By Amb. Prof. David de Chand.

SSIM/A, Head Office.

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July 10, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — “We have nothing to celebrate about folks because the country called Africa’s youngest country in South Sudan welcomed by so many with delights, enthusiasms and smiles is now in ruins, facing continuing deteriorating insecurity, tribal warfare or as if a civil war, political instability and drifting into the doldrums of moving to stateless to statelessness like Somalia in the aftermath of the fall of Somalia’s strong General Mohamed Sayiad Bare regime in Mogadishu in 1992 up to the present.” – Ambassador/Professor David de Chand

“For those pros and cons who rebuked me of having said prior to the split in 2011 that South Sudan was a pre-born and a pre-failed state should come to grips with the reality of what I had envisaged years ago and wrote about it as a political scientist/political economist and a political realist. We should now face the consequences of our inactions or no actions to induce democratic change and the lack of development of institutions of governance, administration and management in South Sudan.” -Professor David de Chand [Book manuscript excerpts]

Oh!, my dearest brethrens, why do we have to cry for the lost of what we have earned for almost fifty years of our sweats and blood? Did we not know that Salva Kiir would leave the country in ruins? Weep not my beloved countrymen of South Sudan because we all knew in advanced what would happen, but we failed to act. So who is to blame and who is going to take the counter-blames? – Professor David de Chand [Manuscript excerpts],


For the record, on 9 July 2015, the people of South Sudan have been deceived, manipulated and maneuvered to celebrate independence of an already a pre-born and a pre-failed state in South Sudan. The 27 million spent on such activities was a tremendous waste of time, money and energy.

Based on our observations, there was no independent to celebrate because the state in accordance with international law has been declared has a failed state in South Sudan; that the so-called independence celebrations have been Salva Kiir’s constant personal insults and racial epithets or slurs uttered by Salva Kiir to paint the Nuer nation and its people as being the “bad guys” and the Dinka as being the “good guys” before the international community; that the Nuer has been the source of instability in South Sudan; that the Nuer started the ‘crisis’ and all that jazz and so on and so forth. On the contrary, the Nuer did not unilaterally dissolve the SPLM institutions to deny others political and democratic participation in the process. It was Salva Kiir that started the dissolution of the SPLM institutions as the ruling party. Did Dr. Riek Machar do that? Who did it? Was it not Salva Kiir-qua-Salva Kiir that dissolved the party institutions and dismissed all the party officials, detained, tortured, terrorized and humiliated them in the SPLA notorious Underground Detention Centrs? We shall and will make no comments, but we would be obliged to allow the readers to analyze and to answer the postulated questionnaires for themselves and to give their verdict as to who is right and who is wrong?

Well, none or all of the above-mentioned have not been true about the Nuer people. Because Salva Kiir has been known to be an alcoholic, he usually speaks under the influence of something that we do not know, but he knows best. Without the shadow of a doubt, the head of state and government in South has been a racist and anti-Nuer sentiment. This is a clear racist epithets to project the Nuer people negative and to create psychological “inferiority complex” for some young Nuer that the Jieng (Kuany (slaves) are “superior” that’s a claim that no sound minded Nuer would accept ever to be true that a Jieng or Kuany could become superior over “Ram mi raan” (people of the people (Naadth or Nath). The root causes of the problems have been retrospect to Abel Alier, the late John Garang to Salva Kiir have been the Dinka the with negative sophisticated pride and sprit, haughtiness, love for power for the sake of power and pathologically and psychoanalytically that have been inculcated in their mindsets that they [Dinka] are born to rule and not to be ruled” and that “They [Dinka] are the Chosen people” by whom and for what- that remains a myth to be demythologized. The Nuer has traditionally a democratic society that has advanced democratic values, social justice, freedom, equality and human rights protection. The aforesaid values universal values. In the 30 Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 18 articles out of 30 articles have been extracted from the Nuer culture. Idea that changed the world did not originate from Europe, but Afro-Asian civilizations. We know this would be a point of contention with the Euro-centric scholars who would dispute that everything that makes the modern civilization originated from Europe. But as an Afro-centric scholar, we tend contradict such ideas because the Afro-Asian civilization have oldest compared to European civilizations. Historically, European civilizations were still living in the caves when Afro-Asian civilizations were flourishing. So we would leave it that way for further analysis, philosophical, epistemological and metaphysical as well as methodological analysis and theoretical approaches to extrapolate thesis, antithesis and synthesis.

