Hope is no Longer a Strategy For The South Sudanese Problem

By Santino Aniek

Working for peace, forgiveness, healing, and reconciliation in South Sudan (Photo credit: Catholic Relief Services)

Working for peace, forgiveness, healing, and reconciliation in South Sudan (Photo credit: Catholic Relief Services)

July 06, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Hope is often described as being very exceptional to all human beings in the face of uncertainty because of its specific sophisticated piteousness, but commonly unseeingly, and feeling at the end of the process. This strange unseen word is the most often experienced as a progress through which tolerance and overcoming pain are achieve; it takes time for hope to satisfy its guarantee to all mankind. However, the notions of hope as a successful strategy for South Sudanese’s problems and jobs guarantee in the government for these cliques of this senseless war should be reevaluated at this moment in time.  Paradoxically, there is an inherent logic to belief that these cliques are obsessed over the hope as the only strategy that is becoming a notion which defies the living truth where each individual is capable of waging a war on the South Sudanese people and use their individual unique ability to take more lives in order to secure their employments in a nation where 2.5 million lives have been lost. Fashionable position in the government of South Sudan is most particularly a disease of our culture elites and it is the very reason these cliques control the institution that manufacture this senseless war.

To all the cliques of this senseless war who keep saying that supporting the government or rebel will bring peace and stability to the South Sudanese people, congratulations you are everything wrong with this crisis in South Sudan, because of this unwillingness to even consider that something other than the government or rebel could inspire people to progress as human beings is deplorable.  Until we as a nation are willing to commit ourselves to reconciliation and forgiveness at all levels, we will continue to have these outbreaks of violence in South Sudan with the same suffering that favor so many of the current cliques of this senseless war who have declared their allegiance to annihilate the South Sudanese people. We simply are no different than the National militant Al Shabaab of Somalia or ISIS of Middle East who is killing their own citizens in the name of their chauvinistic struggles. Regrettably, there is a heavy symbolic significance in these cliques’ operation, even the well intended have deeply seeded fear of not addressing the issues facing the South Sudanese people to its maximum truths, which is why they have been supporting this senseless, war in the first place.

The prefect look back, moreover, if we reflect on the suffering and the death of our people endured nonetheless the history of South Sudan is a lesson that the cliques of this senseless war would have wanted to burn down by now because they feel that they needed to have control over the people who liberated themselves from Khartoum regime not long ago. No doubt such a past and the struggle in our history are often an forgettable and so now it is time for South Sudanese folks to engage each other without getting defensive, argumentative, and have constructive dialogue, forgiveness, reconciliation, and may be able to undo some of the wounds still in the hearts of our people and the biggest and the hardest thing is the changing of learning attitudes, intolerances, explicit biases when we see our people are judging their own fellows who is wrong at this wrong time. We all know for sure that there are a few bad apples within us, but let us trying not to use this bad time for judgment day. Although, we will need to grow and become a better people through unity, understanding each other, and every South Sudanese people must swallow this pain pill before we jump on the bandwagon of who is wrong and who is not, then we will be truly united once and for all.

More importantly, there are memories about what Riek Macher have done to the South Sudanese people, particularly those of us who witness Nasir rebellion, no matter how much Riek Macher tries to jot down and pour it out into words, it is what it is, that feeling will never go away. Memories that are stamped into South Sudanese people hearts and minds; such memories cannot possibly die even when Riek Macher ceases to exist. Such unenthusiastic impact on Riek Macher has on all the South Sudanese people and will be remember and will be written on the history books as Riek Macher’s legacy. On the other hand, this suffering and death in South Sudan will never be kind to General Kiir, moreover to get him to the gate of dreamland, because after the death of Dr. John Garang, the SPLM leaders have trusted General Kiir to take the movement to the promise land, but sadly he turned against his comrades in struggle and tried to eliminate them one by one.

