BE CAUTIOUS OPTIMISTs And Never Admit Inducement For Going Astray From Nuer Unity!!

Bul Intellectual Forum (BIF) – In Khartoum
By: Col. Mut David Riek Guel | Pagak
Dear BIF Members,

August 28, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — First and foremost, I would  kindly like to remind your esteemed end to at least reflect and consider these few primary quests that sound relevant to the title of your forum: (1) How do you academically illustrate the phrase–”intellectual”?(2) How and when should someone be considered intellectual? (3) What could be an intellectual’s role within a diversity of his/her society or community? Several questions may follow ….. But in the other instances, there should be nothing wrong with title of BIF, but rather, the activities being practiced by members of this forum in most instances, if not always, seem to have contradicted an intellectual’s vital role on the account that, any member from BIF is “supposed to have been “Cautious Optimist”; capable to think, analyze, review any official or private or public document before sending it to public media via internet.

Avoid encouraging grievances:

Pursuant to encouraging of grievances, any BIF member must be dispassionate and smart in expressing himself or herself, capable of exerting genuine reasons on all the root causes of every single event before taking any rush or aggressive reaction. Otherwise, the most elusive thing that derives Bul Intellectual Forum (BIF) is that illogical collective usages of fallacy of generalization that; the BIF members that belong to SPLM/A in Opposition did so and so? What for? If you, BIF members who always keep posting negative statements on media that signified controversial disloyalty to SPLM/A in Opposition which is the only hope for any living Nuer today. Why inducing the whole Bul community to go astray from Nuer solid unity?

Let not anyone forget that Dinka have consented to wipe out from south Sudan any human being called Nuer. The proof was the December 16th 2013 genocide that targeted only one section of tribe within the diversity of sixty four tribes; the deliberate killing against vulnerable children, women and elderly persons in their homes!.

Why should individuals abet the name of the whole Bul community to encourage such premature and irresponsible defection of Gatdet Yakah who thought was capable of dividing this solid Nuer Unity worldwide?

Didn’t you inquire that there existed several material evidences amounted to why and how Gatdet was relieved by the Chairman and Commander-In-Chief of SPLM SPLA-IO, Dr. Riek Machar Teny? Did anyone really notice the grounds behind Gatdet’s relieve from the operation command? Of course Not! Gatdet refused to meet the Chairman of the movement when he came back from Kenya and then the Chairman went to him in his house to give him condolence for the death of his son Yak Gatdet. He was asked to go to Nairobi to visit the family and comport them for the lost. Gatdet did not say anything meanwhile he was having something in his heart…….. What could be the cause of Gatdet’s impatience that made him rush for defection right after his relieve instead of wait for redeployment?

Note that there exist in any organized army doctrines, the principles that tent to prohibit the emerging of any semi-mutiny or instigation of others to cause mutiny, the key plotters are normally held responsible and in some instances they subject to accountability before any competent military criminal justices and the like.

Furthermore, I ’m urging  all Bul Community members that you need add your coherent voices to all Nuer Community Members worldwide and express your bold support to the SPLM/A – IO, under the Chairmanship of  Dr. Riek Machar Teny so as to bring about peace and justice and condemn in a strongest terms possible any decision taken by individuals. Being mindful that such clicks might have been influenced or manipulated by external powers (Dinka brokers); lead by sultan Salva Kiir who undoubtedly has sold the territorial integrity of south Sudan to foreign powers or militias: such as Uganda, JEM of Darfur, M23 of Congo, SPLM Norht, plus several related terrorist organization mercenaries allied with Dinkas with aim to back and rescue them on the fight for fear of Nuer resistance and freedom fighters.

The Dinka tribal brokers never sleep day and night with hopes to break apart this solid bondage of Nuer Unity. But knowing this as intellectuals, any attempt to breach this solid unity of Nuer should never be allowed.  Let anyone who doesn’t have firm stand rethink twice of what to write before posting it to public to avoid instilling betrayal to our brothers who have been forced to dwell in UMISS protection camps for more than twenty months by Dinkas’ illegitimate tribal government. Their everyday hope is to see justice be done to those criminals who caused their suffering and murdered tenth of thousands at Juba and in everywhere in South Sudan. Note that what is in Juba has never been a government, but a mere tribal mopping gangs of illiterate Chiefs of (known as Jieng council of thieves) whose ambitions are to loot the public properties of South Sudanese.

The Bul Community in SPLA-IO should never accept deceitful misleading by certain individuals based on their private interests, under the claim that Bul community members are being isolated, humiliated or rejected by other Nuer Community members everywhere. This is a mere naked lie and no one shall ever listen to mouth-filled by Gatdet and his cronies, who doesn’t them?
Else one should understand and learn by heart that any person or group of  persons who secretly attempt to form an ally, through monetary manipulation, with Juba illegitimate corrupt regime under the leadership of such prominent tribal-chief, the brutal murderer and fascist Salva Kiir – apart from the recently signed IGAD & IGAD-Plus compromised peace agreement on south Sudan which he (Kiir) has signed yesterday in Juba. Any move apart from that won’t be allowed by the leadership of SPLM/A IO.

