Lou Youths in Khartoum Condemned Salva Kiir’s 28 states Calling It a Declaration of Another War in The Young Nation.

By Khor Nyang Mabor | Khartoum,

Lou Youth chairperson Yien Wal Lual in suit with Col Bodoang Leah....

Lou Youth chairperson Yien Wal Lual in suit with Col Bodoang Leah….

Oct 4, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan Lou youths in Khartoum on Saturday strongly condemned the current decision taken by S.Sudan President Salva Kiir of creating more 18 states in additional to already 10 states granted to South Sudan during Compressive Peace Agreement (CPA) that ended the longest Africa’s civil war in 2005, between Juba and Khartoum Government

On a phone interview with Nyamilepedia, Lou youths chairperson Yien Wal Lual told Nyamilepedia that, “the recent move taken by Salva Kiir is a clear violation of IGAD PLUS Peace Compromise saying it is a an invitation of another War in the young Nation. Yien added that, “this process will instead complicate the implementation of the peace agreement.

In the related News from the above, the SPLM-IO youths’ league in Khartoum reacted calling the move taken by the President as unwise decision that will fuel the current war despite the peace deal that was signed on 17th and 26 August. 2015 by the designated 1st Vice President of South Sudan Dr. Riek Machar and the President Salva Kiir respectively.

On a Statement that was released on Saturday by the Secretary General of the SPLA-IO youths League Alfred Kenneth during the reconciliation gathering that was attended by all the representatives from the sixty four (64) tribes of South Sudan. Kenneth Said that, the Idea of Federalism which was a demand of the people of South Sudan will not be only issued on Degree but its process that will be included on the permanent Constitution of the Transitional Government of National Unity.

Salva Kirr on Friday evening issued a unilateral degree read on SSTV declaring that the number of states will be revises upward from 10 to 28.

Information Minister who is also the Government spoke person Michael Makuei Lueth addressing the media houses in Juba on Saturday, Makuei said that,” the degree shall not be table on the floor of the National Assembly. South Sudan Government has been accused on several occasions by western world as well as regional countries for it critic and sabotaging the peace process that prolong the crisis in the Nation.

During the signing of peace agreement that was attended by regional leaders, and representative from African Union(AU) in Juba, president Kiir in his statements warned the deal might not last, Kiir said that, he will sign the deal despite of the reservations. “With all those reservations that we have, we will sign this document, he quote the document saying, and “it’s not either a Quran or Bible

   Machar Reaction On Order of 28 States

Former Vice president turned rebel leader Dr. Riek Machar said that, the creation of 28 states is a clear violation of peace deal. The rebel leader who is currently designated to be swear in as South Sudan 1st vice president for the upcoming of Government of National Unity on Sunday send a clear message saying the peace agreement compromise was very clear and the document is already signed,” he call on IGAD PLUS and the International Community to look into the matter.

Machar called on an emergency meeting of National Liberation Council (NLC) that is scheduled for 20th.October. 2015 so that the matter and the implementation mechanism will be discus in the meeting.

The two warring parties traded accusation on the violation of more than seven ceasefire which is seen as an implication of peace deal. Humanitarian agencies and Human right watch has accused Government for carrying out mass killing that resulted into the displacement of more than 18000 civilians in Unity state in these last two months of June and August. 2015.

South Sudan army Chief of General Staff Paul Malong has been seen as the a greater element of peace “according to the statements broadcasted by the state SSTV, Malong in his speech on Martyrs day when addressing Government supporters and loyalist on accession that was held in Juba on 30th.August.2015, “quoted that, this so called IGAD peace Proposal is useless, “we can’t accept it even if US forces us to do so;

“we better be a rebel, you should know that those who are in Al-Qaida, Taliban, Boko Harram and AL-Shabab, they are human being like us, therefore, we should follow their footsteps than signing that Fake peace,“Said by Malong.

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  2 comments for “Lou Youths in Khartoum Condemned Salva Kiir’s 28 states Calling It a Declaration of Another War in The Young Nation.

  1. Gatmuonjock
    October 5, 2015 at 12:23 am

    we’re all against that faked decision that made by drunken president we don’t want it at all.


  2. October 5, 2015 at 12:27 pm

    You not alone in this war, if they said Nuer took arms for their families killed by Salvador Kiir!!, now others have more reasons to be your allies. war was fought for freedom of all south Sudanese people but if dinka under this cowboy and their council of evil want to take south Sudan back to war than we go for it Nuer will not be alone this time.


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