Chollo Community in Arab Republic of Egypt Denounce President Kiir Order of 28 States.


Shilluk (Chollo) Community Reject Kiir's 28 States,

Shilluk (Chollo) Community Reject Kiir’s 28 States,

October 24, 2015 (Nyamilepedia)–-Our late founder leader Dr. John Garang ‘s vision is to render the essential and potential services to the people at the grassroots.

Unfortunately the people of South Sudan have confidently put their hope, trust and destiny into the hands of the tyrant Kiir in order to carry and execute the vision.

Instead he started misappropriating , looting the funds which were supposed to go down into the delivery of services and developing of these rural areas .

“We Collo Community in Cairo like other South Sudanese communities have been Surprised by the barbaric presidential decrees which landed on patriotic South Sudanese who were yearning for better future . Hence Collo Community say with louder voice ; denouncing ,refuting and condemning the uncivilized decision of slashing, hacking and chopping the South Sudan into ethnic enclaves to suit Dinkas strategic plans to dominate the South Sudanese” Said Yor Tut the Chollo Chairperson.

Moreover, Yor continue saying that the President went as far as robbing parts of Collo kingdom land by allotting and allocating them to Dinka apadang which he refer to be of humiliation and domination of Shiluk Kingdom by his tribesmen the “Apadang”.

“The Naivashas protocols which every one knows that stipulates the border and boundaries of South Sudan upon the independent 2011 based on the map of 1956; read together with the newly peace deal signed by both parties , hence, no one nor Kiir can temper or alter it , unless the national consensus is sought” He bravely added.

Yor assure our editorial team that the Chollo, With the reference to the map of 1956 ,Chollo Communities wherever they are; will relentlessly persistently continue to seek and pursue every means to retain and retrieve undoubted rights of our grabbed lands .

However, the chairperson of Chollo community in Egypt finalize his press by saying; “Chollo believes in coexistence with every person who comes to interact but once if they are aggress, they will show their paws. In that context right are not given but taken .

Long live Collo kingdom ….Long live our Agwelek gallant forces . Chairman of Collo Community in Cairo …Egypt

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