Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA Press Release


Oct 10, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Before we go to our two important thesis initiated this press of ours, we would like to wishing our citizens living in motherland of Twic East of Jonglei State, South Sudan and round the world as well . We believe your resilience will withstand everything life attributes would throw at you since our country not been in stable conditions for long time now. Take this “There are going to be good times and bad times, but lighten up.” Chris Pine

For us to not wast our precious times, we would like to go directly to our main thesis our press would like to focusing on the mostly. They are as follow:

(A) Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA is here to rekindling South Sudanese’ communities to support peace implementation. We need your rally behind our leaders who have signed peace accord in August 17 & 26, 2015 orderly. Being peace loving community, this instinct allow us to support peace because we do consider peace as a only way forward our country citizens would be able to enjoy harmony, prosperity and development dividends that would not be hindering by insecurity, here and there in daily basis.

(B) By right now, where our Greater Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA stands when it comes to recently unexpected creations of 28 new States of South Sudan by our President, Mr. Kiir Mayardit and his Administration? Well, we do consider new States creations as not bad at all since an idea been in South Sudanese “Plan B” book as far as Mr. Both Diu times with his colleagues; our own son, Dr. John Garang did adopt this idea with his groups inclduing President Kiir as“Plan B”(not that only, the idea is really suited well with Garang ideal of taking towns to people); the same thing would be said to Dr. Riek Machar sides and his groups as well as “Plan B” .

Therefore, we think the idea should not be percepted by any parties as an issue of “Abi-Nyou and/or Abi-Bul” between Dinkas and Nuers political bickering. Why? The idea is really fairing well with South Sudanese citizens and not politicians in anyway, which is a good thing to say at least. Again, the idea is not bad at all except our few concerns are strictly about timing and what seem to be too much of a tribal-border-lines’ segregation [make some citizens curious about new States by both sides in whatsoever intentions might be behind vicinity remain to be seen as time progresses] in both parties suggested new States of this wonderful idea the two groups have already driven their states out of an idea as “28 States from Incumbent Government & 21 States from SPLM/A-In Opposition” respectably. We do see the timing of this old great idea classifying was not an appropriate timing to do just that in our views. Conflict is still trembling our country and that might be hard to even sell-outs new States within many constituencies of our country. That is one our concerns too, but if our government have made a critical studies about how the Administration would be able to implemented an idea without any defaults on it processes, so be it; we will support it without any reservations. Congratulations for your new States!!!

Apart from that though is our own message to you, President Kiir Mayardit and your Administration. As brief as it would be, we, the Twic East citizens are sincerely requesting your Administration to gives Twic East, Duk and Bor Counties each a separate State of her own. Your Excellence, we think it is not too late to consider our demands ASAP. We demand this because we don’t trust our future togetherness as three communities as bright as it would be under your anew and incoming “State of Jonglei”. Long history to narrate our concerns here, but the only solution about our concerns, Mr. President and your Administration is to sub-due our concerns by creating different States among these communities before we even reach center-point of our concerns.

As Western Bahr el Ghazal, Governor Rizik has already requested number 29 States according to this article from Sudan Tribune website:

* We think our requested of Twic East State would be number 30 of new States.

Addition to our concerns of combining Twic East and Bor County under one State had already been demonstrated by some outlets or social Media through some messages below.

  1. “We think that it is Twi East turn for governorship since Thon Leek was from Duk County and Kuol Manyang was from Bor county and that is the only thing in our minds. But let us think twice because this is the same cycle of rewarding wrongdoers and standing behind them even if they are wrong.

Twi East County are with Riek Machar rebels as we stand and we have seen it. Even if they have not taken guns and shot at the government, they are with the rebels. Nyandeng and Majak Agoot are with Riek. Those that claimed to be the faith base group and women group who are the signatories to that imposed compromise are all from Twi east and were hand selected by Nyandeng.” By Matiop Maker Ariik from Dinka Bor/Bor County-October 7, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël in Junub Sudan…………The Eastern Twi Dinka people laughing at this message because it fail short of tagging our President Kiir Mayardit and other parties who have signed the peace accord. We will take it as political bickering of unreliable reasoning and creditable merit that lacking reality.

  1. “I agree … Eastern Twic should be state by it self , Malual Dinka was complained about Raja since it was been transfer to western BEG and it was part of Aweil ., so Twic Eastern have right to complains.” By Benjamin
  1. “…,create your own Twi state please,choose your own Headquarter and your own Governor, otherwise for jongleurs it never b held by rebel period.” By Majok Angok
  1. “Gadiang was suggested in the old Sudan and it is not something that just prop up on people mind. Even after the 2005 peace, Gadiang was a potential state capitol and that was why the satellite installation were installed in Gadiang. For those who are feeding on a hearsay, go and consult with your elders. If this order muster through and stand the constitutionality, there is a chance that the state capitol will be somewhere else.” By Maruon Ayiei
  1. “I wouldn’t suggest Gadiang as a state capital for security reasons. We have unstable, unpredictable barbaric neighbors who can loot, destroy or burn down a century worth of work in a day. For this reason, let’s look somewhere else.” By Wën de Makër-lou
  1. “Folks, if we need our towns to develop, then relocation of any town to urbanize is not a stupid idea. Opinions are opinions but jumping like one has an ill-motive is alone stupid. Having a commercial city as well as a capital city is vital. If everything is pact in one place, crime infestation will be at rampant. Let’s sometimes focus and engage in healthy ideas than jumping to crumbs.” By Kede Miakduur
  2. “That is stupid perception, it will remain in Bor city anyone with problem move on calling your own state ……. That drama need to stop…” By Kijana Ali Piel
  1. “Well done, President Kiir Mayardit. But you made a mistake in Jonglei state.

Please reverse your decision on this particular state.

NB: There have been growing tension regarding the identity of the inhabitants of the current proposed Jonglei state.“Yes

Twic East and Duken counties should have been awarded their own state [Jonglei State of Eastern Twic Dinka, Nyarweng Dinka and Hol Dinka], and Athoch + Gok [Bor State of Bor Dinka] should have been given a separate administrative area.

Note: That’s just my opinion, therefore treat it as such.

Thanks” By Wilson Madut Anyar

“Bor will remain a capital for the rest of your life” By Makeer Kuol

Twi people

“Having been slow to join the first civil war, the Nuer and Dinka Anyanya units of Upper Nile were among the most resistant to the Addis Ababa Agreement in 1972. It was initially opposed by Samuel Gai Tut, a senior Lou Nuer Anyanya commander, as well as by John Garang, a very junior Twic Dinka captain (Abel Alier 1990:138).” By Abel Alier Kuai

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Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA.


  2 comments for “Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA Press Release

  1. Leek Daniel
    October 11, 2015 at 6:01 am

    Before you people hesitated, the governorship was well known
    for Twic East this time and it is the must it may happened that way


  2. October 11, 2015 at 8:37 am

    Twic east!!, you guys make sense on this article thou, your another demand to divide your given feather three more time is redicaluse Nyandeng muorning for dead of her that drake those of Majak Agoot feet to turned against Kir Mayardit can not divides you.


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