Response to Pal Ngundeng’s Article Against Bul-Nuer Community

Response to Pal Ngundeng’s Unrealistic Article against Bul-Nuer community published on Nyamilepedia on October 31, 2015. “Dok Community in Uganda Calls for the ICC to Indict Top Commands Perpetrating Atrocities in Unity State

By Stephen Nhial Hoth, Kampala, Uganda

Thousands of bullets transported by the government of South Sudan from China (Nyamilepedia)

Thousands of bullets transported by the government of South Sudan from China (Nyamilepedia)

Nov 7, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — BUL-NUER community in Uganda condemned the provocative view dispatched by an insane element from Dok community in strongest terms possible. It was very unrealistic article intended to blackmail Bul. Pal Ngundeng his judgment is regarded as a matter to dispute reality of the conflict which is clear to South Sudanese but Pal took unilateral opportunity to blames Bul community of having dislodged Dok native. By the time when war erupted on 15 December 2013 in Juba it was not between Bul and Dok community. The causes of the ongoing war in South Sudan were known as part of power squirms within SPLM party until to-date.

It is very regrettable that; Pal Ngundeng has in his own capacity voluntarily seer at Bul on social media without substantial evidences to justify the ill-reputed conducts he proved to us as Bul community. Recalling the past events in Unity State when Sudan the then was in the longest war by itself; Bul and Dok never had direct altercation at any one time point which today could be assert by the so called Dok community from Leer County.

Pal, is a student of Law pursuing Bachelor’s Degree in Law but in question stain in view of the fact that his international quotations are inappropriate to the subject of this case, having mentioned ICC is null and void as long as there are no evidential quotes in his piece of writing. I fully doubt if his laws are in stripe with the normal standard of international law which administer the general civil rights, crimes against humanities and war crimes. Bul militias shall not be indict simply because of the so called Dok community if at all there is no autonomous causes for their indictment, what about some Dok militias.

Pal, calls for indictment of Bul-Nuer community; is your ICC-International Criminal Court going to indict the entire Bul or what criteria and mechanisms shall you and ICC apply to issue warrant of arrest to all members of Bul in South Sudan. This give big doubt that; the person in question has chosen wrong field of study and he should instead change to another field of study before it is too late.

In accord to Dok’s defamations against Bul community, if they felt they can do it positively then let Dok mobilize themselves so that they can go and attack Bul people from their own territory instead to continuously blackmail Bul for nothing. A youth who is at a University level inciting inter-clans haters to wag more conflicts amongst the same communities is like a reckless driver driving without official permit.

Individual criticisms cannot anxiety from so the called unhelpful element from Dok community is what caused the life-long anguish of helpless people. The ongoing conflict in South Sudan has its own proven causes and consequences; there are no justifications for Dok community to persistently internalize this war between them and Bul community.

We will not censure them because they are found of self-reliance in all situations. There is nothing new and unique in Unity State between Bul and Dok; people of Bentiu had one time fought amongst themselves and because of this very reason, we knew ourselves as people of Unity State.

Dok community in Unity State has been disparaged Bul community for so long on social media without rejoinder to their disgraceful stances alongside bul community for no reason accusation and groundless offensive since the war was not between Dok and bul community. This war is being waged by the members of SPLM party including the current rebel leader Dr. Riak Machar Teny fighting against government. I would like to appeal to my community Bul across the global to ignore these useless allegations and defamations by a typical putrid mind person known as Pal Ngundeng from Leer County.

Pal Ngundeng is known as an individual wagging inter-clans conflict on social media without bases, the ongoing war is not known to be between Bul-Nuer community and Dok-Nuer community (Leer county) where the leader of SPLM-IO hell from. The pertaining matters at hand are not supposed to be internalized amongst Nuer people regardless of our political affiliations. We only know the main two warring parties, the SPLM-IO and SPLM-Juba and not Bul-Nuer and Dok-Nuer community as we previously read the parties to the conflict of South Sudan according to IGAD reports.

Bul do not have an intention to have direct enemies within Nuer communities; to evoke the past wars in south Sudan and Sudan the then. There is no signal to claim crimes and war of impunity being obligatory by Bul as such in our history.

In short, I personally repudiate Pal’s claims of the atrocities being committed in Unity State; none of the reports did not revealed Bul as subject matter to Unity State crimes committed since the war erupted in December 2013. There are reports which authenticate no more than two warring parties of prolonging war in the country by regional leaders, international communities and not Bul in fastidious.

The author can be reached at, he is a son of Mayom County of formerly Unity State-Bentiu and living abroad pursuing Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration 2014/016.

  1 comment for “Response to Pal Ngundeng’s Article Against Bul-Nuer Community

  1. November 8, 2015 at 12:51 am

    Well as per your reply to Honorable Nguneng’s publish, you have not pointed out or proven how Bul were obligatory to the attrocities committed in Unity state……………how can you calling youself a person of higher qualities when you are not telling the truth?
    Another thing you quote on your post, that in the past wars we knew ourselves, yes of course we do, how did it go around with you guys or you have got a chance to ,………..anyway i have no more to say


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