Intelligence is Something From Birth; President Kiir Should Not Be Blamed!

By Changkuoth Gem Panyuan (chang steven),

South Sudan president, Salva Kiir Mayardiit, in legislative assembly (photo: supplied)

South Sudan President, Salva Kiir Mayardiit, sleeping in legislative assembly (photo: supplied)

July 23, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudanese illegitimate president, cow boy hat and the most dictator of 21st century south Sudanese have been witnessing, cannot be blamed for the mess he has created in this country, why for? Because intelligence is something that humans are born with (come from birth) not as a reward for one time performance as a military general. If we know this, why should we blame salva kiir mayardit?

Salva kiir is an experienced security personal who knows only execution since he was in Khartoum government. Salva did not experience any politic since he was a war lord from SPLM/SPLA liberation moment, although he is never in the chain of decision-making he was rather a tool to put the plan in to action. Even in implementation of execution Kiir was not on his own. He had Garang and his boys to guide Kiir. If salva cannot be blamed, who creates the problems?

This crisis is SPLM or south Sudanese politicians man-made problem. Anyone who denies this as it’s not a SPLM problem, means that kind of a person is not letting fact into position. Being a powerful and high ranked military general doesn’t mean you can be awarded for an intelligence, which may leads you to lead the nation, except in SPLM/SPLA liberation moment. Salva kiir has never been intelligence, dump as he remains, and will never have any intelligence or any potentials to lead his clan leave alone the nation. If the Dinka Elders were wise, they would have advised him to step down but being power hungry, they though Riek Machar would grab the power. This would have been a wise decision for him in order to save this nation and his past warlord legacy. Otherwise he should be executed like what he did during his stay in power.

I swear, even if president kiir acquire Doctorate of Philosophy, he can still have no capacity to be a leader of this diverse great nation, his brain is completely wasted in tribal ideologies. What let salva kiir to declare war on south Sudanese is not because he is illiterate, being educated has nothing to do with your character (how you was created), education only direct you to learn from environment and to acquire another knowledge in to your behavior. It doesn’t let you to be wise if you are not born wise rather it let you to be knowledgeable. If salva kiir have no leadership capacity and he is not knowledgeable person as we all know, why SPLM place him in position that need this requirement to be fulfilled while he doesn’t? Tribalism!

It seem like south Sudanese (SPLM) leadership were confused by a past fairytale that was narrated to me by one of my friends. Please let me bring this back into your mind. The story goes like this: one day I and my friends (brothers) started charting in a circle game of words. At such time, we were in grade three while we were kids of the same hood. We were five in number, in the same class of the same section. In every one of our class starting from Kg, we all scored high ranks in class. We followed each other from rank one to rank five.

During the play, one of the four boys who always took rank five narrated to us a very interesting story. He said to us: brothers! We replied yes. He told us listen to this story. We said ok: he asked us, do you know why said word “all laziest in the class became leaders after their liquid survival at school” came into existence? We said no! He went on: there were ten kids of one man, all of them boys.

Their fathers gave them a chance to go to school and to marriage based on who can win first without following of who is elder. Nine of these guides were very clever and the tenth of them was very lazy on hard working. This lazy boy does not help parents for farm work and others work, rather than he like only to enjoy. After three month of their father‘s declaration, the lazy one brought a girl and their father married her for him. Every one of his brother felt jealous because they looked themselves as cleverer than the boy but he married before them. After sometime, all his nine brothers plan to go to school because they felt defeated by the lazy one. The lazy guide decided to go with his brothers too, after they started class, the lazy boy pass as goal keeper (last) always in class while his brothers score rank of one to nine every session. After their graduation with bachelor degrees, they started to work in their area. Two years afterwards, election were carried out and the lazy guy declared himself to contest for presidential post and all his brothers said they have too, because they do believe their cleverness. In that election, the lazy one won again. For that, this idiom came into existence “lazy of today are the leaders of tomorrow”. I don’t know if it’s this story that confused SPLM to go with salva kiir , nevertheless some lazy ones may have capacity to lead, except in education and other work like farming as you have read in the story.

It’s only SPLM/SPLA where leadership chair are selected by rank not by personal capacity to lead or intelligence you have. This is SPLM/SPLA created problem because, everyone from SPLM leaders experienced the behavior of salva kiir since they were in the bush and still they gave him a chairmanship of the party. It’s better for SPLM leaders to tell south Sudanese the truth instead of pretending like they were surprised of what happenned in Dec 15. I don’t mean name SPLM to be change but leadership structure need to be restructured because it’s not the name “SPLM/SPLA” that have problem, they are the people and leadership style which have problems. I wish this are the mistake SPLM IO is going to correct first. 

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  1. July 24, 2015 at 11:42 am

    being wise in school, doesn’t grant you an opportunity to lead. a leader is some one who can influence his people to accomplish goals or objectives.


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