South Sudan Gone With Psychological Opened UP Wound Worldwide.

By John Jal  Wuor  Rut,Kamapala, Uganda.

Displaced civil population in Unity State seeking protection and humanitarian assistance(Photo: file)

Displaced civil population in Unity State seeking protection and humanitarian assistance(Photo: file)

7th Nov, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan is a multicultural, multiethnic, multi religious and multiparty nation and with diverse cultures, languages but our nation should learn from other nations like South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Koran etc.  One of the most powerful ways to get yourself to take action is to use your emotions as a motivational tool. You can stir emotion up internally, by experiencing an event, by changing your psychologically state.

South Sudan gains her independence July 9, 2011 with many expectations from the leaders and nothing has been achieved. People just invest money on their stomach instead of developmental programs like education sector, health sector, roads construction, agricultural activities in the country.  Should South Sudan will learn from the rest of world?  People are very busy looting the country’s resources for their personal interest not the interest of public.  Unfortunately 15 December 2013 and the International Community was shock.  The world’s newest country dishonored a fought for legitimacy from the people and its basic attributes.

However, the Sudan people’s liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A), is believed to have been the cause perhaps of the entire nation‘s disintegrate. There has been a great expectation for South Sudan to be peaceful, prosper nation in the whole world. There is a common saying that anything is possible in America; whereas this saying often refers to positive living and making dreams come true in America, in South Sudan the same is coined in a negative way.  Negative in the sense that in-situations and individuals can easily treat established laws, orders. directives, etc with impunity as and when they wish too.  Regarding the living pain engulfing the entire country’s people feeling is so far frantic as well as they struggled for their dear life and on what to do in the country. South Sudan all her people have big Truman and they need big counseling so that they can cope with the rest of the world.  “If I am to choose between “sleeping” and “being part of a leadership that pursues irrelevant agenda”, I will choose “sleeping”. Chasing of irrelevant agenda by a leadership sect is what made Nelson Mandela to call it “Long Walk to Freedom!”

Democratization is not practice well in South Sudan, am exerted more to be practice by leaders of South Sudan. There are pillars of development in any country this include the organized membership of an agricultural cooperative is a logical and self-evident group for the introduction of new and improved agricultural practices. Those individuals who are willing to participate in the demands of cooperative management and membership are generally those persons who are receptive to new ideas and are willing to seek out new opportunities for self-advancement. Additionally, those same women and men are likely to share their knowledge and demonstrate their learning to others in their communities. Cooperative members are provided with hands-on training and technical assistance in a variety of sustainable agricultural techniques and environmental conservation.

However, it is what shapes African Nations politics, as their main diplomacy in the international systems.  Therefore, the interior says; South Sudan is too young for democracy and meanwhile pro independence disputed such claims in South Sudan. Despite the facts, the desperate situation issues related to establishment of the state institutions and its good governance were realized regrettably. The South Sudan is in dilemma due to ongoing civil wars that lost more than enough lives. “The greatest gift of respect is the gift of credit. You are affirming that I am worthy human being. You are not making me a beggar. You are restoring my dignity. This is the greatest gift of all.”

Moreover, regional interests emerged in a fragile State internal conflict. When the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF), plus other foreign fighters were officially invited.
Another dimension is, when China has been backing the regime financially, as well as politically to crash the rebellion. On the other hand, the United States review China and involved in South Sudan’s internal conflict and the regional leaders and the world leaders have big interest in South Sudan crisis.

Automatically, the internal conflict of South Sudan sound like an extraterritorial proxy war between China and the United States. Numerous agreements have been signed between the Juba government and Pagak’s SPLM IO when the Intergovernmental Authority on Development holds so many meetings since the beginning of South Sudan’s crisis in 2013.  The recent peace deal just signed by President Salva Kiir Mayardit and Dr. Riek Machar Teny, will bring the title hope to the citizens of South Sudan, so that they can return to Juba, with hope.

Finally, peaceful solutions matter for painful wound healing, and the Freedoms of 64 tribes of South Sudan. The Social Equity Pillar will help social agencies and residents to raise awareness about social needs and to engage both citizens and community partners to plan and act in response to these needs. The result will be to improve the well-being of the whole community. Together, we will build social capital in the community between individuals and groups in order to enable collaborative action on projects of common interest.

Though Social Equity is often hard to quantify, measures that evaluate income, employment, literacy, access to housing and health care among many others, are both available and useful. There are several organizations within South Sudan  such as the Community Foundation, the Social Planning Council, the United Way and others that produce broad based reports which provide both general and detailed perspectives on social equity in South Sudan.

With this, we stress the importance of personal and group well-being and security, including full access to effective health care, housing, food, and education services – these being the essential prerequisites for full participation in cultural, environmental, and economic activities.

To lives in peace & harmony as one people in one Generation.

By  John Jal Wuor Rut; is concern South Sudanese citizen and just waiting for his graduation on 18 November 2015 with Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy.  Please get me via- johnjalwuor@gmail.come. Alternatively, face book John Jal Wuor

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