South Sudan Parliament Needs Big Change

By Ter Manyang Gatwech, Ayod County, Phow State

South Sudan parliament after some members of parliament fled the country or took refuge in the UNMISS camps in the country. With more than five MPs standing, many other MPs are busy reading anything within their reach(Photo: Nyamilepedia file)

South Sudan parliament after some members of parliament fled the country or took refuge in the UNMISS camps in the country. With more than five MPs standing, many other MPs are busy reading anything within their reach(Photo: Nyamilepedia file)

4th October 2015(Nyamilepedia) — It is well known that Parliament’s basic function is law making. However, a number of functions are incidental to the performance of this function. South Sudan Parliament needs big change indeed due to lack of seriously by lawmakers in the parliament and therefore, the recent proposal 28 states by H: E Gen: President Salva Kiir Mayardit is comprehensible violation of transitional Constitution of South Sudan.

Parliament should approved the states not the way Gen: did and the big Gen: need to be educate about the constitution of South Sudan plus the articles, interpretations, key terms by well qualified lawyer in order Kiir can understand the constitution in his mother “tongue which is “Dinka language by well Dinkas” who knows the language very well so that, the” beny Mayardit” cannot mislead us to the zero level in South Sudan. The President uses his illegal in order to destroy the whole country with his unplanned states by local citizens in the country.  The Transitional Constitution of South Sudan does not permit Kiir Mayardit to do anything without the parliaments approved and therefore, the” parliament of South Sudan is monotonous, led by monotonous speaker with the dull government”

I augured, the  South Sudanese people who are stays in different   countries , Intergovernmental Authority on Development) IGAD)   and International Community to rejects the proposal states by Kiir Mayardit in order to divide the nation with his political interest without the will of citizens in the country. “If the International Community will permit President Kiir with his 28 states, it will be big mistake ever in the history of South Sudan”.  The correct name of our state is Phow State, capital Ayod (Gawaar-Nuer ) which is comprised of Pangak, county and Ayod county. The people who are stays in these two counties are Lak Nuer and Gawaar-Nuer.

Function of Parliament in any country:

Legislative /parliament

Law-making is considered the most important function of Parliament. Under article 56(1,2,3,4) of the Transitional Constitution, the legislative power of South Sudan is vested in Parliament and is exercised in accordance with the Constitution. No person or body other than Parliament has the power to pass any measure with the force of law except by or under the authority conferred by an Act of Parliament. The legislative function consists of passing Bills and scrutinizing statutory instruments and deciding whether to annul them or allow them to take effect by the defluxion of time.  I wondering why Kiir use the illegal power without the parliament of South Sudan’ s approves and the parliament should perform the following the powers and functions oversee the performance of the  National Government Institutions, approves plans , and adopt the resolution on matter of public concern.

Oversight of the Executive Branch

As the embodiment of the sovereign will of the people of South Sudan, Parliament exercises oversight of the Executive. Parliament keeps a watch over the performance of the Executive, which controls the public services, to ensure that the implementation of public policy conforms to the approved developmental agenda of the state and expenditure incurred is in accordance with parliamentary authorizations. The major role of executive is to implement the policies and defend the government policies and action in the country. 

Representational Forum:

Parliament is the supreme forum for the ventilation of grievances aimed at seeking redress. The MP is the communication link between his constituents and Government. Through parliamentary mechanisms/tools such as Question Time, Statements, Motions, debate on policy/bills, among others, an MP has the opportunity to draw attention to developments in his constituency and explore avenues for socio-economic development of the constituency. The Mps in South Sudan are the most horrible Mps because they do not care about constituencies in the country. I would like request the young people by 2018 general elections; everyone should run for his/her constituency leaves the old ones alone.   The Gawaar-Nuer Community, we have Mps who are not achieved anything in the national parliament and state level since 2005-2015.  Mps who does not deserved any chance again to represent us in parliament because of their failure for the period of ten 10 years.

Our Mps in the national parliament their names as follow;

  1. Timoly Tot Chol
  2. Mary Nyaulang Chany
  3. Adeng Aleek Both Diu

State level:

  1. James Diu Chak Lam
  2. Kuany Thoat Diu
  3. Mayen Rock
  4. Late Jal Thiech
  5. late Mary Nyarieka Chol

The above Mps both National Parliament and State level need to be change by 2018 general elections because they fail to delivery services to their people.  The role of an Mp is to represents his people in the parliament, to proposal developmental thoughts in order the people can be represented well in the national parliament and state level.  The above Mps I knew them physically and even their characteristics. I know who can do what, when and how.  Late, Honorable : Jal Thiech was the first Mp  killed by President Salva Kiir in Juba, South Sudan in 2013 and I cannot blame him  because he  is  not with us on earth .  Hon:. Mayen and Hon:.Jmaes Diu we will be   pardon  because of the good thing you did for us in 2013 and you did not remains in Kiir’s Government which killed it own citizens.  

Both Hon: Tot Chol, Mary Nyalang Chany, Adeng Aleek and Kuany Thoat, no one will forgive them due to their bad characters and the worst thing they remains with dead Government which kiiled Gawaar-Nuer Community in Juba, South Sudan, December,2013.   The four Mps we shall advocates for their names and tell the rest of Gawaar who know nothing about them. We people who know their strengthen and weakness during the 2013 crisis they have shown sue we the Gawaar-Nuer Community in the worldwide.

In the execution of its functions, the House undertakes deliberations through debate on matters before it. More specifically, however, the deliberative function of Parliament enables it to debate an array of policy issues some of which result in the passage of resolutions. Deliberations may throw light on underlying tensions in society and help to foster consensus, compromise and reconciliation. The deliberative function is exercised mainly through the mechanism of Statements, Motions, Questions, and Ceremonial Speeches etc.

I would like to request the Dr.Riek Machar Teny, leadership of SPLM-IO the reserved Mps young people should be given 30 Mps, and 20 Mps should go to Old ones in the coming Transitional Government of National Unity in December 2015-2018 and therefore, this time around people will fight for their rights.    On behalf of Gawaar-Nuer  community in Uganda, and my own behalf, I would like to congratulates His Excellency, Dr.Riek Machar Teny , for the appointment of  our son Col William Gatjiath Deng ,  as spokesperson  for the Sudan People’s  Liberation Movement  IO  /SPLA and the promotion  of :Maj Gen ,into the Rank of LT.Maj, John Both  Teny

The Truth Must Be Told………………………………….

The author, Ter Manyang, is an administrator and chairperson of Gawaar Nuer-Community in Uganda. He worked with South Sudanese Students’ Union in 2011-2012 as a chairperson of anti-of corruption commission. He become chairman of electoral commission of Naath Universities and Colleges Students’ Union in Uganda from 2014-2015 and he formed an organization called Youth Action Development Network in Uganda, he is executive director of YADN.

Ter Manyang Gatwech is pursuing his Masters of Public Administration and Management at Cavendish Universityb Uganda and reached me via- or twitter, @Ter-Manyang

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