Response To Stephen Nhial Hoth’s Response To My Previous Article

By Pal Ngundeng Teny,

A village razed down in Unity State by the rival forces of SPLA (Photo: supplied)

A village razed down in Unity State by the rival forces of SPLA (Photo: supplied)

Nov 7, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- People like Mr. Nhial think that the issue here is about winning the debate on whether crimes have been committed for it is a plain truth that forces led by commanders from Bul have threatened the existence of the communities in Bentiu. It is apparent that truth is painful, that is the reason you are calling me names but it will never reverse any fact. For your information, the crimes of terrorism, rape, defilement of girls under the age of eighteen, Killing of civilians, kidnapping, stealing civilians properties (livestock and others properties), castration of infant boys, burning of human beings alive, lootings UN facilities, preventing UN Aid workers to help the civilians, preventing the civilians from entering into UN bases and murdering of UN aids workers have been committed. Prisoners of Wars have been slaughtered helplessly by your forces.

Mr. Stephen Nhial is amongst people were rewarded with job after their relatives (fathers, step father, mothers, brothers and sister) was kill by Government and then Nhial came to Uganda.

It doesn’t matter how naive Mr. Nhial is, for even a child understands the shocking degree in which the crimes have been committed. Mr. Nhial, I think you are now relieved after expressing your primitive views with your malicious advisors who pretend to be students when they are wandering on the streets of Kampala. Anyway, you plus your advisors do not have the capacity to question any one legal capacity since you even lack ethics of intellectual debate. The Dok community is not a frequent defector. You need to define yourselves before you question any one credebilities.

If you think that Gen. Thayip Gatluak, Gen. Mayoat Mayizol, Gen. Matthew Pooljang, Gen. Bapiny Monytuil and Hon. Nguen Monytuil have not committed any crime, why should you react emotionally? A court is the sole institution where alleged offenders clear their names. Allow them to go to the ICC and they will be proved innocent as you claim. Your response indicates that you are fully aware of the crimes they have committed. This is a call to enhance peace amongst the people of Unity State. For fast reconciliation and healing, offenders must account for their act.

The decision to call for an indictment of the above generals is not an individual call from me as you claim. You do not need to see Dok community in a meeting to proof that it was a community decision. You need to know that I am a chairperson who works closely with my community.

Finally, you are innocent since you were pushed to do what you do not know. Be informed that anyone who has committed atrocities will be held accountable for his act. And good luck with your less informed responses.

Pal Ngundeng Teny is a student and a Chairperson for Dok Community in Uganda. He can be reached at: or +256782990990

  3 comments for “Response To Stephen Nhial Hoth’s Response To My Previous Article

  1. GatNor
    November 7, 2015 at 2:14 am

    Much of destruction in your areas came from your own sons with a political interest contrary to that of community interest. Shame. Thought the debate is good unity of your community is important as there is no other better way to move forward. When a good number of your own sons are involved in aiding the oppressors the magnitude of destruction is also greater. Bad community that’s all we are hearing.


    • November 23, 2015 at 11:19 pm

      as you mention that point if you have bad communities you can feel a shame, as you seen the crisis of South Sudan the dog man killing people for nothings he don,t like peace

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      • GatNor
        November 24, 2015 at 2:35 am

        Jaang madness must treated with proper beating. You have to beat sense into their heads


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