Unity State Citizens shall linger united under the leadership of Governor Rt. Hon: Ruach Kuol.

By David Lony Majak.


burned village 2015-09-11 at 6.21.16 AM

A village razed down in Unity State by the rival forces of SPLA(Photo: supplied)

11th September 2015(Nyamilepedia) —  based on the current and the pass politics of Unity State-Bentiu, majority of bentiu citizens believed that they would remain united unless their beloved leader Hon: Ruach Kuol is given a chance by the top leadership of SPLM-IO to complete the Transitional Government of National Unity of the Republic of South Sudan (period of 30 months). According to the street voices of citizens of USB they whole heartedly welcomed the previous appointment of the current governor. Most of the youth strongly agreed on the appointment, they said they would not be as united as they are if the administration of SPLM-IO changes their entrusted son to lead them for the period of transitional government of national unity until 2018 general election.

Unity State-Bentiu comprised of 9 counties namely; Guit, Koch, Rubkona, Payinjair, Leer, Mayiendit, Abiemnom, Mayom and Panrieng County. Detailing the pass deterring political situations in Unity State, former governor Taban Deng has caused a creatable internal division amongst the people of unity state; in particular between the communities themselves where he politically shaped a certain community versus community. These internal divisions in Bentiu up to-date they were not resolve until the country went into a complete destruction which was weighted by Salva Kiir and his Mathiang Anyoor group who planned ethnic cleansing.

People of Unity State do not fear Gen: Taban to return back to state level as a governor but they believe that he may politically commission his closest right hand men to be appointed and thereafter they can do things in his personal favor. If this happens then three (3) negative bits and pieces will involve; there shall be a serious mismanagement of state funds, continuous disunity amongst Bentiu communities and manipulation of state affairs against Nuer interest in up-coming general elections of 2018. On my own individualistic analysis, Governor Hon: Ruach is 99% accepted to maintain the unity of Bentiu citizens and to therefore; remain in a high political profile since he was officially elected in 2010 elections without self-declaration.

Assuming the political plans of Unity States’ politicians is overriding that, the chief negotiator Gen: Taban Deng has a plan to recommend some politicians who are qualify to be state governors or at ministerial posts in the state level, what could be the reaction from Unity State’s citizens. For instance; he may unquestionably recommend his three (3) right hand men, Thomas Jal Kume Khan former minister of finance & Economic planning, Eng: Diew Charow former state minister of Physical Infrastructure and Urban Development and Colone Michael Chiangjiek Geay former Security Affairs. I know Taban is working harder to make one of his former ministers to replace Hon: Ruach Kuol, the current legitimately appointed governor of Unity State before the end of Transitional Government of National Unity of the Republic of South Sudan. Gen: Gatnyakek maybe silently conducting public rallies in a closed and dark places lobbying for their appointment once peace deal is fully implemented in three month’s time as stated in peace agreement.

Why disowning Taban’s group and himself?; Citizens of unity state should not this time around be lead by folks who might have got individual interests in running state affairs in the vein of what happened from the inception of CPA-2005, Comprehensive Peace Agreement. Unity state has been a well measured state with internal political differences during the leadership of former governor who left no inheritance similar to Salva Kiir who finalizes his term by killing innocent Nuer. There is a great panic that one-day one-time the top leadership of SPLM-IO may change the already appointed governors which is seen as a truly inequitable tragedy to the natives of Bentiu.

Former governor Gen: Taban does not deserve the position of governorship anymore regardless of any political nearness and tautness in the hierarchy of SPLM-IO. He traditionally and politically contributed in the disunity and disagreements of Naath community in Unity State when he was the governor from 2005-2013. Citizens of Bentiu shall always recall a no foundation lay down by Taban throughout his term in the office for almost a decade. Our chairman of SPLM-IO should allow Hon: Ruach Kuol to end his 30 months while people of Bentiu will be watching him in anticipation of elections of 2018 where majority of south Sudanese are going to decide on their leaders after transitional government.

