Resolutions Of The Concluded Greater Pangak Community Consultative Meeting in Pagak, SPLA/M GHQs, on the 12th October 2015.

Fangak popular tradition dance during an entertainment contest in Juba, March 11, 2010 (photo: Philip Thon Aleu)

Fangak popular tradition dance during an entertainment contest in Juba, March 11,
2010 (photo: Philip Thon Aleu)

Oct 25, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The Greater Pangak Community officially met with the aim of reorganizing the community to strengthen the broken social fabric and love, equitable
representation, effective communication, and reconciliation process
among the community members.

The meeting agreed unanimously that Pangak community shall be known
as greater Pangak. This paradigm shift ushers us into a future of love,
understanding and accommodation.

The meeting recommended strongly the formation of provisional committee for Greater Pangak Community for the period of six months, mandated to;

1.      Draft Greater Pangak Community By-law/mini constitution;
2.      Facilitate immediate Community affairs;
3.      Conduct the election;
4.      Organize the remembrance of Juba genocide and
5.      Mobilize volunteers to protect the mother Land, etc.

It further urges the members to refrain from hateful speeches and
nourish the principles of unified purpose.

The meeting also emphasized on distinctive division of powers on level of leadership in provision of services and good governance.

The meeting called loudly on Nuer community to rally and unite on
identity and principles behind Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon

Finally, the meeting demonstrated community spirit and selected the
following members for the provisional committee of Greater Pangak

Below are the names of provisional committee members:
1.      Mr. Paul Gatnor Ruot, Chairman
2.      Mr. Biliu Duop Pie, Deputy Chairman
3.      Gatkuoth Lok Gatwech, Rapporteur
4.      Mrs. Tereza John Gatwech, Secretary for Finance
5.      Gatluak Micheal Diu, Public Relations
6.      Joseph Bol Kun, Secretary for Information

•       The organizing Committee here are;
1.      Hon. Gatbang Riir Puk, Chair person
2.      Hon. James Diu Chak, Deputy Chair
3.      Hon. Stephen Maker Mathoat Secretary
4.      Hon. Isaac Bur Biel, member
5.      Hon. John Dagach Pathoat, member


  • Congratulations Pancakes.


  • this is useless,you cannot united under FAKE leader Riek machar who fail in every things. Riek machar want to use Nuer as his tools to fight the government so that he has to get his own seat not the benefit of Nuer day one time Nuer will realise when they are almost finished by war. Riek machar is killingr Nue for his own gain, and Iam sure Nuer who are supporting Riek machar they will finish.there are some wise Nuer who don,t want Riek or Kiir Mayardit because this two men they fail south sudan completely.


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