In addition to the powers of the President, I just wish General Kiir knew that he was not only doing it to his comrades in struggle, but to the entire people of South Sudan and to the humanity in Africa in general as a continent and now the nation is paying a substantial price of a one man only. So who are you to say that General Kiir is an angle or Riek Macher is a devil? As the fact tell us, the senseless war has started in Juba and General Kiir is responsible for the suffering and death of our innocents people, simply because he is the President of South Sudan. However, General Kiir owes Riek Macher massive appreciation big time for being his perfect partner in this senseless war crime. It is an incredible strength and knowledge to their stories; they have fought in our longest civil war in Africa nation and they have participated in spreading the message to the Sudanese people in General and to the South Sudanese people in particular to liberate Sudan throughout our beautiful struggle.  In the 80s, they allowed us all to see and remember that we were all just loving people who cared about each other and now it seems that the evil of South Sudan has changed them after they had been baptized in the name of South Sudan. They become ferocious, duplicitous, just plain immoral people, and their love for our country seems to be disappearing. They have taken arms instead of dialogue to bring down the very nation that has taken the lives of 2.5 millions people. One would have been quite wrong, this is so depressing daily to hear that General Kiir and Riek Macher are continuing massacre their own citizens and unmoving dedicate their time planning to eradicate more South Sudanese people and not showing their good sides that all South Sudanese people used to know about them in the 80s to glorify this nation of death to live again.

However, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a consensus that will prevent the cliques of this senseless war and as we are mindful that the system in South Sudan has always been corrupted; and is specifically designed against our innocents people from its inception; and remains intact up to the present day of South Sudan; it is just a business to them, so it has to change once and for all. Though, it is hardly surprising, look how many professions make a living and depend on this system of corruption to exist and it is the very reason they do not want peace to be reached in South Sudan. As always the case, the cliques of this senseless war are calling those who are trying their Nhialic absolute ability to bring peace to South Sudan “the saga of hope and disappointment” is outrageous.

It seems highly improbable, to say the least, to gain acceptance and advance the cliques of this senseless war are trying to prevent peace and reconciliation, and they really believe that South Sudanese people are their enemy that is why it does not matter how hard we try, stature, accomplishments, complexion, or how important we are in today’s society, peace is impossible in their viewpoints. The attitude is no doubt callow and idealistic, it is the same way Al Shabaab and ISIS personnel are trained to see their people as enemies and they are now at war with their fellow citizens and the cliques of the senseless war beliefs in the same principles. Yet it is a structure, too, that is continuously growing and the cliques of both camps are quasi-aggressive service underneath this conflict. A life in the suffering, I thought, promise war, this is the reality of this senseless war and that is why knowing the account of this conflict is critical to the understanding of this country’s predicament and it will continue until we identify, unify and mobilize as South Sudanese people understand what we are really up against. This reflection is merely personal and I believe this is the perfect time for the South Sudanese communities to embrace peace and reconciliation plus I know it is hard to digest this attempt, but just imagine if we as people of South Sudan who have been suffering for so long heard today that all the atrocities has stopped, all of us will be celebrating on the streets of ten states.

On the other hands, this senseless war is a blessing to the cliques of both camps as their favorite war so far because every South Sudanese people now a days are talking about General Kiir’s supporters and Riek Macher’s supporters of switching sides every now and then. That being said, they have so much enjoyed this series of fame and name recognition they have never had, who ever thought we will be talking about these ruthless supporters of General Kiir and Riek Macher in the 21 century, who did not know these two leaders their behavior in the 80s. Though, this is the time, it does not matter where you stand, we all really want the same things in life, happiness, love, stability, and peace. As much could be said for all disputes about the use of force by one people against one other and who also love each other, respect themselves, and support one another all these years, and now this skirmish would blow people away.

However, the major newsflash is that, I heard the other day that Pagan Amum and his group were in Juba. If I heard that correctly, there might be many others to follow their footsteps because it has been quite long time coming for South Sudanese people who have been crying for peace and it might be said that we must accept moral equivalence in dialogue in order to have peace once and for all. Immediately, I sent a message to a few friends on Facebook because they were concerned about this move being made by the government and the G-10 to check their responses about this new attempt. In other words, I was asking these friends of mind if there is an existing guideline or rule the peace process operates in order for the government and the opposition parties to bring peace to South Sudan. Given the fact, our people are the real victims of the system in Juba and the cliques of this senseless war are trying to make their leaders the victim in this conflict, but not in my view.

I said this because when the war started in Juba, our innocent people were in the middle of those roads, and war was manufactured in order for their leaders to keep their jobs and the people of South Sudan ended up losing their lives. In addition, the cliques of both camps now come to the point that in order to compete, they have to report lies not just the truth, maybe no facts at all many times about this attempt by the government in Juba and the G-10.  Apparently, this trend of lies has started not very long before this senseless war started in Juba, but suddenly these dishonesties of the cliques of both camps skyrocketed after Pagan has arrived in Juba. It is like they just realized that they have found their friend in the highest office giving away their position to someone else. Nonetheless, in the last two years or so they have been exposing themselves lying and getting caught, and those who are losing jobs in Juba are part of these crowds.

