Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA Press Release

Event summary Report of July 4, 2015 in Syracuse, New York [The Empire State]

Dr. John Garang Memorial Day in Des Moines, Iowa, USA. 9/27/2014 ...

Dr. John Garang Memorial Day in Des Moines, Iowa, USA. 9/27/2014 …

July 26, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The event was conducted under join leaderships of Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA and New York Twic East Community leaderships. It was on Saturday of July 4, 2015 that is where two major Events were hosted under one big Event on this date. First one was an Observation of the Second Anniversary of Dr. John Garang Memorial Day, and the second one was Twic East County/Panyagoor Hospital restoration Fundraising. The Event was carried out in Great City of Syracuse, New York [The Empire State]. It was a well organized Event that was attained by many people from different backgrounds, communities, regions, even the Event did lure in individuals from other African nations and world at large. When Event closed down at 3:00am, which was Sunday morning of July 5, 2015. Both donations in really time and flash supports to the cause were actually enormous from the attendees. Thus, our Gratitudes and thankful-hearts go to those communities and individuals for their outstanding generous donations to Hospital project.

Present venue were Twic East communities, Dinkas’ groups, sections, Clans and or individual [s], South Sudanese’ communities and other nationals were present too. Each community was designated with it own time, for example, Gok Dinka was called as Gok Dinka to comes forward, and Agar Dinka was called as Agar Dinka to comes forward, the same thing was done to the rests of participants. The Fundraising was a compulsory ideal to anyone or community to donates whatever they think would help out in restoring and or in case we might decided to build new hospital if possibly we get more money that can accommodated new Hospital build a new. In our own assessments, we say the Event was a successful one basis on how people did honor our people heroes like Dr. John Garang de Mabior and others. Especially, by other communities’ leaders or individuals who were given chances to speaks at Event.

Among the Event attendees though, those who have privileges to passed through Eastern Twic Dinka land during the second civil war struggle times, and at the same time who knows Greater Twic people history, accurately. Particularly, we are talking about an outstanding Guests of Honors in Event. Quite frankly, these individuals were knowledgeable to Eastern Twi Dinka people history in such away we might have to say they truly know our people history than some of our sons and daughters who were even born in that great land of ours knows our own history. Even these individuals did testify for what Twi Dinka people has done to them when they pass-through our great land of Twi people to Ethiopia in 1980s. Can you believe it? These people are still appreciated the generosity and cares Twi people had given to them compassionately during their long journey from Greater Bhar el Ghazal region and other regions as well to Ethiopia. What a great recognitions.

Our son and hero of South Sudanese and Sudanese people, Dr. John Garang de Mabior was given hight appreciations through songs and speeches during Dr. John Garang de Mabior Second Anniversary.

First term expiration date for President Wan Agut-Manyang and his Administration and why Mr. Wan and his Administration was given one more term in Office?

On Saturday of July 24, 2015, the Council Members, the Executive Committee and some of our members who were able to make it to the meeting. The motion about president first term expirations was raised. In democracy style, everybody was given a chance to gives his/her own opinions about what should be done. Our Constitution were honored. After long night discussions, the conclusion was reached by members who were present, what they did agree on was give one more term to Mr. Wan and his Administration for the job well done in one term.

By not overdue or without hesitation, the office of Information and Media been given privileges to let our citizens knows that, Mr. Wan Agut-Manyang and his Administration has been given one more term to head Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA again. Again, Mr. Wan was given one more term by Eastern Twi Dinka community due to his uncheckable services to our people since late 70s. This is one of the reasons why the Twic East Community has rewarded Mr. Wan Agut-Manyang one more term. Also our criteria were based on few credit accounts on his public records below:

(1) His uncheckable stands with our people in Diaspora and back in our motherland of Greater Twic Community and other places around the globe.

(2) His Charismatic, believing in our people rights plus his undeniable efforts through supports combined with compassion heart, and material side as well, is total beyond average Joe.

(3) Mr. Wan is a man of “Say it, doing it, supporting it and stand for truth over any circumstances.” It is something there in his work ethic or nature you can’t buy or borrow it. Well-raised in Eastern Twi Dinka beliefs, Mr. Wan Agut-Manyang is one of the hardly attitude person you will ever get easily from many people.

