Which Federalism President Kiir Meant By Creating 28 States In The Country?

By Mok Dei Gual | Kampala, Uganda.

Federalism structure by Sedani Sebit

Oct 12, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — With due to respect any concern citizen of our country,I would like to tell most citizens about what Parliamentary system and presidential system means in the country.

First of all, Let me start with Federal Republic as its defined that,  is the state in which the powers of central government are restricted and in which the component parts of states,region and provinces retain a degree of self government,sovereign power rest with the votes who chose their government representatives.

Function of parliament or parliamentary government (cabinet government) is the one in which the members of executive branch ( the cabinet and its leader prime minister nominated to their positions by the parliament(legislature) by mean of a no confidence vote or the leader of cabinet may dissolve the parliament if it can no longer function.

Ethiopia is the parliamentary system with constitution of 1994.People have rights to elect their representatives.Israel is the parliamentary democracy with governmental system based of several basic laws.Israel does not have constitution but basic laws.In parliamentary system, the people have rights to elect their representatives in  a national legislative and the legislative then choose its own executive from dominant political party.Generally, political party in parliamentary republic are very popular.The government may have  a constitution ,but generally, parliamentary republic pattern themselves on the model than an enumerated legal document.

Ireland is the parliamentary republic ,citizens vote for their members of parliament and the political party or coalition which the largest percentage  hold of the parliament, then select its leader to be Prime Minister.

Israel is the parliamentary democracy with a governmental system based several basic laws enacted by its unicameral Parliament (The Knesset) the president is the head of State, and he can be elected by the parliament for five years.Prime Minister is the head of government exercises executive powers and has in the past select by the president as the party leader most able to form the government.In parliamentary system ,the Prime minister is the head of government having elected by the majority party or coalition in parliament.

As Iam the concern citizen of the Republic of South Sudan. Iam supporting this kind of government which respect the right of citizens and never taken away their right .It is good form of government which can show our citizens what Nationalism means in the country.

Roles of the Prime Minister.

The prime Minister has appointive powers, and is responsible for the government ,legislative programs, budget and other policies.His term of office lasts until scheduled election or until he loses legislative support by losing a vote in parliament.

He who rules by decree is brutal Dictator.

Dictatorship (also called an autocracy) is political system in which a single person (the dictator)  has absolute power,because  no legal process exists by which the leader can be removed from office against his will.Many ancients political system were effectively dictatorship although the term is usually used only in the modern context where democracy exists as an alternative.The president of Republic of South Sudan has been given all powers by the former minister of justice in Transitional Constitution and that is why he has been killing citizens since 2006 , but there is no article which stated in Transitional Constitution that, the president has right to kills citizens.Most civilians were killed and their rights are own by the government.So, let us keep fighting for our rights given to us by God in our country.

I have been following media for along time and I sometimes hear from the government that their system is presidential system.Does the government know that presidential system is pure dictatorship?

Presidential system is the system of government where the executive branch exists separately from legislative to which it is general not accountable.Their system of government is already corrupted.I do not believe that, they know what presidential system mean in term of governmental systems.
At the end, I want to assure most people that let us open our eye to know what will be good for us in the near future.Do not makes decision to follow the president because he is from your tribe.Do not take it personally.This is the issue of society and we all have rights to say No to someone who wants to destroy the future of millions Citizens in Republic of South Sudan.We need a capable leader like Dr Machar or someone else to maintaining security in our country for us to live better life like the rest of world.Time wasted never recovered and let us not waste our times to hate each others.Hatred never end by hatred but by love.All we want from good leader is to maintaining security in our country.The current president does not able to bring us together.

Author is the one of student studying at University in Uganda He can be reach by gualkuiny@hotmail.com.

  1 comment for “Which Federalism President Kiir Meant By Creating 28 States In The Country?

  1. October 17, 2015 at 7:56 am

    you are very right the creation of 28 states show how dictatorship government can ruin the country.


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