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10th October, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —On 8th October, 2015 Nyamilepedia published an unauthorized, unconstitutional and misleading Article by Mr. Gai Kak, in which he called himself the chairman of Nuer Community in Uganda. This is a disappointing development and we are concerned about it as a new NCU government ushered in on the 7th October, 2015. We continue to engage with the highest level of our legitimate government under the leadership of H.E Nyoat Baliu Babuoth and we continue to make our position clear that we view this as illegitimate and condemn in the strongest term possible the manner in which the runner up chairman by the name Mr. Stephen Gai Kak illegally rushed to the media and declared himself as the Chairperson of Nuer community in Uganda, an act that contravened with Article 32 (1) of NCU constitution. This is illegal and punishable under Section 64 of South Sudan’s Penal Code.

Besides, the said Article is just a copy and paste from Mr. Chairman, Nyoat Baliu’s speech. While addressing the members during nauguration, Mr. Nyoat quoted “…… under my leadership, Nuer community in strongly rejects Salva Kiir’s tribal 28 States. This move is unilateral and doesn’t necessarily represent the interest of South Sudanese community….” This is also illegal and punishable under copyright law.

Nuer Community in Uganda is legally bonded and registered under Section 18 (3) of Uganda’s Company Act, 2012; with its registration number 209157. Thus, the entity deserves all the right to sue person (s) or company who/ which it has claims against or vise-versa. Therefore, we the member of the entity dismissed the unfounded self-declaration made by Mr. Stephen Gai Kak and we call him upon to accept the defeat because at no point shall the organization exist as two in a particular location. With these concerns, we recommend all our members and partners to dismiss the false, null and void claims made by Mr. Gai Kak as they are illegal, absurd and don’t necessarily represent those of NCU and refrain from transacting any business in the name of Nuer Community in Uganda.

In the reference to fair and free elections conducted on 24th August 2015, the following results were obtained by each candidate as seen blow:

Name                                   Position                                     Votes                     Percentages

Stephen Gai Kak               Chairperson                                 404                       46.5

Nyoat Biliu Babuoth         Chairperson                                 409                       47.1

Lino Kawai Kuer             Secretary General                         342                       39.4

Riek Tap Riek                   Secretary General                        405                       46.7

Kuol Majok Rambang       Finance Secretary                        387                       44.6

Tuach Gordon Gathoy       Finance Secretary                                   319                       36.8

Jacob Nyir Khan               Culture and Sport Secretary        390                     44.9

David Chan Kulang         Culture and Sport Secretary         361                        41.6

In view of the above results, the EC headed by Hon. Mr. Kang Deng declared winners: Nyoat Biliu Babuoth as the Chairman, Riek Tap Riek as the Secretary General, Kuol Majok Rambang as the Finance Secretary and Jacob Nyir Khan as the Culture and Sport Secretary.

Subsequently, the runner up chairman declined to accept the results and declared him-self a parallel chairman. In lieu of his self-declaration, he rushed to the house of EC Chairman and cunningly took the stamp from the wife of the EC Chairman and illegally used it with a forged signature of the EC Chairman as attached. Therefore, the EC in a strong note is announcing the illegality of that parallel body.

As the legitimate government of Nuer Community in Uganda, we are very much aware of the fact and reality that the move follows several rumblings over Mr. Gai – Nyoat relations, which crumbled in August after the Electoral Commission gave Mr. Nyoat Baliu an icy reception after the latter victory in the free and fair election. Amongst the unprecedented hostilities being expressed by Mr. Gai Kak; include, inciting violent, stealing community’s Stamp and illegal publications.

We therefore, urge Mr. Gai Kak to refrains from such unconstitutional acts and reversed his ridiculous behaviours for betterment of Nuer Community in Uganda in particular and indeed, the whole world at large! Or better still, our legal team is more than ready to receive petition through Electoral Commission and that’s what we always expect from a learned person like you.

CC: SPLM Liaison Office – Uganda

CC: Rev. Nyakong Chol: PCOSS Pastor in Charge (PC)

CC: Catholic and Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Nuer Congregation Leadership – Uganda

CC: Kang Deng: EC. Chairperson

CC: Nyoat Baliu: NCU Chairperson

CC: Riek Tap Riek: Gen. Secretary

CC: Malual Bol Kiir: Legal Affairs Secretary

CC: Simon Marot: Naath Universities and Colleges Chairperson

CC: Puok Ruach: Lich State Chairperson

CC: Juma Wechtuor: Bieh State Chairperson

CC: Tayin Kong: Phow State Chairperson

CC: Both Gatwech: Latjor State Chairperson

CC: Mary Top: Nuer Women Chairperson

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