(4) He has devoted more than 30 years when it comes to serving Eastern Twi Dinka people and Sudanese/South Sudanese at large.

(5) In July 4, 2015, Mr. Wan and his Administration have sat up Fundraising for Panyagoor’ Hospital and the Second Anniversary that honor our Heroes under the title, “Dr. John Garang Memorial Day” in Syracuse, New York. Occasion was a successful one. Also the Event was attained by many Dinka communities and other South Sudanese’ communities, even other Africa nations’ citizens too. For us to be frank, under this project, Mr. Wan is determined with his Administration to help in restoring the Hospital. So why we have to cut shorts the progress?

(6) Mr. Wan now has trustworthy key from Eastern Twi Dinka basis on what he has done in his first term in Office of Twic East Community.

(7) Mr. Wan Agut-Manyang was given this opportunity to completes what he has started.

Event Activities which were served

  1. E. Twi Dinka staple or traditional foods were served at Event such as: Akɔ̈u, Awalwala, Thiɛɛm, etc. Also cross-cultures of South Sudanese, Sudanese, Africans, Americans and so on foods like Ayɔt, Samusa, Pizzas, Pasta, Macaroni and others were served at Event too. Furthermore, different sorts of Drinks were served as well.
  1. E. Twic Dinka traditional Drum was used for gathering masses’ entertainments too.
  1. DJ & Instruments were used by Master of DJ during the celebration times. For instance, Praising Songs of SPLM/A and Red-Army were sang to honors our heroes. New songs about Dr. Dr. John Garang were played.

Finally, after many Guests of Honors’ speeches, President Wan Agut-Manyang was given opportunity to organizes and close-outs the Event in his Speeches. President Wan and members of his leadership were given chances too to gives appreciations. New York leadership was given time to thanks masses. Lots of credits were given to Syracuse members and everybody who have devoted his/her times and money over a period of many months to preparing the great Event in their backyards. In addition too, appreciations were given to people who have traveled from far distances like Canada and many parts of the United States to participated in Event. These people were driving or flying in from long distances that did take more than 10 to 24 hours, especially, those who have chosen to drive all the way to Syracuse, New York [The Empire State]. Lastly and not least, the attendees from different backgrounds were given highest appreciations for their time offs to attained the Event and at the same time who did donate whatever they had to supports Panyagoor’s Hospital.

What have learned from our Great Event?

  1. Next time, when we call Dinka Agar to perform in our Event. We have to bear in minds that, “Agar Dinka must always be the first community to takes stage at Event among Dinkas’ sub-tribes.” According to one of Agar Dinka persona who did attain our great Event.
  2. Nobody doesn’t know Eastern Twi Dinka people History among Dinka sub-tribes. Some of them knows our people History than some of us. However, Twi Dinka people are the only people ton promotes and protects their own identity.
  3. Many people from Dinkas trusts Eastern Twic Dinka for humble nature they have.
  4. The majority of Dinkas people don’t believe in certain sub-tribe within Dinka Community who did tag Twi people wrongly when it comes to on going conflict that was based on generalizations. 5. “Hospital can everybody without limits to area based area,”


Validated by Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA

Executive Committee on Behalf of E. Twic Dinka


  2 comments for “Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA Press Release

  1. July 26, 2015 at 9:55 am

    Thanks you the so call Dinka twic for not acknowledging your back Bor county. without Bor, forks twic would have not come to be known and that is a fact. You were known for something I don’t want to mention here. But anyway thank for that event you have conducted to raise awareness in building the hospital to help the innocence civilians who are not involve in dirty politic and divisive characteristics some of you are playing.


    • Deng Deng
      July 28, 2015 at 7:45 pm

      Thank you David you comment like a man. Twic are the useless group of Dinka’s Bor just look how they narrated their event talking simple things like the good food ,theem ,awalwalla .is that the right things such a mature person will comments, he who doesn’t respect the dignity of his role is rubbish, that is the way they’re. They are all like that even John Garang who fall SOUTH SUDAN to unite and living behind the main agenda of the liberation and coming up with hatred among his commanders and leaders of south Sudan. The God got upset and burn him a live on the air that is why we buried the ashes without no head and one leg


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