In educational and work experiences, we have discovered that the Dinka men are just proud for nothing because they have no sense of pride and self-esteem. They are always introverted, ultraconservative, negative and have clear logical reasoning and reasonableness and illogical in their approaches to the issues at hand. Sociologically and social anthropologically viewpoint, they have been uncultured and often feel inadequately inferior specially when they are with other people and particularly, their Nuer cousins that they hated the most because historically they have defeated by the Nuer in tribal feuds and they were horded as slaves and it was the Nuer that saved many of them to be taken into slavery in the 1900s. The Nuer would always become the godfather of the Dinka not the other way around.

Educationally, the Nuer has advanced more than the Dinka in all spheres of human knowledge, endeavors and technology. We have more young Nuer Graduates with Bachelors, Masters’ and doctoral Degrees holders. For instance, almost every young Nuer men/women that returned from abroad nowadays in North America (the USA and Canada), Europe, and the Nordic countries have been Graduates compared to the young Dinka men/women. In Sudan Universities prior to and after the split, more and more young Nuer men/women have graduated in Sudan Universities and many are now pursuing higher educational degrees in despite of the difficulties, but many Northern educators and organizations have done their best to help where government could not because they have discovered the Nuer are honest, talented, hardworking and do not beg for money or anything from anybody. By Nature of the Nuer culture, it’s wrong to beg from anybody for anything. In the Nuerland today as it was generations and centuries ago, we do not have homelessness, we do not have street people, we do have children begging in the street, orphans and nobody sleeps outside, i.e. the blinds, the lames, the disabled even the dog as man’s best friend it does have a quarter to sleep in and is well fed like any other member of the family as the night guards.

As a matter of fact, the concept of the Nuer egalitarianism (cieng mi paar naadthdial or Nathdial), communalism (nyuak), compassion (char ke ram mi teke riek) and as a faith-based society (Thok Duel Kuoth) has been based on the fear of God and to do good unto other so they them unto you. It’s normal to become your brother keeper because we do not know whole holds for us, by we know who hold the future. So any foreigner who comes to the Nuer culture, you could be in trouble. For instance, presently, we have a Roman Catholic father X( name will be withheld for security reasons) has refused to return to Rome even the Nuer asked to go because of the war and for his own safety. He has refused to do so and comfortably living amongst the Nuer comfortably with no problems as a full member of the community and well protect by them as their true member of the Nuer Community with all rights and privileges, including the Naturalization to become Citizen of South Sudan of Italian-Nuer origin if he wishes to do. The Nuer people do care about his color as long he has learned the Nuer language and culture, communicates in Nuer and English, adapted and assimilated with them he has become Italian-Nuer who could even one day could be elected to become a member of Parliament by his Nuer kin and kith. He eats the Nuer traditional dishes and fishes and milk and pretty healthy.

This what the British did not know when they introduced the Anglo-Indian Laws that involves capital punishment by hanging that never existed in the Nuer culture as a non-capital punishment society in the world up to this time. We believe in collective compensation if let us say a member of the community or a family kills someone, there is no capital punishment, but high compensation to the family of the deceased the Nuer society has been ahead on the issue of capital punishment that abolished a few years ago and the USA is the only civilized society that still practices capital punishment. Of course, out of the 50 states 18 states have abolished capital punishment and the State of Nebraska in the Midwest was the recently state that abolished capital punishment.

