Nuer community in Arua, Uganda, Inaugurates New Leadership Into Office

Nuer community in Arua dancing last night after the iaun of a new leadership(Photo: supplied)

Nuer community in Arua dancing last night after the inauguration of a new leadership(Photo: supplied)

July 11, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Following the free and fair elections held on 3rd june 2015, the Nuer community in Arua district the headquarter of westnile region sworn in new leadership on 9th july 2015, the day which was also the independence day of South Sudan. the event took place at Kamure Park Hotel in Arua town

The colourful event which commenced with cultural dance performances by the four Nuer sections of Lich, Bieh, Phou and Latjor states was also attended by many Nuer community elders from South Sudan, Kampala and other parts of  uganda, different communities leaders with in Arua also attended, among them was the Chairman of Chollo Community, Mr. Paul Kur Ajang who described the wonderful attitude the leadership of Nuer community shown to other communities as a positive sign of better co-existence of our different ethnic groups in south sudan, paul who was speaking in Thok Naath encourages the Nuer community to be strong at this time of trials and that their suffering will end soon.

Wini Choul Biel women representative urges the incoming  chairman who hails from the same town with her to unite the Nuer people and went on to emphasis that the nuer community which is now divided into four sections was one and that it was a shortage of land and love for adventure from some nuer chiefs that made them to head for difference destinations were they now settled permanently,

She also tell the chairman to have good co-existence with other communities. Peter Lam Juol the chairman of South Sudanese refugees in Rhino camp settlement who was in Nairobi for a conference travel all the way to
attend the glorious democratic power transition in arua, he said his first priority as the leader of all the displaced different Ethnic groups is to ensure that they live in peace and harmony and put their political grudges aside, he however said that for our country to attain a genuine peace again we need to speak out the truth despite our ethnic background and put justice and accountability first, Lam also urges the Naath youth in Rhino camp to refrain from internal choas and should know that war is what brought them here.

Being quoted by our correspondent chairlady Mrs. Nyabiey Koang Kulang thanks the youths for taking education serious and knowing what brought them here, ” I am happy as a mother to see you doing well in school and doing what you were brought here for”, she said, Nyakulang also vowed to support the youths in their activities and lent them what ever she can afford when ever they brought their challenges to her, she tells the youths that as long as they are morally sticking to their duties the women leadership will always support them.

Angelina Nyabiey Puot, the incoming chair lady started her speech by dedicating one of the south sudanese
artist ‘s song to the participants, “the lok ney ni ciang mi jiek” loosely translated as ” we donot entertain harsh treatment” hit from the famous Nyapal Lul Yuel was played and the whole hall dance to it with ululations and alot of cheers, she asked the community to support her inorder for her to provide their needs to them effectively, she also appeals to women to put aside their differences and work together
for the betterment of Naath community.

Simon Kueth, the chairman of electoral commission said, the lections were free and fair and stood as example to Naath Communities world wide, he thanks the youths for showing a high sense of responsibility and respect for each other ‘s rights during the elections. Simon urge the youths to maintain that moral spirit. Deng Both Riek, the newly elected chairman thanks the community for entrusting him with the responsibility and swear not to led down his people and only requested for co-operation from them as he offer the services they need, Deng also said he would not talk aot as he prefer to walk the talk most.

The out going chairman Mr. Gabriel Ruot Tot, thanks the community for supporting his leadership during his time in office, he also thanks his executives for their hardwork and attached all his success to their hard work,
Tot also urges the incoming chairman to do what he has not been able to do.

Rev. Stephen Pal Kang the leader of Rhino camp and Arua churches urges the participants to advocate for peace where they live in order to live in peace and harmony, Gar kang also urges people to always forgive each other where they wrong each others. The guest of honour Mr. Gatkuoth Leaw Badeng spoke so funnily

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  2 comments for “Nuer community in Arua, Uganda, Inaugurates New Leadership Into Office

  1. July 12, 2015 at 12:04 pm

    that is good from naath to celebrate and hand over of leadership peace becuase naath belives this country is belomg to them weather there is wrong element sharing country with them ,they stiil have hope to be in power some days to come and also is well wish from diffrent communities in soutth sudan at large


  2. July 13, 2015 at 9:35 pm

    Am happy to see the inaugeration and hand over the Office of the NC to the news leadership peacefully on Nyamilepedia source. infact Naath we are in hard trial but God is great and faithful He will not let you down. Work togather whole heartedly as Naath under the theme UNITY IS POSSIBLE. I love you all and wish you success in all things. I will not say much. I would like to send my sincerely thank to the following persons who attend this historical occation 9 of July 2015: 1. Rev. Stephen Pal Kang. 2. RWC3 of Rhino Camp. 3.EC of Arua NC. 4. Other Communities from all tribes of S.Sudan and NAATH COMMUNITIES at large thank you very much.


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