Pagan Pushed Himself to Juba, Where is Peace to Push Ahead of 9th July?

By David Lony Majak,


The swearing in ceremony of Pagan Amum after his reinstatement inot his former position of SPLM SG…

 July 10, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Countless South Sudanese did not discern who replica Pagan is in politics, great opportunist. It’s a very incredible news that the same Pagan who gave insufferable speeches pushed himself to Juba without bearing in mind all he assumed after he was reinstated last month June. Pagan has previously promised to go to Juba and push for a peace, and healing before the celebration of 4th Anniversary on the 9th July 2015, where is the peace?.Tomorrow is 9th July or he means 9th July 2016, Pagan should constantly reasoned like an adult and must stops irresponsible conduct in public.

This will lastly proved who Pagan is to South Sudanese people; this is an intolerable of him trying to be a good speaker speaking loudly like a good smoker in bar giving hate speeches, flabbergasted without execution. South Sudan citizens should therefore open their eyes this time around to avoid third civil war in South Sudan if such liabilities are given another prospect to participate in state affairs. Mr. President Kiir and Dr. Machar are enough to end these political crises and not those of Pagan Amum to fetch peace in South Sudan.

The so called Pagan, who led the SPLM-Former Detainees faction (formally G-10) which recently rejoined the government of President Salva Kiir, said they want to open a new chapter in implementing Joint Cooperation Agreements and all outstanding issues stuck between the two countries, Republic of South Sudan and Sudan. What a puzzling nation is South Sudan if he Pagan intends to visit Khartoum in order to engage in serious talks with Sudan’s ruling National Congress Party (NCP) yet he politically failed in South Sudan level and that of SPLM party. He should first settle for at least two-three months to really comprehend what went erroneous in SPLM-Party since the war erupted in December 2013.

I Cannot now tell since when has the President Kiir entrusted a spy to jog on government businesses, Pagan have not yet call on the general public to request for forgiveness for all what he caused the party to went from beginning to end. Perhaps Pagan is planning a further internal cope within the SPLM party; yes he has just been forgiven and reinstated for the purpose of implementing SPLM-Arusha reunifications, so what?

According to a trustworthy source, they the two (Gs) the results of their second last meeting which was held last week in Nairobi after they were sent back from Arusha-SPLM Reunification discussion where they were deprived of an independent partaking as G-10. Pagan made it apparent to members of the out of order G-10 that, he will unquestionably be departing to Juba to go and engage SPLM-Juba and the rest of G-10 will remains in Nairobi to push IGAD and SPLM-IO for a peace deal before the 9th July.

In my opinion I do not know how South Sudanese will help such a great off-putting elements in our societies when it comes to national politics. At human point of views up to now; there are some brainwashed South Sudanese underneath Pagan’s political tactic in this contemporary situation.

At this time the question is that; is Mr. Pagan out his normal human sanity or something crazy is lashing him psychologically?. He left all; he said about SPM (s) reunification, peace and jumped to another vast setback which he primarily failed to resolve with Sudan- Khartoum Government when he was the one implementing the outstanding issues of South Sudan-Sudan border as part of CPA- comprehensive Peace Agreement until his ministry was dissolved. I got astonished yesterday Tuesday 7th July, when I read Pagan’s unanalyzed plan saying that he will visit Sudan for border problem between the two countries.

The only attention and grabbing part after G-10 convention in Nairobi was that; the young PHD, Dr. Majak De Agoot put it blank point that, He has always being a very practical leader in all his politics and promising they are just about to retire but they wish to leave a peaceful south Sudan despite the consequences of their personage interests in current unending crisis in the Country.

This is a great word from big nationalist although their political thoughts over South Sudan’s crises are questionable since the war broke out. Dr. De Agoot continues by aphorism that; others in South Sudan had entirely misunderstood why SPLM-IO exists in the bush. He naked it on the record to G-10 members and clique that those rebels you called today were pushed to rebelled just simply because of SPLM-Juba behaving when the unpleasant incident erupted in mid December 2013 and that there is nothing we can do unless peace is given a chance.

Meanwhile, Pagan authoritatively deep-rooted he will return to the capital Juba before 9 July in order to work for the reunification of the SPLM party but Pagan seemed to be lacking grown-up analysis in his political says. I do not think if the same South Sudanese people whom he betrayed yesterday are going to believe in him as a superior leader, but for God’s sake some off-course maybe blind pool. Pagan returned to juba with pour out promises, may his soul rest in eternal peace politically, I hope South Sudan national security bill is still effective in its terms.

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