As the news blowout, the cliques of this senseless war are working night and day tirelessly to mitigate this conflict and they are trying to bring awareness to themselves that would prevent this attempt and would create additional nightmare to the South Sudanese people. There is urgency, and catastrophe in this country, a corrupt system that deliberately designs the ongoing tyrannical tactics and life ruining, lies, and rape of human beings’ freedom whose lives become forever changed by the disproportions of the same system designs for failure for the new nation has to change. Our culture has long stressed the unimportance of these horrific atrocities robbing our people’s lives day in and day out, yet the cliques of this senseless war still make their happy face reactions calling their fellow citizens names is shocking. The rhetoric of saying nothing indicates that this senseless war has been slowly turning into a civil war and on our part we have no motivation to assist in supporting our people who are hurting by these issues affected by the favoritisms we have just created is nothing, but troubling.

One aspect of our unease may derive from our tendency to use war too much as a substantially expansible of social policy that will give us positions in the government is disgusting. What can we do? How can we help our people? There is a price to be pay for the neglect of our people’s lives and I cannot sit by and just respond, good job people and keep moving like I’m far from the battlefield, it is not going to happen. Nevertheless, we have enormous capabilities and I have decided to take a stand and join a collective of empowering South Sudanese people who want to take action and push for reconciliation and peace process. The era of war is gone, it is deeply disgraceful to the prestige of our lives, I’m shattered hearing every day about this senseless war and I do not want to continue to regurgitate the stories of these wars any more and so can you. Those who are advocating for peace and reconciliation, today I will continue to share why I’m against this senseless war and I will be a part of this change to help make our people’s lives better through peace and reconciliation by calling on both sides to accept this roadmap.

We submit that there is simply evidence that the cliques of both camps are gracious beyond imagining, when deciding whether to continue with the war. Most of the arguments I have made above with respect to the senseless war apply to the lives and death of our people and if there is a victory in this attempt, it will benefit primarily the most South Sudanese people plus communities who have been suffering in this conflict since the senseless war started in Juba.  Moreover, this reconciliation and forgiveness will benefit our people greatly, but as much as I was very pleased by this attempt by General Kiir and the G-10. I was also actual aggravated at my own community leaders; they had the opportunity to use the natural law of the South Sudanese people granted to them by the South Sudanese people on that occasion to call attention to the unforgivable war in the earlier months that gutted in order to save lives, but they consistently failed to do so. Though in the 2 years in between, there has been considerable evidence of how much damage this senseless war has done, and yet there are very few of us that have more privileged positional ties to General Kiir and Riek Macher who seem not to care about the suffering and death of our innocent people and still call for the continuation of war shown the brutality of these cliques.

To begin with, I obviously cannot speak for all of us, but I can say for myself, I commit to viewing this latest moving as an incredible progression by the concerned citizens of the new nation, and will leverage reconciliation and peace process in the day a head. Of course, it would make difference, I think that to avoid more lives lost, General Kiir and the G-10 need to work hard and not to allow these cliques frenzy around this current effort to disrupt the conversation around the remaining issues and the intolerance that catalyzed this nation for quite sometimes. I will suggest that South Sudanese people must use their voices to help shift the conversations towards awareness of this horrific conditions facing our most marginalized innocent people and the urgency of prioritizing their safety and well being when determining issues of emphasis. Furthermore, the principle of evolution of war control the meaning of peace and reconciliation is painful and if we do not maintain this attempt by General Kiir and the G-10, our innocent people will be the most disenfranchised in this conflict in the years to come. Obviously, the cruelty against our people is the problem for the communities of South Sudan to resolve, it is also the responsibility of those who own this senseless war and those who control it systematically for their employment protection in the government must come back to their consciousness. Yes, indeed, it is their illness and their problem to resolve it; but please do not keep supporting this senseless war because it is destroying our people’s lives. You cannot say screw them, we do not need you and then turn around and ask General Kiir and the G-10 not to have a conversation about what went wrong that night in Juba, this is the time to bring this horrific conditions to an end once and for all. In fact, the lesson may be learning that South Sudanese people cannot afford civil war at this moment in time, because the country is too poor to fight itself while our enemy is waiting on the sideline.