The Nuer people preferred to work to earn their living as self-reliance, self-sufficient and independent creatures compared to other South Sudanese who have been so dependent and suffered from the “Dependency Syndrome.” In the USA, it would be easy for an American factory owner to employ a Nuer worker because they like to work and frank in what they want to do. They want work to earn money for an education and to independently support his family. This is the Nuer way of life even in remote South Sudan.

Compared to the Nuer, my cousins wanted only to become affendiyya (white collier’s workers, officials and ministers to sit behind the desk top with a neck tie on and to give orders. This is the Dinka men life styles. So Dinka men by nature are lazy and do like hard work because they endurance, courage and tenacity to work harder. Even in the traditional Dinka society, it is the Dink women that work harder and the men do the sleeping in the day. It is the opposite in the Nuer country where women stay at home to light work and to tender to the kids. For instance, a Nuer man leaves his home at early 06:00 Am for the farm asnd the would bring him food and waters on the farm and work all day until 18:00 PM before he could return home to help tender the cattle and men shores in the Luak (Barns) or the kraal (wiec). So these are some of the differences that the Dinka men often attempted to paint the Nuer men negative for the world to believe what they say.

In the past, the Nuer was denied the right to education by the British authorities because they resisted the British colonialism and imperialism otherwise known as the Anglo-Nuer War or the Nuer Revolution or the Nuer Résistance against the British colonialism in Southern Sudan. It was the only nationality that did submit to British suzerainty and was governed through the Nuer Customary Law and Criminal Procedure, indirect rule and the imported Tribal Administration from Darfur that was widely expanded throughout Southern Sudan then as a “Closed District” (Wiec ma gag-gag ka thin) (Al-Merkaz al-Mugfula)-meaning no access or interaction was not granted to foreigners without any prior documentations and the British District Commissioners (DCs) were granted full powers and authority to punish anyone who entered Southern Sudan without proper documentations were punished with impunity. Specifically, the Arabized Northern Sudanese were the prime target of the British colonial administration policy to have access to Southern Sudan for many reasons that were only known to the British colonial administration solo at the heydays of the British colonialism and imperialism in Sub-Saharan Africa or Black Africa. Of course, the British had two fears to be on guard, vis-à-vis, the Madhya and the Nuer Revolution. Let us assume that the two were united, they could have forced the British out of Sudan much earlier through the 1924 White Flag Revolution led by two Muslims Southern Sudanese, namely Ali Abdulatif of a Dinka origin and Fadl al-Mesh (Tang Kuany) of a Nuer origin.

The second event was the illegal and unconstitutional swear in of Salva Kiir for another illegal 3-year term as a President in which his the main focus of this piece of work. It was a bloody mistake for the MPs to re-install a President whose term of office has expired as of mid-day 12:01 Thursday, 9 July 2015 as the head of state and government of a failed state in South Sudan.


As of this day 9 July 2015, Salva Kiir under the Interim Constitution, by-laws and regulations of South Sudan shall hereby be declared as an illegitimate or a de facto head of state and government of the failed Republic of South Sudan. His termed of Office as President expired as of mid-day 12:01 PM on Thursday, 9 July 2015. Henceforth he shall become known as Citizen Salva Kiir rather than as President Salva Kiir of South Sudan.

South Sudan Parliament has no right to arbitrarily extend for another 3-year term of the President without the collective will and consent of the people of South Sudan. The extension by partial, unrepresentative and non-participatory “Yes-vote” Parliament of a 3-year term to Salva Kiir has been indicative that the state has been ruled as a Stalinist’s state, autocratic, oligarchic, and tyrannical state and a non-benevolence dictatorship.

