I Questioned the Logic Behind the Creation of 28 States By President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

“Good Ideas are produced by Healthy Mind”

By Malek Cook-Dwach, Kampala-Uganda,

President Salva Kiir Mayardit ...

President Salva Kiir Mayardit …

Oct 4, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — On personal note: the tribal sediments is deeply rooted beyond repair and manifested to the greater degree that verses the nationhood. In the onset of historical movements of South Sudanese people from pre-independent to post independent era; the extra-juridical killing continue base on ethnic identities in the pretext of claiming and hijacking the historic legacy.

It was alleged that the incumbent Dinka Council of Elders (DCE) once formulated 39 laws against Nuer on 23/12/2003 in Yei under the chairmanship of Justice Daniel Awet Akot, could this meeting be what triggered door to door massacre of ethnic Nuer in 2013 from the inside Capital City Juba under the supervision of the President Salva Kiir Mayardit?

The recruitment of Dut ku beny nick named mathiang Anyoor speaks volume in the implementation of 39 laws against Nuer ethnic group which was well designed by Dinka Council of Elders (DCE) long time ago and the President Kiir Mayardit is a chief architecture Engineer of this process forgetting that he is president to everyone because he is branded by tribal mindset.

When this kind of politic comes into play, it was provoked by fear of sharing the national cake and political reforms to revitalize the system because the Dinka Council of Elders (DCE) are direct beneficiary in the system and prefer status quo. The culture of payback is what destroying the World newly nation (South Sudan). There are those who called themselves liberators and demand rewarding in the expense of the poor.

Coming back to the topic, I don’t see any reason behind claiming what is not your initiative as seen in creating of 28 States by President Kiir while it was early proposed by SPLM-IO to be 21 States base on colonial rule with known boundaries, if Juba government buy this idea, they could wait for transitional government formation for it to be legislated in the national parliament in line with permanent constitution.

I doubt the creation of 28 States was gesture of goodwill from President, as stated by Mark Twain that ‘’ When you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” The President supposes to succumbed give Caesar what belongs to Caesar and gives to God what belongs to God. The Idea for President having Dinka Council of Elders (DCE) as his Presidential aides was wrong in the first place because it does not reflect the diversity of South Sudanese. I am also skeptical for President Speech’s writers because in several occasions there appeared a forged and plagiarized speeches. On Monday April 27, 2015 when Salva Kiir addresses the newly graduated students from Juba University he plagiarized President of Rwanda Paul Kagame speech when he addressed his home country students on the 21 of April 2015 in Rwanda. Available on the links below htt://www.newtimes.c.orw/article/2015-4-13/187797/

Kiir speeches on 27, April, 2015:


When Kiir signs compromise peace agreement (CPA2) in August 26, 2015, he also plagiarized the famous quote from Ja’afer Niemery when he abrogated the Addis Ababa peace Agreement in 1972, when he says ‘’This peace is neither Quran nor Bible.”

For somebody been to quality schools it is always discouraged and prohibited to forged and plagiarized somebody else words by mean of copy and paste because plagiarism is a crime punishable by law. Seeing somebody with high profile like head of state plagiarizing speeches is an insult to the sovereignty of our country and also questioning the educational capacities of President Speech’s writers.

Creation of 28 States could be the work of Council of States as per the transitional constitution of South Sudan bestowed upon them power to alter or change the name of any state if deem to. The unilateral decision taken by Mr President Salva Kiir meets with mixed reactions and condemnation inside South Sudan and Diaspora intellectual circles.

The Author is Researcher and Media Commentator, reachable at malekcook75@gmail.com

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