Any person or group of persons, who act/s contrary with bad intention to harm this solid Unity of  Nuer community worldwide, shall face a massive condemnation.

Bul Community members within the SPLM/A – IO have proven  their vigilant bravery like any other Nuer community members who first said no to oppression by Dinkas’ genocidal, merciless and fascist regime; on the very first day of the first of bullet firing for bloodshed of innocent Nuer children, women and elderly persons, on December 16th 2013.

The relieved Peter Gatdet Yakah was the third person within the hierarchical structural command of SPLA-IO from military wing right from  Commander-In-Chief  and Chairman of the Army Dr. Riek Machar Teny. That was a position which the subject in dispute would never easily obtained in comparison to Dinka fascist army structural chain of command:  his early relieve was based on doubtful behavioral mistrusts designed by his impatience and that he had had  demonstrated while in the office. All appreciations and hopes from other Nuer Communities worldwide including the command were on him.!! “Gen. Gatdet would have been the hero of the midday battle, but the loser of the late evening fight”. A victim of his own making, who distorted and lost that terrific opportunity in a single hour.

Gatdet’s claim of being a Bul Community leader who was a successor of late Hero Gen. Paulino Matip Nhial was a mere lie. Paulino Matip Nhial never had had such a weaker soul as to that of Gatdet’s. He shan’t deceive any one anymore.

The late Gen. Paulino Matip Nhial had never been impatient who always leave his flowerers to dilemma and at risk, he was always lining to advices from his community and colleagues; but Gatdet doesn’t. Let him face his fate.

For other Bul community members residing outside South Sudan (in Diaspora) I am very much thankful for your tireless support to SPLM/A-IO under the leadership of  Dr. Riek  Machar Teny. We in the fields do appreciate  your extremely moral encouragement to us in order to continue fight for the rights of our beloved martyred brothers in the hands brutal killer Salva Kiir.

Few of you who may not have accurate information of what caused the defection of Peter Gatdet and his groups are cautioned to revise their emotional grievances and that be mindful of what comes to your mind before you write and post it to public media via internet.

Furthermore, any posted writings must be revised so as not to contradict the behavioral moral contextualization of the BIF. Else your forum will simply be prejudiced as premature body and that will subsequently be initiated by a broad disqualification. Moreover, the blame shall always be referred upon the active members of your respected forum. Whichever information being posted to media by the information secretary or deputy of BIF should be basically consented and reviewed by the Chairperson or the technical experts.

Furthermore, having taken into consideration and prioritize the language fragments, the usage of diplomatic or polite idioms reference to the title of the BIF on the grounds of your academic professionalism approach that enables your organization as being supervised by persons capable and competent of having cognizance as intellectuals.

Grounds why I have written and post to public these few remarks: Is the very fact that I have acknowledged and fully come to my understanding that, the BIF sounds to generalize all Bul Community Members that included the army officials within the SPLM SPLA-IO to whom Col. D. Mut Riek is part of.

The proof for this was when one of your written, sealed, signed and posted official document stated that a vote of no confidence was made against the BIF Chairperson James Makuar Gatluak based on identified reasons.

I see no genuine reasons could lead to such a decision because James Makuar Gatluak came to office of the BIF through free election by the General Assembly of BIF and shall remain in office until the same conducted another general election on the lapse of his office term.  That was the initial start for lost of direction by the BIF members and that could be regarded as roadmap for taking side which amounted to incapability to settle minor or major matters within the association itself and a serious failure to handle the challenges facing the BIF.

FINALLY: I advise all Bul Community members worldwide not to accept any deceitful misleading or inducement by certain individuals who have betrayed the over 20,000 Nuer martyrs of 16th December 2013, whose right would be obtained through unquestionable solid Nuer Unity under the leadership of Visionary leader Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon.

Gatdet will finally end up surrendering himself to Salva Kiir with a very cheap price of bribery.

Long live SPLM/A-IO Under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon,
Long Live Nuer Unity worldwide.

The author, Col. Mut David Riek Guel, is an SPLA-IO freedom fighter, currently based at General Head Quarters Administration, SPLA GHQs. I can be reached through: – +251 945 038 681

  4 comments for “BE CAUTIOUS OPTIMISTs And Never Admit Inducement For Going Astray From Nuer Unity!!

  1. Riek Koang
    August 29, 2015 at 12:02 am

    Useless artical full of hatred, when shall the writter know of peace, reconciliation and forgiveness. Peace already been signed, both Kiir and Riek have decleared permanet ceasefire and yet you are preaching hatred which may ignite fighting and suffering simply because you are enjoying outside the country and never feel the heat of fighting, please stop such dangerious propaganda, you seems to be some one who only reason within the Box but not outside the box, empty head with brain still under the varenda and cattle camps.


  2. August 29, 2015 at 3:22 pm

    Gadget will not live long,it is very bad when i look at that picture.


  3. Angelo
    September 1, 2015 at 9:07 am

    Good article! the smartest human being on the planet earth.


  4. Angelo
    September 1, 2015 at 9:19 am

    We need Bull Nuer to reconcile with us though they chose the wrong path. There is forgiveness among us because we are one tribe with one language. Warrap is not your home,but Nuerland. Your friendship with Kiir is a dirty business to our tribe.


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