Nuer Youth Union Welcomes the New Members of IGAD-PLUS Countries and the Resumption of Peace Talks

IGAD-PLUS in deliberation over South Sudan document in Addis Ababa

Members of IGAD-PLUS discussing the newly proposed Compromise Agreement to end the conflict in the Republic of South Sudan(Photo: supplied)

July 25, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The South Sudanese, Nuer Youth Union in Ethiopia has welcome the countries that has been added to the peace talk, the Trioka Countries, China, Algeria, Nigeria, Chad, South Africa and Rwanda. we also welcome the resumption of the Peace Talk under the Auspice of IGAD-PLUS. The body as a part and parcel of the South Sudanese communities has always been calling for the peaceful solution of the current man (Kiir) made disaster in South Sudan and that must be realized only when the root causes of the problem are addressed.

We applauded the effort being made by the International Community in partnership with IGAD countries in exception of Uganda to seeing the solution and returns of peace to our beloved nation. It is also important to know that, any peace that maintains Kiir as a President is rejected by the majority of South Sudanese.

The body is calling for the immediate withdrawal of foreign troop that are fighting along side Salva Kiir troop, on top of them, is UPDF, because their presence prolongs the suffering of our people.

We are also hereby calling for the immediate released of the African Union Commission of Inquiry report before the signing of the Peace Talk!

The body has condemned in the stronger term possible the illegal extension of Kiir Presidency, rubberstamp parliament and his self-serving Administrations. We applauded the democratic and peace loving countries that had questioned and rejected the illegal extension of Kiir term. We hereby calling for other democratic and peace loving countries that has not yet rejected Kiir administration to do the same as soon as possible because what Kiir did is a slapped on the face of democracy world wide.

Salva Kiir is seen as a symbol of death and disunity given the genocide he committed before and during the current crisis. Kiir had carried out genocide on Lou-Nuer in 2006, Murle tribe in Pibor in 2010-2013, Ferti tribe in Wau, Gawaar-Nuer in Kaldak, Mundari tribe in Juba, Pangak-Nuer in Phom, Luoc-Dinka in Khorfulus, Bul-Nuer in Mayom, Shuluk tribe and the December 2013 genocide on Nuer in Juba, UNIMISS-Bor massacre on Nuer women, children and elderly people, massacre in Jonglei State, Upper Nile State, massacre in Leer, Guit, Nhialdiu, Koch, Panyijiar, Mayiandit counties, Mapel massacre on unarmed Nuer soldiers, the current outrageous massacre that had/still happening in Bentiu as Kiir troop and their allied militias launched offensive on civilians and the killing and mass illegal arrest of the innocents youth in greater Equatoria. Kiir and his cohorts intentions is to erased the Nuer tribe and maintain their failed administration by all means possible.

The only solution for peace to come in South Sudan is for Kiir to step aside; therefore we are calling on all South Sudanese to join the call for Kiir to relinquish power immediate in order for peace to be realized. We wish a South Sudan of peace, love, joy, prosperity, freedom and developed nation! May God bless our beloved Nation!

Mr. Koat Gatkuoth Thoat

President of the Nuer Youth Union in Ethiopia

For contact, you can reach me through this email: koat­

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