A moment’s reflection make it clear that an additional reason I find this subsequently compelling is that this attempt by General Kiir and the G-10 might make it easier to have a conversation about reconciliation and forgiveness and every South Sudanese citizen should be complicit in it, by being able to objectify this apparatus to continue to support and perpetuate the notion of peace that means something- everything to all of us. It would make more sense to say that the result of the peace process in this country has never been easy, look- there are these comrades early this month who somehow came up with a set of assumptions of unification of the SPLM and made it possible to bring peace to our people, and still be considered good, sincere people is the spirit of compassion. In addition, we have to believe the same assumptions that this system upholds them to takes on Basher’s regime to implement the PCA and this model should be the foundation of this reconciliation and forgiveness for all.

Besides, we all are completely subject to this reconciliation and forgiveness, and therefore we should rejected this complicit division intolerance reality that we have created among ourselves all these years. For many reasons, this could be a first step toward reconciliation and peace process and I respectfully suggest that the suffering and death in South Sudan must stop, whether by peace or something else. On the other hand, we all carry on our lives with a set of assumptions about this country we all love and we can point to these suffering and death, regarding where you come from, and put this division intolerance reality on the table, pick them apart, change the direction the country is moving to and the result will be stability and peace for all the South Sudanese people.  More importantly, the odd thing about this senseless war is that the cliques of this senseless war argue that the suffering and death of our innocent people is perfect and does not deserve to be examined that is reality on the ground. Instead of this ridiculous conversation about whether you were intuitive to the regulation of this senseless war, or not, the authenticity is, the evaluation of that probability of this senseless war is not difficult one, involving an assessment of the evidence available, the predilection of the witnesses is there and does not need outsider to involve, but we South Sudanese people to forgive ourselves and move on.

Yet, there is more persuasive evidence of the feelings of the people of South Sudan in general about this senseless war. If speculation is relevant, South Sudanese people must take it upon themselves and evaluate what their existence suffering and death has been in this confusion and take appropriate actions once and for all to bring peace and reconciliation to the people of new nation. One thing I’m certain of is that the reconciliation and forgiveness we South Sudanese people have been waiting to have will never materialize by itself unless people take this opportunity and use it as a basis for reconciliation and forgiveness in order for peace to come to our nation. The best available evidence that the brutality with which we live our lives every day will come to an end if we ignore these coldblooded cliques of this senseless war and hell to continue with the same mentality of us against them. This blunt fact can be avoid with contention because these cliques of this senseless war have formed the basis of their curiosity experience, which validates that they have been at odds with every aspect of South Sudanese people suffering except that they will accept peace when their interests are undermined by this conflict. Although the premise is correct, all of this is a part of the failed theoretical model created by these cliques of this senseless war; it is the selfishness that social cultural behavior, and it is unsustainable in a country that took 2.5 million lives. We cannot let them succeed in the 21 centuries, because once the crime is detect, it should be constitutionally permissible to execute the criminals.

Though, this arrangement of injustice is a falsehood that maintained by the ignorance of the responsibility commanded by the creator of this senseless war to honor what they have created from the time when South Sudan became independent. Nonetheless, settled down, because I’m not going to jump on some ideas since the majorities of our people are supporting the continuation of this senseless war, but I’m capable of something that publics do not seem to be willing to admit and that is thinking for our innocents people. We would scarcely that the need to incapacitate this senseless war is a good ground for peace and reconciliation. But the government and their counterpart rebel have redeeming qualities and have amusing positions for their cliques to support them to continue the senseless war to the end is heartbreaking for South Sudanese people. It is, perhaps, in no way can I take the word of some of the government cliques and the rebel cliques who are accordingly, brilliantly backing up the government or rebel not of ideology that will save innocent people’s lives, but would refer to as the only way regressive of the same childhood policy that says if you are with me, you got a job, pal.

The careless balance of considerations supporting the worrying parties of fighting this senseless war has some odd consequences all of which contributed significantly to the human suffering consisting of many deaths all across ten states of South Sudan. A reverence for the important of human life may not explain a thoroughly to the cliques of this senseless war, because of the same self-righteous people such as themselves that South Sudan is now a witticism in the face of all nations. Though, the core of the matter is simply that stability and peace will come to South Sudan when the general population of South Sudanese people as a whole denounce this temperament of us against them and accepted reconciliation and forgiveness without using false choices of fighting their manufacturing war and obtain motivation and inspiration from these cliques who got it wrong only for employments in the government. Even a reasonable men and women can and disagree about the merit of this senseless war, the point of saying that this senseless war had been fought by many men and women with many hidden agendas, similarly if they choose to believe that this war is inspiring many South Sudanese people, it would be naive to assume that there are not ulterior motives concealed by those who are supporting government or rebels.

