No difference between the ancient and the modern African rulers

By Tor Madira Machier,

Tor Madira, the author and a correspondent of Nyamilepedia (Photo: supplied)

Tor Madira, the author and a correspondent of Nyamilepedia (Photo: supplied)

July 1, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Modern African rulers reflect the ancient African dictators, their mental nature reflect the ancient mentality of the old African rulers and nothing new could be expected from the modern and the current African rulers rather than what the ancient African rulers were doing.

Modern African rulers do not came down from the sun nor they came down from the paradise, but simply they came down from among the same African population where the ancient African rulers and dictators came from. And because the African people are still backwards and are still from that the same primitive Africa, I challenge any African president or ruler who may claim that he or she is or will do anything better more than what the ancient African dictators did. They are all called Africans, they are all of the same sort and they all share the same mental capacity not forgetting that they all share the same social and political status.

The modern Africa has got no different from ancient Africa; it is still the same Africa where education and technological progress which may be the only way for Africa to change gear remains a major challenge. We cannot expect whatever may be sustainable to our development. Through their influence, we have adopted a discourse of conspiracy where we pretends to talk and promote democracy which we simply abuses and leave the most fruitful part of it untouched , yet we still claim to be driving the Africa to where it is supposed to be. Africa cannot be driven to safer haven when the same ancient African political and moral values, which we still suffer from, still take effect. Development is a mere pretention when tribalism and racism is still one of African governments’ political dogmas. The African rulers are backward enough and so nothing can suggest that the African rulers can produce something that the African population can expect to rely upon.

The problem of African rulers is that they posses many translation of governance ideologies and of a mere accusation of social betrayal on which they hang and dig grave for democracy. They, and I am sensitive to say so, are against creativity and civilization and against any language whatever kind of, that seek common ground in the African societies.

They are indeed aware of this but we the African citizens for the most part do not joint hands and put in place a strong resistance to these rulers. We must have the courage to get rid of the backward cholesterol of ideology accumulating in the arteries of the African rulers. We suffer from backwardness that we have not even developed to the point of admitting our mistakes and defeats. But for Africa to progress we have to admits both cultural and mental defeats. We need to reform and reshape our cultural and ethnic thinking in which each and every one of us do not abuses his ethnicity to prosecute the other, from among us, on the basis of his ethnic identity.

The African rulers have planted the seeds of ethnic hatred in the heart of the African citizens by generating hatred towards other African people and to that extends, given the prevalence of high rate of illiteracy among the African population, we have easily adopted and gave their negative moral values green light to go ahead that we claims monopoly on others from among us and thus every one of us recorded it in the land registry in his name and while the government itself encourage this initiative. This political dogma of the African government takes into accounts ethnic dimensions of the African population, yet the grass root citizens including those who claims monopoly on others pays the price. Some young me, including those we regarded as intellectuals, out of wrong interpretation of ethnic values stacked and adopted the same values promoted by the African rulers thus their mind is abducted to the dungeon of their ideology. In my view, Africans disposition suffer from many problems, we have destroyed many things including the beauty of being from a particular ethnic community. We talk hostilely against certain people from among us, and this is not a language of enlightment, nor is it a language of tolerance.

How wonderful would it be if all the African ethnic communities could gather in love around the table of humanity!

Tor Madira Machier is a South Sudanese student living in Egypt, he is the author of an upcoming book: THE END OF THE BEGINNING: THE NUER AND THE DINKA, A REFLECTION OF SOUTH SUDAN’S CULTURE OF ETHNIC HATRED. He can be reached at:

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