Uganda And Others Foreign Troops Will Achieve Nothing In South Sudan

By Simon Both Chiok Guek,

Salva Kiir bowing to Ugandan army as he access the UPDF before their military intervention in South Sudan's man-made crisis. fter 70% of South Sudan army defected Salva Kiir's leadership depends on Ugandan army and other foreign factors from the region (Photo: supplied)

Salva Kiir bowing to Ugandan army as he access the UPDF before their military intervention in South Sudan’s man-made crisis. fter 70% of South Sudan army defected Salva Kiir’s leadership depends on Ugandan army and other foreign factors from the region (Photo: supplied)

July 1, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Since mid Dec-2013 when the war broke out in South Sudan’s capital, Juba, many foreign troops entered the country with their heavy weapons with high pressure to fights alongside the Juba government against the one tribe Nuer people to achieves their countries’ interests in the new nation because Kiir himself fools them that, they will defeat and controls Nuer lands within three days only. They forget Nuer are strongers Men in South Sudan and before that, the all foreigners made a big mistake they didn’t asked Kiir and his government for some few questions to be answers to them.

1-Who are the Nuer People?

2-How far the Nuer Lands is it?

This is above questions let’s them failed.

The following involvement Reasons:-

Uganda’s involvement reasons into South Sudan conflict.

1-Uganda wants to gain 40% in South Sudan’s oil products and national resources.

2- Yoweri Museveni Uganda president wants to separate some areas from Greater Equatoria South Sudan to the republic of Uganda.

3- President Museveni is using the Ugandan future youths as the tools in deadly fightings to get their deaths there in different countries’ wars like Somali, South Sudan and Central Africa Republic just to achieve his personal interest and reserving his presidency for long in Uganda.

While Sudanese rebels wanted to create their head bases for military training in South Sudan Greater Upper Nile Region north part of the country to get the supplies from juba government to continue their fightings against the Sudanese government led by President Omar Al Bashir in Khartoum. And second thing they are complaining to be given 10% in South Sudan oil products and they want their head commanders to be accommodated in juba capital.

Egypt government also wanted to gain 90% in South Sudan’s River Nile and Sobat and the juba failure government will owns only 10%. But we Freedom Fighters SPLM/A IO South Sudanese lands owners we believe that, we can’t allow them to achieved any single sense in South Sudan and we have hopes that they will end up losing.

For the people who started blaming on Nuer White Army saying why Nuer youth came and rescued their people in danger situation in South Sudan’s capital juba my friend you are blaming for nothing.

For really what happened that time in juba even Jesus can not accept that. Because the killings of innocent Nuer civilians Women, Children and Elders in juba 2013 was the conspiracy by President Kiir and his tribal men Dinka to finish the Nuer in juba.

As well as you know Nuer people wasn’t created by someone on the Earth only God created them that’s means no one will be able to finish Nuer(Naath) at all. Whether you brought foreign troops to fights against Nuer or not, No one will finish them.

Infact since 26th February 20114 last year Juba government and Uganda began air campaigns using banned weapons against Nuer civilians up to now in different parts of Greater Upper Nile States and no one from juba betrayers have heard one day that the Nuer people had finished in their holy lands by the Kiir’s tribal and their allied troops.

We Freedom Fighters we really appreciated the juba tribal forces and their foreign troops because they bought heavy weapons, war vehicles in some countries side by highest prices or hard currency which we can not be able to buy them and now we managed to captures most of them in Malakal, Bor, Ayod, Renk and Bentiu etc. we have no any problem with the people who came as our enemies in our territories we are highly welcome you a life in South Sudan and your families, relatives will receive your deaths reports back to your countries.

Nowadays many people use to says the reunite of south Sudanese people just like painkiller drug when you have a pain in your other parts of your body you can take it to avoid the pain for while and then if you didn’t get the good treatment for it the pain will continue again. Please don’t believe that Uganda and others foreign troops will bring peace and unity to the south Sudanese. As people said fool learn by is mistakes and intelligent learn by the mistakes of others.

Therefore we want to assure this to the world wide that the South Sudan is not for foreigners is for South Sudanese only. However the foreign troops decided to fights against us for more than 10years in South Sudan at the end they will regret.

Please don’t judge yourself as the late comer for the new movement in the country we are still giving you a chance to join the SPLM/A Freedom Fighters in struggle wherever you around the world. Freedom Fighters oyeeee high Commanders oyeeee Dr. Machar Teny oyeee God bless South Sudan.

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