The circumstance of these men and women who were the masterminds of this senseless war shows that in fact they were motivated or driven by interest and as a result when General Kiir and the G-10 made a move, these warmongering marque them as traitors. Sure, there are many good lessons and morals to be learned from this senseless war, but there are many contradictions in the mind of these cliques, given the ability to pick up arms and choose their current field of fighting is a very hard pill to swallow. The fact that it was a manufactured war by these twisted minds is in essence not sitting well with these supporters of both camps.

I have never heard until a year ago that the majority of our citizens are happy with the situation in which those selves manipulators who have been advising General Kiir and Riek Macher in South Sudan can get away with the death of tens of thousands people and then took time more to skim through all of these controversial issues all these years is upsetting. Nevertheless, please allowed me to speak my mind because I have been able to look into much of these matters for the last 8 years and so on the surface, it seems like a motivational self-help war with positive intentions for the supporters of both camp to use General Kiir and Riek Macher for their own goods is the evidence here. God forbid as I make this statement, I will be confirmed as an anti senseless war and believe in peace process and accused of being obsessed with the shades of reconciliation and forgiveness that should not be in discussion according to these cliques of this senseless war.

It must have been obvious from the beginning that the South Sudanese people are not just being misguided by General Kiir’s administration and Riek Macher’s rebel, but the supporters of both camps are the worst scenario in this senseless war. The cliques of both camps operate like a separate branch of government by itself and place a tremendous influence on the political landscape of South Sudan. Sad to say, since South Sudan became independent, the above mentioned have aggressively supported General Kiir and Riek Macher’s agenda by outright propaganda. Of course it is not surprising to anyone else for that matter to see these cliques in positions where they can manipulate the lives of our citizen, but for them it seems like it is the way of life in politics.

The thing is that to us as citizens of this great nation, it is time we stand up together and make our voices heard. It is fascinating how contemporary how prejudices these cliques of this senseless war have been misleading South Sudanese people for the past 8 years. No one would dispute the temperature of this senseless war is entering into a turning point in our lives that would cause a devastation to the South Sudan if peace is not quickly reached this year. Though the cliques of this senseless war are trying to put issues directly into the hands of the individuals who would instigate more destruction to the new nation. In today’s world, creating instability is considered as major devastation affecting society’s way of life and it is causing lives lost significantly in Africa, particularly in South Sudan. Our people are made to believe there is a need to go through suffering and death to guarantee decent jobs, or they would be seen as a collapsed society and destined for miserable life.

Without question, it is time to orient our belief at least at a theoretical understanding of a job searching in today’s employment where skills and experiences are very valuable in relatively to productivity and all South Sudanese people could be employed if security is in place. It hardly needs saying that this peace process will save lives of each and every South Sudanese people and those who are fighting for position in government will start earning the employment they instigates at a safe environment. In addition, people of South Sudan would be in a position of living good lives without worried about conflict in return because all communities of South Sudan would be in peace with their neighbor and the employment opportunity may be distributed equal accordingly. At the end thought, what needs to be done is to encourage those young people who do not have experience to take advantage of the vocational training available and higher education training in South Sudan. Among other things, the government must have to take up the cost of training of the non-degree holders, as an appreciation for their long tenure and commitment to the long-term solution for the conflict not to return.

The logical conclusion of this would address the cliques of both camp’s concern of employment or positions in the government sector and at the same time, it will improves the life and self-esteem of those who hold these beliefs of taking arm because of employment. On the same token, encourage these young people who are fighting this senseless war to go back to school while they are young will increase their chances of not only enjoying life, but encourage their intellectual curiosity and help them not to return to the battlefield. The concept of competition obviously requires redefinition in South Sudan, exposing these young people to sophistication of school material demands that will develop their brains with a sense of solving these problems facing the new nation and discipline them to achieve their gold in lives and not fighting war against their own people will be an investment of a nation building. Therefore, these young people are indeed not being prepared with knowledge to help them to achieve their potential ambitions when they go out into the real world and it is number one factor that initiate this senseless war in South Sudan.