All SPLM-IO supporters were informed about the official appointments of institutional post holders based on military and political virtues at the time when situation was static too toughed in 2014, until he the chairman of the movement personally inserted his own signature on the paper in August 17, 2015. countless people have developed apprehension on their already selected leaders and those who are going to be appoint at the state level, especially that of Unity State and Upper Nile-Malakal hoping that there will be a move which may not errand the interest of citizens of the said states if not oversee as a great concern.

I into view predict that SPLM-IO leadership ought to work harder in these arenas to win the imminent national elections of 2018, but Dr. Machar, political advisory board and the entire government must unmistakably pleased their own supporters purely by appointing a preferable state governors. This is the right time where the leadership of people’s movement, SPLM-IO be oblige to have a great destination considering its political dimensions to challenge undemocratic regime of Juba which barely subjected citizens to innocent killing.

Recalling the outdo administrative messes caused by the former governors of Unity State and Upper Nile-Malakal, Gen: Taban Deng Gai and Gen: Kun Puoch Mer have been relieved with no single contribution in term of development. Citizens of unity state are not longer interesting in leader like Taban Deng Gai to go back to state and/or even just to recommend someone of his own choice is a problem, if this happens in near future then the leadership of SPLM-IO must have a plan to burn its ballots while waiting for 2018 general elections with no secure votes from SPLM-IO supporters to win election.

The top leadership of SPLM-IO should for that reason; recognize that all efforts must be made to continue and ague the provision and facilitation of citizens’ rights during the interim period of this agreement by not imposing unpopular leaders who might have lost popularity. Comparing the leadership of Salva Kiir and Taban Deng; Taban left nothing with people of unity state when he was unconstitutionally relieved as an elected governor in 2010.

Hon: Ruach is deep-rooted as a man of patriotism and self-sufficiency who cannot simply divide his own people because of politics. Dr. Machar have to fulfills democratic objectives of the movement where leaders are always appointed based on majority’s willingness and not self-centering of dictators’ regime. Mr. President Kiir failed to deal with south Sudanese because he was doing unreasonable activities in handling state affairs, where he went so far to form Jieng Council of Elder to run state of nation.

The writer can be reached at delonymajak@gamil.com

  5 comments for “Unity State Citizens shall linger united under the leadership of Governor Rt. Hon: Ruach Kuol.

  1. September 11, 2015 at 10:35 am

    In a nutshell, Hon.Robert Ruai Kuol supporters should not defame the character of Hon.Taban Deng Gai,the Chief negotiator of the SPLM/IO especially at this critical situation, they need to pressurize the leadership to adapt and implement what the movement believed in.Democracy.. It’s only democracy that will bring back Unity to our beloved state,let people speak their mind. Let other peoples have the right to compete with Ruai Kuol.that will be the only best way for Robert Ruai to ascend to power not by assumptions.


  2. September 19, 2015 at 11:09 pm

    Dear countrymen ladies and gentlemen brother and sister it’s an unfortunate and we don’t aspect that the massacres and painful burning and destruction that happen in juba and very high blood murdered by our president since 15 Dec 2013 will reach our lovely town unity state Bentiu’ so it’s not easily today and tomorrow to reunited the citizens of your country. but as you quoted on behalf of your lovely son who is appointed by our chairman Dr Riak machar Teny as military Governor of liech state Hon. Ruai kuol jal may have been managed critical situation that happened in unity state Bentiu during the conflict brockout across the nation’ i need to asure you that ‘ peace will make every things happen to be easily solve.


  3. September 20, 2015 at 6:11 am

    Dear compatriot I would like to assure you that the former governor of unity state Taban Deng Gai does not deserve the unity state governorship again,because we all knows that Taban did a lot in dis united our people during his regime.
    Therefore he has no voice to bring any of his closer friend to govern unity state during this transitional period by fulfilling his interest not unity state citizen interest.
    The leadership of Splm IO could not mess by bringing somebody like taban to Rule LICH STATE


  4. September 20, 2015 at 12:33 pm

    That is what dinka called greedness of nuer people, you studip man complaining before getting the state


  5. September 24, 2015 at 12:55 pm

    It has been long usb youth have been suffering,but now when the state will be under hon. Ruai kuol,i can predict bright for orphanage children of usb


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