Deal and No deal

By Lat Kuem,


Mathew Puljang Top, a rebel militia fighting Salva Kiir’s side…

August 27, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The Commissioner of Mayom county, Colonel Bol Mayak, in an exclusive interview with Sudan Tribune on Sunday said “he had confirm the decease of dually civilians were killed by government forces” between May and July in the southern part of the state capital, Bentiu, when government forces launched military offensive in the area. As an opposition we had severally confirm yet the bribed government officials were denying because their dealt was not breakthrough.

Today, the needed individual have confirmed to all nations that his government is responsible for deceasing live of innocents, looting their properties, rapping of under aged, burn down their byres or houses and hundred more child and elderly drawn in water nor aestivated of hunger.

Earlier last month, the United Nations mission in South Sudan and Human Right Watch (HRW) accused government forces of carrying out deadly attack on civilians, killing hundreds and displacing hundreds of thousands of people during a village to village hunting of the civilians in Rubkotni, Guit, Koch, Leer and Mayiandit counties in the state.

However, Illiterate commissioner Bol of Mayom county confirmed to all world that civilians were truly massacred in the aforementioned areas by his administration but blamed the whole government leader, of conducted crimes against civilians,

“We know why White army took up arms; the reason they do not want a rampant murdering of innocents relatives. Mr. Mayak added that the rebel leader did not want to continue fight long with other South Sudanese that is why he had sign peace because peace is more fruitful.


A pig forgets too quickly always. Look, the dead project of cold blood by illiterate commissioner, cheaper Caretaker Governor and militia commander are forgetting their atrocious they make in Bentiu and claim for separate State in Warrap. Nevertheless no can complete LT. Gen Taban Deng Gai who appointed you as a security Adviser and Commissioner in the same time while it’s too hard to write anything in the office, and without his orders your hatred led you to destroyed the home of respectful late Gen Paulino Matip Nhial Nyak ignorantly and decease many life within.

Today you are pertaining to sale Bul to the neighboring State which is not true, Bul community are part of Nuer community but as Bol who conducted crimes please go to Warrap don’t wait for peace within Mayom.

I personally appreciate you because your deal with rouge regime is ending though you directly appealed to president Kiir to save the Bul-Nuer by taking them away from the rest of the Nuer because of the hatred generated over their support to him during the crisis, saying the IGAD-Plus peace deal will trigger a revenge on Bul-Nuer from the other Nuer communities. For your information we are really Nuer not to be handling like fish to somebody else.

“Already every Nuer from Unity state hates you not Bul because you have looted their belonging with your cheaper Governor and envisioned commander militias. Kiir will soon hand you to us for more investigation and your allies should left this is very acceptable.

.However, Bol have so many records in Nuer movement which he can’t by pass, you had betrayed our fearless Maj.Gen James Koang Chuol Ranley and lion Gen Makal Kuol declared their support time destroyed Bentiu Town, Mayom, Tharjiath Lich, Koch, Guit and Leer County. to
SPLMIO under Dr Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon, you personally burned down to ashes two big military stores in Rupkona which led into recaptured of Bentiu by your master Dinka militias who hate to death. Hence, Dinkas and their Dinka nuer militias under Mathew Puljang at the

ing Mayom from Unity State,previously, some opportunists and betrayers most of whom were asses stamped Muslim claimed to annex Mayom County to Pulla State in south_ west Khordafan but their decision was rejected by late Paulino Matip Nhial Nyak at the time.

Hence, at the moment the same rotted eggs resurrected against and want to annex Mayom County to Warap State of Dinka tribe. Can I call you Bul Weew/Yioni and Dinka Weew union or married? Moron, you must know that we Nuer are not fools like you; we can’t grab a stick half way. We knew that, you had been blindly used by Dinkas to destroy your ancestor’s homeland. We shall deal away with you and your masters thorny traitors ( boorkui in Nuer but that does not means that you are free from the crimes you had committed so far together with cursed family of Monytuil Wecjang( Dinka’s head ) .

No way to run from war crimes, the spirits of Nuer whom you killed will hurting you down to death leave alone Bentiu nationalists and Nuerism. Mayom belongs to Bentiu Nuer and shall not be annex by anybody without their consent please.

Lat K. Thiran: Senior Political Mobilization for Lich State IO. He can be reached at

  1 comment for “Deal and No deal

  1. Biem Arop
    August 27, 2015 at 12:03 pm

    If we continue to call for retaliation or revenges, why do we signed while peace meant forgiveness and reconciliation. that way this peace is useless if it is going to used for revenging the wrongs doing committed during the war.


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