These considerations lead me to conclude that here is always an opportunity for one to have a second chance in life and that decision to pursue this investment credentials in a nation that needs more young people than ever is even better when they so-called leaders agree to implement this one and pay a deaf ear to their cliques. Given the fragmented nature of this conflict, bringing this war to an end would help the process of seeking stability, peace, reconciliation, forgiveness, and providing moral understanding among the South Sudanese people. The requirements of positions in the government permit me merely to touch upon a variety of objections and however, the power sharing may not be designed to satisfy everyone in the entire country, but at least South Sudanese people are better off because of the practical insecurity that would be brought to an end through peace process. For example, for those young men and women who are fighting this senseless war to have a peace, it will be easy for them to get on to the government payroll and few will enthusiasm be back to school that automatically eliminated the number of those who are supporting the continuation of war. In my humble opinion, reaching an agreement at this moment in time could provide a solution for these young people to go back to college and seek jobs in today’s employment instead of taking arms again their own people.

I can conclude, perhaps, this senseless war is not a conspiracy, but a syndrome to these people who view our country from an unusual perspective, a perspective in which these cliques of this senseless war wanted to eliminate their fellow citizens, because of positions in the government. Simple-minded steeple thinkers think that it is all about power and positions in the government, but this war will not finish with guns overnight. The war that South Sudanese people well understood is bigger than the fight and cannot reach these well equipped with ideas, better politicians than these cliques of this senseless war. However, social values other than positions in the government have always play a great role in human lives, I know their soul wants war, turmoil, retaliation, and devastation to continue to hurt the humble people of South Sudan, because they don’t want our communities to be in peace. If I’m correct, South Sudanese people understand their murky business is not a frustration in this interpretation, but what they do not know is, this is about the life and death here and this attempt could soften the war that is shamefully corrupting the country in a big way and these cliques of this senseless war would understand if they have been following the devastation taking place in South Sudan.

No other country has been so terrorized by the war for decades than South Sudan and still these cliques of this senseless war act like what is going in South Sudan is something they can ignore for their own benefit. Moreover, the subject has been debated in a variety of ways and we must begin to start planning to protect ourselves from such tyranny and hatred in our own country for the peace and reconciliation to return to the new nation. You will all notice, however, until history of our country teaches us and tells us the whole truth about this suffering and death and until then our diversity is valued, South Sudanese people will not forgive those who divided us on the basis of ethnicity, only Nhialic can have mercy on those who alienated our communities. It is important to try to understand that we are one people that will never change, but to keep propagandizing this hidden agenda by these cliques of this senseless war, forgiveness to them at this moment in time is impossible. The horizontal aspect, it will even take away our own South Sudanese humanity to forgive them. Nonetheless, they are the people we have to look forward to make our country a better nation and the same people are taking our future away from us. No peace, no forgiveness here yet, it is that simple.

It would make sense to say forgiveness has to start with you and me, but the concern and difficulty about how to prevent reconciliation and forgiveness not be turned once again into constant mission by these cliques of this senseless war to exonerate South Sudanese people and terrorize and criminalize and we have to learn from the past conflicts. But in some ways, we are further stamping upon the nation that has lost many lives because of this senseless war, these cliques of this senseless war are easily resistant to peace, and reconciliation is nothing but absolutely absurd. Can peace be a form of respectability of politicians? Accepting that figure for the moment, I’m afraid that there be will be many people who will put in as much energy to incapacitating this last chance, and our people should not listen to these cliques of this senseless war as they are trying to convince South Sudanese people to keep hearing their nonsense evil ideas of hope as a strategy for South Sudanese problems.

The authenticity is, no community can be in peace with her neighbor and be effective if all differences are drawn into confrontation. As we approach this occasion, the injustice and tyranny against our people is the unfairness and cruelty against all mankind and we must protect the institution of life by rejecting the principle of division and tribalism that has been commissioned a long the ethnicity line in our country for too long. It is clear, in addition, wow it is time once again to remind ourselves that hope indeed is not a strategy for our people to kill ourselves in the name of position in the government and toss our norm away that has been keeping us together for centuries.

Santino Aniek is a concerned South Sudanese in Upstate New York, U.S.A. He can be reached at santino.aniek@snhu.edu or santin.aniek5@gmail.com and find me on Facebook, on Skype and on twitter @saniek

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