Appointment of BNFA Women Union members

BNFA Community-Gen.headquarters

Upper Nile North East front

Maiwut County -Maiwut

Ex. Order No . 23/2015

July 5, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — By the Authority Vested upon me by BNFA nation as chairman of BNFA community and accordance to BNFA constitution Act 1996 article 2 section (2) e

I CNN / Sam Simon Mayan Tut, chairman of BNFA community, in consultation with deputy Chairman of BNFA , hereby appoints the following as BNFA women Union executive Members as follow:-

No Name Position
1 Col. Elijabeth Nyayual Gatkuoth Acting chairperson
2 Hon.Nyadier Chantim Deputy chairperson
3 Hon . Margreat stephen Secretary general
4 Hon . Rebecca Nyakuoth Puol Treasury
5 Hon . Mary Nyawech Pout Chairperson – social

Welfare and gender in

4oth men Advisory council


6 Captian Monica Nyabar Thaiyang Women coordinator

BNFA executive office

7 Ist.Lt Nyakhor Nyang Rundial Mobilization and planning
8 Rev. Elijabeth Nyachany Nyut Human Right and children protection
9 Hon . Sarah Nyatut Ruong Keat Woman coordinator Sudan
10 Mama Sarah Nyadak Tong BNFA coordinator Egypt
11 Hom . Nyawira Reath Bany Member
12 Hon . Nyadeng Chol Sec.for Public Relation


  • The chairperson of ANFA woman union and her deputy shall appoints the rest of their members from five (5) federal states Lich state , Sobat state , Phow state , Bich state and Adar state including the appointment of BNFA women union states coordinators in consultation with Governors and commissioners and chairman of BNFA .
  • The union administration should registers all the community widows including the women who’s their husbands killed in this current war for identification in closely cooperation with local authorities.
  • The union shall work hard to supports and cooperate with the SPLM/SPLA) (10) administration socially and physically in all opposition control territories.
  • The union should directly communicate and cooperate and coordinate their a activities with Nuer communities women sectors in USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Ethiopia Kenya , Sudan , Egypt and Uganda .
  • The union members can visit the Refugees camps in Ethiopia and Sudan to know the difficulties facing women and children.
  • The union can cooperate with all international organizations and NGOs working in all opposition control areas.

Made under my hand on 22nd, June 2015A.D .

CNN/Sam Simon Mayan tut


BNFA community

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