Certainly, we have known all along and fully aware that that the state has been undemocratic and suffered most from the gravest and the greatest lack or the absence thereof of established institutions, administration, management and the judicial institutions as required in modern democratic civilized societies with the exceptionalism of the ongoing Chinese Democratic Militarism (1949-), the Soviet or Communist states prior to the era of perestroika (restructuring) and glasnost (openness) in the late 1989 to early1990s and then followed the tumbling down of the Berlin Wall in the late 1989, the demise of the former Soviet Union otherwise known as the legacy of the former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev.

The South Sudan “Padwiel” Parliament- was unconstitutional, illegal, abnormal, pathetic and extraordinaire arbitrary extension of another 3-year term to Salva Kiir has been unconstitutional, illegal and proof beyond a reasonable doubt, that the Parliament (Padwiel in the Nuer language) does function within the framework of the constitution and bylaws of the state and that most of the MPs are “Yes-men” that deserved to be charged with treason against the state. Those Members of Parliament (MPs), including the Speaker of Parliament has no constitutional and legal right to extend another 3-year term to the killer, bloodletting and bloodsucker President’s that has been based on their own whims.

Salva Kiir is a criminal of the third kind that deserves to be taken to court of law for the massive and bloodletting crimes that he has committed throughout South Sudan during his tenure as the neo-Nazis, the neo-Fascist and the most tribalist and racist President against his own people. He would go down in history as the man that failed the state in South Sudan. Therefore, the extension of another 3-year term to this killer and racist President, the minister of death compared to Herr Field Marshal Hermann Goring of the Nazi Luftwaffe (German Air Force) during the World War II (1939-1945), bloodletting and bloodsuckers deep his palms.

He should have been terminated or impeached and then stripped of all executive and constitutional powers bestowed upon him by the people on this wicked, ethnocentric (tribalist), oligarchic, patronage and provided the poorest power quality leadership that has led to failure of Africa’s youngest state with continuing deteriorating insecurity, political instability and moving from the stateless to statelessness like Somalia in the aftermath of the fall of General Mohamed Barre’s regime in 1992.

The ongoing treacherous tribal warfare or as if a civil war should be squarely be blamed on none other than Salva Kiir, his henchmen, cronies and sycophants. Salva Kiir should have been charged with treason against the state instead of extending him a carte blanch of another 3-year term.

Although Salva Kiir has attempted in speech to paint the crisis and blames on the Nuer people who have been the prime victims of perpetrated genocide and democide – that is a second definition of genocide that involved the killings of unarmed and helpless civilians’ population like what happened to the Nuer ethnicity in the 2013 Juba Genocide during his tenure, he must and ought first and foremost of all to admit this gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity that he ordered to target the Nuer ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part.

He failed to unite the culturally diverse and multiethnic, multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-political people or the rainbow coalition or multiculturalism in South Sudan. It was not a Nuer leader that alleged that there was an attempted coup d’état against the Dinka dictator. It was Salva Kiir-qua-Salva Kiir that made such an erroneous, tragic, baseless, incredible, unsubstantiated and uncorroborated biggest lie of a coup d’état of the century to the whole world.

Affirmatively, the world after thorough investigation concluded that there was no coup d’état staged or instigated by the former VP Dr. Riek Machar that he wanted to assassinate with Yuri Museveni under the pretext of a coup in South Sudan. Because of the lack or the absence thereof of sufficient and credible evident, the former VP and turned rebel leader after having narrowly escaped assassination was declared as a free man from the alleged coup d’état. Without the shadow of a doubt, Salva Kiir lied to the people of South Sudan and the international community.

Most importantly, the root causes of the crisis that produced the ongoing aggravation situation and the treacherous tribal warfare or as if a civil war, could be traced to internal combustions and squabbles within the ruling party was solely an internal party’s problems in which had nothing to do at all, with unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity or nationality targeted for extermination in the 2013 in and around Juba town and beyond?. The question that we would always be compelled to probe or to postulate until we get an appropriate answer from the doers of this perpetrated genocide, democide and the tribal warfare or as if a civil war would be what was the connection of the internal ruling party’s political fractions, friskiness and abysmal political split and the non-SPLM folks who have no roles to have played in the ‘crisis’ within the party? Ladies and Gentlemen, until the Nuer nation and its courageous, brave, fearless and resilient people have gotten satisfactorily answers on the above-mentioned, you can be rest assured that the war started by the savages, uncivilized, human less, and remorsefulness and the cannibal-like human provided us with satisfactory answers, the war would continue against the Dinka for the next 100-year and peace would remain and in the twilight zone or in the far Galaxy to return to South Sudan.

