Salvatore Kiir is presidency is out-dated and not longer legitimate as president of the Republic . He should step down and hand South Sudan to it’s people

Museveni speech on South Sudan 4th Independent Anniversary is disdain and shame on those who applauded for him

By Jeffah THABACH,

Ugandan president, Yoweri Museveni, and Salva Kiir of South Sudan at the 4th independent anniversary in Juba(Photo: file)

Ugandan president, Yoweri Museveni, and Salva Kiir of South Sudan at the 4th independent anniversary in Juba(Photo: file)

July 10, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Anonymous friends, your opinions would only be validated only when your concept on uniting South Sudanese become a winking ladder to democracy and these jackals and traitors( Salvatore Kiir, his uncle Museveni and all his regiments) fall into the hand of democrats. We all need peaceful South Sudan and long lasting brotherhood.

Museveni words, not manipulation them but I have come to know that South Sudan problem has underlying cause, the ideas of tribalism was found on Museveni’s dictionary. For that reason, Salvatore Kiir was told to make one tribe in Southern Sudan, and that should all South Sudanese be Dinka instead of South Sudanese. The genocide that took place in December 2013, has a root if I’m not mistakenly accusing Museveni

It shouldn’t be taken as a credit on them who started war. There is nothing to praise the Juba government for. Your applauding on Musevini speech is a shame.  I was totally broken hearing-seeing Museveni on Video pointing at Deng Alor Kuol, the rebel who just went back to Juba pursuing his own benefit.

If you all went back this time, you would got the same finger pointing at you in disdain. Nueri did not started this war, and if it was not right for some one to defence himself, then There is no word self-defence in English dictionary. Musevini is continuing fuelling the situation in South Sudan.

With democrats and Nuer as leader, you will have a peaceful South Sudan”. 

Nueri are very good people. They are loving and caring people whom we all knew. They have a loving spirit of forgiving. They are protectors and have a spirit of guardianship, patience, brother kindness and do not rely on people ideas and such vanities. They cannot listen to any foreign influence as does Salvatore and his scapegoats( his kinsmen) who brought Museveni into our land. Such a men are glutton and have their belly everything above heaven. They do not count on suffering of our people, having their heart hardened and attending only on their interest. They have failed to lead and deserve to be punished. I and people of South Sudan believed that one day, they will be held accountable for all these atrocities.

The recent killing in unity state had saddens all of us regardless of where you belong or what side you are. They are our children, women who have been mistreated. Raped, tortured and killed. I know that Nueri do not kill children and that was a part of their value. Anything involving women and children has nothing do with fighting, but if anyone did anything that need to retaliate, Nueri take necessary steps to do it exactly the way you did. I’m frittered and frightened. Therefore; I ask all people out there to remained in that value Nueri have and not to intend to harm an innocent children, women( they are mothers for this nation) we are required to have respect for them.

Please count on what happened in Juba last December of 2013, that is enough as people of South Sudan. All these will one day end, and we all will felt sorry for all of these things.

Susan Rice, have a very nice smile most of the times but when she spoke on 4th anniversary, I felt that she feel what these little children, women and elderly people are feeling, but instead of only feeling that way, they should do better than that for South Sudanese who are suffering out there….. Children, women and elderly people whose right is being violated by Mr. President and his men( scapegoats).

Mr. President In some points, wayside of another, there are people who are backing him, favouring him and doesn’t look on suffering of these individual who are innocent, the right citizen of this land. People like to speak about it but do not want to do anything about it. The whole earth is a ware of President Kiir’s corruption and knew that he had started this war. The human right watch organisations are a ware of this, UNHCR, and all people on the face of the earth knew about it. Is the whole world a waste?

People of South Sudan, Let move and preserve the future of Southern Sudan together. Leave children, women and elderly people alone. Go after the one who possess and in position of holding a handgun.

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