They Lost The Vision, Mission and Objectives:

By Dr. Henry Jembi.

South Sudan president, Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit(Photo: file)

South Sudan president, Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit(Photo: file)

August 20, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — What has gone wrong with liberators of South Sudan and the South Sudanese in general? Has God abandoned you and your struggle? Has God deserted you and your thoughts of freedom? Or vice verse that you yourselves have built a fence around yourselves? By saying that God is not important at this moment, let Him wait for a while. My dear, so called South Sudanese liberators God is the source of life, the source of existence and the source of everything in our lives, without Him we wouldn’t reach where we are now.

So without Him in your life, plan and project is like chasing wine and trying to catch it which is impossible. You’re limited and perishable, you need just to obey Him and do His deeds and actions. What you cannot do, don’t do it, what you can do, do it. Don’t be complicated and don’t complicate your life and the lives of other people. Again what has gone wrong with you? Have you lost your mind, or what? Those who called themselves liberators of South Sudan have turned into destroyers of the South Sudan. They killed thousands of South Sudanese for no good reason and they still planning to kill more announce people of South Sudan for no reason. The only reason they gave liberation struggle, killing your country men for liberation struggle not for state building and unity building.

Do you think that our kids can believe this saying, if they cannot how do you expect us to believe your strategies. Sorry, it’s outdated and childish thinking. This is not our standard we don’t dream vertically, but horizontally whereby everyone is included. South Sudan will never know peace at all just because its people (leaders and Politicians) never know the true nature and essence of peace. Their concept of peace is to rule and be the rulers, they concept to peace is to fight and be the fighters, they concept to peace is very narrow and at the level of their clan, tribe and community.

Therefore, how can peace come and prevail in South Sudan if this is how they look at and aspire for… the liberation struggle has just ended, and there is no peace and stability that you had been struggled for 21 years.

What has gone wrong with you and your vision and objectives of liberation and struggle that you have been claiming fervently? Does the Satan weaken you and blemish your thoughts that you couldn’t realize your left from your right? Or what? South Sudan as a land is not your property and will not be yours whatsoever. Your tribe is your property, your clan is your property it’s up to you to do whatever you want to with them, but the people of South Sudan in general is not and will not be your property that you think and do whatever you want to do on their expends . Do it know but tomorrow you won’t do it.

Honestly speaking, south Sudan has to undergo a war for five to ten years that they could know and experience themselves very well (who they are or who are they) then they have to think of state building and nationalism. Same qualities and characters that are inherited and rooted in their souls, minds and hearts have to be acculturated by all means… what do you think? Waiting for your genuine comment. When God decides for S Sudan building and prosperity, no any  Sudanese will stand before His decision.

He knows what southerners want to live unity, harmony and peace which they themselves don’t know what they want to so as to develop and promote.. Wow, shame on you who don’t know what to do and how to do it and where to go. God knows very well why you are suffering, but you don’t know, God knows the causes of your suffering better than you, and He also knows how to bring an end to it, but you don’t. Your wicked schemes will never ever please you at all, your evil strategies will never ever make you happy, because when God created us, He meant that we should enjoy His free gift of life which no one can give except Him alone. Our suffering is not from God, but from your wickedness and egoistic thoughts, freedom doesn’t mean killing of your brothers and sisters, it doesn’t mean digging holes either, so as to allow your dear friends and beloved comrades to fall into as to give a chance for you to do whatever you want to and fell like doing…

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