This is a promise that no matter what happens, revenge would be undertaken against these savages, uncivilized, uncouth and cannibal-like human less people. For those who have allied themselves with Salva Kiir, because they were against us [Nuer] they are terrorists and would be treated as such. We do know them all. They can, but they cannot hide. We will find them one-by-one to face justice and until justice would be done. Like we have said, any Nuer leaders who are afraid of international community rhetoric to lead us to victory, but not to defeat, he/she should get the hell out of the way. The Nuer people lives would not be lived by the international community, but by the Nuer and the Nuer nation only and its people only.

The international community has kept silent about the Nuer genocide and democide and what happened to the Nuer national and its people. Can we trust the international community? We are skeptic like the Israelis about the international community and what it says and does. We are the masters’ of our own destiny and not the international community’s bureaucratic red tape and slow and snail moving decision-making.

Conclusively, we should say, we do not care no more and we would have to do what we have to do for our survival as a people in South Sudan. The Dinka leaders have vowed to wipe out the Nuer as a people and a race and this one of raison d’être that they hired Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF), mercenaries and Sudan rebel forces to fight the Nuer. So far, the Nuer has taught them and delivered the the most unforgettable lessons and gave them bloody noses.

The Dinka and their foreign fighters should know that the pledge that they have made to wipe out the Nuer nation in South Sudan could become the reverse equation and they do know that pretty well with tragic catastrophic consequences. We would have no forgiveness, but what we can promise to the world that we shall not kill women, children, elderly people, destroyed property compared to what the so-called Malwal Aynor or the Twic Dinka Militias have done in Greater Upper Nile, Nevertheless, every Dinka male no matter where found-to destroy the Dinka males as a group. There would be no forgiveness until they confess why they killed unarmed and helpless Nuer, Chollo (Shilluk) and the Murle people and targeted the Nuer for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part.

At this very moment, Parliament if it were really a legitimately and democratically elected Parliament, it should have undertaken proceedings to impeach the President or ask him to gracefully to resign from the Office like the US President Richard M. Nixon resigned from the Oval Office in The White House with smiles, pride and strides in the aftermath of the Water Gate affair in Washington, DC., USA. Specifically, he (President Nixon) did resign because it was the respect of the constitution and the trust bestowed upon him by the people of the United States to become their President through the democratic process. This is the problem with many African leaders like Salva Kiir do not let go off power because they do not respect the constitution, trust and power that always emanated from the people or the governed rather than the governors or the philosopher Kings.

Realistically, Salva Kiir perceives himself as the “state” or what King Louise XVI of France considered himself as d’état si moi (I am the state) and compared himself to Jesus Christ, the King of the Jews. Supposedly, the Jesus example is too foreign, Salva Kiir could not even compared himself to the Greater Nuer Prophets Nyundeng, Dieu and the Prophetess Nyaruach Kulang (Nyakulang) and the existing prophets in the throughout the Nuerland today.

We think that it was a shame for a wicked child, women and elderly killer to compare himself to Jesus that was humble, loves all human being regardless of being a Jew or Gentile. Jesus Christ says he that he would like to make everybody to become the fisher of men and that that do unto others as they would do unto you and that loves one another as I have loved you…” To the best of my knowledge, Salva could not match any of the exegesis or sayings of deeds of Jesus Christ, unfortunately. Salva Kiir has been all along a killer of the third kind and God, history and humanity would not absolve him. He would leave a terrible dirty red and bloody legacy in which the next generations of the Dinka society would have to pay a terrible price at the end of political leadership sojourn.

