Lou-Nuer Community In Uganda Denounces The Call For The Reverse Of IGAD Compromise Peace Deal Made By Individuals In Bor Town.

By Gatluak Khot.

Members of Lou Nuer white army and SPLA-IO soldiers patrolling greater Lou-Nuer areas from the government led troops (Photo: file)

Members of Lou Nuer white army and SPLA-IO soldiers patrolling greater Lou-Nuer areas from the government led troops (Photo: file)

August 20, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — In response to the article published on Sudan Tribune on 18th August, 2015 that Jonglei citizens urges IGAD to reverse the compromise peace deal, the Lou Nuer Community in Uganda strongly denounces such a claim and condemns the conspired and compromised individual citizens of Bor Town who always make nonsensical claims on behave of the entire state. This is not the first time and such arrogance must be stopped.

Jonglei State being the largest and the most multi-ethnic state in South Sudan comprises of eleven Counties: Uror, Bor South, Pigi, Fangak, Akobo, Nyirol, Ayod, Pochalla, Pibor, Twic East and Duk.

Consequently, it is unacceptable in the strongest term that individual opinions from individuals such as Nhial Majak of Bor Municipality and Rachael Athiek of Duk are considered public as if such opinions were gathered across the State.

We are for peace, we love it and we welcome the deal signed by Dr. Riek and other signatories. Our citizens have suffered beyond any imagination and thus, we accept any compromise which grants them peaceful living.

The peace deal is a compromised document that it should be understood by the terms describing it. No one should think they accept peace as a matter of being defeated when Jonglei state capital is being protected by foreign mercenaries, but as a compromise so as to restore hope for all the people of South Sudan.

As people of Jonglei state we are rallying behind the nations that urged Salva Kiir to sign the peace deal if only he is meant to rescue the lives of innocent citizens in South Sudan. Salva should not tolerate any internal threats, which tends to prolong war and not brings it to an end. He should embrace the national call for peace. Both sides of the warring parties have anti-peace elements, but they must not be tolerated if we mean the business.

It is our urgency that South Sudanese should know what their rights are. If peace is fundamental, why would some people be dragged into what they have not called for that they even force people to protest against peace? Where on earth do people protest against peace? Are we realistic as citizens or are we being misled blindly?

We ultimately caution that, any further opinions which generalize Jonglei State citizens when they are not party to, may mean putting words into other people‘s mouths and it shall not be tolerated at any cost. As people of one state we must understand that war will end but our constituents will remain where they currently.

Because peaceful coexistence is important, we urge our brothers from Bor to stop being carried away by a few individuals who are supporting the war that was imposed on us by the people of Bhar el Ghazal. Let’s work together to stop future escalations of the current war because innocent civilians from these counties who are now being used to push for war will be the victims. So stop your war campaign on behave of the entire community.

We should be mindful about what we say or do in order to avoid uncertainties.

You can reach the concern community at gluakkhot@gmail.com

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