The Resurrection of GRECOR

YAMBIO, 13th July, 201– The 9th July South Sudan Independence Day celebrations in Western Equatoria State's Capital Yambio(photo: via gurtong)

YAMBIO, 13th July, 201– The 9th July South Sudan Independence Day celebrations in Western Equatoria State’s Capital Yambio(photo: via gurtong)

July 24, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Can a father be without a wife, impossible? Can a father be without Sons and daughters, impossible? Can the Sons and daughters be without a father and a mother, impossible? The father already raises his sons and daughters soundly regarding his vision and thoughts. The father had inculcated into the minds and hearts of his offerings sound doctrine about life and positive perspectives so as in his absence, they can spring and push the ship into the deep water. His absence is given and it’s a natural and divine call which is applicable to us all, none of us will escape it.

For those of you who are fluctuating due to the fact that Prof. Wani Tome had passed away and that things have come to an end, you’re wrong and sick in mind and wicked in heart because this is not the measure whereby you can use and judge your thinking and deed extravagantly.

You should not allow yourselves to be tempted by devil again regarding your destiny and fate, simply because you lost your leader and founder. If your physical and blood father died, would you do the same, would you renounce him that he’s not your father. He will remain your father whether he’s a good father or a bad one, likewise with your mother. She’s your mother, whether she’s a good mother or a bad mother; you cannot deny her and say wicked and evil words about her. To the extent that if she’s united to your father or divorce, she’s your mother.

Honestly speaking, Equatoria will remain Equatoria, and Equatorians will remain Equatorians whether we like it or don’t. To become an Equatorian is not an easy task that one has to renounce oneself first and forsakes your values and needs, yet is not an easy game. However, if you cleanse and purify your inner-self and soul, you may to certain degree acquire new human values and cultures that are needed to attain that request and call to Equtoriansim. It’s a political call based on the rights and freedom within the government of South Sudan.

In our African tradition, whatsoever, no one would dare cut himself from his family for any reason or cause as I depicted above, your father is your father; your mother is your mother; your brothers are your brothers; your sisters are your sisters, etc. similarly, the happiness and joy of your family are yours, and sorrows and grieves of your family are yours, too. If you don’t rejoice and celebrate at home, no one would do that for you or on your behalf. Therefore, Equatoria is now full of hardship, torment and tribulation instead of gladness, cheerfulness and enjoyment. Who’s to be blame? Who’s to be blame? The government or the governor or the people? Find answers to these questions now and correct yourselves now and make a difference in your family, your community, your State and your Country South Sudan.

As you all South Sudan is a fail State, likely South Sudanese is  failing people in the whole of Africa as a matter of fact they are tribal communities with tribal perspectives in and out. Mathematically, 50 years of struggle have proven that unity is not an easy project in South Sudan; unity means more suffering, more killing and more genocide. 5o years had passed and Southerners failed to produce good leaders and sound politicians to lead them to their ultimate goal socially, economically, politically, ethically and militarily.

During those 50 years, once you appeared addressing and questioning thematic issues, your where about would not be known. Yet Southerners did not perceive politics constructively. Addressing and raising the issues of the Equatiria and the Equatorians are the direct task and responsibility of the people concern… If you don’t raise your issue, nobody or people will do that for you. You ought to make your voice heard and create initiatives that can streamline your communication within the means and methods regarded as regional and international.

Definitely, Prof. Wani Tome had done the best he could do for himself, his family, his community as well as the Equatorians and the whole of Sudan and South Sudan educationally, scientifically and politically. Now remind you and me what can we do better to bring stability, tranquility, harmony, united and peace to ourselves, our families, our communities, as well to the Equatorians and the whole of South Sudan?

Believe it or not, our freedom cannot come from outside and no one can meet for us freedom for free. It’s costly we have to pay money ourselves, otherwise it won’t be true freedom and genuine freedom and it cannot last long at all. If we need longer and lasting freedom, we have to work for it, fight for it and even die for it. Ironically, cheaper freedom is likely exposed to danger, stagnancy and sabotage, but expensive freedom is totally progressive, inevitable and comprehensive.

If this is the case, which kind of freedom would like to attain in your political struggle? We’re duty bound to free ourselves from all sorts of oppressions, injustice, margins have been practiced on us by our ignorant brothers due to their wicked and evil concept about leadership and politics in South Sudan. “The fact is that, if we as South Sudanese refuse to live together as equal peoples; please, forget about a united South Sudan. From now on, if there are still others, who think that, they are here to rule the rest of us, please, forget the dream of a one united and loving South Sudan. If there are others; who think that, they are superior to the rest of us; please, forget the hope of sharing the South Sudan with everyone.” Late Prof. Wani Tome said.

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