Salva Kiir as the President of the then a pre-born and a pre-failed state in South Sudan has been responsible for disunity in diversity, factionalism, fragmentation, friskiness, corruption, embezzlements, self-aggrandizements and the national disintegration in which history shall and will not absolve him.


Most importantly, he has committed the gravest and the greatest crimes of genocide and democide against unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity or nationality and targeted the Nuer ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. Genocide is generally considered as the worst moral crimes a government- meaning any government, including that of guerrilla group, a quasi state, a Soviet, a terrorist organization or an occupation authority- can commit against its citizens or those it controls. Without the shadow of a doubt, Salva Kiir’s has committed the Holocaust, the systematic attempt of German authorities during WWII to kill all and every Jew no matter where found-to destroy Jews as a group. This was the intended perpetrated genocide and democide against the Nuer in the 2013 Juba Genocide and beyond. Te Nuer nation and its resilient people have already survived this on slaughter, but there would be a pretty hefty pay back sooner rather than later.

The Dinka tribesmen whether deny it or not and maliciously attempted to put dirty paints, blames and counter-blames on the government that has been predominantly led by the Twic Dinka power elite shall and will become an infamy in the contemporary Nuer nation’s history like Pearl Harbor would always be infamy for the every American citizen, veteran and patriot. The Dinka, per se, should be rest assured that they shall and will have to have a pay back and continuous collective punishment until they admitted this worst moral crime committed against the Nuer nation and its resilient people. The Nuer nation and its people have vowed that this crime and no matter what or anybody does in attaining peace or not, the Dinka should know that the Nuer nation and its people has declared a 100-year war and should be prepared for the worst to come and it will no matter what happens. The two nationalities have been separated apart far away by split and the things that the Dinka have done, which they ought to have done. They could no long cohabit in less than one roof, therefore, they would have to be separated as the most tenable alternative solution for peace and political stability to return to South They have not in any of historical epoch defeated the Nuer nation and in this war, the Nuer would defeat them. It’s only a matter of time they (Dinka) would beg for mercy, forgiveness, but not to forget the past.


Cognizant, that the whole of South Sudan has rebelled against the Dinka leadership, the Dinka leaders should reckon that they have a hell of a big problem that they would not escape the things that they have done, which they ought not to have done. History shall and will not absolve Salva Kiir and the Dinka tribesmen in Bahr-el-Ghazel and his legacy shall be remembered as bloody compared to Bloody Mary’s legacy.

SSIM/A calls on Salva Kiir to resign or to step down because he is no longer de jure President of South Sudan, but the President of the Dinka tribesmen. This cannot be accepted in a multicultural and culturally diverse society like in South Sudan. He should be taken to court for the crimes that he has committed against the Nuer people in particular, and the state in South Sudan. He can run, but he cannot hide on the above-mentioned. For those who have committed crimes against humanity in South Sudan, we do know them all as the” Butchers” of the 2013 Juba Genocide, They shall and will pay the consequences of their actions. They would have to go down under with Salva Kiir’s whose days are so numbered.


Finally, we shall and will call for a greater, stronger Nuer Unity. We shall forgive every Nuer on the wrong side of the aisle or the war. They are not what the foolish Dinka termed as “Nuer-wew” because we do know the “Nuer-wew” or the Nuer-yieun”. Many of them are not there because they like it, but they had no choice to get the hell out. We do have so many on our side and the rise of the SSIM/A is now an alternative choice for them to come join their kin and kith in this longest and protracted war against Salva Kiir and his foreign allies, We should Dialogue with all the Nuer people and leaders, including others on Salva Kiir’s side and particularly, the Bul-Nuer intellectuals and elders, including the Montuiel’s Boys. If there is anything that we appalled personally and regretted in this war so much has been the way that the Bul-Nuer under the command of Dr. Nguen Montiuel, MD, and General Pool Jang have unilaterally turned the muzzle of the Ak-47 rifles against their fellow Nuers in Unity State. They should reckon that the Dinka are using them against their own kind and they would sooner or later be disowned by their masters’ or their owners. They should wake up to recognize the tricks us against them to kill their own people.

