An Open Letter To Caretaker Governor of Warrap State, Hon. Col. Akech Tong Aleu

By Simon Yel Yel | Juba, South Sudan

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August 25, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — I will begin by thanking the president of the Republic of South Sudan, General Salva Kiir Mayardit, for the trust has conferred upon you by appointing you as a caretaker governor of Warrap state in this critical time where there is insecurity in the state and in the nation as whole. Congratulations!

Mr. Governor, I know you have already received floodgate of congratulatory notes and verbal praising following your appointment but I felt that I should communicate to you by writing an open letter to you.     

I just want to alert you of the enormity of the task ahead of you ranging from insecurity to misunderstanding between the government organs, SPLM party and Warrap populations that you carry on your novel shoulders.

Arguably, the former governor has created a great gap of distrust between government, Warrap populations, state assembly and the SPLM party in the state. There is no link and trust between them at all. They see themselves as enemies and each works against the other.

Mr. Governor, it is now your task to reunite the government with the SPLM party, state assembly and Warrap populations and build trust and teamwork among them once more.

Mr. Governor, you have had a remarkable career and excellent achievements since you entered into Warrap politics. However, the job you acquired recently could be your Waterloo if you are not prepared to take the bull by its horns. Many politicians with the exception of few who enter high office do so with a bang but often exit with a whimper giving lame excuses that they were not given enough time to stay in seats. In reality, they were looting the resources and had no developmental plans to offer.

I know it is unfair to judge you by others’ incompetence but be aware of the ghosts of
“axis of evil” who may be ready now to derail your security and development plans for the betterment of Warrap state.

Mr. Governor, many politicians in Warrap state have totally misunderstood the meaning of” Warrap” and reasons why uncle General Konggor Arop gave that name to our state. Our local politicians have different version of Warrap state as they wrongly assume that Warrap state is “war” (pond or river) that is full of “ rap anyanjang”(grain) where every constitutional post holder can fill his or her basket (gac) with “rap anyanjang”(grain) and goes away with it without being hold to account. They have got it totally wrong.

I think there is a need for General Konggor to be asked to tell us if that is what he meant by Warrap. If that is not the Warrap he meant, then I suggest that General Konggor should be requested to go to Warrap state and give constitutional post holders one week workshop to tell them what he really meant when he named our state to be called “Warap.” Politicians have distorted the meaning of Warrap.

Alternatively, could changing the official name of “Warrap” to”War alel” alleviate this rapid robbery of public funds? Because I don’t think if these local politicians will eat “aleel” (stones) again like the way they are eating “Rap” now. Hon, don’t bring us local politicians that see Warrap state as “ War rap” where they can fill their bellies and “gaac” (baskets) and go away without doing their constitutional obligations to the citizens. We need some things tangible to be done in Warrap in these three years.

Mind you Mr. Governor, this vanguard task of gubernatorial you are appointed in demands you shut up, and let your actions do the talking. There is now a bench of the sacked officials for one reason or another singing chorus of “our government has come.” Please be careful! Don’t let them derail you from your principles. I know that some of them became victims because of their hard works and hence they got sacked. Nonetheless, others have really failed in their duties they were assigned to and therefore I see there is no need for them to be recycled back.

Mr. Governor, you may know more than me; who is who in Warrap politics, but according to the voices in the streets, some of them discriminately became victims because of their advocacy for what the gov’t should do and shouldn’t. If these officials can team up with other like-minded people then they can indubitably achieve expectations of Warrap populations.

As you settle in your gubernatorial saddle, many people are wondering who your political godfather really is because many local politicians do underrate you and they weren’t expecting you by any means to be appointed by presidential decree giving the facts that you didn’t lobby for it and you also seldom visit Juba. Other people are defining you as side B of the outgoing government while others are saying you are a reformist who was squeezed badly but now might bring about some major reforms in the government.

Some are now ready planning how to make sure they disturb your gov’t in the day-to-day duties. Meanwhile, oppositions or dissidents of the outgoing gov’t are giggling and talking high-mindedly that they are the ones who brought you into power. Even those who never sought you to perch on this coveted seat are struggling to overdo each other in showering praises on you. But I will advise you not to let their talks wreck your plans. Let them talk but articulate your plans and translate them into transformational actions for the betterment of Warrap state. You will be the hero at the end of the day.

In conclusion, Mr. Governor, one thing you should remember to observe at all time is that ambition is made of sterner stuff. You cannot achieve the goals of your vow if you will take instructions and advises from opportunists or those who have never succeeded, or wherever, in the course of your duty. You can’t never succeed if you fear risk in leadership. To leave a mark, no mountain should be too high to scale or stone too heavy to turn. If you can commit yourself to pay any price, to bear any burden, meet any hardship in all decisions you will take, furthermore observe and pay whatever it may cost you be it better or worse in the interest of Warrap populations then your place in Warrap history is assured.

The writer can be reached at or 0955246235

  1 comment for “An Open Letter To Caretaker Governor of Warrap State, Hon. Col. Akech Tong Aleu

  1. August 27, 2015 at 3:40 am

    I read your article entitled “An Open Letter To Caretaker Governor of Warrap State, Hon. Col. Akech Tong Aleu” dated August 25, 2015 

    It was an interesting article and seems to be well-thought. The problem is however not local politicians at Warrap level as you seem to be believe. The problem is at national level in Juba. The rot is from the head. This means, assuming that the new governor is a great man as you seem to suggest, he will never perform to your or his own expectation. It is the Government in Juba, under the sole leadership of Salva Kiir that has miserably failed. How can you blame Warrap politicians when it is the same scenario unfolding in all the ten states of South Sudan – eating, eating and only eating.

    It is the president who set the precedence for: operating from above and outside of the law, impunity as a reward to certain individuals, lack of accountability, allowing heinous crimes to past unpunished, injustice, suppression of freedom of speech, clanism, nepotism, unfounded fear and uncontrolled greed, etc. The list is so so long.

    The system is so rotten and nothing good can ever come out of it. Disappointment will hit you harder if you are not realistic to help you appraise the situation objectively.

    True and meaningful hope is only in total change of the system. Riek Machar is even far worse than Salva Kiir. Total lack of vision. Total inability to unite the country into one vision and goal. Total collapse of the sense of nationalism, which has been replaced by clanism and tribal agenda. The situation is so pathetic brother.

    All the best


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