; 3 boxes of ammunition of grenades 1 box of RPG 9 pieces of Kalashnikov in addition to boxes of ammunition of Kalashnikov Full store of food items.” he confirm.


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