Position Paper of Lou Nuer Community in Australia

We are the masters of own Fate; we cannot be use to fulfil individuals’ interests.

Armed Lou Nuer men in Likwangale listen to South Sudan's Vice-President Riek Machar - 28 December 2011

Armed Lou Nuer men in Likwangale listen to South Sudan’s Vice-President Riek Machar – 28 December 2011

August 27, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The entire Lou Nuer community in Australia has been closely monitoring and observing the recent IGAD-Plus mediated South Sudan peace process in Addis Ababa/Ethiopia and disturbance behaviours and recklessness acts of some individual generals in the SPLMA/A – IO movement, at a time that we are so close to achieve the Destiney and lasting peace to our people and castigate all perpetrators of the genocidal regime who murdered our innocent people in Juba and caused harm to entire South Sudanese during this senseless war.

Likewise, it is very unfortunate to distinguish through media houses that those alleged individual generals have announced their defection from people’s movement. Therefore, the whole Lou Nuer Community members in Australia would like to denounce that shameful defections of Nuer sons/leaders from the SPLMA/A – IO, headed by the two generals: General. Peter Gatdet Yaka and General. Gathoth Gatkouth. We are thus, condemning these immature, irresponsible and evil acts, in a strongest term possible.

Massage to the alleged defect individuals:

The Nuer Community worldwide acknowledges the significant sacrifices and credential job you have had made to our people however, your defections will not do you any good nor will solve any of the concerns you have raised; in fact it will damage your pass credibility’s and trust that were given to you by our people. In this regards, we the Lou Nuer Community in Australia are joining hands with the rest of our brothers and sisters and call upon you to response to negotiation opportunity that initiated by the SPLMA/A – IO leadership and dialogue so that we importantly effect the life of the people of South Sudan.

On the other hand, we are calling upon all Lou Nuer individuals whom their names may appear to have link or involvement in these behaviours, to distance themselves from those reckless acts by refuting the current media alleged reports. Because division among our community is no longer affordable, as well as any bloodshed among our people could constrain their fate.

We all know that this war was imposed on us by the genocidal Juba Regime in December 2015 and the negative impact that has implicated on our sons and daughters worldwide in South Sudan and particularly in the Nuer nation, therefore; we are not in a position as to bargaining or compromising individuals for their own personal interests to leave the people’s movement.

Finally, we want to advice our leaders and elders wherever they are; to take this opportunity to look back and reconcile themselves with the history, because we have been supporting you for decades in order to achieve quality leadership and secure or pap way for future generations, however; we are still looking forward to attaining it.

And our last message goes to the entire brave youth and soldiers, we would like to remind you that; our people are displacing all over the country and elsewhere in the region. Therefore, let us not fall into any misguiding mobilisation and let us not follow anyone who wants to peruse his/her personal interest, this revolution is by and for us until we fulfilled the wishful Destiney of the people of South Sudan and most significantly, let us remain united under the leadership of the people’s movement headed by Dr. Riek Machar-Thurgon, the Chairman/commander in-Chief of SPLM/A – IO so as we accomplish our dignify mission and peaceful co-existence of the people of South Sudan. Furthermore, our absolute congratulatory message goes to the Chairman for the courage and signing of the recent IGAD Mediated compromise Peace agreement.

Long live the struggle of the people and May god continue to bless the Unity of Nuer Nation as well as the people of South Sudan.

Signed By:

Musa Abraham Gatluak; _________________________________     /       /2015


Lou Nuer Community Association in Victoria – Australia.

Samuel Reat Khot; ______________________________________     /       /2015


Lou Nuer Community in Western Australia.

Gatkouth Mak Changping;________________________________     /       /2015


Lou Nuer Community in Queensland.

Contact: abrahamdoup@gmail.com and yienlam@hotmail.com


  • All Media houses,
  • the Chairman/Commander in-Chief of SPLM/A – IO, Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Thurgon.

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