Specifically, Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan are utilizing the powers of the Bul-Nuer as a “human shield” or a “protected corridor” against Warrap and Aweil, Northern Bahr-el-Ghazel States. We hope that the Montuiel Boys (Brigadier-General Bapiny and Dr. Nguen Montuiel would have to have a change of heart. The Nuer would forgive them for things that they have done, which they ought not to have done. They should also be forgiven because they did not know what they were doing. They should repent and to return to their community in peace and with love as Christ Jesus commanded his father in heaven against those who nailed him on the Cross on the Cross in Cavalry that “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they’re doing”. The Montuiel Boys and General Pool Jang should know hereon that this war has totally and completely divided South Sudan and everyone should be on guard only in protecting their community. So we extended them a safe return to the Nuer Community and they would be forgiven as the prodigal sons of the Nuer Community. They should have nothing to fear except fear itself. We call on all the Nuer Community Churches and the Nuer Muslims Community (NMC) to pray for the Montuiel Boys and General Pool Jang for their safe return to their community.

We hope that the Bul-Nuer should know that the late 1Lt.General Matip Nhial whose grave was destroyed by the Dinka in Mayom County was not only a Bul-Nuer leader, but was a great Nuer leader. We would love to have another great Bul-leader to replace the late Lt.-General Matip Nhial. As of date, we do neither know nor envision such a leader amongst the Bul-Nuer. Well, it is not too late that all Nuer Elders Leadership Council (NELC) should call for a meaningful Dialogue par cum pari (equal) with the Bul-Nuer Elders and intellectuals. This war is not about the bad deeds of Taban Deng’s leadership as the State Governor in Unity State at the time. It has been all about the reckless and senseless killings of unarmed and helpless Nuer people in the 2013 Juba Genocide and beyond. What would the Bul-Nuer gains from the Dinka at the end of the day? It’s a shame and a shame indeed for this pretty wrong act to divide the Nuer Community.

We do need each other, loves one another to forgive one another. We do have the ability and the capacity to fix this incident and bury the hatchets for good. In the case of the Bul-Nuer, the Chinese General Sun Tzu said that “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting,” We, the Nuer people together, we must and ought sit down together based on our historic traditional conflict resolution to Dialogue until we could resolve peacefully what divides us as a people of one gene, one race, one nationality and one people. We call for Dialogue with the Bul-Nuer leaders before it is too late for the Bul-Nuer to conquer Unity State or for them to be gravely harmed by the majority in the state for the things that they have done, which they ought not to have done. We call on the international community to arrange this proposed Bul-Nuer and other Nuer Dialogue par cum pari (equal).


Realizing that we, the people of the Greater Upper Nile, have suffered so enormously much, our objective of the war should be as follows that:-

Our objective in this war would be no return to Juba.

We shall have our own National Armed Forces and Reserved Forces, The White Army shall be trained as part of the National Armed Forces, police, wardens, Wildlife Forces, Civil Defense Forces; Government with a President and the Vice President; our flag; the National Anthem; Central Bank, Currency, National Airlines, National Television plus private television stations, Radio stations, National Telephone Code, National Universities and Colleges, educational system would become universal for all Children up to the age of 18 years of ages and above.

Public educational system shall become supreme as opposed to privatization for at least a 50- year period. All Children shall be required by law to attend schools. All children shall start Kindergarten at 11/2 old and up. All Children of the veterans, martyrs, wounded combatants shall be taken care of by the Office of the President, the Department of Defense and the Veteran Affairs Department as a top national priority. No families, widowers, children of veterans, martyrs and the wounded combatants shall be allowed to suffer at all. They should be extended best services that such families, veterans, the wound combatants and retiree may stand in need. We shall not leave anyone of them behind and no matter what happens, they shall and will have the top priority to serve them well.

