Youth Action Development Network in Kampala, Uganda

By Ter Manyang.

A group of young people taking part in the UNFPA Youth and Adolescents Programme at the Juba III civilian protection camp in the South Sudanese capital. (Photo credit: Kenneth Odiwuor )

A group of young people taking part in the UNFPA Youth and Adolescents Programme at the Juba III civilian protection camp in the South Sudanese capital. (Photo credit: Kenneth Odiwuor )

July 30, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Youth Action Development Network (YADN) ) is a non political organization and non- profit making national organization, formed on 2nd March, 2015 after attending two workshops in Kampala, Uganda and Nairobi, Kenya on Transitional Justice Mechanism 22-27 February 2015, in Kampala funded by International Public Law and Policy Group (IPLPG), and south Sudan human rights documentation initiative held on 9th may to 12th May 2015 Nairobi, Kenya which identified the problem the youth are facing both Diaspora and in South Sudan.

The organization here is focusing on the most underprivileged youth residing in urban and rural areas in South Sudan. YADN, which has the potential of integrating life by the values of good and productive citizens in youth, motivating them to lead a normal life by providing them a platform to develop and highlight skills.

Today’s world the youth is facing the most of hardship and lack of basic skills within the society. The difficult circumstances that young people face because of limited opportunities for education and training about leadership skills in South Sudan.

(YADN) It work as leading national youth organization that works to mainstream young peoples’ engagement in development and governance processes in Juba, South Sudan and other parts of South Sudan at large. YADN was started in 2015 to respond to the increasing demand for a collective platform for research, training and policy advocacy for young people by young people in South Sudan and beyond.

Problem Statement:

The education disparity between Youth, Women and girl children education in the society is the big problem for youth in South Sudan. Education is a priority and everyone’s birthright in the society.

YADN is based in Kampala-Uganda and therefore, our location Bombo Rd, Teacher’s House Bombo Road, Kampala Uganda and we are looking for funds &we shall extend our office to Juba, South Sudan. In future shall extend our offices in Bor, Jonglie state and Ayod county.

   Our Motto:

1.”Empower the Youth for Sustainable Development’’

  1. Vision Statement :

To be a leader in the provision of empower the youth, and training of leadership skills for Sustainable development in South Sudan

  1. Mission:

To put youth together and empower, sustainable development and through networking capacity building.

  1. Garget Group:


  • Youth both in rural areas and in urban areas
  • Women
  • Girl child education
  • Traditional local chiefs
  • Students both in university and tertiary institutions
  • Community Based Organization
  • Persons with Disabilities and other vulnerable group
  • To empower the youth, girl child education and women in the society
  • To create development amongst the youth thought training them
  • To create social Centre for the youth programs
  • To impart knowledge and skills for the youth through participations amongst various communities
  • To sensitize the youth, women and raise awareness about the diverse among youth
  • To promote the peace and harmony amongst youth for sustainable development

Organization structure

No Name Position Tel: Sin
1. Ter Manyang Gatwech Executive Director 0774755763
2. Rashid   Leki Deputy 0752975313
3. Rebecca Nyakereah Finance S 0718143439
4. Naima Mohammed Secretary 0791703543
5. Nyakuma Daniel Member

For more information; Plot 28/30 Bombo Road, Teacher’s House Bombo, Rd, Kampala-Uganda.

+256774755763, +256715655663 or

Ter Mnayang Gatwech, Executive Director of YADN, in Kampala-Uganda.

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