South Sudan: The Death of Dr. John Garang Reveals Itself – Part I


Written by Deng S. Elijah

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December 22, 2013(Nyamilepedia)-– Democratic change can be fought ideologically or physically. The reason South Sudanese fought for over 50 years was NOT to create a “buffer” state that would be geographical defined. They fought for self-determination and democracy. These are broad terms that carry so much more than the territorial integrity.

That so much is fading and South Sudanese are now targeting one another based on their ethnicity and culture, instead of fighting the bigger goal. Nuer and Dinka are being turned into Hutu and Tutsi of Rwanda, just in our watch, in 21st century. But they(Dinka and Nuer) must know that this is NOT a tribal war; it is a democratic war and a national war that the current system couldn’t handle politically. People should know that this is the right they fought for over 50 years.

Politically, the call for democracy has been winning and uniting the senior politicians from all over the country, however, the enemy of democracy lost hopes to retain their comfort zones (autocracy) and now resorted to use missiles, jets and tanks against the innocent civilians.

Nuer were philosophically targeted because of their volatile warrior-ism, that would turn the national interest into tribal, and divert attention. This was a covert practice to cover the ill intentions behind the plotted coup. But since this has not yet materialized, the TRUE enemy has flown into Juba with jets and other parts of the country, bombing citizens without mercy. These must be universally condemned.

South Sudanese should know that these would be the last kicks of a dying horse, if South Sudanese unite, otherwise, they would wish, they knew that “ a chance knocks once”. If what Museveni and Kiir are cooking succeeds, South Sudanese would regret fighting for separation. The architects for dictatorial regimes have succeeded in many parts of Africa through massacres, tribal rifts and divide and rule tactics. From Libya to Uganda, dictators have been fitting the innocent citizens against one another based on their identities, and South Sudan isn’t any different.  The Nuer ethnic group that is being used as a means to an end in South Sudan, and suffers on both ends, is like the African decent (black) Libyans that the Gaddaffi used to sustain his dictatorial regime in Libya.  The Nuer ethnic group would one day realize the consequences of this trait.

South Sudanese must know that Gaddaffi trained Museveni to be the dictator he is today and Museveni trained Paul Kageme of Rwanda (although Kagame has unique traits). For the last 8 years, Museveni has been training Salva Kiir Mayardit of South Sudan to be another dictator in the Eastern African region.  This self-imposed coup was the primary graduation of the young dicator, Salva Kiir Mayardit.

The region has been taken over by dictators. Five out of seven (5/7) countries in the region are being ruled by dictators and South Sudan is now joining the list. Museveni has a lion share interest in South Sudan politics and his current military intervention must speak in volumes. Museveni is the eldest and the worse dictator in the region controlling politics in Uganda, Rwanda, DRC, Burundi, and now South Sudan. This is the devil that the South Sudanese must eliminate in their territory. He has very ill intentions and the worse secrets to cover (the death of Dr. John Garang, one of the founding fathers of South Sudan). This must be universally condemned.

Because the majority of South Sudanese are NOT aware of this, I will release a full article that would expose this evil plan. MUSEVENI KILL DR. JOHN GARANG, AND HE WILL DO EVERYTHING TO ELIMINATE DR. RIEK MACHAR (the champion of self-determination and the father of democratic change), GARANG FAMILY AND GARANG BOYS IN SOUTH SUDANESE POLITICS.

I’m hundred percent (100%) convinced that Museveni assassinated Dr. John Garang and Maj. Gen George Athor, who fought against Kiir in 2010 in call of democratic process. 

South Sudanese must join this War. We are fighting something beyond democratic change. This is the cause that killed over 4 millions South Sudanese in the last five decades.

The author, Deng Elijah, is a senior at the University of British Columbia, and British Columbia Institute of Technology. He can be reached at dengsimon2000 at yahoo dot com.