The Government should provide all basic needs to all the schools children as we used to have them in the good old days. We should extend these opportunities that we have had to children and their children’s children. Basically, educational curriculum should multilingual. We would continue to teach Arab, English and the ventricular (The Nuer, Chollo (Shilluk), Murle, Anuak and Dinka-Bor) shall become part of the curriculum up to Secondary and above. In middle schools up to secondary schools, we should add another foreign language preferably French language for our would-be future diplomats, the UN workers and international translators. We should plan for the future now because it is here with us.

We should have free education, medical services, and universal healthcare coverage for all without exceptionalism and progressive taxation for all citizens, federal, state and local to be determined by Parliament, the state governments and the local governments to defray the costs of such services. All federal tax money shall be put in the Office of the Revenue Sharing (ORS) of the Federal Government for the support of all States across the board. This is called Revenue sharing. State with lesser resources could apply for supplementary Revenue sharing money in addition to federal landmark grants to Universities and colleges. The state tax shall be used for the development of the state projects in addition to the federal grants and Pork Barrel money and local development within the state educational system. As per local government revenues, it shall be used for local protects plus the money from the State and Federal government. However, under the program of Intergovernmental relations (IGRs) the local could apply for federal grants-in-aid by passing the state and that would not affect federal Revenue Sharing with all the state and the local governments. As an expert in federalism, the IGRs and sustainable good governance, this could be expanded in the future for a better IGRs and top down and bottom up or horizontal administration In other words, in a shared federal system, decision-making keep on flowing like electric current from top down and from bottom down up could down from the top and from the bottom up without, hindrance, bias or prejudice at all.

Any institutions that are legible of federal, state and local grants money could not deny any child, students the right to education and healthcare treatment. Any hindrance of denial of such services would be regarded as a violation of the federal law and the violators shall be subject to serious scrutiny and sanctions would be superimposed for the first and second offence a third timer, shall be sanctioned from receiving any federal grants for 5-10 years or be completely and totally shut down. .

All citizens shall be freely issued with a Medical Insurance Identification Cards (Med-ID cards), a National Identity Card (National ID Cards) and a National Service Identification Cards(NSI-Cards) with a photo attached on it to be carried by an individual’s at all times for just in case of an emergency bearing all particulars such as blood types and other essentials.

In order to keep our nation strong and to be ready for a serious national emergency, National Military Service (NMS) would be compulsory for all sexes males and females alike without and social distinction or gender discrimination and all students alike shall be required to report to the military barracks for Summer military training and National Service with pay..

Opportunities would be extended to the women in the Armed Forces in all branches of the Uniformed Code Services (UCS). Our main objective would be to create a new generation that would be detribalized, physically and mentally trained for any eventual military duties, responsibilities and country to follows the UCS code of ethics, the democracy values, equality, respect and to be considerate for other opinions and expressions.

There would be nothing to be written on any government papers, passports, all ID cards about anything concerning tribes. We should become “tribe less” and the nation should become our one tribe that we should all love and loves us the most. We would write or frame these proposals in the would-be Constitution, bylaws and regulations..

We should reconcile whatsoever differences that we might have in our hearts to towards each other and against each other. Remember, “United, we stand, divided, we fall.”


Ambassador David de Chand,

Chairman of SSDFP and Chairman of SSIM/A.



  1. makuey rambang
    July 13, 2015 at 11:42 am

    It was so pleased with words of encourage to all Nuer whether you are with democide regime or freedom fighter supports should focus in unity and also mentioned the basic service federal system should provides to its citizens. You are the one of the Nuer icon who understand the world better than tribalist Dinka who called themselves they know better than other sixty four tribes in south sudan. Thank you for your support.


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