  4 comments for “South Sudan: The Death of Dr. John Garang Reveals Itself – Part I

  1. December 23, 2013 at 1:33 am

    this is revolution ,Uganda people need us to finish one bye one,Kiir also betray us and we are going to cry on others countries:s hand,God help us.shame on you .


  2. December 23, 2013 at 9:36 am

    Mr. Deng S. Elijah, based on your article dated 22 December, 2013, that is mainly about the dictatorship of our lovely country’s president his excellency General Salva Kiir Mayardit, I would like to say honestly that I have enjoyed reading your article that is rich of good grammatical command. However your article is purely starving and deviod of truth and evidences!

    Calling an innocent president Salva Kiir a dictator is an abuse to the people of South Sudan generally. President Salva Kiir is a devoted and loyal patriot who have been fighting for the independence of South Sudanese people since 1966 until he finally achieved our independent triumphantly on 9 July, 2011 as the first president of the country. South Sudan has only two years of independent with Salva Kiir being its first president since 9 of July 2011. I it is a shaky claim calling him a dictator. Even in the highly advanced countries like USA, UK, and France where democracy has taken strong anchor rather than just simplely rooted, no president is called a dictator after two years in a presidential office.

    What we all know as the people of South Sudan is that the first term of President Salva Kiir begins in 2015, because 2015 is the first general election ever to be held every soon in an independent young and new South Sudan. I view your claim as irrational when you call such a great leader of sacrifice a dictator before he even start his first term in office! Or do you want to assure the whole world that the six years of the transitional period from 2005 to 2011 when we were under the republic of Sudan’s leadership of president Al Bashir in which our current president Salva Kiir served as the first vice president are attributed to him as part of his leadership after our independent in 2011? If that is your opinions, could this allegation of yours about Salva Kiir’s dictatorship be reasonable? If this is what you are claiming then Salva Kiir is not a dictator in the first place neither is he a leader who wants to clink to power, because the years between 2005 and 2011 were the years in which the former autonomous region of the then Southern Sudan was under the presidency of Omar Al Bashir of Khartoum, the president of the current Republic of the Sudan. Only after our independence from the republic of Sudan in 2011 when we immediately changed from the former autonomous regional of Southern Sudan into the independent Republic of South Sudan with Salva Kiir as our first president.

    Therefore, I would like to assure you and the entire world that being in power for two years, cannot qualify president Salva Kiir a dictator who wants to hold into power, but it is rather a national insult and personal prejudice for one to bravely accuse a right and wise leader who always stand faithfully with the people of South Sudan in both good and bad times a dictator in an unncounscious hate. Your article is also undermining the national sovereignty and security of our country. This is very clear in your unwarranted illustration where you claimed that the December 15, 2013 was not a coup but just a pretext by the government to carry out dictatorial agendas of targeting the Nuer ethnic group. But is this realy true? When the same coup ploter Dr. Riek Machar defected in 1990s and carried out the notorious ethnic cleansing among the Dinka Bor of Jonglei State, was Salva Kiir president of any nation? The event in Juba that took place on 15 December, 2013 was a clear coup plot that has been aurchestrated by the former Vice President Dr. Riek Machar as a continuation of the 1990’s greet for power struggle! The presence of the Ugandan president in Juba has been officially granted by the United Nations to broke the peace deal between the warring parties. Therefore, it is your unwarranted article that should be universally condemned by those who love lasting peace, human survival and happiness in South Sudan for it is clearly misleading without substantial truth and evidences!

    By Isaac Atem Thon Atem and can be reached at


  3. December 31, 2013 at 6:11 am

    Thanks Isaac Atem.
    In addition to your words, When did Dr. Riak Machar started changing against the gov, i believe he was part of the gov till July 2013. just with the diff of 4 months only. Dr. Riak dreams is very clear from the very beginning, he just want to be a president. SO Mr. Deng Elijah, try to understands things clearly before spreading nonsence in the media.


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